Most Valuable Elitist #195

Rising Star of the Week

Kai Zolomon

To introduce this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, we have Kai Zolomon take the spot of Rising Star of the Week. Kai managed to pick up a victory over one of his opponents at Territorial Invasion, Archimedes J. Manson in an exciting contest. The victory provides him with some pretty good momentum going into his huge title match. I do like Voltage’s chances of walking away with the New Breed Championship. However, there is no way that Felix Hartley is going to let go of the championship. Felix has prided herself on being a fighting champion. Kai should want to go into the match and rip his opponents apart. It’s one of the things that I am looking forward to him doing. If there is one match where you want to shine in, it would have to be this match. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Let’s stay with Dynasty for a moment as it manages to capture Show of the Week. I loved the feud progression with this episode precisely, and I am obsessed with the fuckery with Eric Havoc and his T.R.U.E. Initiative. I think it one of the funniest things about Dynasty at the moment and it’s going to be a shame when it ends. I loved the team building with Serena Bennett, Darkane, and TLA. I thought it was different from what all the other brands were doing, but seeing these three personalities interact with one another was amazing. It made me laugh, but the segment also had a purpose, and it seems like Serena has her work cut out to make this entire thing work out. Also, the angle with Lethal Consequences and Jack Ripley was fun. Bringing Lindsay Kingsley into the mess seems fun, but is the poor girl naive? The segment was hilarious as well, and it made me excited for the match at Territorial Invasion. Impact is also evil to put Drake King and Jake Smith against each other for the next week. You can’t tear them apart, omg. Several other things made this show fun to watch, but I can’t wait to see how the go-home show goes for this brand!

Match of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs. Raven Roberts vs. TLA

We head back to the Showdown brand, where we had the second out of the three War Games Preview matches. I thought this match had the best back-and-fourth out of the three Triple Threat Matches. I knew with these hungry Elitists such as Raven Roberts and TLA; I expected this to be a fantastic battle. They were going to give Jamie O’Hara a problem and question whether he can defend his brand. All three Elitists went out there and proved why they deserve to be a part of this match, and the match lived up to my expectations. I thought each person in the match looked terrific. I thought the match had ended with Ahren Fournier and Chris Elite getting involved and attacking Raven, but to see her kick out was superb. It was one of the biggest swerves of the match. I thought it was a match to look back on and it shows me the effort that the participants in the War Games match will need to surpass next week. 

Promoer of the Week

Darcy May Morgan

Darcy May Morgan takes the spot as Promoer of the Week. Darcy has been a fantastic stand out from the Dynasty brand. There’s no doubt that she is going to break out if she hasn’t already. It’s incredible to see how much she has evolved ever since her debut and it’s going to be insane if she managed to pick up her first championship at some point this season. I was aware of all the potential in the world from her, and I think she and Remi are going to kill it at Territorial Invasion. Future Tag Team Champions if it goes to that path, but I like the pace things are going for her, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. She has a way of captivating me, and I hope that’s the same for everyone. Keep up the good work!

Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

Kassidy Heart takes the spot as Champion of the Week. She managed to pick up a victory over a former number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Lethal Consequences. I was unsure to see how this match would go. Poor LC, though. Did he really deserve to die like that? Why not just have Jack Ripley kill him? It’s quite interesting to see Kassidy and this “Mauler” persona from her. For the first time, I think I can see her as a heel, which was something I never thought I would see. I guess this Mauler side is going to be a big deal and anyone that is able to knock her down is going to be the biggest push of the century. It’s terrifying to see where Kassidy goes with all of this, but intriguing at the same time. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Jamie O’Hara

Jamie O’Hara takes this spot as Most Valuable Elitist. Out of the three captains, Jamie was the only one successful in defending his brand, and that deserves a ton of credit. At the moment, he looks to be in fantastic shape when it comes to being in a War Games Match. With the inclusion of Ahren Fournier and Chris Elite, it was quite interesting to see these three interact, but they are one of the unpredictable pairings in the match. I would hope that Jamie manages to keep those men in line and focus on the huge task on hand and that’s the bring the victory to Showdown. With a talent like Jamie leading Showdown into war, Showdown fans should like their chances a lot. We got a GOAT, Gawd Given Greatness and most importantly, we have our Ace. What more could you ask for? :wow:


Note: No MVE next week, but I will return with one for Territorial Invasion (and, I’ll try to get it one time. I’ve been woat with that.)!

Most Valuable Elitist #194

Dynasty 9/13/2019