Most Valuable Elitist #196

Rising Star of the Week

Jenny Cien

At last week’s Territorial Invasion, Jenny Cien won the Divide and Conquer Match and became New Breed Champion. Jenny outlasted thirteen other Elitists to accomplish this amazing feat. With the matter of events that turned out for the New Breed Championship, there is no need to find a stable home for the title. It seems like Jenny is going to become accustomed to the championship quickly. I don’t see her dropping the title anytime soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the era of the “New Breed Baddie” has to offer all of us. It’s incredible for her to capture her first championship as fast as she has. I hope that she continues to work as hard as possible to keep that title on her shoulder.

Beef of the Week

Team Dynasty vs. Team Voltage vs. Team Showdown


Show of the Week

Territorial Invasion

Hands down, last weekend’s Territorial Invasion surpassed any expectations that I had for the event. Many matches were amazing to see live, and the atmosphere for the event was surreal. You needed to be there to experience it for yourself. I thought all the World Championship Matches were spectacular and all of them were different in their ways. It established why the champions were the champions. The contenders looked amazing. It was full of twists, turns, and it had its feel-good moments. There wasn’t a match on the card that didn’t make you feel anything. You had some feeling regardless of the match you were witnessing. Don’t you love watching matches that make you feel invested? Many of them can make you feel that way. However, there was one match on the card that gave us all the feels, and it was our Match of the Week.

Match of the Week

War Games

At Territorial Invasion, there were quite a few matches that could be contenders for Match of the Year, but War Games was the match that I still find myself going back to the EAW Network and watching. War Games had me on the edge of my seat. Each spot was deadlier than the other one, and it would have given me a heart attack if it went on a minute longer than it was. Showdown looked dominating and strong. Dynasty was brutal, and Voltage was the one that gave us all the feels. I thought the match did a fantastic job of getting all of these stories across. It displayed the emotions of all of these characters. Each person in that match looked spectacular and shined. Despite the result, I think each team got what they wanted to get across. Dynasty wanted to prove that they can all be on the same page. Showdown showed that they were an example of excellence and Voltage displayed their fighting spirit and never say die attitudes. Seeing everyone clash with each other was a treat and it was great to see if they were truly united in what they said.

Promoer of the Week


Impact captivated us with his promos at Territorial Invasion.  I thought everyone from the War Games participants to the Divide and Conquer folks to every other match did a fantastic job with promos. There was something about Impact’s that made me want to check them out throughout the week. He did a great job of establishing himself as a champion that no one should be doubting. I thought he brought something extra to his opponent. It proved that he is the champion, he is the bar in the company and it’s going to be a struggle to reach him. It just makes me question if there is anyone that can take the title off of him? If not, then he is in for a memorable championship reign. 

Champion of the Week


Mr. DEDEDE retained Answers World Championship against The Visual Prophet via referee stoppage. He is responsible for giving us one of the more emotional feelings of the night. DEDEDE took advantage of Nina D’s love and admiration for Viz. DEDEDE knew that Nina would do anything to make sure that Viz survived. It was such a beautiful but evil plan. The closing parts of the match made you feel invested in this match. It showed that DEDEDE is even more ruthless than anyone can remember, and it displayed that Nina would have done everything to protect Viz. If people aren’t scared of facing DEDEDE, they should be scared at the moment. Facing him seems like a death sentence at this point. Be smart people and don’t cross the boss. :mjcry: 

Most Valuable Elitist 

Team Voltage

The winner of the 2019 War Games…Team Voltage!!! People are calling this an upset, but is it an upset? Did anyone doubt that Andrea Valentine, Raven Roberts, and Ms. Extreme would get the job done? These women had no other choice, but to win this match. However, they put in the work, and it paid off in the end. To give everyone a happy ending, I thought Team Voltage winning let the floodgates open for the fans in the arena, and it’s such a fantastic thing that these three women were able to achieve. It makes me curious to see what people like Veena Adams and Charlie Marr think of the entire thing, but these women had the most compelling story going into the match, and it makes for a happy ending to see standing tall in the end. #QueensOnly

Battle of Egypt Dream Match Set!

Dynasty 9/27/2019