Most Valuable Elitist #202

House of Glass Edition!

Rising Star of the Week

Jenny Cien

Jenny Cien is our Rising Star of the Week. She retained the New Breed Championship against Archimedes J. Manson and Aniyah Mitchell. I was not expecting for her first title defense to be a Triple Threat Match. The odds seemed stacked against her, but Jenny managed to pull through and retain. She is someone that people need to continue keeping an eye on because this woman is dollar signs all over her. I’m excited to see if it’s Voltage or Showdown that gets a crack at the New Breed Championship Match. I’m excited to see how this reign progresses with this Baddie. At this moment, it seems like there is nothing that can stop her from reaching the top. 

Beef of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs. The Visual Prophet

Kassidy Heart versus The Visual Prophet was a match that I was excited to see. It pins two of the best promoers in this entire company. You knew that neither Elitists was going to hold back, and those two would get some shots in. For me, I had no idea who was going to walk out with the victory, and I would have hated to see the other one lose. I would have wished that we had determined a winner. However, I loved that these two left the crowd wanting more. These two were beef that I was constantly checking out because these two put out stellar work, and these two are probably the best out of this “new era” or whatever it’s considered. Perhaps the best out of this company’s history and they’ve only been here about a year. It just makes you wonder how great they will be a year from right now. 

Show of the Week

House of Glass

House of Glass dominated this weekend. It was indeed an emotional roller coaster, and the matches exceeded everyone’s expectations. From the 100 Shards of Glass Match with Kassidy Heart and the Visual Prophet to the Match of the Year worthy battle in Impact versus TLA to the Red Wallz Match between Drake King and Cage, this was a show that no one should have wanted to miss. You could pick any of the matches on this card, and you would be in for a treat. When seeing the schedule for this season, I was excited to see this matchmaking its return, and it lived up to the hype and probably took years off people’s lives. If you like glass and death, this is the show for you. If you don’t like that stuff, check out the pure and innocent wrestling show called Reasonable Doubt next weekend. 

Match of the Week

Impact vs. TLA

Like I stated, a Match of the Year contender. I was not worthy of being in the presence of a match that stole the show. It captivated you with the story of a champion who has flexed the power of the Gawd contract time after time again. It had an underdog who has been in a position like this before. Everything seemed to rule against him, but he managed to win the big one finally. The match had many twists and turns to this event with the return of Serena Bennett and Sienna Jade getting revealed as the person behind her attack. It had the last moments of the match with TLA applying Crossed Paths and Impact stabbing TLA with the piece of glass, and it put me on the edge of my seat. The ending had such a feel-good moment, and it was surreal to see that moment happening. :wow:

Promoer of the Week

See MVE.

Champion of the Week

Lethal Consequences

Lethal Consequences defended his title against Justin Windgate. In a battle of old heads, LC managed to powerbomb Justin through a glass table and retain the National EXTREME Championship. I thought Justin was a great title de dense for LC and there’s no doubt that if Justin continues down the path he is going with the activity and wonderful work, there’s no doubt that he will be a champion again. LC quite curious to see who LC defends the title against next. Lindsey was a wonderful distraction for LC, but I get the feeling that he won’t have to rely on her much longer (foreshadowing much?) I’m interested to see how LC manages to keep the title without having anyone to rely on. I believe he will have no issues at all. But, you never know with these things. 

Most Valuable Elitist


Congratulations to the New World Heavyweight Champion! Man, I thought we would never get the day with TLA holding a World Championship, but seeing this match on person was an emotional moment for me. It’s been a year of people finally getting their due and I’m glad that TLA got his due. However, Road to Redemption is going to be a difficult first defense. He not only has one or two opponents, but five other opponents that are going to be doing everything in their power to take that title away from him. TLA is going to need to bring everything he has to offer in the match and not hold anything back. I’m wishing him all the luck in this reign and may it be an eventful one. TLA is a higher and he always stays hungry, so people better watch out for him. 

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