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Dynasty 3/6/20

(EAW’s Opening Video Plays)

(A recap of last week’s Dynasty begins to show but it is quickly cut off)

(The screen remains blank and no audio can be heard)

(Finally, after about a minute, the picture returns. All we can hear are footsteps and heavy breathing as the frame frantically shakes. An EAW production truck is seen in the distance, gradually getting bigger as it becomes obvious we’re moving towards it. Suddenly, a man is flung out of the truck Jazz style and not far behind him is Cage. Cage momentarily locks eyes with the camera as it gets closer. There are no mics so the sound isn’t picked up well but Cage can be heard screaming into the man’s ear, “DID YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT?!” The man replies, a screeching, “NO!” Cage kicks the man in the ribs, then yells, “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO HAS CONTROL OVER THE LIGHTS!” The man doesn’t reply, he just writhes on the ground in pain, Cage again kicks him and then storms off, walking directly towards the camera. The cameraman goes to turn away but Cage tells him to stop. Cage gets up close with the camera. “I’m not stopping until I get my answers, I’ll rip this place to pieces if I have to” before storming off. The camera then continues to move forward towards the truck. As it approaches the door we get a look inside, it has been absolutely decimated. It looks as if it’s been hit by a tornado, sprawled out on the floor of the truck are three other members of the production crew moaning and groaning, asking for help)

(The camera again fades out as we head to an extended commercial break)

(The feed returns to the arena, there’s no Dynasty video package, music or pyro this week. Instead the camera does a quick pan around the audience before fading over to the commentary table)

Stew: Uhh… welcome to Dynasty everyone! We apologize for that, but obviously as you could imagine… we’re having a few production issues right now. In fact, I’ve just been informed that our General Manager StarrStan has made his way over to the production truck in an effort to help sort things out. He will not be able to moderate the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match that was supposed to open tonight’s show, that will now happen next week. Instead… we’re gonna get you right into the action with our first match!

(I am Revenant by The Distillers hits, as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Kasey Kaos steps out onto the stage and makes her way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and Gentlemen! The following contest is a tag team bout scheduled for!!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from London England, weighing in at 130lbs.. MISSSSS MAYHEMMMMMMM KASEYYYYYYYY KAOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Stew-O: Kasey Kaos had an incredible showing last week in her debut match. She didn’t pick up the victory, but she looked solid nonetheless.

Flannery McCoy: That is for sure! We’ll see how she bounces back here tonight!

(‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’ by Eric B and Rakim hits, as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Lisa Wren steps out onto the stage as she makes her way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And her tag team partner!! From British Columbia, Canada!!! Weighing in at 150lbs!!!! LISAAAAAAAAAAA WRENNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: And here’s Lisa Wren! Lisa has a few matches under her belt and has performed great in every single one. Last week, she also fell in a hard loss, and hopes to bring her team the victory here tonight!

(‘Day of the Lords’ by Joy Division hits, as the crowd erupts into boos. Dorian Cade steps out onto the stage wearing a black trench coat and shades, then makes his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And their opponent.. From Salem, Massachusetts.. Weighing in at 270lbs!!!! BLOOOOOOD MONEYYYYYYY!!!! DORIAN CADE!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: And here’s the massive a dangerous Dorian Cade!!

Stew-O: For those that don’t know, Dorian Cade is actually a member of the Voltage roster. Due to Voltage’s FPV, Shock Value, Cade will be debuting tonight here on Friday Night Dynasty!!! Let’s see what this kid is all about!!

(‘Demons’ by Fight the Fury hits, as Elgin St. Laurent steps out onto the stage. The crowd cheers as he makes his way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his tag team partner!! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 220lbs!!! ELGIN ST. LAURENT!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: And here is another elitist who is making their debut tonight!

Flannery McCoy: From what I heard, Elgin comes from a rich family, but now that Elgin is older, he wants to live on his own and make his own living!!

Stew-O: Big plans and dreams for Elgin St. Laurent, and it all starts tonight!!


