Most Valuable Elitist #201

Rising Star of the Week

Serena Riot

Serena Riot takes this spot as Rising Star of the Week. On the latest episode of Voltage, Serena picked up a victory over Ezio DeLuca. Before that, Serena had an exchange with Veena Adams about her placement on Voltage. I loved that was bought up and it was announced that at Wicked Games Veena will take on Andrea for the Specialists Championship. On the November 10th episode of Voltage, Serena will face Andrea for the Specialists Championship in a ladder match. That is a wonderful announcement right there and if there is anyone that can possibly take Andrea down, it has to be Serena. I think this is going to be an excellent match. Serena is going to go all out for this match. Andrea is going to display the fighting spirit she always has. What more can you ask for? 

Beef of the Week

Jake Smith vs. Santo Muerte

Jake Smith versus Santo Muerte takes the spot for Beef of the Week. This was Jake’s first match as PURE Champion. This was one of the first times that Santo has been in the ring with a champion. I was not expecting much about this clash, but this blew me away. I loved seeing Santo prove to everyone that he can be one of the best promoers on Showdown when everything is right with the match and story. I love seeing Jake stand on his own and prove that winning the title hasn’t made him lazy, but it’s making him work a billion times harder than before. I thought this match was a perfect way to set up the Triple Threat Match at Reasonable Doubt. Jake versus Santo versus Mark is a match that can steal the entire show if it wanted too. I’m a little concern about how Santo will carry himself when facing Jake and Mark, but I know that Jake and Mark will pour everything into this match. I’m expecting for Santo to do the same. 

Show of the Week


Each show this week was dedicated to the late Hall of Famer, Brody Sparks, but I believed that Dynasty had an excellent go-home show this week. We began Dynasty with The Visual Prophet cutting a promo on Kassidy and doing everything that he shouldn’t be doing and that’s pissing off Kassidy. Kassidy coming out and attacking Viz. I loved seeing Nina try to defend Viz, but Kassidy was too much for her. There’s no way that Viz is going to not do anything to defend the honor of Nina. I loved the video packages with Impact and Lethal Consequences. I thought it did well with displaying the power of the Gawd Contract. With Lethal’s, we got some insight into Justin Windgate’s career. I thought these video packages did their part in building up the match and getting people to care about them. I loved how fun the interaction with Jenny Cien, Aniyah Mitchell, and Archimedes J. Manson was. Archimedes seems like the oddball in this match, but when isn’t he an oddball? House of Glass is shaping up to be a wonderful event and I can’t wait for it! 

Match of the Week

TLA and Jenny Cien vs. Jaded Hearts

This action-packed tag team match is the Match of the Week. I thought this was an amazing tag team match and the team of TLA and Jenny Cien is something I never knew I wanted, but I want to see more of it. It was nice to see Jaded Hearts reunite as well. I am a little concerned about Jenny eating the pin in this match and for how she will look going into the title defense. As long as she finds a way to retain at House of Glass, everything should be fine. I’m also pretty worried about TLA, but he thrives with the reputation of being an underdog. I’m constantly hoping that he will get his big win, but we’ll see about that. Jenny and TLA were no match for an established tag team such as Jaded Hearts, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this tag team match again.

Promoer of the Week

Kassidy Heart

Kassidy Heart is the Promoer of the Week. I thought she delivered some of the best promos this week against TLA and Jenny Cien. She is someone that should be used as an example for those starting in EAW. I expect nothing less from Kassidy’s work and I think she is always exceeding everyone’s expectations of what to expect from her. I don’t think that losing the title has stopped her and has made her stronger than ever. That is something that The Visual Prophet is going to need to be on a lookout for going into House of Glass. A 100 Shards of Glass is not going to be a pretty match and going up against Kassidy, she is going to need to make Viz earn his victory over her. I’m excited about her match and I’m wishing her all the luck in the world. 

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Andrea Valentine picked up a victory over former National Elite Champion, Jack Ripley. After the match, it was announced that she would be defending her championship against Veena Adams at Wicked Games. It seems like a match that no one would really expect and I’m not sure what justifies Veena into a title shot rather than being Ryan Adams’ niece, but I’m somehow hoping that Andrea prevails this challenge and continues her way to reaching Brody Sparks’ record. Not only that, but Andrea has to worry about successfully defending her title against Serena Riot. I think these next two title defenses are either going to make or break Andrea and I’m rooting for Andrea to reach and maybe, break that record. 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Raven Roberts 

Raven Roberts takes this spot as our Most Valuable Elitist. Raven thought she was going to go into this match and face Dr. Bethany Blue, but the match ended up becoming a 2-on-1 handicap match consisting of Nurse Rannanah Goldstein. This could have been enough to shift the favor for the Doc, but Raven did not let that stop her at all. Her match was full of fuckery, but I loved every minute of it. I loved that Raven managed to prevail in the end and prove why she is the Universal Women’s Champion. Whoever wins the Beat the Clock Challenge on Showdown this week, Raven is going to have a tough time in the match. Both members of Heavenly Hell are as tough as they come. However, Raven has been through hurdles and hoops and will refuse to let anything stop her. 

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