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Elitist Of The Month: November Edition!

As we near the end of 2020, our Elitist of the month for the month of November is none other than Justin Windgate! November was a pretty big month for the Showdown brand, as we saw the Reasonable Doubt free-per-view! On the show we saw great Championship matches, but we also saw a match with the 24/7 Contract on the line between Jon Kelton and Justin himself! It was a fantastic match and Jon Kelton did everything he could to keep the contract in his hands, but in the end Justin Windgate was able to defeat Kelton and become the new 24/7 Contract holder! This was already big as it gave Justin the opportunity to cash in for a Championship match of his choosing, but he didn’t wait long to make a decision. Justin would very soon announce his cash in, adding himself to the upcoming match between Consuela Rose Ava and James Ranger, creating a triple threat between the three for the Interwire Championship at Road to Redemption! The former New Breed Champion has only been getting better and better since his return to the company last year, and this season he’s been on a roll. There really is a great chance that Justin wins his first Interwire Championship, but until then congratulations on a successful 24/7 Contract win and a fantastic month!

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #252

Road To Redemption 2020