Most Valuable Elitist #164

Rising Star of the Week

Jackson Blayde

Congratulations to the NEW National Elite Champion, Jackson Blayde! He was someone who I thought I would ever see in an EAW ring again, but when he was brought in as a new member of The Enterprise, I knew how big the opportunity this was going to be for him. It took quite some time, but I was surprised to see him nab the National Elite Championship. Not because he isn’t any good, but I felt like this may have not been his time. I would have loved to see Xander Payne redeeming himself from Territorial Invasion, but I thought Jackson capitalized on that opportunity. It seemed like he wanted this opportunity more than Xander it and showed. Jackson is someone who has worked his hardest to have people know that he was more than some guy Lethal Consequences handpick as a member for The Enterprise. Jackson has done some amazing things since that stable fell a part. I feel like this was the one moment in which he broke out of that specific shadow and stood on his own and as a champion. I am excited to see where this reign goes for him. I wish him nothing, but the best and I hope that he goes far with the championship.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Road to Redemption

Honestly, this was two nights, so I would be here all night if I talked about every little detail about this show, but it’s was a good fucking show and if you haven’t seen it, go see it! I’ll talk about some key matches and moments that caught my eye. Some moments, may be mentioned throughout this MVE.

The show opened with the Specialists Chamber Match. I kind of sense that this would be the opening match since the past two women’s chambers have been at that same card placement. A few things about this match were quite surprising to me. First, I thought Tyler Wolfe’s elimination in the match happened a little too soon for my taste. Second, it was Clara Lovelace that caused the elimination. I think this will do great for Clara as she not only had a fantastic showing with two eliminations, one of them being the current champion, but she managed to make it to the final three. I was surprised to see Serena Bennett make it to the final two. No shade to her, but seeing as she is a rookie in the eyes of EAW and this was her debut, she absolutely killed it. I think this solidified that Serena is going to have a bright future ahead of her. One of my favorite moments of the match was Andrea Valentine finally getting what she deserved and that was winning the match, in which her friend, Brody Sparks won two years before and for the same championship. I thought this was a fantastic feel good moment and Andrea did fantastic all week. I hope that she’s able to keep this championship for a while. The aftermath of the match was unexpected too, but it was a smart move from Clara to use her back-up plan and that was the Young Lioness Cup to cash in on Andrea. Tyler, being the sore loser she is, caused the disqualification. At the same time, Clara gets a victory and it may be a reasoning for a future Specialists Championship Match.

Later in the night, we had the “I Quit” Match between Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava — my word, this wasn’t a chamber match, but it brought the intensity and gruesomeness that came with a chamber match. I thought Mr. DEDEDE looked like a fucking monster. The type of twisted and disgusting shit that occurred in the match was something that would disturb anyone who saw this live. Mr. DEDEDE getting Cameron with the spear so early onto the match was unexpected and from that point, I knew it was going to be straight domination from him. The part with Cameron slicing her hand open with the kendo stick was one of the more disturbing moments of the match. I kept cringing at whenever Mr. DEDEDE would target that hand. One thing I did expect was Henrique Fernandez making an appearance and being a straight up ass hole. However, I did not expect for Camille/Ms. Extreme to make an appearance. Even though, it makes full sense that she would, but I was expecting for Cameron to go into this war alone. One of the biggest highlights was Cameron hitting The Equalizer on Henrique and killing him. Couldn’t happen to a nice person! Mr. DEDEDE being tasered in the balls and having that be enough to make him quit was hilarious. I mean, I thought Mr. DEDEDE liked having his balls tortured? :eyes: However, I thought by a story standpoint, the right person won the feud — or at least, I think she did. I thought this was a wonderful story told. Mr. DEDEDE looked like a fucking monster and is probably the most disliked wrestler in the locker room. Next to Woatron Nikolas. 

The Showdown Chamber Match was an amazing way to end Night 1. I thought there was a few shocking moments from Drake King’s elimination of the Heart Break Boy and possibly retiring him to Ahren Fournier getting the job done, but more about that later. I thought the match had a good pace to it. I found myself on the edge of my seat with Diamond Cage and Ahren as the final two of the match. I thought the final two were the right people. Both cut amazing promos throughout the week and I though the placements were somewhat justified. I’m a little shocked that it took three Storybook Endings for Ahren to finally get Cage down for the three count. On the other hand, it doesn’t shock me since it was Cage. However, the winner of this match is deserving of this and he will be mentioned a little later!

Night 2 (All one night in the script) had a lot of wonderful returns, twist and turns. The show opened with the Dynasty Elimination Chamber. I thought there were moments in this match that were amazing. From the start of the bell, Lucas Johnson’s barbwire baseball bat was sliced by Erebus Jennings’ chainsaw. To me, that was probably one of the funniest things to happen in a chamber match. APOCALYPSE fucking stole the show in this match. The thought of Lucas egging him on and APOCALYPSE just using his strength to get him out of the pod was insane. He looked like as big of a monster as Mr. DEDEDE, but in a different way. The Bleeding Edge from the top of the pod on APOCALYPSE was crazy, but I knew that it was going to take a lot to get APOCALYPSE down. I had been waiting for Theron Nikolas to get himself involved in the match. Him escaping from his own pod was something hilarious, but it was also smart at the same time. I thought in this match, Theron played his cards well. He was the smarter man and that was effective on his part. In a sense, I felt like this got the attention back on Theron after being under the radar for a bit. However, the post match was something I feel people are not going to stop talking about. SYNCON decided to make his presence known. After Theron was done watching the video, he turns around and he is met with SYNCON himself…Jamie O’Hara, who has risen from the dead and made his intentions to become Answers World Championship know. Jamie vs. Theron is one MOTY candidate that you are going to need to be on a look out for!

