Most Valuable Elitist #147

Rising Star of the Week

Tyler Wolfe

For Rising Star of the Week, this goes to Tyler Wolfe. Tyler managed to get herself an opportunity at the Specialists Championship at Manifest Destiny against Remi Skyfire. In order to accomplish that, she managed to defeat one-half of the Empire Tag Team Champions, Sienna Jade. Out of her and fellow contender for the title, Raven Roberts. Tyler has the argument to say that she actually earned her title shot. She put in the work to defeat Sienna and to see Raven waltz in and get a title shot, should put the fire underneath her to win the match. Tyler has a victory over the Specialists Champion. She would love nothing more to get another victory over her and become one of the fastest rising stars that EAW has ever seen. Winning a title two months into her EAW would sure be impressive. Tyler has proven to be one of the best on Empire in the short period of time she has been here. I am interested to see how she performs in this Triple Threat match and wish her all the luck in the world.

Beef of the Week

Toni Gunn vs. Clara Lovelace

This category goes to the two women who have been here for such a short period of time but made an impact in their own ways – Toni Gunn and Clara Lovelace. For such a simple match, these two women put in the work and effort to make sure that they walked out of this match a winner. Clara was someone who had gotten buzz even before she completed her first match on Empire. Toni was someone who had grabbed the attention out of everyone with her wild and reckless attitude but manages to get the results needed. When put against each other, this match could have gone any other way. Either of these women was deserving of this win, but it was interesting how if this small winning streak from Toni will eventually lead her to win the Young Lioness Cup? It would be interesting to see her hold the cup. I think that she can benefit a lot from it and it would be interesting to see her bring the fight to the Specialists Champion. Clara is someone else who could make an even more quick impact and capture the Cup for herself. She has put in the work and she should be a favorite in winning the match. I think this Cup could be beneficial to her and help her grow as a wrestler. I could see her bringing a fight to whoever the Specialists Champion by then. Overall, I think these two women should be the top two people to win the Cup. Should be interesting who walks away with it.

Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, this goes to Dynasty. The show began strongly with a segment with Theron Nikolas. I love how Theron is playing the part of a man who thinks the entire world is against him. This entire storyline with him is one of the most interesting on Dynasty. With Mark Michaels vs. Ryan Wilson, I thought Mark got a well-needed victory for Revolution against Johnny Ventura. I think that Mark has been looking like a great contender for the Hardcore Championship. Lucas got a good victory over Shaker Jones. I would love to see Lucas get a shot at the Hardcore Championship or Answers World Championship at one point. He is someone who is always improving and would love to see him get a title opportunity when the time comes. As for Kevin Hunter, this man seems to be on a role as of late. He managed to get a victory over Lucas Johnson two week ago and last week, he managed to get a victory over a former REVOLT Heavyweight Champion in Andrei Sokolova. This is another person I can see getting a shot at the Hardcore Championship or even Answers World Championship at one point. If he continues to get the victories, he can be a worthy contender on Dynasty. I love the match made by Starr Stan. Lucas Johnson, Ryan Wilson, Shaker Jones, and Kevin will face one another for a future opportunity for the Answers World Championship. There is no doubt that these four will do what it takes to win. The show ended with a segment between number one contender Jack Ripley and Answers World  Champion, Darkane. I’m kinda scared for Jack. Darkane is very intimidating and would not want to be in the ring with him.

Match of the Week

Devan Dubian vs. Prince of Phenomenal

For Match of the Week, I gave it to the main event of Voltage which consisted of Devan Dubian and Prince of Phenomenal. I thought this was a great match to end the week of shows. I thought these two men were equally matched. They did not hold back any punches and I personally felt that either man could have won this match. I was a little surprised that Lethal Consequences did not make his presence known and distract Devan from a victory since he can be quite sneaky and shady. To me, it just makes things a billion times more interesting for Crossfire. I do see Devan getting that victory over Lethal Consequences since he got the victory at Midsummer Massacre. Not quite sure if this will be the end of the feud, but I would not be shocked to see things go until Territorial Invasion. As for POP, it should be interesting to see how he performs at Crossfire as well. He’s got two amazing opponents in the match. Both men are more than hungry to take the title from him. Just as stated before, I thought this match was great! I thought both these men looked great despite the results and it’s got me more excited about what to expect this week.

Champion of the Week

Andrea Valentine

Champion of the Week goes to the Openweight Champion herself, Andrea Valentine. On Empire last week, she returned home, but it wasn’t as grand of a homecoming as she would have liked it to be thanks to Sonya Correa making her presence known. Surprisingly, Andrea managed to get a victory over Sonya in a timely fashion. The match was over before it even began and it surprised me. To me, she looks more than good approaching her match against Daisy Thrash at Manifest Destiny. I, for one, have been waiting for Andrea and Daisy to face each other again. Daisy managed to get the victory the last time at Bloodletter back in December and something makes me think that Andrea has learned from that mistake and will get the victory over Daisy, but Daisy can surprise the world again like she did at Bloodletter and get another victory over Andrea. Daisy does great underneath these situations, she makes people not want to underestimate her, but Andrea should not be counted out just yet. I believe these two women will steal the show and show the world that they are some of the best talent Empire has to offer.

Most Valuable Elitist  

Prince of Phenomenal

For Most Valuable Elitist, I give to Prince of Phenomenal, who managed to get an impressive victory over Devan Dubian on Voltage. I thought the victory was earned on his part and he looks amazing going to Crossfire where he faces off against Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade. This could either be another successful title defense for POP or Charlie or Daryl can take the title from him. I am not certain at this moment. I could see this as the perfect opportunity for POP to drop the title and move up to the main event picture. I could see someone like Charlie and Daryl prove why no one should look past them. I think these two are some of the most overlooked talents on Voltage. They did amazing at Pain for Pride and I could see one or both be awarded at some point this season? Will it be at Crossfire? It could be, but POP is the National Elite Champion for a reason. He has held onto that championship ever since April ( I think?) and has faced amazing competition. With him, I do not know what to expect up for this point. He could retain and conquer those odds stacked against me, but just like I stated, he is up against amazing talent, but he is an amazing champion. So, this is going to be tough.

Dynasty 8/11/2018

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