Most Valuable Elitist #175

Rising Star of the Week

Daryl Kinkade

Daryl Kinkade takes this spot as Rising Star of the Week. At Tempest, Daryl faced his so-called “father”, Rex McAllister in a Submission Match. His attitude as of late was one of the first times that we see Daryl going after he wants and it translated well when he was cutting his promos. I thought in this match, we saw a different element to Daryl and him getting the victory wasn’t that surprising; however, how he got the victory was questionable, but as we see from his actions later in the night, it seems like he is more than ready to use his victory over Rex to move on to resuming his tension with Charlie Marr. If Daryl keeps up the momentum that he has, Charlie better watch out. :whew:

Beef of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs. Malcolm Jones

This is going to be the only non-Tempest beef on this list as Dynasty wow’d us by a match up that could have been a so-called “dream match” between Jamie O’Hara and King of Elite, Malcolm Jones. These two were opposites in their mannerisms. So, I had no idea what to expect when these two clashed. Malcolm had his hard-hitting promo style, while Jamie did not hold back as well. This was a fun one to keep up with. Not too crazy about how this match ended, but it left me wanting for more. Perhaps, this match-up was better suited for an FPV, but it makes me quite optimistic about how these two men will perform at a grander stage; however, well-done from both men.

Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, this went to Tempest. To conclude this chaotic three weeks of special events from the brands, it left me quite excited for Grand Rampage. I thought it had some amazing matches from the five-star classic of the Big Bhris Bhampionship Match, which had some of my favorite moments of the entire show to the fuckery of Charlie Marr versus Jack Ripley with Jordie Ripley being a jezebel  and betraying Jack and Daryl Kinkade making an appearance. There was also The Visual Prophet versus Myles, which ended with some controversy, but I thought both men looked good in the process.The main event really made Xander Payne look like a monster and Noah Reigner proved why he was the champion. I thought this was a perfect example of a show giving all of their talents a moment or two to shine. I thought even the lower card talent shined, which is difficult to do so. I am looking forward to what the Voltage brand progresses in their feuds approaching the Grand Rampage. :wow:

Match of the Week

Daryl Kinkade vs. Rex McAllister

The Match of the Week of the night has to be Daryl Kinkade versus Rex McAllister. Agree to disagree, but I loved the storytelling in this match. For some of the fans, who witnessed this match live, they thought this was going to be the dad whipping his son’s ass, but I thought Daryl held his own going up against a former World Champion like Rex. Like holy crap, I was not expecting the performance from Daryl. I thought it was his best match to date and Rex proved why he is one of the best on the brand. The ending of the match was something that I did not see coming, but Daryl bringing the brass knuckles into the match and hitting Rex with them was a nice surprise. I would love for the two of them to have another match. Maybe, one day, they can be the happy family we all love again. :mjcry:

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

The Visual Prophet

Man, Viz has managed to put out some amazing work for the past couple months. This justifies the reason why he is New Breed Champion, but he continues to get better, which I feel is important for anyone to do. He is probably one of the best newcomers to arrive on the EAW scene in a while. I love how he carries himself in the ring and he doesn’t care about what anyone says about his tactics to keep the title on his side. For someone to go from defeating Tyler Wolfe one week and then Myles the other, that’s amazing. I mean, each Australian in EAW at the moment is GOAT, so I have to give Viz credit where it’s due. I am excited about how he performs in his title match against SOSA Henderson whenever that will be. I think that this is going to be a back-and-forth battle that everyone is going to need to check out. Excellent work and I hope he keeps it up!

Most Valuable Elitist

Noah Reigner 

Alright, Noah. You’re MVE. You can sleep at night now.

To conclude this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, I got to give Noah Reigner his rightful Most Valuable Elitist award. I have been a little tough on him when giving him this award, but after the performance at Tempest, I do not see why not give him the award? For anyone to survive an ass whipping from Xander Payne and still the win the match is remarkable. He showed the fighting spirt of a champion. Even if it costed him a few broken ribs, I think it was all worth it in the end. His next title defense will be at Grand Rampage against Lethal Consequences and LC is going into the match to prove his doubters wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing Noah and LC clash in the ring. I am hoping that LC proves that he belongs in a World Championship Match and hopefully, be World Champion. But, Noah is not going to give up without a fight. Can’t wait to see how this progresses on Voltage!

Note: I’m finally all caught up and we go back to the normal standard MVE for all the shows with the next one! Thanks for being patient with me!

Showdown 3/30/2019

Voltage 3/31/2019