Most Valuable Elitist #184

Rising Star of the Week

Vic Venom

With the final spot in the Cash in the Vault match on the line, Io Ishimori, Connor Hunt, Vic Venom and Bowen Castillo clashed on Dynasty. After suffering his first defeat against Malcolm Jones, it would be Vic that bounced back in the best way possible. He now joins the likes of Raven Roberts, Harlow Reichert, Charlie Marr and the Visual Prophet at Pain for Pride. If there is anyone in this match that could surprise us by retrieving the briefcase it would be Vic. There is no doubt that he will be one of the people to go hard for this match (no pressure, lol), but he is going to need to bring it all in this match. This is one of the most competitive matches on the card and this is no time to slack off. I look forward to see how he handles being part of this match. It’s an important match with a huge prize on the line. Good luck to him! 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


We remain on things that occurred on Dynasty as we open the show wondering if Kyra Phillips is alright. :lupe: I mean, she’s barely new on the job and she finds her boss already harassing her. 😐 Even though it was one of the strangest ways to open a show, we also got a promotional video promoting Mr. DEDEDE’s book, GAWDVERBS. It was probably one of the most entertaining things I have seen all season. It was rude and offensive, but it is so Mr. DEDEDE at the moment. :wow: As we continue on with the show, it seems to be pretty centric with the men vying for the Answers World Championship. We also had a promo from Darkane as he talked about his three opponents and basically, he’s gonna murder everyone in that ring. There was also Jamie O’Hara, who got a promo of his own as he talked about his three opponents. But, also had a casket which had things such a One Percent shirt, GAWDVERBS and a shovel. Each of the items, he throws into the sea…literally and the last item is a portrait with him holding up the World Heavyweight Championship. There was also some build with Shaker Jones vs. Ryan Wilson as we saw both of the men clash two weeks before Pain for Pride. But, to see Ryan get the upper hand has me worrying for Shaker. :lupe: Overall, I thought the segments were amazing. It was one of the things that kept me engaged to watch the entire show I’m hyped for this main event. 

Match of the Week

Charlie Marr vs. Cameron Ella Ava

We head to Voltage where Charlie Marr and Cameron Ella Ava faced each other in a No Disqualification match. This was a match that I was not expecting to happen on Voltage. It was obvious that Veena Adams set up this match for the two of them to kill each other. It was almost like killing two birds with one stone. If Cameron gets hurt, then it means that she won’t make it on the Pain for Pride card. If Charlie gets hurt, then it increases Viz’ chance of winning Cash in the Vault. It was a really genius plan, but both of them still alive and Cameron vs. Xavier is still happening no matter what. I thought this match was amazing. I couldn’t decide on a winner watching this match, but to see that he two of them couldn’t put the other away, speaks volumes with how good both of them are. Both showed that this season alone helped shaped them to be the Elitists that they are today. I cannot wait what next season has to offer the both of them.

Promoer of the Week

Charlie Marr

Charlie Marr takes this spot as Promoer of the Week. I thought he delivered some fantastic promos and gave Cameron the challenge that she needed. He was probably the perfect person for Cameron to face in order to see if she’s really that good. It was a good match to prove to everyone that she can hang with some of these newer talent. If there is one thing that Charlie is good at and it’s getting people to listen to him. You can think that some of his beliefs are idea, but you cannot help, but listen to him. He’s fantastic at getting underneath people’s skin and he is someone who knows who they are and the point they are trying to get across. If there is a favorite going to Cash in the Vault, I think Charlie is one of them. He has a good shot at winning. If there is anyone who will be a future World Champion, it has to be Charlie. Cash in the Vault will just make things a lot easier for him to do so.

Champion of the Week

See MVE.

Most Valuable Elitist 


To conclude this last Most Valuable Elitist of the season, we gotta give it to Minerva, who managed to get Heavenly Hell in the Winner Takes All Match at Pain for Pride! This woman is already one of the best on Empire and I have no doubt that her and Constance are going to kill it next week. I’m rooting for Heavenly Hell at Pain for Pride. I have a soft spot for Empire and besides, if there is any two women who can give the men in the match a run for their money and win, it would he Heavenly Hell. Minerva has shined over the past couple of months. I would hate for her reign to end and it would be the perfect story for her and Constance to win. I’m excited to see how she performs in the match. I think that she will be one of the ones to look out for at Pain for Pride and to keep an eye on going into Season 13.


Note: This is the last MVE of Season 12. I’m triple booked next week (welp). :lupe:  It’s been a blast for sure. Pain for Pride is next week and we have all worked so hard to get a spot on the card. I wish everyone booked the luck in the world. Last year, we had over 300 promos for Pain for Pride. We have over fifteen people post their promos the moment Pain for Pride promoing began. Over sixty people live on the first day at Pain for Pride. Show never died once. You can just feel the excitement in the air and being on Discord watching the show live is an amazing feeling. I don’t know about you, but I want to surpass the numbers from last year. I want this showing for Pain for Pride to be the best ever, but we can’t do that without you all. We got to prove that this is the number one efed out there. This is our WrestleMania. Our Wrestle Kingdom. Our Super Bowl, so let’s treat it like it is. Let’s all put on an amazing show and make this memorable. 

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