EAW 2010s All-Decade Teams Announced

As we officially bring a close to the 2010s we’d like to reflect back on some of the greatest elitists to grace EAW over the past 10+ years. This is a decade that has brought us many great moments and many exciting wrestlers who made these moments possible. As we close the chapter on a time period in EAW, we have compiled four teams of twenty of the greatest elitists to grace this company consisting of both men and women. The teams are based on their overall impact, success, and talent compiled by a panel of journalists and broadcasters throughout the USA and Canada.

***OOC Note – The alt characters of Banks, Xav, Kendra, and Cam are also accounted for when determining teams but for realism sake we are only talking about the accolades of their original characters in the article portion.

Elitist World Titles EAW Awards Most ValuablElitist Misc.
Mr. DEDEDE 7 25 total

3 time Elitist of the Year

Elitist of the Decade

Villain of the Decade

CM Bank$ 3 8 total**

Stable of the decade

13** King of Elite Finalist(2011)

King of Elite 2019

Impact 9 13 total

1 time Elitist of the Year

Promoer of the decade

Stable of the decade

10 Grand Rampage Winner

Most World Title reigns in EAW history

Heart Break Boy 2 7 total

1 time Elitist of the Year

Jamie O’Hara 2 3 Total

1 time Elitist of the Year

4 Grand Rampage winner

King of Elite Finalist(2017)

Mr. Cash in the Vault 2015

Longest World Championship reign ever

A combined 22 world championships is what this group makes up. The influence and impact that these men have brought to the table goes without saying.

If we were to go down the list of Mr. DEDEDE and Impacts trophy cases we would be here all night but I think it goes without saying. When we mentioned this group combining for 22 world championships, DEDEDE and Impact accounted for more than half of those reigns with 9 and 7 world championship reigns respectively between the two men. That doesn’t include their other accolades, most recently for DEDEDE Elitist of the Year & Decade, and for Impact Promoer of the Decade & WHC of the Year. You can’t talk about this very company without talking about Mr. DEDEDE and the family tree that basically started with him which lead to this company’s creation. The Michael Jordan of this game has transcended eras and been a part of so many history making moments that we simply don’t have time to list them all and to only mention some of them would be a disservice to the legacy of the man, so we implore you to do your googles. If Mr. DEDEDE is Michael Jordan than it is only natural for Impact to be Kobe Bryant. The leader of several dominant stables in this company’s history, constantly recreating himself and being the standard bearer for everyone else to follow, funny enough this description can be said about literally either of them. These two men prove that Father Time is simply a myth.

Heart Break Boy has always been one of the most respected individuals for how he carried himself in and out of the ring. He spent the first 6-7 years of his career pretty much neck and neck with Mr. DEDEDE in the classic barbershop argument of who the greatest was. While he eventually dropped off and DEDEDE kept going, it doesn’t take away the success he was able to attain in his prime years as a multiple time world champion in EAW and leader of one of the most dominant stables to ever grace us in Project EGO. Beyond just EAW, HBB was famous for branching out to several different companies in his heyday and conquering them all proving that he could adapt in any environment. 

Jamie O’Hara is the youngest and newest name on the list and that alone should speak volumes to what he has been able to accomplish in the period of time that he’s been here. He wasn’t afforded the luxury of having been here for the whole decade but the time he has spent here has been nothing short of dominant. The Ace of EAW is quite possibly the greatest New Breed Champion of all time and a two time world champion, one of those reigns breaking the record for being the longest reigning world champion in the history of this company. After taking some time off and returning in late 2018-2019, he managed to win the Grand Rampage and headline Pain for Pride. 

Banks is not only the creator of this place we all love, but he’s one of the greatest competitors to grace this sport as well. The first ever EAW Champion has made a big splash in and out of the ring as he helped serve as a launching pad for several hall of famers and world champions. He was also the leader of the Stable of the Decade in Generation Genesis.

