The Reborn

Coming in hot after Road To Redemption(jk he just survived 2 eliminations), MITSUBACHI is on his way to rebuild what once was known as a red hot underdog. He is in with a new character, a new alignment, new theme song and everything seems very good for him as his partnership with Ogawa has turned him into someone who is known for his own positivity. A man full of respect and does everything that will get others happy. However, there’s a line that should never be crossed when you’re talking against him, because you’ll be done. As he once had a feeling that maybe being an evil guy was the better choice, he regretted it and realized that it only costs him most of his pushes. There is a reason why he named his finishers like those, which is what you’ll see.​

Written by John Helms

Mary S. Atlas

Nina Bravo