MAJOR NEWS: EAW Decade Award Nominees Revealed!


Elite Answers Wrestling has announced that the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences have drafted nominations for the “Decade Awards”, with the winners set to be announced later this week on Fight Grid. The “Decade Awards” will determine the best in several categories such as ‘Elitist of the Decade’, ‘Match of the Decade’, ‘Tag Team of the Decade’ and more – judging from the entire 2010s decade as well as the first three years of EAW’s history (2007-2009).

The Academy have kept details of the selection process mostly under wraps, however an official list of nominees can be read below:


Match of the Decade:

  • Mr. DEDEDE vs. HRDO – Pain For Pride 1
  • Jaywalker vs. Mr. DEDEDE – WHC – Pain For Pride 2
  • Extreme Enigma vs. Cyclone vs. Kevin Devastation – Pain for Pride 3
  • Heart Break Boy vs. Mr. DEDEDE – Reckless Wiring 3
  • Methuselah vs. Y2Impact – Pain For Pride 6
  • Mr. DEDEDE vs. Mikado Sekaiichi – World Heavyweight Championship – Pain For Pride 7
  • Devan Dubian vs. Brian Daniels vs. Starr Stan – Answers World Championship – Pain For Pride 8
  • Diamond Cage vs. Rex McAllister – Pain for Pride Festival
  • Theron Nikolas vs. Mr. DEDEDE vs. Jamie O’Hara vs. Darkane – Pain for Pride 12
  • War Games – Territorial Invasion 2019

Elitist of the Decade (Male):

  • Rated R Shaman
  • CM Banks
  • Jamie O’Hara
  • Y2Impact
  • Mr. DEDEDE
  • Extreme Enigma
  • Mak
  • Heart Break Boy
  • Xavier Williams
  • Starr Stan
  • Diamond Cage
  • Captain Charisma
  • Rex McAllister
  • Devan Dubian
  • Hades the Hellraiser
  • HRDO
  • Alexander Da Vinci
  • Tyler Parker
  • Prince of Phenomenal

Elitist of the Decade (Female):

  • Cameron Ella Ava
  • Kendra Shamez
  • Kassidy Heart
  • Andrea Valentine
  • Sabina
  • Raven Roberts
  • Cleopatra

Villain of the Decade:

  • Scott Diamond
  • Zack Crash
  • Y2Impact
  • Theron Nikolas
  • Mr. DEDEDE
  • Charlie Marr
  • Captain Charisma
  • King Mak

Shock of the Decade:

  • Scott Diamond ‘killing’ EAW (2013)
  • Dynasty seceding from EAW (2015)
  • Zack Crash showing his true colors after War Games (2014)
  • Mr. DEDEDE returning to win the EAW Championship (2010)
  • Mak cashing in KOE during Grand Rampage to become EAW Champion (2009)
  • Mr. DEDEDE being pushed from the top of the titantron by Kawajai (2012)
  • Ronn Banks being screwed into retirement by Mr. DEDEDE (2019)

Promoer of the Decade:

  • Impact
  • Jamie O’Hara
  • Cameron Ella Ava
  • Malcolm Jones
  • Mr. DEDEDE
  • Kassidy Heart
  • Rated R Shaman
  • Heart Break Boy
  • Kendra Shamez
  • Jaywalker
  • Xavier Williams
  • Lethal Consequences
  • Darkane

Rivalry of the Decade:

  • Captain Charisma vs. Rated R Shaman
  • Mr. DEDEDE vs. Impact
  • Mr. DEDEDE vs. CM Banks
  • Mak vs. CM Banks
  • Mr. DEDEDE vs. Diamod Cage
  • Cyclone vs. Kevin Devastation
  • Devan Dubian vs. Starr Stan
  • Jamie O’Hara vs. Xavier Williams
  • Chris Elite vs. Mr. DEDEDE
  • Malcolm Jones vs. Chris Elite
  • Cameron Ella Ava vs. Mr. DEDEDE

‘Feel Good’ Moment of the Decade:

  • Extreme Enigma winning Cash In The Vault (2009)
  • Cyclone winning the EAW Championship in the Pain for Pride 3 headline (2010)
  • Diamond Cage winning the EAW Championship at Road to Redemption (2014)
  • Diamond Cage’s return at the Grand Rampage (2016)
  • Chris Elite defeating Mr. DEDEDE at Road to Redemption (2017)
  • Diamond Cage winning the EAW Championship in the Pain for Pride Festival Headline (2018)
  • Cameron Ella Ava avenging her family against Mr. DEDEDE at Road to Redemption (2018)
  • Andrea Valentine winning the EAW Championship (2019)
  • Cameron Ella Ava winning the Answers World Championship (2019)

Tag Team of the Decade:

  • The High Rollerz
  • StarrPact
  • The Jaded Hearts
  • Liquid Swords
  • Foreign Prophecy
  • RoViper
  • Heavenly Hell
  • Team Burial
  • MarrKade

Stable of the Decade:

  • Triple Crown Syndicate
  • Generation Genesis
  • Project E.G.O.
  • The 1%
  • Mutiny
  • The Enterprise

Written by Fight Grid

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