Stew-O: And there’s the bell! Lisa Wren exits the ring, through the ropes, as she stands in her team’s corner. At the other end of the ring, Elgin St. Laurent does the exact same, as he exits through the middle ropes.

Flannery McCoy: Kasey Kaos and Dorian Cade start this one out, as Kasey is the first to strike with a hard right hand! Dorian barely even feels that punch as he just stands there! Kasey with another right hand! And now an uppercut!

Jake Mercer: The much larger Dorian Cade is taking these punches with ease! Kasey may have to think of something else!

Stew-O: And that’s exactly what she does, as she switches to an uppercut that catches Dorian in jaw! Dorian staggers back, as that shot definitely got him good! Dorian takes a few steps towards Kasey Kaos now, but Kasey quickly stays on the attack as she lunges her body full force at Dorian and connects with a headbutt right into Dorian’s chest!

Jake Mercer: Dorian Cade falls back against the side ropes, and Kasey Kaos goes for a dropkick on the rebound!!! No!! Dorian Cade hangs onto the top ropes to prevent himself from running back towards Kasey, as Kasey Kaos misses her dropkick entirely and lands on the mat!!

Flannery McCoy: Kasey quickly back up to her feet, but she’s met with a fast running clothesline from Dorian Cade!! Kasey bounces back up to her feet, but is met by another clothesline from Dorian Cade! Kasey hits the mat hard, but again gets to her feet in no time, as Dorian goes for a third clothesline!!

Stew-O: No! This time Kasey Kaos is able to duck underneath the arm, as Dorian Cade runs past her and to the far ropes! Dorian Cade bounces back! RUNNING DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP ONTO KASEY KAOS!!! That’s 270lbs being driven right into her chest!! Dorian covers!



Flannery McCoy: And there’s the quick kickout by Kasey Kaos! Dorian Cade gets back up to his feet, as he grabs Kasey by the hair and lifts her up to her feet. Dorian now adjusts, as he picks Kasey up, and presses her above his head!! Dorian Cade has Kasey Kaos completely pressed above his head, as he walks over to his opponents corner!!

Stew-O: What does this man have in mind?

Jake Mercer: And Dorian Cade tosses Kasey Kaos’ body directly at Lisa Wren in the corner, as Lisa Wren fall off of the ring apron and down to the ringside floor!


Flannery McCoy: And technically that was considered a tag! Lisa Wren is now the legal person in the match for her team!

Stew-O: I believe Dorian Cade is well aware of that now, as he exits the ring through the middle ropes, and makes his way over to Lisa Wren at ringside! Dorian Cade quickly stomps down onto the chest of Lisa Wren, then follows up by bringing her up to her feet! Dorian Cade now whips Lisa Wren, as she crashes back first up against the barricade!!

Referee: One.. Two.. Three.. Four..

Jake Mercer: And look at this! Dorian Cade charges over to Lisa Wren!! RUNNING BIG BOOT ONTO LISA WREN AGAINST THE BARRICADE!!!

Stew-O: NOBODY HOME!!! Lisa Wren gets out at the last second, as Dorian Cade’s leg hangs over the barricade!!

Flannery McCoy: Cade’s leg colliding with that barricade with that amount of force has got to hurt.

Stew-O: Lisa Wren now slides back into the ring, runs to the far ropes, and rebounds! Dorian Cade has freed his leg on the outside, as he walks towards the ring. CORKSCREW PLANCHA BY LISA WREN!!!


Stew-O: And now Dorian Cade with the powerslam at ringside!! Lisa Wren hits the rinside floor with full force!! Cade now grabs Lisa Wren, and slides her back into the ring. Cade follows right after, and goes for the pin!!




Stew-O: Kickout by Lisa Wren!!

Flannery McCoy: Dorian Cade gets back up to his feet now, as he walks over to his corner and tags in Elgin St. Laurent.