A little later in the night, we had the Women’s World Championship No Disqualification Match between Madison Kaline and Raven Roberts occur. Raven seems to be a bit of a pro when going into No Disqualification Matches, so I thought that she would be a perfect match for Madison’s deadly attitude. I thought this match was brutal, which was perfect for the two of these women, but the most shocking moment of the night was another return and this time, from Chelsea Crowe and Jael Arcana-Rosario! Whoever kept this under wraps did a fantastic job and should pat themselves on the back. I was surprised and I marked out as much as I did with Jamie’s return. It should be interesting to see The Court versus The Crowe’s Nest. These two teams clashing is something that I need to see and hopefully, we can see The Crowe’s just getting the opportunities they deserve. With groups like Jaded Wolfe Hearts, The Court and now The Crowe’s Nest, I am excited to see how all of these groups just clash with one another.

Match of the Week

World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber Match

After looking back at all the chamber matches, I thought each one brought something special to the table, but in the end, I decided that the Voltage Extreme Elimination Chamber Match was my Match of the Week. Going into the match, I knew it was going to be crazy because the six participants in the match brought something fantastic into the match. I thought when it came to cutting promos, each man were compelling and I wasn’t quite sure how the order of eliminations was going to go down. I loved the idea of having Rex and Impact start and finish the match. The clashing between these two was amazing and these two were at each other from the moment that bell rung. Personally, I would not mind to see the both of them clashing in a one-on-one match because I just loved the flow between the two of them. The MarrKade drama was one of the biggest takeaways in the match. I was wondering if one of them would be the cost of the other’s elimination after that lovely interaction between Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade before the match. One of the biggest questions I have going onto this Voltage is what is going to become of these two? These two have been on odds for about a while now and I’m just waiting to see that fallout. One of the biggest swerves of the night was something I never expected to happen and that was someone not cashing in their Cash in the Vault! Honestly, I don’t mind the cash-ins at Road to Redemption, but it seems like they were one step ahead of me when it came to this prediction and having the show end with all of House Reigner laying in a pool of their own blood was a dark ending to end the year, but the missing contract and who did that crime is something that I need to figure out or I’ll go insane. 

Promoer of the Week

Everyone booked for Road to Redemption

I was overwhelmed by the amount of promoting for this event. I read as much as I could and I thought everyone did well. Road to Redemption was a group effort and without the participation of anyone, this would have been as successful as it was. I normally don’t like giving this award to anyone. I think the last time I did this was for Pain for Pride. I thought everyone deserved credit for the amount of work that they put in for this particular week. I thought this ended the year strong and it made me optimistic about 2019. I can very excited to what new heights this place goes too and with the level of talent in each respective brand and the talented writers, I can see EAW being an even better place than it is right now.

Champion of the Week

Madison Kaline

Once again, Madison Kaline barely escapes an FPV as Women’s World Champion. Madison’s has managed to get some impressive victories over Andrea Valentine and Raven Roberts. Sure, she may have had some help along the way, but despite any curveballs that are thrown her way, she has managed to overcome them and prove to be the smarter woman in the ring. Two title defense down and it makes me wonder who is going to be the one to dethrone and end her reign of terror? My money is on Astraea Jordan, who is still waiting for her title match to happen. It would be interesting to see Astraea having her match at King of Elite knowing that her first title shot for the Women’s Championship did not go the way she had hoped, but her getting the title there would be a surreal moment. Madison is going to need to put up a fight. I could see some clause being put in with The Court being banned from that match and Madison actually having to defend her title, but Madison is going to put up a fight for sure if it means that she is going to retain.

Most Valuable Elitist

Ahren Fournier 

Congratulations to the NEW EAW Champion, Ahren Fournier! For me, it’s about fucking time that this happened! This guy has proven to be such a quality talent and it blows my mind that about a year ago, this guy was just rotting away on the Dynasty brand. He was the most underutilized talent on Dynasty, who deserved a lot better. The move to Voltage really made him step up and prove that he was deserving of to be a main eventer. At that time, I thought he was going to be the one to dethrone Jamie O’Hara, but things did not go that way. However, I felt like all the struggles he’s been through led him to Road to Redemption. It led him to become EAW Champion, which is something that he should have won a long time ago. Personally, I just wished his title win got a bit more of a celebration, but maybe, that happens on Showdown? I just hope that Ahren gets what he wants with this championship reign and that people give the GOAT Champion the respect that he deserves! I’m glad that he ends the year on a positive note! It seems like Kassidy Heart is the best manager in the world, but Ahren is going to need to keep that title on him for a little while. He is deserving of that. 

Note: Well, that’s the last MVE of 2018. It’s been such an emotional rollercoaster year, but much respect to anyone that bothers reading this. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year. See you, next year! 

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