Fight Grid Full Match: Darcy May Morgan vs. Io Ishimori!

(“Every Day Nightmare” by Serg Salinas & Dale Oliver plays as Darcy May Morgan makes her way to the stage, she stands at the stage for a moment before strutting to the ring holding a removable able trail)

Maria Del Ray: Introducing first, from London England weighing in at 130 pounds…YOUR EVERYDAY NIGHTMARE, DARCY…MAY…MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: :whew:

Ben Knight: Shush, although based on looks Darcy might be like the rest of the people that come here, but she has a taste for violence and I think she’s here to show it tonight, let’s see.

(Darcy seductively enters the ring before laughing hysterically. She lifts her hands in the air before “Every Day Nightmare” is replaced by “Bullet” by Hyro The Hero as Io Ishimore comes out with her plush cat, Yoshi San)

Maria Del Ray: And her opponent, from Osaka Japan, weighing in at 119 pounds…THE WINTER, IO…ISHIMORI!!!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: If she didn’t scare me then-

Ben Knight: Your opinion doesn’t matter anymore. Sure Io Ishimori’s changed a bit she’s still come with the same purpose, and that’s to win, I’m sure it won’t be a difference tonight.

(Io Ishimori enters the ring and makes a cutthroat gesture to Darcy before the bell rings)


Clark Ruggerio: Here we go as both women lock up, Io Ishimori pushing Darcy May Morgan into the ropes…clean break- DARCY WITH A SLAP TO THE FACE OF IO ISHIMORI! NOW IT STARTS AS IO KNEES DARCY IN THE GUT, IRISH WHIP TO THE CORNER, IO RUNNING, KNEE- NO DARCY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Looks like she’s moving back, HANDSPRING ELBOW, Io knocked down quickly. It looks like Darcy looking for something big already, FACE ACHE! DARCY CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE FACE OF IO! Looks like Darcy is looking to finish it early, BICYCLE KNEE- NO IO ISHIMORI MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AS DARCY WAS LOOKING FOR THE DDD! IO, RETURNING WITH A BICYCLE KNEE OF HER OWN! IO ISHIMORI HOOKING THE LEG HERE!

Ref: ONE!

Ben Knight: KICKOUT! Io looking around it looks like she’s going to finish this, OH DARCY PUNCHING IO IN THE GUT, but that isn’t stopping her. REVERSE STO- NO DARCY KNOCKING IO TO THE GROUND WITH A STIFF ELBOW! Io falling onto a knee…CURTAIN CALL! THE FIREMAN’S CARRY KNEE CONNECTS! DARCY GOING FOR THE PIN!



(“Every Day Nightmare” plays back up as Darcy May Morgan stands right up to her feet, she forces the ref to raise her hand before brushing her hair and exiting the ring)

Maria Del Ray: Ladies and gentlemen your winner, DARCY MAY MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: :wow: seriously can’t we have a long Fight Grid match.

Ben Knight: Well maybe it’s the talent of these new competitors and have got them these wins maybe you didn’t think about that. Darcy May Morgan is the future, beauty and elegance mean nothing in the ring, but she has much more than that.


Voltage 6/2/2019

Most Valuable Elitist #183