The Top Dollar

You know what they say, the rich get richer. Maxwell believes he has started a new chapter in his career, and he is looking to make the most out of his big win at Road to Redemption 2020. He takes pride in his elegance despite lacking a pretty face and his excellence in that ring no matter the result. He is slightly less arrogant and focuses on self-improvement after the underwhelming first half of his sophomore season. He does not show off as much, but he makes sure to let the audience know that he still possess the best things money can buy as he trains while wearing only the best training garments, training in his own personal gym, etc. He does not want to be cheered but wants to be recognized for his world-class skills in the ring and on the microphone, whether people like it or not. After losing some confidence as a result of verbal abuse, he believes that he is simply beyond that by letting the people talk all they want as he no longer wears a protective mask. This time, he doesn’t mind if he gets a few bruises or wounds as he displays his scars like a treasure. Those scars really define him well as he is ready for battle and is willing to take a toll on himself if he has to. His great physique, athleticism, strength, and in-ring IQ are only some attributes that you need to watch out for, because when he gets in that ring, he will kick your ass and enjoy every single moment of it.

Written by Fight Grid

Justin Windgate

Dynasty 9/6/2019