Stew-O: And here’s St. Laurent! He enters through the ropes, then quickly gets himself set up onto the middle rope! He’s looking down at Lisa Wren!! He leaps into the air!! DIVING ELBOW OFF OF THE MIDDLE ROPE ONTO LISA WREN!!! IT CONNECTS!!! Elgin St. Laurent with a pin attempt of his own!




Jake Mercer: And there’s another kickout by Lisa Wren!!

Flannery McCoy: Elgin St. Laurent gets up to his feet, as he begins to stalk his opponent! Lisa Wren slowly gets up onto her hands and knees, as Elgin St. Laurent continues to prepare for his next move!!

Stew-O: Lisa is now up to her feet!! ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY ELGIN ST. LAURENT! No!! Lisa ducks underneath the kick, as Elgin St. Laurent does a 360 spin!! Lisa hooks Elgin’s head and arms!! SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! IT CONNECTS!! Both Lisa Wren and Elgin St. Laurent are down in the middle of the ring!!

Flannery McCoy: It looks like Lisa is trying to make a tag, as she’s crawling her way over to Kasey Kaos in the corner. Lisa is extending her arm out to try and reach Kasey! This tag could be the momentum shift that their team needs!! She’s almost there!! Inches away!!

Jake Mercer: AND DORIAN CADE JUST RAN ALL THE WAY AROUND THE RING, BEHIND KASEY KAOS!!! Lisa Wren is still reaching!! Tag!!! NO!!! Dorian Cade grabs Kasey by the boot, and pulls her off of the ring apron before Lisa Wren was able to tag her in!! Kasey lands back first onto the ringside floor, as Dorian looks down at his opponent!!

Flannery McCoy: What a cheap move by Dorian right there. Disrupting the tag attempt by Lisa Wren!

Jake Mercer: Hey this man came here to win, and he is doing whatever he can to give his team the victory here tonight!!

Stew-O: It doesn’t seem like the official is too pleased with Dorian being at that end of the ring, as he tells Dorian to make his way back over to his corner. Dorian listens, as he leaves Kasey Kaos down on the ringside floor.

Flannery McCoy: But back in the ring, we see Lisa Wren sitting in her team’s corner! She’s looking down at Kasey Kaos and at Dorian who is making his way to the other side of the ring.

Stew-O: I think Lisa Wren was hoping for a quick breather by tagging Kasey Kaos in, but I guess that won’t be the case now, as Kaos is still down on the ground!!

Flannery McCoy: Lisa Wren now turns her attention towards Elgin St. Laurent who is slowly getting up to his feet! From out of the corner, Lisa Wren charges at Elgin St. Laurent!! LOU THESZ PRESS BY LISA WREN!!! EGLIN ST. LAURENT LANDS BACK FIRST ONTO THE MAT WITH LISA WREN ON TOP OF HIM!!! And now Lisa Wren begins unloading punches onto Elgin St. Laurent!! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! Lisa Wren quickly gets up to her feet as she is building up momentum!! Lisa now runs over to a neutral corner, and makes her way up onto the top rope!! Lisa stands on the top rope!!

Jake Mercer: BUT LOOK!!! It’s Dorian Cade!! Dorian runs the apron from his corner towards Lisa Wren!!! Dorian shoves Lisa, as she falls off of the top rope!! But she lands on the ring apron on the other side of turnbuckles as Dorian by hanging onto the ropes!!


Flannery McCoy: BUT LOOK ITS ELGIN ST. LAURENT!! Elgin St. Laurent charges at Kasey Kaos in the ring with a running right hook!! NO!!! Kasey Kaos ducks underneath it, as Elgin runs right into Lisa Wren!! Lisa stands on the ring apron, but she has a good hold of Elgin St. Laurent!! Lisa raises her fist into the air!!! HEART PUNCH!!! THE JAB TO THE HEART CONNECTS, AS ELGIN ST. LAURENT INSTANTLY FALLS TO THE MAT!!!!

