Most Valuable Elitist #213

Rising Star of the Week

Shawn Sturgis

To begin this edition of MVE, Shawn Sturgis takes this spot as the Rising Star of the Week. On this edition of Voltage, Shawn defeated Komatsu Ogawa to advance to the “Unique Opportunity” Match at Shock Value. Based on his performance at King of Elite, it’s safe to say that Shawn is on a great path to becoming a future champion in EAW. If I were him, I would feel confident about his chances going into this match. This is going to be the guy to look out for in that match. Over the past number of weeks, he has shown signs of improving and becoming someone who could break out in 2020.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


The Showdown brand takes this spot as the Show of the Week. From a hot showing at King of Elite and Clash of Kingdoms, the Showdown brand did not stop that momentum by providing every with an amazing show. We witnessed Mr. DEDEDE’s return to Showdown after being attacked by Xander Payne and make him versus Xander for Under Siege official. We saw The Visual Prophet and Drake King challenge Heavenly Hell for the Unified Tag Team Championships. We saw a returning Candice Blair challenge Jamie O’Hara. We saw Cameron Ella Ava get her opponents for Under Siege. Basically, every match on the Under Siege card was made in this show. There were so many things to happen on this show and it set in stone what Showdown will offer at Under Siege.

Match of the Week

Ms. Extreme vs. Dr. Bethany Blue

For Beef of the Week, we watch Dr. Bethany Blue get her rematch for the Interwire Championship against Ms. Extreme. King of Elite was definitely a Beef of the Week contender due to how hard the two of them went, but their title match on Voltage provided as much fire and heat needed to keep this rivalry alive. I thought the ending of the match left many things unfinished between The Doc and Ms. Extreme. The Corvus decided to stick their noses where it didn’t belong, which was something I knew was ahead of us. I wasn’t aware of when this part was gonna be executed, but perhaps, this is going to be some sort of tag team match at Shock Value? Either way, this is looking to be a very interesting situation and I look forward to seeing how everyone does. 

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Darcy May Morgan 

On Dynasty, Darcy May Morgan took on Justin Windgate in a “Champion vs. Champion” Match. There may have been a bit of controversy with how Darcy got the victory, but at least, it was a victory for her. Ever since attaining the Specialists Championship, Darcy has been on a fucking role. I feel like there is no one that’s going to be able to take the championship off of her. Everyone that has been thrown her way, Darcy has been able to get through them. This reign has really shaped Darcy’s personality and it’s been amazing to see her go hard for any match that she’s been in. This match against Kensingten Calhoun-Astor is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait for it. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Harlow Reichert 

Harlow Reichert walked into her first (?) main event on Showdown, defending the PURE Championship against a returning Lucas Johnson. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to prove that she belongs in the main event scene. Lucas is someone who hasn’t been shy about that main event scene. The two of them put on a fantastic match. Lucas brought the fire and fight into this match, which hasn’t been seen in a while. Despite losing, I hope that he is able to keep up the energy. As for Harlow, she was as flawless as always and put out some wonderful work throughout the week. Honestly, she is going down as one of the best champions in recent memory. Is there going to be anyone that stops her? 

Voltage 2/23/20

BREAKING NEWS: Two matches added to Shock Value!