Most Valuable Elitist #205

Rising Star of the Week

Joy Cassidy

Joy Cassidy begins things off as the Rising Star of the Week. Last week on Voltage, Joy faced Zak Simmons in a winning effort. Later in the night, it was announced that Joy had gone to Matt Daniels for a spot in the Specialists Chamber Match at Road to Redemption. For a woman that’s been around for a short period of time, this going to be the most important match of her career and the eyes are going to be on her. From what we’ve seen from Joy so far, there is a ton of potential from this woman and she is blessed with the perfect platform to shine and give the Specialists Champion a run for her money. I’m looking to see her weapon for the chamber and to see how she approaches this match.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Voltage takes the spot for Show of the Week. I thought Voltage was very well put together and it did a great job with building up some of the newcomers like Sarah Price and Joy Cassidy. I thought the ending of Voltage was amazing. I loved seeing the picture of Charlie Marr having all of these people gunning for the EAW Championship. People that he has wronged in the past and each of them could be a wonderful EAW Champion. One of the biggest announcements of the night was Matt Daniels returning as Commissioner of Voltage and this time, without having to focus on Veena Adams. Somehow, Veena has done a great job with looking for ways to stick her nose in business that doesn’t concern her, but it wouldn’t be Veena if she didn’t do that. I’m excited to see who joins Terry Chambers, Rex McAllister and Charlie Marr in this chamber match. If Andrea Valentine, Ms. Extreme and Jack Ripley can insert themselves into this match, then this is going to be a hell of a chamber match. 

Match of the Week

Andrea Valentine vs. Darcy May Morgan

Andrea Valentine versus Darcy May Morgan is the Beef and Match of the Week. On Dynasty, I believe that these two stole the show with the Specialists Championship on the line. If there was anyone that could have dethroned Andrea, it would have been Darcy. I thought their back-and-forth was amazing and an example of how the competition amongst the women is intense when it has to be. Either of them could have won the match and it would have been justified. There was also the idea that if Andrea retained, she would be on her way to break Brody Sparks’ record and Andrea would have been deserving of that as well. Darcy is hungry and she has been busting her ass off and it’s safe to state that the victory for this woman was well deserved. More to that soon.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Jake Smith

Jake Smith is the Champion of the Week. Jake faced a former EAW Champion and number one contender for the Unified Tag Team Championship in Ahren Fournier. This was going to be one of the more difficult matches in Jake’s career, but I was impressed with how he held himself together and just like his best friend Drake, Jake gets a big victory over Ahren. :wow: Jake took advantage of an Ahren who was off his game and he did something that most people in his position would do. I think Jake has some great momentum on his side and I know, that Ahren will rise back from it. For Jake, I’m curious to see who will be next in line for a shot at the PURE Championship. If he claims that he’s defending the title at Road to Redemption, then he’s defending the title at Road to Redemption, but we’ll see who his opponent real soon.

Most Valuable Elitist

Darcy May Morgan 

Congratulations to the NEW Specialists Champion, Darcy May Morgan! Darcy is someone who has shown consistency and wonderful worth ethic since the first day she arrived on the scene. She was already miles ahead of the competition. No one should really be surprised to see her in this position. It’s a bittersweet feeling since Andrea did lose her title, but Darcy being the champion now just makes things a lot interesting because of the Specialists Chamber as her first title defense. She is going up against five other women, who would love nothing more than to end her title reign before it’s even begun, but Darcy is going to need to earn this victory. She is going to need to put in the work and prove that she’s one of the best newcomers to come to EAW in 2019. I’m excited to see what. This reign has in store for her and I wish nothing, but great things for her.

Most Valuable Elitist #204

Dynasty 11/29/2019