Most Valuable Elitist #177

Beef of the Week

Sienna Jade vs. Jael

The Empire brand takes this spot this week. One of the stand out war of words came from Women’s World Champion, Sienna Jade and Empire Tag Team Champion, Jael. For me, it was a little too personal and hit the fourth wall a little too much for my liking, but both women really showed up and rose to the occasion. That deserves a ton of credit. I hope that we can get this same energy for Sienna in future matches on Empire, but we’ll have to see about that. For me, I thought both women did well and it makes me curious to see where their direction takes them next. Going into Pain for Pride season, things are going to get a lot better than they already are.

Show of the Week


Empire takes the crown for Show of the Week. On the latest episode of Empire, there was a bunch of things that I enjoyed about the show. I loved the direction that some of the roster had and it makes me excited going into the Grand Rampage. The segment with the Queen’s Court and Minerva was interesting. I was not expecting for Cleopatra and Amber Keys to get black tar all over them. It was kinda funny and I enjoyed the two villains getting what they deserve. Constance Blevins being the one to put Remi Skyfire on the shelf for the entire being looks good for the new aggressive and dominating attitude that she has been having and I thought everything that happened was true to both Remi and Constance. I’m excited to see if a feud comes out of this when Remi returns. The Tyler Wolfe anger management segment was something that I never knew I needed in my life, but I’m really enjoying it. I hope that Tyler gets in the Grand Rampage Match. That could be a way for her to deal with her rage. :eyes: Another potential feud I did not know I need was the one with Felix Hartley and Serena Bennett. I mean, this is going to be a feud that I am going to be obsessed with, but after what occurred in that main event, things may be looking pretty good.

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs. Darkane

I never knew that Deathmatch Rex was a thing, but I am glad it is. For Match of the Week, we go to the Voltage brand as the main event contained one of the best talents on the Voltage brand taking on one of the best from Dynasty… in a deathmatch? I wasn’t expecting to look forward to a deathmatch, but I was more than excited to watch this match and have it be as deadly as one would think…well, because deathmatch, but I enjoyed every second of this match. I can’t believe a fork was used to stab someone with. With this match being booked, I could sense these two being major favorites going into Grand Rampage. I would have hated the thought of someone losing two weeks before the big event, but I thought the ending of this match with both of them not being able to compete was great and I kind of want to see Rex McAllister and Darkane clash again. This was a fun match to see and it left me wanting more for sure. 

Promoer of the Week

Serena Bennett

The former Specialists Champion is our Promoer of the Week. I thought going into there title defense last week, she really justified why she was able to win a championship right off the bat in her EAW run. I thought she gave Consuela run for her money and proved that she wasn’t holding back for anyone. She cuts some of the best promos on Empire and I’m constantly mindblown with how she can step up and I know, that we will expect nothing else regardless of defeat or not. I’m wondering if she’ll get her rematch for the Specialists Championship or if she’ll focus on the Grand Rampage, but I’m interested to see where Serena goes next. This woman is too good to have no sort of direction at all.

Champion of the Week

Sienna Jade

Sienna Jade managed to defeat Jael on the last week’s episode of Empire and be our Champion of the Week. At Grand Rampage, Sienna will be going to her second title defense against Raven Roberts. If she can put out that same energy against Raven Roberts, then it will be something amazing. Raven is a wonderful competitor and I know, that she will put Sienna on the edge of her seat. Sienna has proven to be a champion who takes all challengers and I like to believe that Raven will be no different at all. She may joke around, but in a title match, she has gone serious and only had herself to rely on. I am curious to see if she carries the Women’s World Championship to Pain for Pride, but we’ll find the answer to that after Grand Rampage. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Consuela Rose Ava

Consuela Rose Ava is the Most Valuable Elitist. She managed to become a three-time Specialists Champion and break Serena Bennett’s winning streak. All in her first match back in EAW. With twenty women competing in the Grand Rampage Match, it makes me curious if Consuela will get a title defense at the Grand Rampage, but she will be more than ready to defend this championship when she needs too. I would be curious if Serena will evoke her rematch clause or if we’ll see a new contender like Felix Hartley, Constance Blevins or Minerva be the first one to step up to the plate. The person who takes the title off Consuela is going to have to be a good one and someone worthy of it. With the competition on Empire, it makes you wonder who will it be?

Note: Due to being double booked (maybe, triple?), no MVE next week. But, I’ve always done that for the big five FPVs, so it should be any different. Good luck to anyone competing in the Grand Rampage match. May the odds ever be in your favor…

Yes, I got that from the Hunger Games…DO NOT JUDGE ME.

The Power of a Gawd

Empire 4/11/2019