Most Valuable Elitist #194

This is for the week of 8/26 to 9/1.

Rising Star of the Week

Viktor Stone

For this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Viktor Stone takes the spot of Rising Star of the Week. He managed to conquer two of Showdown’s rising talent to begin the show. He was someone that seemed to have quiet down since Midsummer Massacre, but this victory was well-needed for him after he suffered defeat by Harlow Reichert the week before. The one thing for him to do is to continue to become better. He can’t settle for anything less than what he is given. Going into Territorial Invasion, this provides him with another platform in which he can shine in. He did amazing at Midsummer Massacre, and wherever he is placed on the card, he needs to take advantage of his surroundings and prove why no one should look past him. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Once again, Voltage takes the spot for Show of the Week. I thought there were plenty of things from this show that made it stand out. One of the things I wanted to know more about was Terry Chambers being taken by Dr. Bethany Blue and her assistant. I was legit scared for him, and I was hoping he was left in one piece. There was also the aftermath of Korey Gaines and Frankie Paradise being attacked last week by Eric Havoc and it made me interested to see if those two would take matters into their own hands. There was also progression with the Voltage Queens and their insight going to Territorial Invasion. I loved how the segment established the thought that no one in the match was perfect, and it should be interesting to see how many people ignore that. 😀 One of my favorite parts of the night was Veena Adams tapping out like a bitch before Raven Roberts could lock in The Aviary completely. Bless you, Raven. :wow:

Match of the Week

Felix Hartley vs. Jenny Cien

On Showdown, we watched one of the matchups that I have been dying to see since Jenny Cien came to Showdown. Seeing her against Felix Hartley, I knew we were going to see what Jenny is capable enough going up against someone with Felix’s level of talent. I thought this was a fantastic back-and-forth between two talented women. I thought if there was anyone who could have broken Felix’s undefeated streak, it was going to be Jenny. However, it seemed like Kensingten Calhoun-Astor had other plans. She had her entrance music played, which caused a distraction for The Baddie. Thus, Felix using that as a distraction to get the victory. I thought the match was spectacular and both women looked amazing. This is going to be a match I would love to see again this season.

Promoer of the Week 


Darkane takes the spot as Promoer of the Week. Going up against Remi Skyfire, this was going to be one of the more interesting matchups. I thought Darkane did a fantastic job and delivered some amazing work that week. I knew his issues with TLA were far from over, but I think War Games is perfect for someone like Darkane, who can be brutal and terrifying without even being part of a structure like that. I’m curious to see if he and TLA can keep it together enough for Dynasty to win the War Games match. However, Dynasty should feel confident with the talent on their team. Especially with someone like Darkane standing next to them.

Most Valuable Elitist

The Visual Prophet

The Visual Prophet is our Most Valuable Elitist. On Showdown, he managed to pick up a victory over Unified Tag Team Champion, Constance Blevins. Not only did he managed to do that, but he won the “Beat the Clock” Challenge overall. Viz has the opportunity to shift his championship match in his favor. The possibilities that Viz can do for this match is unthinkable. I’m wondering what he is even considering? What is he going to do to make sure that Mr. DEDEDE has a disadvantage over him? Whatever it is, Viz is going to need to be careful because DEDEDE being at a disadvantage isn’t something I would ever consider. He is going to need to be smart about what he decides to bring to this match. I hope that we’re able to figure that out soon. Things are looking good for him though. 

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Most Valuable Elitist #195