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FULL MATCH – Solomon Hill vs. Rankon

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Maria Del Rey: The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

(“Just Like It” by Gucci Mane ft. 21 Savage starts playing as Rankon makes his entrance.)

Maria Del Rey: Introducing first, from Birmingham, Alabama, weighing in at 260 pounds, RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAANKOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!

Clark Ruggerio: Rankon, one of the newest additions to our roster is set to make his debut in this exclusive Fight Grid match right here in front of you. Will the big man be able to take his opponent down? Stay tuned and find out.

(“Native Blood” by Silent Planet blasts through the speakers as Solomon Hill comes out on the stage scanning the crowd before heading to the ring.)

Maria Del Rey: Introducing his opponent, from Jerusalem, Israel, weighing in at 253 pounds, SSSSSOOLLLLLOOOMMMOOOOONNNN HIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL!!!

Ben Knight: Good to see a familiar face! Solomon Hill was also recently called up to the Showdow roster from Battleground—but found himself facing a loss last week on Showdown against Jack Haze. Let’s see if he will be able to win this one against Rankon.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Clark Ruggerio: The match is officially underway as both men start making circles around each other, before Rankon applies a wristlock on Solomon, but Solomon turns around and breaks the grappling move. Solomon has Rankon’s arm and traps it in an armlock, applying a lot of pressure, but Rankon pushes Solomon away AND CONNECTS WITH A CLOTHESLINE, TAKING SOLOMON DOWN! Nice move by Rankon, who gets Solomon up and irish whips him to the ropes AND CONNECTS WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM! DAMN, WITH AN IMPACT THAT SHAKES THE WHOLE RING!

Ben Knight: That’s a Battleground worthy move, sad it’s not here anymore. However Rankon doesn’t end it there as he waits for Solomon to get up and connects with a spear, BUT SOLOMON GETS THE KNEE UP AND RANKON FALLS DOWN ON THE FLOOR! HE STOMPS RANKON DOWN FURIOUSLY AND GAINS STAMINA BACK, TILL RANKON BARELY GETS ON HIS FEET, BUT SOLOMON WITH A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION—PERFECT SET UP FOR THE DDT! That DDT planted Rankon down and Solomon is gaining momentum right now.

Clark Ruggerio: But it’ll take more to put a stop to Rankon’s momentum, as he gets back on his feet as Solomon connects with a hard knee smash. Follow with a boot to the abs of Rankon—Rankon staggered just a bit here, it looks like Solomon wants to get the sit-out powerbomb—BUT RANKON GETS HIM UP! HE CONNECTS WITH THE ALABAMA SLAM SENDING SOLOMON SMASHING ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD RIGHT ACROSS THE FLOOR! THAT MUST’VE HURT! Let’s take another look at that.
( Replay shows the footage when Rankon lifts Solomon up with his shoulders and smashes him on the floor as Solomon holds his head in pain. )

Clark Ruggerio: Rankon gets on the corner waiting for Solomon to get on his feet, could this be all for Solomon here? Solomon slowly getting up, no idea where he’s at! Rankon charges after him, like a bullet—AND CONNECTS WITH THE SPEAR! HOLY MOLY THAT COULD BE THE END OF THIS ONE, BEN!



Ben Knight: Nope, Solomon kicks out. Incredible! An amazing display of perseverance that we’re seeing here tonight from Solomon, who’s already back up to his feet here as well, charging straight after Rankon, maybe looking for a big clothesline—Rankon ducks! And hooks Solomon with a quick—ARM TRAP NECKBREAKER! He gets all of it! This does not look good for Solomon Hill here, Clark. Rankon has such an amazing sense of in-ring awareness, as he continues to focus the head and neck of Solomon, who could be badly hurt after this matchup! Rankon pulling a limp-limbed Solomon up by the neck—AND SOLOMON WITH A HARD KNUCKLE PUNCH TO THE CHEEK OF RANKON! Rankon stutters, falling backwards as he checks on his face—I think he might be worried that Solomon drew a little bit of blood! He turns back around after a moment—but Solomon was ready for him—HE LIFTS HIM UP! WOW! POP UP SUPERKICK FROM SOLOMON HILL! WITH EASE! He made Rankon look as light as a feather, and dropped him just as easily! Rankon falling flat onto the mat, and now it’s Solomon looking for the cover—



