Most Valuable Elitist #217

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Reckless Wiring

Once again EAW takes its spot on the top with another fantastic FPV that showcased a lot of the talents working on each brand. In the end, however, Reckless Wiring came out on top with a slick combination of unique yet entertaining match types, along with competitors who gave it their all in order to create great displays of wrestling. The beginning Fatal 5-Way Match had a welcome surprise with the returning match of SOSA Henderson, the LEGO Table Match was incredibly fun to watch, the Last Woman Standing match was absolutely brutal, the National Elite Championship had some great back and forth and showcased NvL well, Viz and LC had an all out-war being handcuffed to one another, and the first Dome of Death was brutishly cruel yet awesome. Not to mention, the surprise return of fan-favourite Serena Bennet and Cage getting some well-earned violence after another surprise in the form of Chris Elite! This show was jam-packed with content and exciting hopes for the future, and that is why it takes the spot.

Match of the Week

Drake King vs TLA vs Osamu Arcichida

The Dome of Death match takes both our Beef of the Week and Match of the Week Award, and for good reason! Every competitor brought their best in a hefty, high-tension scramble for one of EAW’s most prized championships, in the first match of its kind, no less. Being honest, I wasn’t quite sure whether this match type would turn out as great as it did but it ultimately provided a highly-entertaining main event to watch that really showcased Osamu with his determination and cunning, TLA with his ingenuity and occasional viciousness, and the retaining champ Drake who showed off great lengths to keep his title, even after falling from such a large height and collapsingthe ring with it! The spot with the referee and Drake was hilarious yet welcome; and in a lot of people’s eyes, it definitely lived up to its name.

Promoer of the Week

Justin Windgate

Our New Breed Champion takes the Promoer of the Week award this week, not just because he won the first LEGO tables match (:wow:) but because in the week leading up to it he went hard, right from the get go, taking on all comers in the form of Gwyn Gilfried and Angel De Plata! Those two men did great this week as well but Justin really shined against pretty much everyone else with how passionate he was, and its deserving that he gets this award along with being able to retain his championship. He’s defeated two of Dynasty’s biggest upstarts, and it’s got me wondering whether or not we’ll see more coming in, or if he might even start fighting more competitors from other brands. We can hope that his reign continues to be as great as these last few months have been, and that he might even get more opportunities in the future!

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

One of EAW’s biggest stars and still your EAW World Heavyweight Champion takes the top spot for this week’s article, grabbing both Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist with a performance in the week leading up to Reckless Wiring that showed just how deserving he is of this reign! Despite his sometimes under-handed tactics and weird quirks, Drake is a force to be reckoned with – and this last match is a great footnote to add in what will hopefully be a lengthy, well-storied championship reign. He gave everything he had this week and it showed as he became part, and won, the first Dome of Death Match in EAW history against two of Dynasty’s other greatest competitors. He still has a lot of road ahead of him, especially considering the looming threat of his own Tag Team Champion partner, the Visual Prophet, but I for one, am very hopeful for his chances. One can only wonder where “The Paragon” goes from here, the sky is the limit, and Drake looks ready to take it all on. 

Written by Fight Grid

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