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Elitist of The Month: July Edition!

Our Elitist of the Month for July is none other than the man who made his return to EAW back at the Grand Rampage, Myles! The start of the season is a great time for people to step up and Myles did just that, as he answered EAW Champion Rex McAllister’s open challenge for a match at Bloodsport. Myles made it clear that he doesn’t care about the EAW Championship itself, and just wants to take away what Rex cares about most thanks to his lack of respect for him, but even so this is quite possibly the biggest match in Myles’ career as Rex McAllister just might be one of the most accomplished Elitists in recent memory. Even so, since returning Myles has been nearly unstoppable in singles competition, and if he gets what he wants that won’t end with Rex. Myles has shown just how dangerous he can be when he enters the ring, so Sadistic Madness just might be the perfect stipulation for him. With Myles being the reason such a monumental match has been made, it’s only right that he wins the first “Elitist of the Month” for season 14. Time will tell whether or not Myles wins the EAW Championship, but there is no doubt he definitely has momentum on his side. 

Written by John Helms

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