Most Valuable Elitist #198

Rising Star of the Week

Harlow Reichert

In order to bounce back from Territorial Invasion, Harlow Reichert picks up an upset victory against Xander Payne on Showdown. Harlow’s aspirations to become PURE Champion may be in the back burner due to the country of Egypt being strict about intergender violence, but Harlow is someone I can see going back into title contention when Battle of Egypt is out of the way. Harlow is a perfect contender for the PURE Championship. She is someone who is the definition of a pure wrestler and the title would be more than perfect for her. I’m pretty hyped to see how things go for her. I think the victory over Xander was a step in the right direction for her. I’m excited to see what Harlow does at Reasonable Doubt. She is too good to be kept off that card. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Showdown takes the spot as Show of the Week. For the go-home show before Battle of Egypt, I thought it did a fantastic job with hyping up matches like Mark Michaels and Jake Smith as well as Jamie O’Hara and Tyler Parker. It also handled build up towards Reasonable Doubt with the Jamie/ILLIONAIRES rivalry that brewed the week before. It wasn’t the biggest carded show, but it provided us with some moments that build up for Battle of Egypt and for Reasonable Doubt at the same time. That segment with the ILLIONAIRES and Jennipurr was the best thing that I watched in a while. Just seeing those three had me laughing. It not only was humorous, but we got some progression for that story. 

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs. Drake King

Kassidy Heart versus Drake King is not only our Beef of the Week, but our Match of the Week as well. When I saw these two being pinned against each other, I wasn’t quite sure where this match was going to go. These are two spectacular talents and it was a blast to see these two in the ring. Such a shame that Kendra Shamez caused a disqualification, but this also left me excited to see Kassidy versus Kendra at Battle of Egypt. I thought these two cut wonderful promos and I was just obsessed with this match up. I would love to see these two clash again at some point this season. A feud with these two would be great too. I’m excited to see how things go for them as 2019 closes.

Promoer of the Week

Fire & Ice

For Promoers of the Week, Fire & Ice continues to stab me in the fucking heart. Man, it should be illegal for two people to be adorable, but deadly at the same time. I really enjoyed watching their promo videos and it’s been a blast to see their progression as a team, couple and individually. Going into their match on Voltage, these two seemed to have the best chemistry out of the competitors in the match. Such a shame that things didn’t go the way they would have wanted too, but these two are still adorable. That’s something…right? Overall, I’m excited to see what happens to them going into Wicked Games. I can sense these two doing different things, but it’s always fun to see these two teaming up whenever given the chance. 

Champion of the Week

Lethal Consequences

Lethal Consequences is the Champion of the Week. He teamed up with Lindsey Kingsley and faced Justin Windgate and Eric Havoc on the latest episode of Dynasty. Even though this was a group effort for Lethal, he ended up getting the pin and victory for his team. I’m obsessing over this potential pairing between Lindsey and Lethal and I think this is going to be amazing to watch as it progresses. For Lethal, it seems like Justin will be in contention for the National Elite Championship. Lethal was able to do the unthinkable by winning his first championship in more than five years. I wanna see if he can keep that championship. Dethroning a strong champion in Jack Ripley seemed impossible for him to do, but he’s known for surprising us in the past. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Dr. Bethany Blue

Much like Lethal Consequences, Dr. Bethany Blue got herself the victory for her team as she pinned Ms. Cash in the Vault, Raven Roberts. This was a victory I don’t believe much people saw coming, but it’s amazing for Bethany (and Frankie Paradise) to accomplish. She’s already the Interwire Champion, but her matters against Terry Chambers isn’t over yet. Terry still wants a rematch and it’s going to happen at Wicked Games in a Stretcher Match. I can’t remember the last time we saw a Stretcher Match in EAW, but I’m interested to see if Bethany can push Terry in a stretcher. :lupe: Bethany is talented and a doctor, so I can assume that she has something underneath her sleeve. She’s going to need to pull off something in order to walk away with a victory. 

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