Jake Mercer: The Referee now goes over to Kasey Kaos and guides her over to her team’s corner, BUT AT RINGSIDE BEHIND LISA WREN!! IT’S DORIAN CADE!! DORIAN CADE PULLS LISA WREN’S LEG FROM OFF OF THE APRON, AS SHE HITS HER HEAD ON THE RING APRON ON THE WAY DOWN!!! LISA WREN IS STUNNED!!! Dorian turns Lisa around and kicks her in the gut!! Dorian Cade pulls Lisa in!! He lifts her up!!!


Flannery McCoy: Dorian Cade slides Lisa Wren back into the ring, and the referee has no idea what just happened!

Jake Mercer: That’s exactly why I like what I’ve seen so far from Dorian Cade tonight. He takes advantage of every opportunity given to him.

Stew-O: Lisa Wren lays flat on the mat next to Elgin St. Laurent. She reaches up and uses the bottom rope to pull herself up. St. Laurent turns over and makes his way to his hands and knees. Lisa continuing to pull herself up, as she finally gets to her feet!! St. Laurent makes it up to his feet as well, as he strikes Lisa with his right forearm! It connects, as Lisa takes a step back! Elgin St. Laurent with a dropkick!!

Flannery McCoy: The dropkick connects, as Lisa falls back against the ropes!! But she uses the extra momentum from the rebound and connects with a quick running facebuster!!! Elgin St. Laurent is down!!! Lisa is down!!

Jake Mercer: Both competitors are reaching their arms out, trying to tag in their partners! Dorian Cade is extending his arm out as far as he can! He really wants to get back into this!! Kasey Kaos is also reaching! Elgin and Lisa both crawling and inching their way to their partners!!!


Flannery McCoy: It’s Kasey Kaos!! She’s in this match now, as she charges across the ring and past Elgin St. Laurent!!! She’s targeting Dorian Cade!! KASEY DIPS HER SHOULDER AND GOES FULL FORCE INTO DORIAN CADE’S ABDOMEN!!! DORIAN FALLS OFF OF THE RING APRON AND DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!!

Stew-O: Those punches earlier didn’t faze him, and so Kasey used all of her speed to hit him with a powerful shot!!

Jake Mercer: But it’s Elgin St. Laurent! He’s up to his feet!! Kasey is still facing Dorian Cade who’s laying down at ringside!! Elgin charges at Kasey!!! ASK THE ANGELS!!!!!!! ELGIN ST. LAURENT JUST RAN INTO THE SPIN KICK FROM OUT OF THE CORNER BY KASEY KAOS!!!! ELGIN IS OUT COLD!!! KASEY COVERS!!!!





(‘I am a Revenant’ by The Distillers hits, as the crowd cheers on the team of Lisa Wren and Kasey Kaos. Both Lisa and Kasey walk to the center of the ring where they get their hands raised by the referee!)


Stew-O: What a great tag team match featuring the young talent in EAW.

Flannery McCoy: Kasey Kaos picks up her first win, as Lisa Wren adds another to her record. This was definitely not an easy victory, but they found a way to come out on top!

Jake Mercer: Sucks that Dorian Cade isn’t going to be sticking with us after tonight. I was really starting to like that guy.

Stew-O: I’m sure he’ll do great on Voltage, likewise with the other three here on Dynasty!

(Commercial Break)

(Advertisement for Shock Value airs)

(Dynasty comes back as a recap of the events that took place to open the show plays)

(StarrStan can be shown walking backstage, getting ready to head to the ring, he’s flanked by security. Even with the protection you can tell he’s nervous, periodically looking over his shoulder)

Stew: There you see our General Manager, he’ll be up next with some BIG announcements concerning Reckless Wiring!

(Commercial break)

(The camera returns from commercial with StarrStan already in the ring. He tries to fake a smile but it’s far from convincing. He looks around into the crowd nervously, he raises the mic up to his mouth and begins to speak)

Starr: Right so, this won’t take too long. As you all know, Reckless Wiring puts the POWER in your hands! The elitists in the back, they bend to your wishes, they have to do what you want! Tonight I’m out here to announce the stipulations that you can choose for the already announced matches!

