Most Valuable Elitist #167

Rising Star of the Week

Jason McKormick

For Rising Star of the Week, I decided to give it to the man (no shade in advance), not many people expected to represent Dynasty at King of Elite. Jason McKormick managed to defeat the likes of Hades the Hellraiser, Kevin Hunter and Ms. Extreme to advance to the finals. I thought this was a fucking interesting pick and I am all in for it. I think Jason has one of the more compelling stories going into King of Elite with The Score and having the board just holding them down. He has a story that I have been invested with for a while now and to see him in this type of spotlight is going to make things a billion times more interesting. There is no doubt that Mr. DEDEDE’s Task Force is going to be there to try to cost him the crown. There is no doubt that The Score will try to take them out of the equation. I hope for Jason to go out there and give it everything that he has. This is someone everyone needs to be on a look out for. 

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


Dynasty regains (or maintains. I lost count at this point) its spot as “Show of the Week”. I thought from start to finish, it was a strong show. It really established the storylines on the brand without overcomplicating it and having them intertwine with each other to the point where it got confusing. It also did not take attention away from one storyline or another. 

As we begin the show with Darkane, it was a fantastic way to resume with what happened on the last episode of Dynasty. This was probably the most talked about thing last week and it was going to set the tone for Darkane’s direction for Pain for Pride season potentially? The opening of the show began with the main event picture. We had Darkane, Theron Nikolas and Jamie O’Hara — that is basically three men in the Answers World Championship picture. I’m also still surprised that APOCALYPSE, Donovan Cross and Soothsayer Hamasa have somehow gotten themselves in the role. They’ve slowly been building them up to be a force on Dynasty and it’s been one of the things I’ve been paying attention too. It seems like at the moment, they’ll play second fiddle to Theron since Mr. DEDEDE is nowhere in sight, but it’s not like anyone minds. :eyes: If Mr. DEDEDE doesn’t return at King of Elite, most likely, he’ll show up at the Grand Rampage. 

One of the important segments on the show featured Bowie Gray. It was featured on the match cards that he will have an “EAW Hall of Famer endorsement”. Even with the limited amount of Hall of Famers on Dynasty, I was pretty surprised to have it be Devan Dubian since I believed he had his own angle to be concerned with. Although, it will be a give Bowie a nice rub and it could also make for a terrifying ally for Devan. This will be seen later in the night.

One of the other angles from last week was Thadd Blazevich’s friend, Crosby Carter getting a tryout match on Dynasty. I somehow knew that he was going to end up getting the victory as Dynasty can use all the new blood that we can get. As for the segment later in the night, I was surprised to see Starr Stan give either Crosby or Thadd the opportunity to represent Dynasty for the New Breed Championship Match. I wouldn’t mind who represents Dynasty because I think either of these men will give the brand an excellent chance of winning the match. 

Another feud I was not expecting to progress as much as it did was the one with Lucas Johnson vs. Hades the Hellraiser. I mean, why did Lucas gonna urinate on Hades’ brother’s grave? It was not something I was expecting to see when I watched Dynasty, but if this is something that makes you go :wtf:, you may want to check it out…or not. I think that Lucas made a big mistake trying to anger Hades. You do not anger that guy and you don’t piss on his brother’s tombstone. That is a lesson for anyone in general. 

Later into the night, we go to the King of Elite semi-finals consisting of PURE Champion, Ms. Extreme and The Score’s Jason McKormick. With a match consisting of two different rivalries not intertwining whatsoever, it is easy for this to end up a mess. Instead, you could see the clear focus with The Score and DDD’s Task Force ringside. Throughout the match, we were anticipating for some shit to go down and for The Score to get fucked over in some sort of way, but it seemed like a glimmer of hope showed up thanks to Devan Dubian, who costed Ms. Extreme the match and gave Jason the victory. I thought this was executed well. An unexpected winner and Dynasty finalists is something I live for and it also progresses the feud between Ms. Extreme and possibly Devan Dubian? After the match, it gave the spotlight back to the Ms. Extreme/Devan Dubian matter and it also established the alliance between Devan and Bowie Gray, which was seen earlier in the night. It was so easy to make this a mess and give attention to one angle over the other, but this was done effectively. 