Elitist World Titles EAW Awards Most ValuablElitist Misc.
Extreme Enigma 3 3 total 2 Mr. Cash in the Vault 2009
Cage 2 5 total

1 time Elitist of the Year

Feel Good Moment of the Decade

StarrStan 4 4  3
Rated R Shaman 6 7 total

Rivalry of the Decade

Xavier Williams 3** 3 total**

1 time Elitist of the Year

6** Mr. Cash in the Vault 2014

King of Elite 2018**

Mr. 24/7**

Longest reigning AWC

The men that make up the second team are some of the most polarizing figures in Elite Answers Wrestling history. The have the resumes, the attitudes, and talent that set them apart from their peers and truly place them in a class of their own. The Godfather of the Glass Wallz match, RRS, is one of the greatest Elitists to ever grace this company. He carried a five year undefeated streak in Glass Wallz matches and along with Captain Charisma, he helped legitimize the Hardcore Championship. When you factor in that RRS is also a 6-time world champion and Hall of Famer, there is no doubt that his place in this sport’s history is secure, and will be for a long, long time.

The brash and controversial Diamond Cage is one of the most beloved Elitists of all time. There is not a single man or woman who gets the crowd more hype than Cage. Whenever ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ begins to blast across the PA system, the crowd’s reaction is something most Elitists can only dream of achieving. Cage’s preference for deathmatches and blood make him stand out above the pure and traditional wrestlers that grace EAW rings nowadays, but that doesn’t mean Cage can’t hold his own. The 2018 Elitist of the Year has gone toe-to-toe with the best wrestlers in the world and come out on top, including topping Rex McAllister at the Pain for Pride Festival in 2018, which coincidentally went on to win MoTY. Cage is a two-time world champ, a man who has had multiple runs at the top of EAW, and has proven that no matter what, he is still a force to be reckoned with in modern day EAW.

The man who began his career as a rookie named Toxic, Xavier Williams, is one of the fastest rising stars in EAW history. Xav’s had memorable feuds with Mr. DEDEDE, Zak Crash, and Jamie O’Hara, feuds that really put him on the map and cemented his status as one of the all-time greats. In addition to that, Xavier is a 2-time EAW Champion, the 2014 Cash in the Vault winner, a Hall of Fame champion, and the 2015 Elitist of the Year. If that wasn’t enough, Xavier’s presence is still being felt in EAW today as his protege, Harlow Reichert, just recently won the PURE Championship.

The fourth member of this impressive team is the current Dynasty General Manager, the beloved StarrStan. Starr is without a doubt one of the greatest technical wrestlers this sport has ever seen, which is why he is the only competitor to hold the PURE Championship two times. In addition to being the most prolific PURE Champion, StarrStan has held a world championship four times and competed in the 2015 Match of the Year that headlined Pain for Pride. StarrStan is also primarily responsible for Devan Dubian, having groomed the Hall of Famer to become a GOAT in his own right.

The late, great Extreme Enigma was well on his way to dominating the new decade before circumstances took him from us. His Cash in the Vault  win back in 2009 is no doubt one of the undisputed ‘Feel Good Moments’ of the decade. The charismatic Elitist also won three world championships. His Hall of Fame status has never been in question, and neither has his popularity. Extreme Enigma inspired a generation of bright up and comers to dare to be different and take risks, and with the Extreme Enigma Battle Royal making its debut at Road to Redemption this past December, and the inaugural winner being EE’s friend and former partner, Justin Windgate, no doubt Extreme Enigma will never be forgotten.

Elitist World Titles EAW Awards Most ValuablElitist Misc.
Mak 2 2 total

1 time Elitist of the Year

4 King of Elite(2008)
Rex McAllister 2 2 total  3
Tyler Parker 2 4  10
HRDO 1 2 total  5
Captain Charisma 3 6 total

Rivalry of the Decade

 3 Grand Rampage Winner

King of Elite 2011

Our third team is made up of Hall of Famers and one future Hall of Famer, in Rex McAllister. These men have embodied passion, dedication, determination, and will be known as some of the most influence Elitists to ever grace EAW. The current Commissioner of Voltage, Captain Charisma, is by far one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. Captain Charisma is a three-time world champion and holds the record for most Hardcore Championship reigns in history with five. If that wasn’t enough, CC has also won King of Elite AND Grand Rampage, two of the most coveted prizes in EAW. He’s headlined Pain for Pride before, and won the EAW Championship in a closing Pain for Pride match, something all Elitists dream of doing.

