Most Valuable Elitist #225

Rising Star of the Week

Bronson Daniels

When you think of Rising Star, you think of Bronson Daniels. He managed to impose himself as the one of the most promising up and coming talents on Showdown thanks to a game changing performance in his Unique Opportunity triple threat match. Sky’s the limit for this guy but we sure know now that he is not afraid of heights (or of being high).

Beef of the Week

Minerva vs Kasey Kaos

The Universal Women’s Championship match stole the show this week as the established face of the women’s division Minerva took on the Rookie Kasey Kaos in a jaw dropping back and forth that somehow managed to elevate both of these incredible talents thanks to its intensity and brilliance. Kasey Kaos sure sounds like a Star in the making, while Minerva proves once again why she is the rightful title holder. “Crazy” is the right word to define not only their personalities but also the sheer brilliance of this rivalry!

Show of the Week


No doubts in anyone’s mind. Odyssey was packed to the brim with five star level matches and highly anticipated confrontations and it surely delivered on every single aspect. From the exciting Triple Threat match between MITSUBACHI, Bronson Daniels and Dray Fontana, to the Universal Women’s Championship match between Kasey Kaos and Minerva, the fans surely got their money’s worth. Not mention the groundbreaking Main Event that not only left everyone speechless due to its level of intensity but also due to the winner and the Pain for Pride implications of this dream match in the making between Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE.

Match of the Week

No Way Out

The No Way Out match ticked all the boxes. This highly anticipated confrontation had it all: an impressive collection of talents, an intense back and forth week, a surprise entrant and the over the top action we were all expecting from it. Jamie O’Hara emerges victorious as he is now closer than even to capture the Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride and we cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Promoer of the Week


We were blown away by the GAWDCAST and the impressive show of Mr. DEDEDE’s genius. In a week that saw packed to the brim with stellar performances on the mic, the GAWDCAST somehow managed to steal the show and now that the No Way Out match is in the history books and a new contender was crowned, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for the Answers World Champion. What we do know is that whatever challenge he will be put up against, Mr. DEDEDE is going to find a way to exceed our expectations with his brilliance and his touch of madness.

Champion of the Week


Minerva is at the very top of the female food chain of EAW and she’s there for a reason. The Universal Women’s Champion was set to defend her title from the newcomer Kasey Kaos and she did not disappoint. Minerva has been unstoppable since her Iconic Cup win and now we can’t help but wonder who is going to be brave enough to put an end to her reign of terror.

Most Valuable Elitist

Jamie O’Hara

Many potential candidates for this week’s MVE but much like he did at the end of the No Way Out match, Jamie O’Hara stands tall over everyone else in this category. The Ace is back at the top of his game and he has one goal in mind: become the Answers World Champion come Pain for Pride. Judging by his performance this week, it’s safe to say this World Championship Match has all the potential to blow the roof of this place, no matter how packed the Pain for Pride card is going to be. For now, all we can do is to congratulate Jamie O’Hara for his sensational and well deserved win!

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 5/24/20

Dynasty 5/29/2020