Most Valuable Elitist #180.

Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week

Impact vs. The Visual Prophet

If there was any beef last week, which stole everyone’s attention, look no further than Impact vs. The Visual Prophet. If there was one match in which Impact could show what he was capable of, it would have to be against a talent who goes hard each week. I thought this was a fun one to pay attention too and both men brought their styles into this match. It was amazing to see Viz stand his ground against one of the best talents to grace the ring. I thought Impact had an edge over the former New Breed Champion. He had the veteran status and experience on his side, but Viz also had the youth on his side. These two really brought out some great material in this match. I thought their match lived up to the hype. I look forward to see how Impact does against Noah Reigner at Pain for Pride (if that is the plan). I look forward to seeing how Viz does against someone as great as Rex McAllister. 

Show of the Week


I thought each show brought something to the table, but there was something about Voltage, which left me trying to predict how things would go, but I suppose, I will have to be like everyone else and keep tabs each week about this things that go on here.  One of the things that captured my attention is the so-called alliance between Jackson Blayde and Oskar Wagner. At the same time, it kinda scares me because I don’t want Jack Ripley’s title reign to end. Not only does Jack need to worry about this alliance, but Noah Reigner as well. I was interested to hear about the connection between Oskar and Cameron Church. I’m quite curious to see if Oskar will interfere in the World Heavyweight Championship match. I do feel like Oskar will and it will backfire on his part and Noah retains, but if Blaydemerica alliance gets all the titles on Voltage, then yikes. Another interesting development happened to be with Korey Gaines coming to Farrell V’s rescue after a two-on-one assault by The Legion. This was a tag team I did not see coming, but anything to take down a common enemy right? Also, the Woogieman and El Landerson brawl. :wow: This gets more personal as the weeks go by. The Japanese Deathmatch is going to kill both of them. Also, are we not going to talk about the commentary with Charlie Marr and Jordie Ripley? I mean, these two bury Daryl Kinkade and Jack Ripley was hilarious. At the end, it justified the reasons that I am scared for Daryl to compete in this Barbed Wire Massacre match. Another thing — loved the interview with Rex McAllister. It was to get some insight about what is going on in his mind. But if Rex says something is going to happen, it normally does happen and Viz should be scared right now.

Match of the Week

Jack Haze vs. Cage

This was another option for Beef of the Week, but I loved the match on Showdown. Just to see the reception from Cage was amazing. I swear, he gets the biggest pops anywhere he goes. I thought Jack Haze proved that he wasn’t going to lose easily to Cage. Despite what things may have seemed like with being Cage’s first match back in EAW, I thought Jack did amazing. He cut some good promos and he looked good in defeat. As for Cage, I thought he proved that he didn’t miss a beat. I thought this was a solid match back for Cage and I look forward to seeing if he and Chris Elite will clash anytime soon. It could be a great feud at Wrath of the Dragon. Overall, I enjoyed this match. I thought it was fun and competitive and would not mind seeing it again. I am curious to see if Cage and Jack have any match or get in any championship pictures around Pain for Pride time. 

Promoer of the Week

Giovanni Luciano 

A victory over Ryan Wilson sure did help place Giovanni Luciano in the right direction. This rising talent has earned himself a New Breed Championship Match against SOSA Henderson at Gateway to Glory. For a second, I began to feel like Giovanni was going to be a little ignored on Dynasty, but I do feel like he is going to give SOSA a run for his money. It should be interesting to see these two different and unique styles clash in a few weeks. I fully believe that Giovanni has the capabilities of being a future champion in EAW. Could it happen at Gateway to Glory? If there is anyone on Dynasty that could get the job done and defeat SOSA, you are looking at this man. He has all the potential in the world to do so. I mean, defeating the number one contender for the PURE Champion is sure to get some eyes on you, but I look forward to see what he brings to the table in this match.

Champion of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava

On Empire, Consuela Rose Ava had her very first title defense against Celes Dumont… in a Hardcore Match. I thought this was one of the more brutal stipulations that we got this week. I mean, it’s nothing new that Empire has one death in each episode, but I thought this match was hardcore, brutal and it told the story that it needed to tell. Showed that Consuela willing to go to lengths to keep this championship, but it also showed that Celes was made for environments like these. These two women had different styles in the ring, but I thought her versus Celes was another contender for Beef of the Week and also Match of the Week, but for Consuela to not be as accustomed for these type of matches and to retain is impressive and whoever wins between Andrea Valentine and Harlow Reichert, they are going to have the work cut out for them because this is one champion who does not want to let go of her gold anytime soon.

Most Valuable Elitist 

SOSA Henderson

Consuela Rose Ava was not the only woman to retain their championship this week, SOSA Henderson managed to retain the New Breed Championship against Korey Gaines. If I can recall, this was also SOSA’s first title defense of many, I assume. I would hope that his only title defense during the FPV/Supershow hell week is against Giovanni Luciano, which we learned on Dynasty would get his title shot in which I assume is Gateway to Glory. I don’t believe that SOSA is ready to let go of this championship. The last few champions who have held that championship have been amazing and talented in their own ways. Even the contenders for the New Breed Championship could be legit contenders to become champion in the future. When it comes to SOSA, I can see him walking into Pain for Pride with that championship on his shoulder. I could see another Fatal-4-Way like we saw at King of Elite. It should be interesting who he faces from each brand (or if he even makes it there), but this is a reign I would love to see  how this progress and how far this reign gets.


Note: Not sure about having an MVE next week. I’m double booked and match writing as well. So… we’ll see about that. :lupe:

Happy Hell EAW Week to everyone! 😀

Empire 5/9/2019

Showdown 5/4/2019