Most Valuable Elitist #139

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, I gotta give it to Showdown! From start to finish, I thought it was fantastic. I am for one love the little alliance with Daryl Kinkade, Charlie Marr, and Rex McAllister. I did do see the comparisons from Rex’s time with Xavier Williams and if it goes down the same pattern, there is no doubt that they will be successful. Also with the tag match with Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley vs. Devan Dubian and a partner, it was obvious that it was going to be Noah Reigner. I mean, he did beat Dub a few weeks back and he probably saw something in the guy. I did not expect for Dub to turn on him after the match, but it made CITV a lot more interesting. I think the Openweight Championship build-up has been a lot more fun than I would expect. I thought in this particular much Andrea looked so adorable with a giant Steroid Dawg in her lap and her just losing control of the dog! I think this may be one of the matches that I need to be on a lookout because I do think Andrea Valentine will be someone to watch. I loved the segment with POP interview Hayden Mikayla and Hayden Alea. I thought it was probably the segment of the week and it did its part of furthering the personal tension between The Heart Break Boy and Prince of Phenomenal. Nice to know that Hayden Alea is not dead though.

Match of the Week

Raven Roberts vs. Remi Skyfire

For Match of the Week, I gotta give it to the main event between Raven Roberts and Remi Skyfire. I thought it was a hell of a disqualification match. I thought it really told their story well and this was a huge moment for Raven to prove that she didn’t need Jael or Chelsea by her side. In this match, I thought both women looked good despite the result of the match. I thought having Remi pass out to the submission hold was quite interesting because it was something I would have never thought about booking for myself. I thought Raven looked strong enough that those at Cash in the Vault would need to worry about how well she can do at the same time. While Jaded Hearts may want to take Raven a little more seriously for Pain for Pride. For Remi, I think this was the best she has ever looked. Despite the loss, I thought she looked great in defeat and it really showed her fighting spirit in the match. I, for one, cannot wait to see her performance in the Specialists Scramble match at Pain for Pride. I think that she has a real shot of being the one to dethrone Chelsea.

Promoer of the Week

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister takes this spot as Promoer of the Week. For someone that opened Pain for Pride last year, Rex goes into the event main eventing it! I think that is just a huge moment for him and he has busted his ass for it. I thought he looked fantastic going up against The Heart Break Boy. In a way, I thought Rex would win the match (no shade to HBB), but I did not expect for him to have HBB defeat him two weeks before Pain for Pride. To me, this makes things a lot more interesting for me. Now, with the stipulation requested by Rex, I wonder if Diamond Cage will accept the 2 out of 3 falls match. I can’t remember if this type of match stipulation was ever in a Pain for Pride main event. Excuse me, if it was, but I do think that this can be a match to steal the show. I think in some sort of way, this match will benefit Rex more than DC, which may have been the reason Rex picked it. :eyes: If DC decides to go along with the match, I do think this will be fun to watch.

Most Valuable Elitist

Heart Break Boy

For Most Valuable Elitist, I gotta give it to the man who defeated the EAW Champion with a supposed “secret” bicep injury, The Heart Break Boy! When I say that one of his daughters was almost going to open up about this supposed “secret” injury, I thought it was going to be a neck issue, so it was a surprise to me that he has been hiding a secret bicep injury from the doctors! By the looks of things now, this will be the one thing that POP will be breaking down non stop in the match. There is going to be a part of me that hopes HBB overcomes that, but I’m not quite sure at the moment. Although, I find it impressive that he managed to get a victory over Rex McAllister. That was something I did not expect with the injury that he has. I think this is one of the matches that has gotten interesting to say in tune with each week. Each week, it is something insane after the other and I do think this is going to make this match so personal, but fantastic at the same time. I cannot wait to see how HBB does in the match. I wish him all the luck in the world and it sucks about that injury, hope it is nothing too serious. :lupe:

Note: This is the last MVE of Season 11. Good luck to those booked at Pain for Pride. Promoing starts tomorrow at 9 PM PST and Thursday 12 AM EST. See you next season!

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