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FIGHT GRID EXCLUSIVE: SASS: Sierra and Sarah Supergirls Issue Individual Challenges for Shock Value

(The camera fades into the backstage area of the most recent episode of Voltage. The ring crew is cleaning up as Molly Waters is seen walking entering a locker room spotting two people. SASS, Sierra Bradford and Sarah Price. They both give a nice wave of sincerity as they keep packing up to leave as Molly approaches them)

Molly Waters: Thank you for agreeing to join us on this latest installment of Fight Grid! First things first do you care to share what happened in your match out there, any reactions? Any feelings?

Sierra Bradford: I think I can speak for both of us Molly in stating that we pride ourselves on the performance that we put on against the uber talented team that is Fire and Ice. After that match it seems to give us a boost to keep pushing forward, that everything will be ok as long as you persevere, that’s what we placed upon ourselves since day one, and that’s what we take out of this match at the end of the day.

Sarah Price: With that competitive drive we really want to keep going when it comes to in-ring competition. The young lionesses that SASS is as a whole are far from done as we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that we’re on the card for Shock Value! But whilst we were here I think we’ve decided to put out some challenges of our own if you care to listen?

Molly Waters: Of course, of course! Please elaborate, possibly on who both of you girls have in mind? :mjgrin:

Sarah Price: Well I’ll start with someone who just recently at Clash of Kingdoms qualified for the New Breed Championship, Jalyn Garcia. I can’t help but respect his talent and what he’s put out there since he returned a few months ago. Imagine how exciting it could be to bring the New Breed Championship home to Voltage at Grand Rampage? But before we cross that path we land ourselves at Shock Value, and whilst Jalyn doesn’t have a match there I’ll fill in that void and say I wish to face Jalyn Garcia!

Sierra Bradford: We as SASS have always looked up to the Beating Hearts of Voltage. Everything that they’ve done to make Voltage a better place especially with Road to Redemption and how Andrea Valentine claimed the EAW Championship from that ungrateful tyrant Charlie Marr, they’ve always been inspirations for us every step of the way and what we do as a team. One thing I can confirm myself to be sure of is that I want to someday on Earth be as great as them and the raw power they possess, and I know that the only thing that I can do to help me improve and strive to that level is by facing the best of the best. Therefore since I’m sure Raven Roberts, Andrea Valentine, and Ms. Extreme have a lot on their hands. I’m want to say that I wish to challenge Consuela Rose Ava to a match at Shock Value! Don’t take it the wrong way Consuela, I do not want to fight for your contract that you hold and deserve no matter what people say, I just wish to have the most incredible match I can with obviously an incredible competitor like you are.

Molly Waters: :wow: Big challenges to put up for sure. Thank you for your time guys! Hopefully we will hear a response from Jalyn and Consuela soon!

(SASS waves again as Molly leaves the locker room with a bright smile on her face as the camera cuts to the EAW Headquarters in New Jersey. Molly Waters is seen again sitting at her signature desk with a bright smile as she begins to speak)

Molly Waters: With that new information gathered it’s safe to say I have more news for the people at home regarding these matches. It is indeed confirmed that Sarah Price will be facing Jalyn Garcia one another, as Sierra Bradford and Consuela Rose Ava will be doing the same! But we’re not done there, Shock Value wouldn’t be the same without some stipulations to go with it! As such we can confirm that Sarah Price versus Jalyn Garcia will be contested under…

(Suspense is put in as it’s clear another big stipulation will be announced as Molly Waters can’t help but bring a smirk)

Molly Waters: A ELECTRIC FLOOR MATCH! Now again it’s a relatively new stipulation to EAW as a whole so I’ll be sure to run it down. A Electric Floors Match is pretty simple as the fact that the sole purpose of it is to stay in the ring. The ringside area will be sizzling with electricity as the goal is to throw your opponent out of the ring and to the electrified floor! Although pretty tame compared to other stipulations shown, it’s sure to be an interesting match for sure with this in play! Now as for Sierra Bradford and Consuela Rose Ava that match will be contested under…

(Molly looks at her paper again as her eyes widen)

Molly Waters: :lupe: A ELECTRIC CHAIR MATCH! Now I think that’s pretty self explanatory. You have to throw your opponent into the electric chair and pull the trigger to zap them. Now I’m sure that isn’t safe but let’s admit Voltage in general isn’t safe, and this was probably the last match stipulation the Voltage interns could think of! I’m sure the young ladies that are in that match can handle it more than anyone else! More matches for the Voltage free-per-view Shock Value are now confirmed and that should complete the card! But it’s Voltage, so who knows? There could be a surprise or two. I can’t help but fathom what might be next. But whatever is next we’ll be here for you with the latest news! For now, I sign off.

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by John Helms

BREAKING NEWS: Two matches added to Shock Value!

Dynasty 2/28/20