Elitist Of The Month: April Edition!

Better late than never, right? Honestly, we here at Fight Grid believe that the Elitist of the Month for April goes without saying! And perhaps we’ve been struggling to truly find the words to talk about the man who’s gotten the nod this go around. A model of consistency, resiliency, and reliability, Rex McAllister is without a doubt worthy of this honor. This man has been on one hell of a ride since marrying the love of his life, Raven Roberts, back in March. Rex not only won the biggest and most competitive Grand Rampage in EAW history, but he did so in impressive fashion. He eliminated the man who took the EAW World Championship from him back at the Pain for Pride Festival a couple of years, Cage. With another Pain for Pride main event on the horizon for Rex, along with a Hall of Fame induction, the rest of Rex’s spring and early summer looks promising as well. We can’t wait to see this amazing athlete get his just due come Hall of Fame time, and we definitely can’t wait to see if the third time will be the charm for Rex at Pain for Pride! Congratulations, Rex!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 5/3/20

Most Valuable Elitist #222