While HRDO’s trophy case isn’t as hefty as his peers (Banks, Mak, and Mr. DEDEDE), his impact and influence is just as important and is still felt today, as he is the current Vice President of Elite Answers Wrestling. HRDO competed in the very first EAW Match of the Year against Mr. DEDEDE back at PFP 1. He is a former world champion, former AWF Champion, and he also held the EAW Interbranded Championship back when that was a thing. HRDO is a vital part of EAW history and a personality that could never be forgotten or replaced.

No team would be complete without someone of Tyler Parker’s caliber, and judging from the reaction he received at Battle of Egypt, he’s still got it. Tyler goes down in history as the only man to ever hold the World Heavyweight Championship and National Elite Championship at the same time, thus dominating both singles divisions of a solo brand. He also held the World Heavyweight Championship on a separate occasion and has also held the Interwire Championship. If all that weren’t impressive enough, Tyler also won three back to back Territorial Invasion team matches, including two War Games. That gives him the most War Games victories in EAW history. It came as no shock to anyone when Tyler was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2015.

Future Hall of Famer, Rex McAllister, finds himself one Unified Tag Team Championship win away from winning a coveted Grand Slam in EAW. So far, the Voltage Elitist has won the New Breed Championship, the National Elite Championship, the EAW World Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship. Rex was a runner-up at the 2019 Grand Rampage and competed against Diamond Cage at the Pain for Pride Festival in the 2018 Match of the Year. He also shows no signs of slowing down as Rex constantly finds himself in the hunt for that elusive third world championship. He is a perennial main eventer, a former War Games competitor, and the undisputed lockerroom leader over on the gold brand. There are very few active Elitists who are more respected than Rex, and he still has so much more to accomplish.

Rounding out this particular fantastic five is one of the original members of EAW, Mak. The two world championship reigns Mak accumulated in his time here are two of the most dominant reigns in EAW history. His influence and clout make him one of the most influential members of all time, not to mention he was crucial to the growth and development of EAW during the early stages of the company. Mak’s held a King of Elite crown before having taken it from the then-holder, MVM, and he’s also the leader of the Hall of Fame stable, Triple Crown Syndicate.


Elitist World Titles EAW Awards Most ValuablElitist Misc.
Kendra Shamez 4** 9 total**

2 time Elitist of the Year**

Elitist of the Decade

Tag Team of the Decade**

31** First female to compete in the Grand Rampage

Specialists Champion

REVOLT! Freeweight Champion**

Empire Tag Team Champion**

Unified Tag Team Champion**

Grand Prix Winner**

Cameron Ella Ava 4 9 total**

4 time Elitist of the Year

Elitist of the Decade

39** Interwire Champion

PURE Champion**

Specialists Champion(3 time, most in history)**

Ms. 24/7**

Hall of Fame Champion

Openweight Champion

Unified Tag Team Champion

Grand Prix Winner

Andrea Valentine 1 1 total  3 Openweight Champion

Specialists Champion(2 time, longest reigning)

Sabina 3 3 total

2 time Elitist of the Year

 3 Two-time Hall of Famer
Kassidy Heart 1 9 total

Tag Team of the Decade

4 Empress of Elite finalist

Vixens Champion

Empire Tag Team Champion

Unified Tag Team Champion

Grand Prix Winner

Iconic Cup Winner

PURE Champion**

** = Includes accomplishments from handlers other characters

Elitist/Vixen/Woman of the week were the only awards counted for MVE in this article. It is also important to note that MVE was not consistently updated on a weekly basis from 2009-2014. 

