Elitist of the Month: February Edition!

There were a plethora of Elitists who could have taken the title of Elitist of the Month, but perhaps there are none more deserving than the newly crowned King of Elite… The Visual Prophet! Since this version of Viz burst onto the scene, the EAW Universe has been enamored and captivated by Viz. His beauty is undeniable. His talent isn’t something you can question. Viz is arguably the greatest Elitist in EAW who hasn’t won a world championship. Often criticized for being unable to win the big matches, Viz put his critics to bed (for now, anyway) when he seized an opening left by an emotional Jamie O’Hara. Jamie nearly had the King of Elite finals won, having basically TKOed Charlie Marr. But what Jamie did was take his eyes off Viz, and ate a ‘Bow to the Heart’ because of that. Viz was able to pin Charlie and win that coveted King of Elite crown, assuring himself of a world championship shot whenever he wants. We here at Fight Grid congratulate Viz on this incredible achievement and who knows? More titles could be on the way for Viewy P. Newton as he looks to work with Drake King and capture the Unified Tag Team Championships at Under Siege. Congratulations once again to Viz! All hail the king! :wow:!!

Most Valuable Elitist #214

Dynasty 3/6/20