Most Valuable Elitist #229

Rising Star of the Week

Bronson Daniels

Talk about the definition of a Rising Star of the Week in his own right, and you have Bronson Daniels. This young star has grown so much ever since he first got here, it would be clear he’s deserved what he’s been given. Winning the New Breed Championship over come very skilled competitors in their own right, this is certainly a milestone in his career. I cannot wait to see what he does for the title no matter what brand he’s going to be on come Season 14!

Beef of the Week

Cash in the Vault

Our choice for Beef or the Week tonight is CITV! In a match that can surely be an equivalent to the Grand Rampage match that we beared witness to just this year, each and every person that participated in Cash In The Vault gave it their absolute best and some of the best work that we’ve seen. We witnessed the ascension of rising stars such as Myles, MITSUBACHI, and Dray Fontana as they all took their games to another level. Not to mention the seasoned vets such as Jack Ripley, Ms. Extreme, Darcy May Morgan, and Justin Windgate who all displayed an amazing sense of competitiveness and work ethic! There certainly wasn’t a moment to rest in that matchup and that’s why it can’t go unnoticed! No matter if they won or loss, the Cash In The Vault match this year is something that we will never forget!

Show of the Week

Pain for Pride

Even if there were other shows to be watching this week, there is no doubt in my mind that this time of year, Pain For Pride will always be our Show of the Week! PFP is always unforgettable every time it comes on and this year is no exception. We’ve seen some extraordinary things this time around that our rising stars of tomorrow will not forget for years to come! Every match had us on the edge of our seat, several breathtaking moments, so many historic moments, compelling segments. So many things became instant classic moments. While it may seem cliche to not look at Pain for Pride as anything less than an amazing show due to its stature, there was truly something special about this year.

Match of the Week

Drake King vs Visual Prophet – Prophetic Visions

There’s not much we can say that will give this match it’s just due, it’s one of those things where you simply have to check it out for yourself to truly grasp how amazing it was. I think we all know this is the undeniable choice for the Match of The Week winner here at Pain For Pride. We honestly do not know half of what happened in the Prophetic Visions match but what we were able to figure out was none short of spectacular. We went through an absolute ride which seemed unreal with Drake King and all the demons that have been swarming his head. At the end it was much more than just something to mess with Drake’s head, but for him to realize his wrongs, and the toll that it’ll give him in the future. Ultimately he succumbed as he was taken out easily by The Visual Prophet at the end, crowning him the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Promoer of the Week


Yes, the dreaded “everyone”. Despite who anyone’s personal favorite was this year, it simply wouldn’t be right to reduce the promoer of the week award to one singular entity knowing the amount of hard work and effort that the majority of participants for this year put in. As much as I’d like to name particular matches that really blew me away with the overall quality and effort put into promos, there is really too much to name and would take up too much space, and that alone is a testament to how amazing the work from EAW as a whole was during the week. Most people put their best foot forward and truly reached into places we never saw them reach before and that is a big part of what made this show so special. We couldn’t have done it without you, Pain For Pride is not just an overall celebration of EAW, but the people that put the work in constantly every single night. That is why Promoer of the Week goes to everyone, because more than anything it is the only fit choice, especially in such a major event! Hats off to everyone!

Champion of the Week


Our Champion of the Week this week is none other than our Universal Women’s Champion, Minerva! We’ve seen many title changes over the course of our three-day event but one thing that didn’t change was a singular World Title reign. Yes, believe it or not Minerva was the only World Champion that week to successfully defend her Championship and of course, this should make our pick obvious for Champion of the Week.

Most Valuable Elitist

The Visual Prophet

And of course our Most Valuable Elitists title; although it could’ve been given to many people over the course of the week, HAD to be granted to our new EAW World Heavyweight Champion, The Visual Prophet. His match at Pain For Pride is of course one that will never be forgotten, definitely. The Prophetic Visions match was nothing like we’ve seen and for Viz to comprise something like that just shows how much he deserves the World Heavyweight Championship. This is why our Most Valuable Elitist this week, is him, congratulations!

Written by Fight Grid

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