With #QueensOnly being a resounding battle cry here in EAW as we enter the new decade, and the vast majority of all champions being female, we would be remiss if we didn’t do a all-decade team of Female Elitists who have more than left their mark on this sport. Kicking us off are two women who are now the co-holders of the Female Elitist of the Decade Award. Cameron Ella Ava and Kendra Shamez are the standard bearers when it comes to being a successful woman in a male-dominated industry. Each woman has left her mark on this company and inspired millions of little girls and young women around the world to follow their dreams to never let anyone slam a door in their face.

When the various brands in EAW refused to respect the Vixens and give them equal airtime on the brands, Kendra came up with the concept of Empire. Empire was an all-female brand with their own championships, and gave every woman in EAW a chance to become a star. While the brand will never go down in history in a positive light due to several bad apples, it will forever be known as the most competitive show in EAW history and that was thanks to Kendra, her vision, and her dedication to women’s wrestling. In addition to doing so much for others, Kendra’s individual accomplishments speak for themselves. She’s held multiple world championships and the Specialists Championship, and broke a glass ceiling herself when she became the first woman to compete in Grand Rampage.

For an entire decade, the EAW Universe has gotten to see Cameron grow up before their eyes and mature into one of the best wrestlers this sport has ever seen. She embodies everything a female athlete should aspire to have, and there is no one else in history who has broken down more barriers and opened more doors than Cameron. Her illustrious and decorated career was punctuated at this past Road to Redemption when Cameron finally captured the one thing that continued to elude her; the Answers World Championship. Her victory inside the Showdown chamber will go down as one of EAW’s most heart-warming moments and all of us are excited to see how Cameron’s championship reign plans out.

Before Kendra and Cameron, there was a queen named Sabina who is the only woman in EAW history who can say she is a two-time Hall of Fame inductee. Not only did Sabina go into the Hall of Fame as a member of the very first class, she would later be inducted as a member of the legendary stable, Triple Crown Syndicate. Sabina’s list of accolades include three 3 Vixen’s Championship reigns, two Elitists of the Year trophies, and she also won back to back Pain for Pride Vixen’s Championship matches. While Kendra and Cameron certainly broke barriers and records, their path was paved by women such as Sabina, and that is why she will always be known as one of the most legendary figures and pioneers of women’s wrestling.

As far as current Elitists go (not counting Cameron), there are two women who are quickly climbing the ladder of success. Since 2017, Andrea Valentine has quietly gone about her business, comprising an impressive list of accomplishments and accolades that no doubt make her a future Hall of Famer. Andrea’s second reign as Specialists Champion put her into the record books forever, tying the legendary Brody Sparks’ historic record. In addition to the historic Specialists Championship reign, Andrea is the current EAW World Champion, becoming only the second woman in history to hold that belt. Andrea’s resume also includes an Openweight Championship win, back to back Extreme Elimination Chamber victories (2018 and 2019), and a victory in the 2019 edition of War Games.

As far as Kassidy goes, she’s done a lot in her short time here in EAW. Having only been with the company less than two years (as of this writing date), Kassidy can already say she’s been a world champion, having cashed in her Iconic Cup back at Pain for Pride XII to take the newly minted Universal Women’s Championship for herself. Prior to becoming a singles star, Kassidy excelled in the tag team division with her partner and BFF, Sienna Jade. The two women became the first tag team in EAW history to hold both the Empire Tag Team Championships and the Unified Tag Team Championships. Kassidy also holds a number of the year end awards, including the 2019 Female Elitist of the Year trophy, and with her career being so young, there’s no telling what else this young woman can accomplish.

Over the past decade, a lot of men and women have come and gone, and history has been rewritten several times over. But like they always say, legends never die, and new stars are constantly being made. EAW has never been more competitive, and as we usher in a new decade and close the door on this one, we take away so many memories; good, bad, and ugly. Luckily for us, there are more good and great moments than anything else, and we can’t wait to see what 2020 and beyond brings us.

Written by Fight Grid

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