Most Valuable Elitist #156

Rising Star of the Week

Kevin Hunter

At Operation: Doomsday, we crowned a new Openweight Champion in Kevin Hunter. To me, this was one of the more unexpected results to happen. No shade to Kevin, but the thought of anyone not getting passed the first defense as Openweight Champion was something I thought I would never see, but Kevin proved all of us wrong as he managed to get the upset of the century against Lars Grier with a roll-up victory! I hope that this victory lights a fire underneath Kevin and ups his game even more. I would hate to see him lose the championship so soon, but it also not puts the idea in everyone’s mind that defending the Openweight Championship against the best of each brand is not easy at all. Kevin cannot get too comfortable with that championship because it could potentially cost him the title in the end. By the looks of things, it seems like Kevin’s first challenger will either be Cody Marshall or TLA of Showdown. Both interesting and great choices for the Showdown representative. I wouldn’t mind one or the other, but I cannot wait to see how all of this fall into place.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Operation: Doomsday

For Show of the Week, I decided to give it to Dynasty’s Operation: Doomsday. Within this event, I thought there were a few moments that deserved more love than it was given. I thought the show began fantastically with the PURE Championship Match between Jack Ripley and Lucas Johnson. Both men took themselves to the limit and I thought Lucas looked like the perfect contender for Jack’s title. I’m quite curious to see how he manages to bounce back from this victory. The next match was the Falls Count Anywhere match between ZERO and Andy Lush. The one thing I did not expect to come from the match was the return of Apocalypse and he was with Donovon Cross. The two men were accompanied by Soothsayer Hamasa, who is hopefully not another Instagram model like she was with Methuselah. :eyes: Honestly, there is a trio everyone should be afraid of and I cannot wait to see what these three do on Dynasty. The next match after that was the Steel Cage Match between The Ava Sisters and Liquid Swords. All I go to say is poor Camille. She died…again…and by the same men. I thought the cage match was brutal and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I am curious to see the aftermath with these competitors. However, for the Match of the Week…

Match of the Week

Theron Nikolas vs. Darkane

It belonged to Theron Nikolas vs. Darkane for the Answers World Championship in a TLC Match. If you didn’t hate Theron Nikolas before this match, you did after this match is all said and done. I thought this match was amazing! I knew that we were going to get a bunch of fuckery in this match knowing that Theron was in the match. Not only that, but there was the thought with the One Percent lingering around backstage. Well, that’s what we ended up getting as Impact, who is now a One Percent, made an interference in the match and is out of the three reasons why Darkane is no longer Answers World Champion. Mr. DEDEDE was there as well as those two and Theron delivered what was probably my favorite spot in the match – Darkane eating a mouthful of thumbtacks and Theron superkicking him with those thumbtack in his mouth. Yikes…that was kinda brutal. This was the final blow as Theron climbed up the ladder and pulled down the Answers World Championship. When Darkane gets back up, these One Percenters gotta run. That’s all I gotta say.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Tyler Wolfe

For Champion of the Week, we take a break from all the Dynasty talk and go to Empire, where Tyler Wolfe retained her Specialists Championship against Harlow Reichert. Currently, Tyler has two title defenses underneath her belt and people should be talking about who her next challenger is. Either Tyler is getting one more defense in until Bloodletter or Tyler’s next defense will be at Bloodletter. I am quite excited to see who will step up to the plate and challenger her for the title. Tyler is going to be one difficult person to defeat for this championship. I would not be shocked to see her be champion for a while. Tyler is good and I would love to see her retain the championship as much as she can. I could also see her dropping the title and moving up to the Women’s Championship picture. Honestly, I do not have a clear set of contenders to challenge Tyler. Maybe, a Daisy or Andrea. I could also see a Clara in the shadows waiting to go for the title. This reign could lead to a bunch of great potential rivalries.

Most Valuable Elitist

Theron Nikolas

Congratulations to the NEW Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas. To me, this was a long time coming because Theron has proven to be one of the best workers in the last year. It was about the time where all of his hard work was going to pay off in the end. This man has been used to benefit and make others strong for too long now. He has always come short when it comes to these championship matches and has watched people shine. He is someone who really wanted to win this championship and have all of his struggles pay off in the end. I have been fortunate to see Theron’s progression over the past year and from day one, he has been a star. It’s about time that people begin to see that. I am curious to see if Darkane does get his rematch like the match card for Dynasty was teased for a moment. I’m also curious to see what is next with the One Percent. How strong can these four be together? Probably a lot more than they are at the moment. Hopefully, this reign is a good one and that Theron puts on some goat matches to be proud of.

Battleground 10/22/2018

Empire 10/25/2018