(As Starr gathers himself, the commentary team chirps in)

Stew: Geez, it’s almost like he’s reading off a teleprompter!

Starr: FIRST! The match between Justin Windgate and Gwyn Gilfried, you can choose to have them compete in either: a First Blood match, a Scaffold Match or a LEGO Table Match!

(A graphic showing the choices appears on the titantron)

Starr: Next, the choices for Darcy versus Kensingten are: a Submission match, a Scaffold match or… a Barbed Wire Bra and Panties match!

(The graphic for that now appears on the screen, the crowd gives a reaction to the last choice)

Flannery: Starr really seems to be rushing through these…

Jake Mercer: Holy shit guys, can you cut the guy some slack? Does he sound off? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Is he rushing through these? Yes! There’s a lunatic running around somewhere backstage who has it out for him and is threatening to destroy this whole show! This is STUPID anyway! Why do we need to have an entire segment… IN THE RING for this! This could’ve been done in his office… or better yet… just announce the stipulations online… it’s 20 FUCKING 20!

Starr: For the National Elite Championship, Kassidy Heart will be defending her championship against Nathan von Liebert in your choice of: a Ladder match, an Ironperson match or a Taipei Death match!

Starr: The Visual Prophet and Lethal Consequences will battle in either: a Falls Count Anywhere match, Last Man Standing match or a Street Fight!

Starr: And finally, in a match that will be made official next week, Drake King is slated to defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match against TLA and Omasu Arcichida! And you get to choose if the championship will be defended in a: Hell in a Cell match, an Elimination Iron Branding match, or a Dome of Death Match!

(Starr could barely finish getting the words out of his mouth before being interrupted by “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.)

Stew: OH BOY!!

Flannery: OH MAN!!

Jake Mercer: OH GOD!!!

(The crowd rises to their feet as Cage emerges from behind the curtain, his eyes locked on the General Manager. Cage makes his way down to the ramp as the security converges, forming a barrier between him and the ring. The music dies down, Cage sizes up each one of the security guards)

Stew: It might be 4 on 1 but I think Cage would take those odds! If he has to take out each one of those security guards to get to StarrStan… he’ll do just that!

(Starr motions for the security to Cage in the ring, they’re hesitant but eventually oblige. Cage walks past, knocking shoulders with one of them. He gets into the ring and rushes up to Starr, snatching the mic out of his hand. Starr goes to say something but Cage cuts him off)

Cage: No, don’t speak, don’t plead, don’t beg, don’t apologize, don’t do anything… except listen to me… okay? You know, after last week Starr… I was angry, real angry… I spent that entire weekend fuming… because it happened again! Just as I was about to get something that I wanted, it was pulled away from me, I was attacked, I don’t know by what or by who but I was laid out, as were members of your security team… YOU were the only one unscathed. Ain’t that bout a bitch. So naturally, I draw the conclusion, the only conclusion I could… whatever was happening, you were involved. And I was ready, ooooh I was ready to come to Dynasty this week, break down your office door and get my answers by any means necessary.

Cage: But then, as the week went on and I kept it rolling around in my brain, I began to think… no, it’s not that simple. It can’t be that simple. If Starr REALLY had something to do with this, would he really leave himself unharmed? After all, there are other reasons why you would be left unharmed… if this is the work of a rogue elitist, or some other employee they certainly wouldn’t want to harm their boss, would they? So then I started going that route, maybe this isn’t the work of a conspiracy by management, maybe I had been sniffing in the wrong areas. Maybe instead I should be looking in the locker rooms, or in the production areas… so that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. 

Cage: And I was just now in the locker room “lookin” when I saw you… and I listened to you, I heard you run down the Reckless Wiring card and what I heard, or rather, didn’t hear caught my attention. My name. Where is it? Now I know, being caught up with all of this, I’m not really tangled up with anybody right now, but I’m still Cage. Regardless of what anybody thinks of me personally, I’m still Cage. I still put asses in seats and push subscriptions to the EAWNetwork. So… where’s my name? Why haven’t I been given an opportunity to do what I’ve proven to do so many times in the past. It’s a bit suspicious, don’t you think?

