Most Valuable Elitist #138

Rising Star of the Week

Charlie Marr

On the latest episode of Voltage, there was an eight-person tag team match — Charlie Marr, Daryl Kinkade, and The Dragon Slayers vs. Cameron Ella Ava, Mr. DEDEDE, Xander Payne and The Revenant. At the end of the matchup, it happened to be Charlie Marr to get a victory over one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champion, Cameron Ella Ava. By looking at how well he and Daryl have been as a team. It seems like Charlie (as well as Daryl) are in good standing approaching Pain for Pride in two weeks. By the looks of things right now, they are looking fantastic approaching this huge Tag Team Championship Match. I would not be surprised if he and Daryl walk out with the Unified Tag Team Championships. I think both men have been fantastic and I am so glad that they have this match, to begin with. I think they will shine like the stars they are, but Charlie Marr is amazing. His work is quality of a main eventer and I cannot wait to see him grow in Season 12.

Beef of the Week

Lucian Black vs. Theron Nikolas

On Showdown, one of the stand out matches from last week’s card happened to be Theron Nikolas vs. Lucian Black. By looking at each of these men interacting with one another, I thought they did fantastic with bringing the best out of another. The consistency of the promoing was amazing and each man brought their characters to life in those promos. From the match, I believed the right person won. I think that Theron really needed the victory approaching his match with CM Banks. It might be the last victory he may get ever. :lupe: I don’t like the jinx things though. For Lucian, it seems like he might find himself in Cash in the Vault depending on the Alejandro Correa situation. From the looks of things, I think both men will have clear paths of where they will go approaching Pain for Pride. I suppose, we will stay in tune with the Lucian Black situation on Voltage, but it seems like he’ll sneak his way into CITV. Although, things are really looking up for EAW and I cannot wait to see how things progress for both these men.

Show of the Week


Voltage last week had quite a few things that happened which progressed storylines. The show opened with Jamie O’Hara giving Impact a special gift — Impact’s ex-girlfriend’s EAW Championship. :eyes: Well, our exes bring the ugly out of us. Makes me interested in what Impact will gift for Jamie. Wouldn’t be surprised if Impact makes things personal… or even more, than it already is. Another highlight of the night was Andrei Sokolova winning a chance to represent Voltage in the Openweight Championship Match at Pain for Pride. By looking at the competition in the match, it is fucking impressive and anyone could win the match. Another was the eight-person tag team match, which I talked about with Charlie Marr, but it was a really star-studded tag team match and it really progressed things for Pain for Pride with Charlie Marr getting the victory over Cameron Ella Ava. One thing that really stuck out with me was why Lucian Black attacked Alejandro Correa? Where is the logic with that? It was one of those things that raised my eyebrow and hope to get answers on. As for Chris Elite vs. Impact…

Match of the Week

Chris Elite vs. Impact

This makes the perfect transition to Match of the Week. I thought this match was very solid for a match of the week! There were a few occasions where I thought Impact was going to win the match, but the fact that Chris Elite managed to walk away with the victory just blow my mind and it just shows how many people could be sleeping on the goatness that is Chris Elite. I think this victory was something Chris Elite needed to look good approaching Pain for Pride. The aftermath of this match really stuck out for me and it may have been the most exciting out of the four feuds for the World Championships. I am excited to see a heel Malcolm Jones and even though, we may not know much of the motives for why he did what he did to Chris Elite, but I feel like it might be a “there can only be one” mentality. If people did not think that this match would be exciting, then they need to think again because this is fucking exciting.

Promoer of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

Seriously, I need to stop gassing this girl up or you end up with another Sheridan Muller. But, Kassidy Heart is the future. I am so amazed by this girl. I think this girl is really going to shine in Season 12. I am excited to see what she has ahead in her career. I think that she is a fresh breath of air. I think I’ve said this either last week or the week before, but she truly is. She is a girl you cannot be sleeping on because she is someone with quality talent and she defeated the Women’s World Champion, which is VERY impressive in itself. I think Andrea Valentine was the last person to do that, but it just proves that you need to be on a lookout for these blondies. They might cut a bitch if they want too. I think that Kassidy is someone that the board needs to be high on because I do think that there is something special about her. I hope they do not drop the ball on her because a load of potential with her is outstanding.

Note: Next week may be the last MVE of Season 11. That is only if my calculations are right and PFP week begins two weeks from now. :eyes:

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