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Kianna Carter


Kianna Carter is a part of the Carter dynasty located in Saratoga Springs. Her family runs a successful real estate business in New York which made her family very wealthy. The Carter dynasty is known to be foul, greedy, self-centered individuals among their town, however, Kianna and her older brother Alexander were not the same. They were kind, honorable, naturally good-hearted who loved helping the less fortunate. Even though she showed these positive traits, she was bullied and harassed daily by her self-absorbed classmates from her middle school years until her Sophomore year. Kianna was pushed by her older brother, Alexander, to channel her energy and rage into physical activity. From her Sophomore year onward, Kianna practiced boxing and immersed herself in the world of Jujitsu. After one dreadful day of nonstop torturous teasing, Kianna had enough; She finally fought back to her biggest rival and learned something she never knew could master; the art of defending yourself. Kianna found herself to be a positive role model in her school after other students who also were bullied came to her for advice. She came to the realization that she wanted to break the mold and be something more than just a greedy real estate agent who had everything handed to her. She wanted to reach the masses and show people that you can be work hard and be successful while also being kind and true to your roots. Spreading love and warmth to others is her goal but obtaining a championship with her name on it is her dream. She hopes to accomplish that and then some in EAW. Kianna spent years after high school mastering her wrestling and feels like she is ready to get lost in the world of sports entertainment.

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