Most Valuable Elitist #162

Rising Star of the Week

Damon Diesel

Huge props to Damon Diesel who managed to defeat Shane Gates in a Ladder Match to determine who would face Raven Roberts for the New Breed Championship! Not quite positive when this match is going to take place, but when it does, he will for sure bring his best. Damon has been someone who has had championship matches in the past. At one point, he had an EAW Championship Match with Diamond Cage. He may not be facing Diamond Cage, but Raven Roberts is someone no one should be sleeping on. She has proven to be a great New Breed Champion and whoever dethrones her is going to need to continue to carry on the prestige of being champion. Damon has a pretty good shot at winning his match, but he is going to need to put everything into that match. What an amazing way to get the match. Damon earned it and I cannot wait to see this match unfold! 

Beef of the Week

Constance Blevins vs. Sazae Hangaku

The two young lionesses of Empire killed it this week. The two women fought for an opportunity to be in the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at Road to Redemption for the Specialists Championship. Going into this match, I could not determine someone who had a great shot of walking away the winner. Sazae Hangaku and Constance Blevins equally had a shot in winning this match. The two women showed that they really wanted to win this match. In a way, it breaks my heart that they can’t both be winners, but this is wrestling and there can only be one winning. It seems like as Constance moves to the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match, Sazae will go on to deal with her issues with Clara Lovelace. Nothing to be a shamed of, but it seems like both women in this match have a decent direction to go with. The two women know each other pretty well in the ring, so I was expecting a fantastic match and that was what we got. Congrats to Constance for advancing! Cannot wait to see what is next for Sazae, but I am pretty sure is feuding with Clara. Still, I wish both women well approaching the end of the year!

Show of the Week


I swear, Mr. DEDEDE hasn’t been bribing me. To me, Dynasty has been such a great show to watch progress as the weeks go by. You miss an episode of Dynasty and you watch the next episode and have so many questions. But, it seems like every thing from this brand, I have been loving. It seems like everyone has their own story going on. Some of the talents have some sort of direction is what people should feel underneath any brand. From the drama of the One Percent to The Score to APOCALYPSE, Donovan Cross to  Starr Stan and the SYNCON situation to the fuckery of the Mr. DEDEDE/Cameron Ella Ava story. You get so much feelings as you read this show. I thought this was a solid show from top to bottom. It’s always a delight to have the show open with the One Percent as this sets the tone for the entire show. The biggest take away from the opening segment was the wedding of Mr. DEDEDE and Carmen will take place next week (or this Friday as I am writing this). Another take away happened to be Mr. DEDEDE’s best man. I originally thought it was going to be Impact, but it happened to be none other than Cameron’s father, Henrique Fernandez…WHY DDD?!??!?! 

Anyway, the first match of the night happened to be Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley vs. Devan Dubian and PURE Champion, Erebus Jennings. It was a solid match up before Jack caused a disqualification with a steel chair shot to Erebus. From that moment, it seemed like Erebus was going to be another victim of The Equalizer, but before he can be it, the lights go out and when they turn back on, Hades the Hellraiser stood in the ring. Hades was able to take out the One Percent and stand tall in the ring. After the commercial break, we had a backstage interview with Hades. The biggest announcement is Hades vs. Mr. DEDEDE will take place for the main event and it’s for a spot for the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at Road to Redemption! 

After, there was a segment with Kevin Hunter and his declaration of war on women’s wrestling, which got him some heat from the crowd. This lead to a match with Cameron Ella Ava soon after. The match was a solid match. Kevin had a shot of winning the match since Cameron had been dealing with a lot of personal issues in her life. However, Cameron managed to conquer the odds and win that match, but Cameron did not look all too happy about that victory.

This transitioned to a backstage segment with APOCALYPSE, Donovan Cross and Soothsayer Hamasa. The topic was about them wanting to get revenge, but Hamasa assured them that she has a plan and it starts with Jason McKormick. Lucas Johnson decides to make his presence known as he has intentions to talk to APOCALYPSE. Lucas is looking to make some sort of truce to APOCALYPSE as he believes that the two of them have some sort of connection that could come in handy for their tag match tonight and at Road to Redemption. This lead to a tag team match with Lucas Johnson and APOCALYPSE vs. Jason McKormick and Shaker Jones. The result was with APOCALYPSE costing his team and The Score winning by disqualification. APOCALYPSE was going crazy as he continued his assault on Jason. Lucas opened his big mouth and that got him in trouble as APOCALYPSE turned on him and connected with the Helix Nebula. 

