Most Valuable Elitist #226

Rising Star of the Week

Sarah Price

Sarah Price wins the Rising Star of the Week award. A lot of young talents stepped up to the challenge at Fighting Spirit, but Sarah Price has managed to impress us just a little more. She unwillingly teamed up with the World Heavyweight Champion Drake King in order to put the Unique Ones to their place and that’s exactly what she did at Fighting Spirit. Congratulations Sarah!

Beef of the Week

No Way Out

The No Way Out match for the number one contendership to Minerva’s Universal Women’s Championship was easily one of the most heated, entertaining and brilliant war of words in recent memory. When the opportunity to headline Pain for Pride is on the line, you can bet the EAW roster is going to step up to the challenge and put on a performance worthy of the word “Elitists” and the No Way Out contenders surely did not disappoint. Hats off to everyone who was involved in this match.

Show of the Week

Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit was Voltage’s magnum opus and despite the expectations we’re through the roof, the show did not fail to live up to his hype. Andre Valentine vs Mr. DEDEDE kept us guessing up until its dramatic conclusion and so did the intense No Way Out match. The rest of the card was absolutely on par and blew us away with the sheer quality of the matches and the stories being told. Hats off to everyone!

Match of the Week

Mr. DEDEDE vs Andrea Valentine

Mr. DEDEDE vs Andrea Valentine has to be the pick for Match of the week. Everything with this match was simply superb, from the back and forth action, to the dramatic conclusion up until the game changing post match moments, Mr. DEDEDE versus Andrea Valentine was the very definition of Main Event. With the statement made by Rex McAllister in the closing moments of Fighting Spirit, the landscape of Voltage has drastically changed and we cannot wait to see what’s next for these three top talents.

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

Malcolm Jones wins Promoer of the week thanks to his forked tongue and his venomous words that never fail to hit their targets, while keeping us entertained in the process. The Blicky Boyz got a hard fought win over the Tag Team of the Decade, the Jaded Hearts, and if that’s not enough proof of Malcolm’s talent, then we don’t know what is. Congratulations to Malcolm Jones for his impressive win at Fighting Spirit!

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Andrea Valentine is the undisputed face of EAW and she proved it once again with a stellar performance against the Gawd himself. The fact alone that she was able to retain the EAW World Championship against Mr. DEDEDE was worthy enough of the Champion of the Week, but the cheekiness of the whole ending, the superb quality of her promo work and the absolute blast of a reign she’s having makes her the perfect candidate for Champion of the week.

Most Valuable Elitist

Darcy May Morgan

The Most Valuable Elitist of the week is Darcy May Morgan. Even though the No Way Out match did not go the way she had planned, Darcy May Morgan showed the world yet again why she is the Leading Lady and why she is the star of Dynasty. Her performance was simply superb in every single aspect and even though her road to Pain for Pride is still up in the air, we are sure she is going to find a way to kill it in the biggest stage of the year. Congratulations Darcy!

Written by Fight Grid

Showdown 5/31/20

Dynasty 6/5/2020