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Elitist of The Month – January Edition!

For the first month of 2021, Elitist of the Month could have gone to various people. After all, the King of Elite tournament started and nearly reached its completion. However, in the end Elitist of the Month for January is the man who actually tried to get the tournament shut down, Drake King! Throughout the entirety of January, 2020’s male Elitist of the Year did everything he could to boycott the King of Elite tournament. Obviously, things didn’t exactly go according to plan and the tournament still progressed, but not without loads of controversy all thanks to him. Drake would cause Jake Smith’s elimination from the tournament, and directly interfere with the semi-finals match between Consuela Rose Ava and Kassidy Heart, before attacking Consuela after the match. This of course led to the confirmation of a triple threat match at King of Elite between Drake, Jake and Consuela. Drake’s plans to end the King of Elite tournament didn’t go how he wanted it to and in the end we will still be seeing a new King, but at the end of the day he still managed to have a huge impact on both the tournament and all three shows, all while not even being part of the tournament in the first place.

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #258

Dynasty 2/5/21