Justin Windgate

The Xtreme Classic

Justin Windgate is an extremist. Ever since he first debuted back in 09, his main objective was not only to win, but to win big. Windgate loves to put it all on the line when he competes. He strives for opportunities that light up the crowd and gets everyone to chant “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” He does this not only for himself, but for the fans as well.

Lifestyle Outside of the Ring: Windgate is also a stoner back stage. This may be why Windgate is willing to do some extreme(yet beyond risky) things in his matches, but sparking up a blunt and getting high is how Windgate relaxes his body after a hard fought match. The weed also keeps him chill as he gets along with most people. He may even offer you to take a hit if you ask. All in all Windgate is a friendly stoner backstage.

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 9/1/2019

Lindsey Kingsley