Most Valuable Elitist #219

Rising Star of the Week

SASS Sierra and Sarah: SuperGirls!

For Rising Star, we just had to choose SASS this week. Not only coming in fast off of a win against two major World Champion contenders AND World Champion elitists on the Voltage brand they moved on to put on a clinic with another Elitist on the same spectrum in the name of Malcolm Jones, not only that getting a win over him as well. SASS has been absolutely on fire heading into their recently confirmed Unified Tag Team Champion matches against Drizzy & Vizzy at Grand Rampage and we’re most excited to see what the next few weeks entail for the Supergirls!

Beef of the Week

SOSA Henderson vs. Impact vs. Chris Elite

For our Beef of The Week, the obvious choice out of them all was the match on Dynasty between SOSA Henderson, Impact, and Chris Elite. You talk about in-depth promos and you’ve got SOSA and Impact’s back and forths especially the constant mention of HBB and how that played a big part this week. And not taking away from Chris either who got some really big shots in return despite the spotlight not being on him and forcing it over to his attention. Sad to see this match not come out with a winner cause we would love to see who got the better of who during the week, but of course, either way, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they absolutely killed it and that none of them have lost a beat for a moment.

Show of the Week


For our Show of The Week, we have to give it to none other than Dynasty! Of course not for just what you think and that was the absolute GOAT match that was well awaited with Drake King and Ronan Malosi for the World Heavyweight Championship. It especially set guidelines in place for the Grand Rampage match and with the Battle Royal for the late entrant into said match. And especially ESPECIALLY when Chris Elite set the Grand Rampage count to 40 to make Cage’s life a living hell! There were some big bombshells dropped on this show and that’s why it’s our SOTW.

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs. Shawn Sturgis

This week for Match of The Week we have the Voltage main event Grand Rampage Preview between Rex McAllister and Shawn Sturgis! Both men lived up to the pressure and showed that the challenge they put out there was going to be equal fairing one way or another. It was a great technical magic that showed many spots that would get you to the practical edge of your seat. Both of them absolutely killed it not just promo-wise but in the match as well and that’s why we’re choosing them for our Match of The Week! Congratulations to both!

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

This week’s Most Valuable Elitist is EAW’s only current Double Champion, Drake King. Last week Drake had his Championship defense celebration interrupted by Lethal Consequences, who went on to challenge Drake for his World Heavyweight Championship. This week, Drake showed exactly why he believes LC made the wrong choice, as he managed to retain his World Heavyweight Championship against Ronan Malosi, only two weeks after surviving EAW’s first-ever Dome of Deathmatch. After all, he went through to retain the Championship the first time around, it was clear that he’d pull out all the stops to do it a second time. At this point, it’s clear that taking that title off of Drake won’t be easy.

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #218

Showdown 4/11/20