Most Valuable Elitist #168

Rising Star of the Week

The Visual Prophet

In a New Breed Championship Match consisting of the competition such as Raven Roberts, Crosby Carter, Damon Diesel and Visual Prophet, this was truly anyone’s match for the taking! However, it was Visual Prophet who managed to live up to the hype and bring the New Breed Championship to Veena Adams Voltage. Even though it was a bummer that Raven ended up dropping the title, I don’t think there is anyone as worthy and who will bring attention to the title such as the Visual Prophet. I think that he will carry on the momentum and bring on some interesting feuds for the title. I think that he was one of the more compelling newcomers we have had in recent memory and he managed to show up and he’s holding the title now? It is going to be quite terrifying how good he will be in about six months. The victory is well-deserved and I cannot be more excited for how this title reign will go! Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Lethal Consequences vs. TLA

On paper, I wasn’t quite sure about this match, but man, this was one of the most entertaining back and fourths that I got this week, but it did its job with progressing the match. Just seeing the two dynamics interact was something to behold and I could not stop myself from smiling and anticipating what the next person was going to say. Excellent work from the two of them and the match was something I thought stole the show and captivated the crowd. Honestly, TLA’s Abuela Pantera coming to the ring mid match and threatening to hit TLA with La Chancla was something that I never envisioned to happen, but at the same time, it’s TLA and some sort of fuckery always happens to him. At the same time, the match resumed the feud with Prince of Phenomenal and Lethal Consequences, which I did not think that POP would resume he feud in this match, but it gives this feud some leverage and something to work with.

Show of the Week

King of Elite

As the first FPV of 2019, King of Elite lived up to all expectations! This was one event where I felt like each match was better than the next. Each match served its purpose and progressed storylines. One of the more unique things about this show where there was no segments at all, which seemed to be a first time thing. It was just straight to the point. One match after another and I felt like it didn’t need it since a bunch of storyline progression and development happened in this matches and even post-match. I thought there was plenty of standout matches from the card. From the New Breed Grudge Match to Rex McAllister vs. Impact, I thought each match was amazing and each match could have been a favorite to anyone watching the show live. There were moments such as Visual Prophet getting super kicked within moments of the match, Abuela Pantera helping TLA out. Malcolm Jones winning King of Elite. Jaded Hearts, Noah Reigner, Serena Bennett, Visual Prophet, The Crowe’s Nest getting championship gold.  I thought this was a good night of unexpected victories and people getting what they deserved. 

Match of the Week

Theron Nikolas vs. Jamie O’Hara

To me, this category was either going to Rex/Impact or Theron/Jamie. But, there was something about the King of Elite opening match, which set the tone and bar for the other matches to follow.  If Theron Nikolas could have pulled it off and won the match, it would be the most credible victory in his reign. It would surpass his performance at Road to Redemption by miles. Defeating Jamie is no easy task, unless your name is Chris Elite, but it was one victory that Theron really needed to earn to make happen. I think that Theron may have solidified himself as the person to defeat on Dynasty. I thought Jamie looked fantastic and he did what he needed to do in this match. He gave Theron a fantastic fight. He pushed Theron to be better. I’m excited to see Theron’s next opponent and what happens next with Jamie seems up in the air, to be honest. Fantastic match! Check it out if you haven’t yet! 

Promoer of the Week

Every— See MVE. 😀 

Champion of the Week

Ahren Fournier

BAAAAAAAA!! Ahren Fournier takes this spot as the Champion of the Week as he was one out of the four people in this entire event to retain their championships. Despite the odds against him in the match with having this match go from Falls Count Anywhere to a Steel Cage, Ahren did his best with the situation. As the cage was meant to keep those like Kassidy Heart and Big Mike from getting involved in the match, it seemed like it was not going to stop Kassidy from finding SOME way to get herself involved and help out her friend retain his championship. Ahren barely retained his championship and he should be thanking his lucky stars that Kassidy had placed those group of steel chairs, which Chris Elite ended up falling on instead of having both his feet literally touching the floor. I thought this was a pretty good first title defense for Ahren.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Sienna Jade 

I was very divided with who to give Most Valuable Elitists too. You had Malcolm Jones, who won King of Elite. You had the series of people who managed to win a title this weekend. You had Noah Reigner who managed to get his briefcase back and cash in to become World Heavyweight Champion. But, winning two titles? That takes a special person to do that. Congratulations to Sienna Jade on not only winning the Women’s World Championship, but played her part in winning the Unified Tag Team Championships with Kassidy Heart. When it came to the Women’s Championship Match, Sienna poured everything into the ring. She was not going to stop until she made sure that she won the match. She nearly had been waiting months for this title match and it came to a point, where I even thought that she would never get that title shot, but seeing her finally reclaim her spot on top of the Women’s Division and redeem herself from Pain for Pride was amazing. She was someone on Empire who deserved a lot more than what she had been given and I think this title win is justified. Congratulations, Sienna! 

King of Elite (2019)

Empire 2/7/2019