Most Valuable Elitist #230

Rising Star of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue

Definitely our Rising Star of the Week this week goes to none other than the Good Doctor! After a surely memorable Pain For Pride weekend, Dr. Bethany Blue continued to move forward to the EAW Draft Show where she fought for brand supremacy in order to gain the first pick for her brand in the EAW Draft. Granted, she was drafted away from Voltage even after getting the first pick for them, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she got the win over two hand-picked choices from each brand’s General Manager from the likes of Myles, and TLA, who are people you should definitely not look over in the long run. By hook or by crook, this is why Dr. Bethany Blue is our Rising Star of the Week

Beef of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs Visual Prophet vs Rex McAllister

See Match of the Week.

Show of the Week

EAW Draft duh

Pain For Pride was definitely a week to remember and to say that it could be followed up by such an event that we saw in the form of the EAW Draft was definitely some high expectations to be placed on. But it’s safe to say it did not disappoint, we were met with many surprises all throughout the night that left the show plenty enjoyable. It was a nice reliever from Pain For Pride XIII and definitely a splendid start for the Season, which is why it gets the honor of being out Show of the Week!

Match of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs Visual Prophet vs Rex McAllister

Our Match of the Week for this week is none other than our Main Event for the Draft Show in the form of our World Champions bout! All of our new World Champions coming out of Pain For Pride wanted to show that they were the ones to look out for coming into Season 14 in the form of the Champions Showcase match. It was a very tight match as it was clear this match meant alot for Jamie O’Hara, The Visual Prophet, and Rex McAllister, but in the end it was Jamie O’Hara who managed to slip out of a very tight situation and hit both In Excelsis AND the Stardust Breaker onto Rex in order to gain the win! It was such a great match and definitely a great Main Event to kick off the new Season!

Promoer of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

See Most Valuable Elitist.

Champion of the Week

Sienna Jade

Sienna Jade is our Champion of the Week choice this week! I mean what better? She’s coming off a major Pain For Pride win gaining the National Elite Championship, and not only that she won a Championship Showcase match! That does take a lot of work because it’s obvious each Champion in that match wants to come in with a wave of momentum and there’s no doubt that it would take the person who went the extra mile to come out on top, and that privilege goes to our National Elite Champion! And that’s why she’s our Champion of the Week for clearly obvious reasons.

Most Valuable Elitist

Jamie O’Hara

And of course our obvious choice for Most Valuable Elitist this week is our Answers World Champion Jamie O’Hara. There’s no denying the fact that Pain For Pride takes a lot out of most people and is definitely a blow to the stomach, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jamie kept that wave of momentum that he had all throughout Pain For Pride week, all throughout his match with Mr. DEDEDE, and all throughout the Draft week which is something not many people are able to do, and of course, coming out on top this week tops it off more than anything else. Which is why Jamie is more than deserving of Most Valuable Elitist!

Written by Fight Grid

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