Most Valuable Elitist #207

Rising Star of the Week


For the first Rising Star of the Week of 2020, we go to Dynasty with newcomer SKA. He had an excellent performance at Road to Redemption and by his determination to get himself out there, there was no doubt that we were going to see more about this man when the New Year was upon us. On the latest episode of Dynasty, SKA managed to defeat a former number one contender for the New Breed Championship in Archimedes J. Manson in order to advance to the second round of the King of Elite Tournament. This tournament has had a history of building up new stars and there’s no doubt that SKA could be a breakout star in this tournament. For sure, he is going to be someone that you are going to need to keep an eye on.

Beef of the Week

Minerva vs. Sierra Bradford 

As we remain with the Dynasty brand, we see newcomer Sierra Bradford and Unified Tag Team Champion, Minerva battling it out to advance in the Iconic Cup tournament. I was thrilled to see these two women go all out and prove that they are deserving of an opportunity like this. There’s no doubt that Sierra has a bright future in EAW. She’s clearly on the right path to becoming a champion. Minerva is someone who can be considered a huge favorite to win the tournament, but it’s going to be interesting to see if she can continue this momentum. Both of these women delivered and put on an amazing match and I can’t wait to see if Minerva makes it to the finals. Meanwhile with Sierra, I can’t wait to see how her storyline on Voltage will progress. I think this could be a wonderful way to build her up.

Show of the Week


I thought each of the brands delivered in their respective shows. We got some progression and development, which will help people intrigued and make them wonder what’s going to happen next. Like always, Voltage does an amazing job with character development, progressing storylines and making everyone look amazing at the same time. This little alliance between Sierra Bradford and Sarah Price is going to be one of the purest content that you are going to get outside of the death that Voltage is known for. I loved the interview between Raven Roberts and Sofia Clarke. I thought it provided a lot of insight about everything raging from the wedding to her title reign and everything else in between. I loved the segment with Consuela Rose Ava and Ms. Extreme. I think after that segment, we got a clear idea of what title she will go after, but that’s if Ms. Extreme doesn’t change her aspirations to be Interwire Champion. :lupe: Also, this restraining order set by Charlie Marr on Malcolm Jones? I wonder how long that is going to go on for, but it’s going to be satisfying to see Malcolm get his hands on Charlie at some point in this story. 

Match of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava vs. Mr. DEDEDE

In order to start off the first Showdown of 2020, the main event consisting of newly crowned champion, Cameron Ella Ava defending her title against Mr. DEDEDE. I thought this was an excellent way to begin the year off. I thought this match was excellent way to wrap up the year.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Cameron retain there because I thought that DEDEDE was going to be a bit too much for her. Somehow and I mean, somehow, she managed to survive and that was amazing to see. I thought it was an excellent title defense for Cameron, but I can sense that when DEDEDE rises back from the dead, he may or may not come after her. Maybe, he should focus on Xander beforehand tho. :lupe: 

Promoer of the Week

The Visual Prophet

The Visual Prophet is the first Promoer of the Week for 2020. If anyone from the Dynasty side should be a favorite in the King of Elite Tournament, you may need to look at Viz because he would be a wonderful representation for Dynasty and as King of Elite. I thought he started off the year delivering some fantastic work, but I expect nothing less from him. He has that ability to bring the best out of any opponent he faces and that itself, is beautiful to watch. He’s already a legend in the books, but winning King of Elite would be amazing for Viz since he’s already a future World Champion in his own right. This would be an amazing way to help him get his first World Championship and I am all in for that. 

Champion of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava

For someone to survive Mr. DEDEDE and retain their Answers World Championship, they are deserving of the coveted Champion of the Week. Cameron Ella Ava needed to pull all the stops and prove to everyone that her winning the title at Road to Redemption wasn’t a fluke at all. I think this is an excellent step in the right direction and by how things are going, it seems like her versus Xander Payne is going to be happening at King of Elite, but I guess, we’ll see if there’s going to be any progression of that. Defeating DEDEDE in a first title defense was something that she needed to happen and it could be used as a confidence booster for the champion. I look forward to see how this reign goes for her.

Most Valuable Elitist

Justin Windgate

The first Most Valuable Elitist of 2020 is Justin Windgate! Despite the little loss at Christmas in Dubai, I thought Justin bounced back in the most amazing way possible by dethroning the New Breed Baddie and becoming the New Breed Champion. I thought that this was an excellent way to begin the new year for Dynasty and EAW as a whole. Justin is someone who always gives it his best no matter the match. He is someone who has always kept hungry and determined. I’m so glad that he decided to make his return to EAW because he still has so much in the tank and winning the New Breed Championship is something that’s going to elevate him and help him before better than he ever was. Congratulations, Justin!

Showdown 1/4/20

Dynasty 1/10/20