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Elitist Of The Month: September Edition!

Our Elitist of the Month for the month of September is the man who won his first ever World Championship at Territorial Invasion, SOSA Henderson! After Bloodsport, SOSA Henderson was scheduled to face Rex in a non-title match, but SOSA challenged Rex to a match for the title at Territorial Invasion if he was able to get the victory over him that night. Rex accepted, and while he didn’t do it the conventional way SOSA would defeat Rex that night, before finally doing it once again at Territorial Invasion, this time pinning Rex to become EAW Champion. SOSA Henderson has always been a very talented Elitist, and at Territorial Invasion he definitely proved many people wrong, such as Rex himself who believed he was not Championship material. Many people didn’t expect this title change, but after such a grueling street fight there was no doubt that SOSA deserved the Championship. His performance was amazing, and this year he’s proven that he’s not going to end up the same way he did back in 2019. He’s beyond the New Breed division now, and he’s grown past his former issues causing him to take extended breaks from the company. Now SOSA Henderson is on top of the Voltage roster for the first time in his career, and what happened at Territorial Invasion was something that will be remembered for a very long time.

Written by John Helms

Showdown 10/10/20

Voltage 10/11/20