Starr: C–

Cage: No, I said don’t talk. I’m giving you until then Starr. Come clean and, or give me the answers that I want. Because if you don’t? If you don’t… there won’t be a Reckless Wiring.

Starr: Ple–


Jake Mercer: Don’t sound so excited, Stew! Did you hear what Cage just said… he threatened that there won’t be a Reckless Wiring if he doesn’t get his answers, what does that even mean?!

(A laid out Starr is seen being attended to in the ring by various personnel as the camera transitions elsewhere)

(A replay of the back and forth between Darcy May Morgan and Kensingten airs including last weeks events)

(“Battle with Magus” (from Chrono Trigger) – Yasunori Mituda as Melissa O’Malley makes her way out to the stage and towards the ring holding her modified kendo stick in hand. )

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From the Las Vegas Strip! Weighing in at 122 pounds she is The Gladiatrix… MELISSAAAA OOOOOOO’MALLEYYY!!!!!!!

(‘Spotlight Savior’ by Iggy Azalea begins to play and Darcy Morgan confidently struts out to the stage with her title around her waist. She points to the title and blows a kiss at the camera before putting one foot in front of the other, methodically making her way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Aaaand her opponent! Weighing in at 130 pounds, from London, England — SHE IS THE LEADING LAAADDDDDDDDDDY! DARCY! MAY! MORGAN!

Stew-O: And HERE WE GO! The Gladiatrix versus The Leading Lady is underway! Let’s find out who will come out the victor! 

Jake Mercer: Stew you talk too much sometimes.

Stew-O: All part of my job Jake, both warrior women are staring each other down at the center of the ring before engaging in a clinch which is turned into a headlock by O’Malley quickly wanting to use her speed to her advantage! The hold is well applied by the Vegas native before she sends Morgan into the ropes who then collected by a Spinning Heel Kick right to the face sending her hard on the mat! Good offensive opener by Melissa who keeps the pressure on by going for a leg drop followed by a second and a third drilling her leg stiffly upon Darcy who can only endure the onslaught! Darcy tries to move away after the third drop retreating to a corner but she is quickly followed by O’Malley who charges at her with a running knee to the face!! Darcy gets a mudhole stomping in the corner The Gladiatrix really doing a number on her with hard kicks an-

Jake Mercer: Woah lookout!!

Stew-O: Darcy just grabbed a hold of Melissa’s leg and twisted her ankle into a lock!!! She turned the stomping into a submission manoeuver just like that woah what a reversal but O’Malley quickly moves to the ropes which get the official to break Darcy’s hold. Darcy grabs hold of Melissa’s hair and holds a tight grip upon her opponent! O’Malley tries to get free but there is no letting go from The Leading Lady who yells.

Darcy ‘’This Is How You Handle A Bitch!’’

Stew-O: Grabbing Melissa’s hair with both hands she begins to spin around until Mel gets off the ground! The merry-go-round from Darcy and we can hear Melissa screaming! The fans are counting the turns! 

Fans: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! 

Stew-O: And finally she lets go of her opponent who crashes into the ground holding her head painfully! The referee had ordered Morgan to stop and was counting along with the fans threatening disqualification as a result of her actions had she not let go! Seeing her opponent near the edge of the ring Darcy bounces off the ropes and baseball kicks her off to the ground! Melissa lands hard on the floor followed by Darcy who smiles at her work. Darcy moves and grabs hold of Melissa and Irish whips her into the guard rail and then against the ring apron! That must hurt and Darcy is not looking to go easy on her opponent who is writhing in pain holding her back. Morgan slides into the ring standing at its center yelling at O’Malley telling her to get up and come at her. The Gladiatrix slowly gets on the apron and we see Darcy May crouch getting ready for something, wait is she gonna…

Jake Mercer: SUICIDE SPEAR!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!!!


Jake Mercer: HOLY COW! 

