Most Valuable Elitist #186

Rising Star of the Week

Cepheus St. Claire

On the season premiere of Voltage, Cepheus St. Claire managed to start things off in the right foot with a victory over a fellow newcomer, Shortfuse PAKA. After a well-fought battle with TLA, Cepheus needed this well-deserved victory. He needed something that was going to get the ball rolling for him. In his short time in EAW, there are people that cannot help, but despise the way this man carries himself in the ring. But, I do not believe there is anyone who can deny how good he is and how good he can be by the end of Season 13. I know, that things may have been tough for him. He has all the tools to succeed. He versus Felix Hartley would be an interesting match. I would be looking forward to seeing those two different personalities clashing. Cepheus is just one of the few newcomers that Voltage has been able to gain that we should be on a lookout for. I cannot wait to see how he shakes up Voltage.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


All three shows’ season premieres were amazing. Just to see each show have their different tone is what I like. I like that each show feels different and has things that stuck out for them. Straight off the bat, I loved that Dynasty gave the platform to talents such as Fatal Destiny and Osamu Arcichida. This is one of the programs that I am going to be interested in. I loved the segment between Landerson, Provencal, and StarrStan. I loved the introduction of Ravage La Corte. With Showdown, I loved the opening segment with Gavin Kirkland and Mr. DEDEDE. How dare DDD hurt our precious Gavin? :mjcry: Love the interactions with some of the rosters remembers such as Felix Hartley,  Io Ishimori and the Visual Prophet.

But, there was something about Voltage that I leaned towards more. I thought it had some memorable moments and I loved that we got some storyline progression right off the bat for a good chunk of the stories. I’m interested to hear that the EAW Championship Match for Bloodsport is already announced. I’m excited to figure out how an Electrified Steel Cage of Death Match will work. It also kind of scares me at the same time. I love that we’re getting some continuation with Jesse Barlow and Consuela Rose Ava. Even the little things like Kai Zolomon and Cepheus St. Claire being presented a match for a chance to face Felix Hartley for the New Breed Championship was cool. Even how Tyler vs. Korey ended with Tyler twisting her ankle was something that left me wondering. I wonder if it is going to be something that will progress or write her off. Even with Theron Nikolas’ presence not being felt, I loved the segment with his sister, Mia and Matt Daniels. I felt like everyone on this show had some sort of purpose. They had some sort of direction going forward. Even if there were a few that didn’t feel like they ended up with anything, I believe they will find something for themselves real soon. As for the main event…

Match of the Week

Charlie Marr and Ms. Extreme vs. Malcolm Jones and Andrea Valentine

I thought the main event was our Match of the Week! From the back-and-forth, it was seen that Charlie Marr and Malcolm Jones were the two men that gathered the attention of everyone. The women in the match did well for themselves, but with the EAW Championship Match at Bloodsport in motion, Charlie would have loved to get that victory over the EAW Champion. While Malcolm Jones and Andrea Valentine seemed to be on the same page, Charlie Marr and Ms. Extreme struggled to see eye-to-eye with a lot of things in the match. Both of them with stubborn attitudes and it seemed like it was going to be what was going to be their downfall in the end. Ms. Extreme left Charlie with Andrea and Malcolm — almost liking leaving him to fend for himself. Thus, this left the champions standing tall to end the show. I thought it presented the dynamics of these two teams as well. I thought it gave each person in the match something to work with and it made me excited for what Voltage had to offer next week. 

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

Honestly, he and Charlie brought the fire to their battle this week, but I was leaning more towards Malcolm. Not only was he able to handle the hotheads in both Charlie and Ms. Extreme, but he didn’t miss a beat the entire week. He proved why he’ll go hard in any given week. He’s not just the person to put in the effort during FPVs but in episodes of weekly programming. I know, it may not be something that we will be blessed with every week, but it was fun seeing Malcolm in his zone. It was fun seeing him battling it out with some of the brightest talents on Voltage. If he versus Charlie last week is only a bit of what we can expect at Bloodsport, then we are going to be in for a treat. Not only is this match going to be insane, but this battle as well. I’m interested to see how he does underneath the situation he will be placed in. I’m expecting him to go all out and match Charlie’s level of intensity in that match.

Champion of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist


For the first Most Valuable Elitist of the season, it goes to the same man, who captured his ninth World Championship at Pain for Pride, Impact! On Dynasty, he took on Jack Ripley in a Champion vs. Champion Match, which resulted in him coming out on top! We expected nothing less from the World Heavyweight Champion. It seems like his first opponent at Operation: Doomsday will be none other than the man, who defeated Impact at Fighting Spirit, Lethal Consequences. I think this is a great first title defense for Impact. He is someone who has been on the top of his game since return (even more than he normally is). He proved at Pain for Pride that he wanted nothing more than to get that ninth reign. Love him. Hate him. But, respect everything that he has done for this business. I’m excited to see how he embraces his first title defense. For me, I don’t see him losing that championship. At the same time, people who don’t predict for LC to win things are normally proven wrong. So, I’m not sure. :lupe: But, he started off his season in a great way by getting a victory over the National Elite Champion. Can’t wait to see how he does this week in his tag team match. 

Voltage 7/7/2019

Dynasty 7/12/19