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Layla Lockhart

The Warrior Princess

A bubbly friend to all, Layla had a rough upbringing being orphaned at a young age and largely raised by her misanthropic sister Malice. Unlike her elder sister, Layla chose to not see the world as her enemy because of her misfortunes and believes instead that the world can be a much better place if she maintains a positive, welcoming attiude and does her best to make it better, being especially fond of children.

Friendly though she may be, Layla is no less fierce in the ring than any other member of the Revolt roster. Despite their disagreements on many things, Malice trained Layla well and now with Malice having seemingly fled Revolt Pro Combat in the wake of her losses to Lexi Sheckler, Layla intends to stay and make her own legacy her own way.

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