The main event consisted of Theron Nikolas and APOCALYPSE vs. Jamie O’Hara and Darkane. I thought this was an excellent way to end this episode. I was action-packed and I love how they began the show with the fuckery and fighting and ended it the same way. I also love how we got the first appearance of Erebus Jennings of the entire episode and him making the same in return for what Darkane did on last week’s episode was bittersweet. 

However, what secured Dynasty as the “Show of the Week” was Mark Michaels at the end of the episode. Like damn, the shade, the twist and the turn. Also, I hope the show is not cancelled. :lupe: 

Match of the Week

Malcolm Jones vs. Jax Walker vs. Solomon vs. Jake Smith

With the Interwire Championship on the line, Malcolm Jones defended the title against three of Showdown’s shiniest talents. Jax Walker, Solomon and Jake Smith have been three talents which have impressed everyone in EAW. Jax with getting an upset over a former World Heavyweight Champion, Solomon with decimating his competition week in and week out and Jake improving in the best rate possible and proving that he can hang with anyone on the brand. I was highly impressed with the match up and I would have not been shocked to see an upset occur, but I’m just impressed to see Malcolm retain the title and no shame to the other three gentlemen in the match because I feel all of them will get their moment in some way, shape or form. I thought this match gave everyone the spotlight in some point in the match. It gave everyone some sort of purpose and even though in loss, it will give guys like Jax, Jake or Solomon something to talk about and something to work for. 

Promoer of the Week

Theron Nikolas

Even though his favorite NFL team sucks, Theron Nikolas is the “Promoer of the Week”. I think after his performance at Road to Redemption, I think it is about time that Theron got people to pay attention to him because I felt like he had been staying in the back while the fuckery with Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava took stage. With that out of the way, the Answers World Champion managed to put out some amazing work for his tag team match last week, which left us begging for more, which we will get at King of Elite. He is the definition of someone whose hard work eventually pays off and he’s constantly killing the game. I am curious to see if he manages to leave King of Elite still Answers World Champion. I do think that he is one of the most deserving people to get a long and meaningful title reign.

P.S. OOC: I will never accept Theron as Jay White. End of discussion.

Champion of the Week

The Queen’s Court (Amber Keys and Cleopatra)

Amber Keys and Cleopatra faced Fatal Destiny’s Karina-Ann and Celes Dumont for the Empire Tag Team Championships. I thought this was a pretty good title defense for The Queen’s Court and if they manage to get one at King of Elite, I could see this match being another amazing one. I thought that these two have done a fantastic job with proving their worth and making these titles mean something. I am curious to see if they manage to leave King of Elite with the titles. I feel against Chelsea Crowe and Jael, this is going to be their toughest title defense to date. This probably going to be one of the better matches on the card and I am excited to see this match unfold! Just the level of competition ahead of them is going to be killer, but Amber and Cleopatra have defeated two other wonderful teams at Bloodletter and have killed it since their returns. I would love to see them retain, but we’ll see what happens. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Malcolm Jones

Congratulations to Malcolm Jones on retaining the Interwire Championship on the last episode of Showdown! Going against three other men, who were determined to be the winners is not an easy feat, but winning the match is even more difficult. I was impressed with Malcolm and he just proved that he was nothing more than deserving to be champion in the very first place. If I can recall, Malcolm will be the only champion walking into the King of Elite finals match. That is insane and the thought that he will repeat what he did on Showdown and face three other men (yes, three other men. Read Voltage) from Dynasty and Voltage is going to be tough for anyone in general. This is not going to be an easy thing to do, but Malcolm went out there and made it seem like it was completely effortless. If he keeps that going, then he does have a clear shot of winning the entire tournament, but he’s got Jason McKormick, Jack Ripley and Prince of Phenomenal to worry about as well and they are not going to make things easier for him. Once again, congrats to Malcolm and I wish him (as long with all the competitors in the match) good luck! 

Note: Just to inform you all in advance, no MVE for next week, (since I normally don’t do one in a week of a big five FPV) but I will return with a KOE MVE the week after! 

Voltage 1/20/2019

Empire 1/24/2019