FULL MATCH: Felix Hartley vs. Santana Matthews.

(“7 Rings” by Ariana Grande starts playing as Felix Hartley makes her way to the ring. The crowd is full of boos, but Felix proceeds to go down the ramp without a care for the audience.)

Maria Del Rey: Making her way to the ring.. From Las Vegas, Nevada.. Weighing in at 114 pounds, FFFFEEELIX HAARRTTTLLLEEYYY!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: Man, this woman is just..

Ben Knight: A competitor hungry to win, and she plans on building her name at Santana Matthew’s success. We’ll see if she can do so right here tonight!

(“California Love” by Tupac and Dr. Dre follows as the crowd bursts out into cheers. Santana Matthews walks out onto the stage, and makes her way to the ring high fiving the fans.)

Maria Del Rey: And her opponent… Residing in Somerset Kentucky.. Weighing in at 122 pounds… SANTANAAA MATTHEWSSS!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: Santana Matthews is an excellent in ring worker, and she just might be able to beat Felix Hartley here tonight.

Ben Knight: She might, but Felix isn’t someone to mess around with. These two have been going back and forth all week, and now the time for talking is over.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Clark Ruggerio: This match is now underway as Santana starts to lock up with Felix. Santana now getting around Felix and she holds her in a headlock. Felix now sends her into the ropes, and hits a hip toss before locking in a headlock of her own! Santana now getting to her feet, before throwing Felix into the ropes this time. Santana rolls under her, and she hits a dropkick! Felix now sent stumbling into the ropes, as Santana sends her right over it with a clothesline! Felix now stumbling into the barricade and she it looks like she didn’t expect this so early on! Santana waits in the ring as Felix slowly makes her way back up the apron, and into the ring. Felix now getting ready for another lock up, but Santana quickly is able to get behind her! And there’s a German- no, Felix now with an elbow to Santana’s jaw, freeing her from the Suplex! Felix now with a kick to the midsection and Santana is now sent stumbling into the corner. Felix charges to the corner now, but Santana gets out of the way! Santana now with a Back Suplex!

Ben Knight: Santana doing a good job of keeping control so far, as now she locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab! Felix in trouble now as Santana keeps in the Single Leg Crab, and they are in the center of the ring! Felix now, is able to turn it around, but Santana, TURNS IT INTO A FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!! Felix is still in trouble, but she’s trying to pull herself onto her stomach to reverse the pressure! And it looks like she’s able to, and Santana has to pull herself off! Both women get to their feet, and Felix gets right on the offense with another kick to the midsection, followed by a DDT! Felix dragging Santana back up now, and she attempts to throw her into the turnbuckles, but Santana stops herself with her foot! Matthews now with an elbow to Felix, and she stumbles back. Santana turns around now, right into a step up enzuigiri! Santana now falls into the corner in a seated position, and Felix backs up into the corner. Felix, running in, and there’s a hesitation dropkick! What an impressive move as Felix goes for the first cover of the match!



Ben Knight: KICK OUT!!

Clark Ruggerio: Felix isn’t done there though, as she now brings Matthews to the ropes and chokes her on it until the count of 5! Santana is in trouble now as Felix just rolls her out of the ring. Felix follows behind, and hits Santana with a forearm to the jaw! Santana though, with a forearm of her own! The two trading back and forth, but Santana is able to hit a Superkick, dropping Felix! Santana climbing to the top rope now, restarting the count, but Felix now is backing up to the ramp! Santana forced to get down from the top rope as Felix slowly makes her way back, but Santana charges to the ropes now! TOPE SUICIDA!!! Felix has been taken out by Santana and now she brings her back into the ring! Santana to the top rope now as Felix manages to get to her feet, and there’s a missile dropkick! Santana is on fire now! Felix pulling herself into the corner, but Santana now! SKYFIRE SPECIAL!! BUT FELIX, FELIX GOT OUT OF THE WAY, AND SANTANA CRASHED INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!! Felix picking her up now! AND THERE’S THE DOGGY STYLE!!! WHAT A BULLDOG, AND NOW THERE’S THE PIN!!!




Clark Ruggerio: ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Santana is still in this match, but she’s at Felix’s mercy, and I don’t think she plans on giving her any, because there’s the Cattle Mutilation! It’s locked in and Santana has nowhere to go! Is she gonna tap!? No, her foot! She’s trying to get her foot on the ropes! AND SHE GETS IT!! Santana gets her foot on the ropes, forcing the submission to be let go. Felix though, grabbing ahold of Santana’s arm, and now she stomps on it! Santana is hurt, and now she’s backing up into the corner as Felix starts pounding on her! Santana is defenseless, BUT WOW!! SHE MANAGES TO SLIP BEHIND HER, AND THERE’S A GERMAN SUPLEX BY MATTHEWS!! Santana is holding her arm now, but Felix was just floored by that German suplex right out of nowhere! Santana now getting back up to her feet, and now she’s picking Felix back up, and she tries to lift her up for a Suplex but her arm! Santana can’t pick her up, and now there’s an arm drag by Felix!

Ben Knight: Felix now with a knee drop to the arm! If this keeps going Santana won’t even be able to compete! Felix is stomping all over the arm of Santana, and Matthews now has to roll out onto the apron. Felix stays on the offensive though as she pulls her up, but Santana with a shoulder block! Santana to the top rope now, AND THERE’S A DIVING CROSSBODY!!! THE COVER NOW BY SANTANA!!  




Ben Knight: FELIX KICKS OUT!!! Santana though, with a Dragon Sleeper! Santana locks in the Dragon Sleeper, but Felix is close to the ropes! Can she reach to it though!? Felix, struggling to grasp it, but there it is! Felix holds onto the ropes, and Santana lets go of the Dragon Sleeper! Santana drags Felix up though, and it looks like she’s ready to end things! She puts her in a front headlock, and I think I know what this is, but wait! Felix with a second arm drag, and now she stomps right on the arm! Santana is in pain! This is just not good, but Felix doesn’t care, she just wants to win, and I think now’s her chance! Santana getting back to her feet, and she swings wildly at Felix, but Felix ducks it, and there’s a forearm by Felix! A second! And now Santana drops to one knee, THE ME TOO MOVEMENT!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: What about it?





(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Maria Del Rey: Here is your winner… FELIX HARTLEY!!!!

(“7 Rings” plays as the crowd starts booing at Felix, who has her hand raised by the referee with a cocky grin on her face, as Santana sits out the ring holding her arm.)

Clark Ruggerio: Santana fought hard, but in the end, Felix was able to exploit a weakness in her and that gave her the win.

Ben Knight: Don’t discredit Santana though, she pushed Felix to the limit, even if she didn’t come out on top.

Dynasty 3/1/2019

Showdown 3/2/2019