Clark Ruggerio: Kick out by Rankon! And Solomon won’t let him up! Solomon pops back up immediately—LEG DROP! THAT’S GOTTA BE AT LEAST 80 POUNDS THAT JUST DECIMATED THE THROAT OF RANKON! Rankon crawling across the mat, trying to get himself back up and into this one again, as it’s clear who’s taken control over this matchup! Solomon helps him up, and sets him up for an irish whip against the ropes—Rankon bouncing off and ends up straight into a—REAR NAKED CHOKE! A REAR NAKED CHOKE TO RANKON FROM SOLOMON HILL! He’s got it locked in, center of the ring! Rankon still on his feet, but it looks like he’s fading here! Solomon Hill, really wearing Rankon down bit by bit as he continues to crank in that hold, trying to take the air out of Rankon!

Ben Knight: And Rankon falls down to one knee! Solomon loving every minute of it, sincerely enjoying inflicting this type of pain on Rankon, who can hardly breathe! Rankon fading fast—he drops onto his rear, grasping at the arms of Solomon Hill that are wrapped around his neck! Rankon falling down onto his side, Solomon still behind him, keeping that rear naked choke locked in! The referee looking to check on Rankon’s status in this one—

Referee: C’mon! Whaddaya say, Rankon?

Clark Ruggerio: Looks like we got a headshake, “no,” from Rankon—very much still alive in this one! And now Rankon, trying to make it back to his feet—Solomon continuing the pressure—Rankon looking to power out of this one as Solomon continues to force all of his weight onto Rankon’s neck and back! But Rankon is back up to one knee—and the crowd in attendance here seems to be getting behind Rankon! There they go, cheering him on! Hoping to give him the push and momentum that he’ll need to stay in this one and turn the tides of this match! And I think it’s working! Solomon struggling to maintain control and continue the pressure of the hold! RANKON IS BREAKING FREE! Look at the power of Rankon, as he grabs the forearms of Solomon hill from around his neck! And Solomon can’t believe it—the look of absolute shock and horror on his face says it all as Rankon successfully breaks the hold! He pulls Solomon right off of him! He still has a hold of Rankon’s wrists—he flips him around—grabs ahold of the waist—BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX FROM RANKON TO SOLOMON HILL! AND RANKON IS FIRED UP! TURNT ALL THE WAY UP! THIS CROWD IS GOING WILD!

Ben Knight: Rankon looking to stick a fork in this one, Clark! An amazing specimen! Fantastic talent! Just watch him as he beats on his chest, milking those cheers from the crowd! He turns back around—pulls Solomon up—WOW! HOISTS HIM RIGHT OVER THE SHOULDERS! THAT’S NOT AN EASY MOVE, CLARK! SOLOMON HILL IS A SIX-FOOT-SIX, TWO-HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE POUND MONSTER! AND RANKON IS TREATING HIM LIKE A SACK OF POTATOES! WHAT’S HE GOING FOR—YES! THERE IT IS! MERCY’S CRY! THE FLIP CUTTER CONNECTS! RANKON WITH THE COVER!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Maria Del Rey: Here is your winner, by pinfall… RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAANNNNKOOONNNNNNNNN!

(“Just Like It” by Gucci Mane ft. 21 Savage begins to play throughout the arena speakers as Rankon’s hand is raised in victory by the referee.)

Clark Ruggerio: These new EAW signees have got me all fired up, Ben! It’s a damn shame that we don’t get to call them as frequently anymore!

Ben Knight: I don’t know, Clark…that one was pretty stress inducing! Don’t know if I’d like to call another Rankon or Solomon Hill match ever again. Those are Voltage and Showdown’s problems now!

Written by Anna C. Flowers

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