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Kassidy Heart

The Queen of Hearts

Kassidy Heart is by far the type of girl you love to hate. She is egotistical, self-absorbed, and will not hesitate to let you and the rest of the world know just how wonderful she thinks she is. She says and does absolutely awful things, and truly loves being the center of the attention. However, there are a lot more layers to this woman’s personality, and she’s more than just some beautiful face. Like everyone else, she has her own story that is slowly being told and she refuses to be defined by any single event that has taken place in her life. Kassidy is a fighter, and has fought an extremely difficult battle to get to this point in her life/career. She trusts the people inside her inner circle, would figuratively die for them if it meant they could succeed, and wants so much to achieve her own success. She’s the type that will never give up, no matter.

Sienna Jade

Madison Kaline