Most Valuable Elitist #208

Beef of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue vs. Rex McAllister 

In a “semi-finals” match in the King of Elite Tournament, the Interwire Champion, Dr. Bethany Blue faced Rex McAllister on Voltage. If I had to pick a favorite going into this match, I would have said that Rex McAllister would have been a favorite to represent his brand, but the fact that the Doc was able to sneak away with a victory is surprising to me, but at the end of the day, it’s Bethany and we should know by now that she has tricks underneath her sleeve. I was surprised to see The ILLIONAIRES make an appearance in the match and be the reason for Rex losing the match, but it progresses the tag match at King of Elite. Meanwhile, if Bethany manages to make Charlie Marr run away again, she will find herself in the King of Elite finals. It was fun to see these two have a wonderful back-and-forth and it brought something different for the two of them. Such a shame that the outcome of the match happened the way it did, but I hope that this won’t be the last time these two face each other this season.

Show of the Week


Congratulations to Dynasty for getting the coveted “Show of the Week.” I thought this was a highly entertaining episode of Dynasty. Some of my favorite segments were the one with Lethal Consequences and his men’s rights protest. I loved the part with StarrStan getting The Mauler to take care of the protesters. Kassidy Heart providing us with a million more reasons why we should fear her. Like, we aren’t already scared of her now. :krabs: I adore the Viz/Drake segments and I think they’re some of the highlights on the show. Their dynamic is something I never knew I was going to be obsessed with, but I am. I though the Iconic Cup matches such as Constance Blevins versus Harper Lee and Kensington Calhoun-Astor versus Sarah Price was solid and got me excited for the Iconic Cup. The King of Elite Tournament build-up to the anticipation that this edition of Dynasty had to offer. I’m excited to see how men like Angel De Plata Jr. and NvL do in the semi-finals against men like The Visual Prophet and SKA. This Dynasty got me excited for this next episode of Dynasty. From this end, it seems like things are looking good going into King of Elite. I loved how we got a segment that featured the Sienna/Raven and Impact/Cage feuds. It was a wonderful way to tackle both of them and get some amazing action from these four.

…P.S. Let Cage just beat the shit out of people. ANYONE. That’s always fun to watch.

Match of the Week

TLA & Darcy May Morgan vs. Drake King & Sierra Bradford

Speaking of Dynasty, the main event of the latest episode of Dynasty had absolute sweetheart  Drake King and Sierra Bradford take on Specialists Champion Darcy May Morgan and World Heavyweight Champion, TLA. I was mostly excited to see Drake and Sierra on the same side, battling with each other. I think that type of stuff is so adorable to see with some of the couples, but it was exciting to see the champions hold their own and make it out with a win. I thought everyone looked amazing from the match. I thought Sierra had some good shining moments and displayed that she could potentially be champion in the future. I’m excited for how things look for Sierra on the Voltage brand. I’m excited to see Darcy’s next challenge. With some new women that have made the scene in EAW, I could see any of them stepping up to the plate and giving Darcy a good fight. 

Promoer of the Week

Drake King

As for Promoer of the Week,  Drake King takes the spot this week. Despite the failed attempt in the tag team match, I thought he delivered some amazing work and just seeing the whole dynamic with Sierra Bradford is some of the purest, most adorable content that you will get in this company. Please protect them at all costs. Honestly, this has been a new side to Drake that I didn’t think that we would ever be getting, but I enjoyed seeing this softer side to Drake when it comes to this little relationship with Sierra. I know, he is going to go back to being a jerk bagel in his match with TLA, but I do enjoy the fact that he’s able to turn his emotions on and off and not have it be so unclear and messed up when he is able to do that. Drake continues to improve with every promo that he posts. It’s amazing to see how far he has come from a year ago and he just continues to improve. :wow: 

Champion of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Harlow Reichert 

On the latest edition of Showdown, Harlow Reichert began her open invitational for the PURE Championship. She had no idea who was going to step up to the plate and face her, but Shane Gates blindsided her and took her on for the title. With a match where it could have all fallen apart for Harlow, she continues to show that she can easily adjust to her surroundings and figure a way out of any situation that she is placed in. It was amazing to see Harlow retain here and I look forward to seeing how these challenges go for her, but I think she’s off to a great reign. She was already a fighting champion, but this just elevates her and the PURE Championship to the next level. I am so glad that we’re giving this type of spotlight for Harlow. It’s what she deserves and this girl works hard for everything that she has ever gotten for herself. I’m intrigued by these challenges and I believe it can elevate some solid talent on this brand. 

Voltage 2/1/20

Most Valuable Elitist #209