Next, there was a segment that consisted of The Ava Sisters and it seemed like it was pretty divided with the four of them. Consuela and Candice seem to be all in for Mr. DEDEDE and Carmen’s relationship. Cameron and Camille disagree with those two and they have a right to disagree. It was interesting to get the dynamic of the four sisters and see their perspective in everything.

For the main event, we to Mr. DEDEDE taking on a returning legend, Hades the Hellraiser. This match is a pretty big deal and to have it on Dynasty is great. It seemed like it was going to be a great match, but Mr. DEDEDE threw the official out of the ring and began attacking Hades with a pipe. It seemed like Mr. DEDEDE was going to end up winning the match; however, Hades managed to get the upper hand and hits Mr. DEDEDE with that pipe and gets the victory.

Match of the Week

Madison Kaline/Cleopatra vs. Raven Roberts/Consuela Rose Ava

The main event of Empire takes this spot as Match of the Week as Women’s World Champion, Madison Kaline and Empire Tag Team Champion, Cleopatra take on New Breed Champion Raven Roberts and Consuela Rose Ava. In this match, I thought Consuela had a great showing as she stepped up with this match. Raven looked amazing as well, but I expected nothing less from the New Breed Champion. I thought it was a good showing for both women in the match! Cleopatra and Madison Kaline did well, but I feel like this loss is going to progress to a lot more. I thought this was an amazing match. I thought this would be another win for the Queen’s Court or whatever they call themselves and establish themselves as threats to Empire, but to see Raven get a victory over Madison was unexpected, but I am alright with that. I cannot wait to see if anything progresses with that.

Promoer of the Week

Ahren Fournier

I am a sucker for Christmas promos and Ahren Fournier’s were amazing. I really loved the tone set for his promos and just the whole interaction with Kassidy Heart was gold. I loved the combination of Christmas and not getting distracted over the holiday, but really kept the focus on his opponents last week. His second promo for the match really won me over. Even though it wasn’t as festive as the first one, I thought it was compelling enough to win the match. I’ve always enjoyed Ahren’s work and I’m hoping that he gets some recognition going into Road to Redemption, I do think that he has a fantastic shot of dethroning Diamond Cage. I thought the ending of the main event protected the three men in this match and this is what Ahren should be  at the moment. Overall, amazing work from this GOAT and I cannot wait to see how his storyline progresses.

Champion of the Week

Raven Roberts

It was mentioned a bit, but Raven Roberts managed to get the victory over the current Women’s World Champion, Madison Kaline! Just like stated before, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Even though Raven is amazing and really puts in the work, I was expecting for Madison to build up herself as someone who can carry themselves as a champion. Raven has been on a role and I have enjoyed her building over the past few months. Even though there was a few hiccups along the way, I thought Raven is able to bounce back from it very well. With a victory over Madison, I wonder if anything happens with that. Does Raven get her shot at Road to Redemption? King of Elite? She is also the New Breed Champion and she needs to continue her mission to carry that title with prestige, but I’m curious to see if Raven getting the victory over Madison does anything at all? Honestly, I cannot wait to see how everything progresses with Raven! She is for sure a breakout star in EAW in 2018.

Most Valuable Elitist 

Charlie Marr

For Most Valuable Elitist, let’s give it to the man who defeated Impact and earned the right to be the last person to enter the chamber match at Road to Redemption! My impression of that is that Charlie may have increased his chances and could be walking out as the World Heavyweight Champion. With the talent in this match, I feel like anyone could be the final two. I just hope that Charlie really brings it for this match. He is going to be up against some of the best talent on Voltage and cannot be holding back whatsoever. Rex McAllister, Impact, Prince of Phenomenal, Lethal Consequences and Daryl Kinkade. It’s an impressive line up for the Voltage chamber match! Charlie is going to be the one with the most energy for this match. He is going to be well-rested and I can see that playing in his favor in a few weeks.

Battleground 12/3/2018

Empire 12/6/2018