Flannery McCoy: Melissa used Darcy like a crazy carpet! What athletism to dodge that spear! What ring presence from the Gladiatrix! 

Stew-O: Darcy went high risk and it cost her quite a bit! She is in pain on her back on the floor while Melissa is slowly getting to her feet! O’Malley moves to her opponent kicking her a few solid times to the ribs before pulling her to her feet by the hair as well! Some measure of payback from the action taken earlier and she forces Darcy’s head RIGHT AGAINST A CORNER POST OF THE RING! 


Stew-O: The crowd cheers on loving how Melissa just got back at Darcy for that hair pull stunt momenta ago! Morgan is struggling to get to her feet as Melissa moves to the apron turning to look at her opponent. She seems to measure her up before moving forward and MISSILE DROPKICK DOWN TO MORGAN!! Both women lands back on the floor surrounding the ring and O’Malley get back to a verticle base while Morgan looks almost out cold not moving a whole much. O’Malley stands over her opponent asking her to get up before helping her to her feet and roll her inside the ring! She goes for the cover!

Referee: ONE! TWO! 

Jake Mercer: DMM KICKS OUT!!

Flannery McCoy: And in just a nick of time too! 

Stew-O: O’Malley moves to kneel over Darcy drilling in some forearms to the side of her head but then Darcy spins them around and she ends up on top of things and begins to throw haymakers down on O’Malley who tries to block best she can! Darcy keeps on throwing in punches and one of them gets grabbed by Melissa who turns this into an armbar submission! But she didn’t get a good enough grip thus both girls are able to split from each other and they get up going for a series of punches at the face of each other which Melissa ends up having the better of! Irish whip to the ropes and both girls ducks each other before a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BRINGS THEM BOTH DOWN!!! Then retreat into a corner after being on the floor a short bit! Both ladies are standing at an opposite corner of the ring, they look tired, what will their move be? Both look to be tuning up the band for a piece of music and then both rushes in! Will they connect each other’s jaw with a foot together?? Who will connect first? O’Malley’s Gladius Kick or Morgan’s Face Ache? Then both suddenly charge! They are going for it! O’Malley swings for the fences but Morgan ducks under the arching foot!! FACE ACHE!!! THE SUPERKICK CONNECTS BUT O’MALLEY ALTHOUGH STUNNED REMAINS ON HER FEET! This is Darcy’s chance to put her opponent away and she sets Melissa for The Curtain Call! IT CONNECTS!!

Jake Mercer: COVER!!!

Referee: ONE!!! TWOOO!!! THREEE!!!


(“Spotlight Savior” picks back up as Darcy has her arm lifted in celebration)


(Darcy continues celebrating her victory before “AHEM, AHEM, AHEM” is heard throughout the arena as Darcy’s music stops and she looks around this arena before she finally catches the titantron to see a smiling Kensington Calhoun-Astor standing backstage noticeably in a locker room as Darcy has her Specialist Championship in her hands and continues to watch on)

Kensington(clapping her hands): Bravo, bravo. No really honey, that’s a good little match for a skank like you.

Crowd: :damn:

Kensington: But I’m not impressed, not one but darling. If anything I want the audience to take in the last time they will ever see something has trashy as this holding a title that represents excellence. That title in your hands represents these skanks who think they can level up to a real woman.

(Darcy is in the ring gritting her teeth as she is obviously not taking kindly to the words of her opponent)

Kensington: I mean am I lying? I’m not one to lie. I’m an honorable woman, a woman with class. A woman who will finally lift this championship above the previous sluts who have donned the title of “Specialist” when all you little girls specialize in is laying on your backs.

Crowd: :ohlawd:

Kensington: Honey, the proof is not only in your wrestling ability, but your choice of wardrobe is just trashy, trashy, trashy. And you have the audacity to consider yourself a leading lady? A leading lady of what? A casting couch pornography? You nasty thing.

(Darcy is in the ring challenging her to come down to the ring and stop running her mouth)

Kensington: Darling, you want to fight me so bad. I’m saving everything I have planned for Reckless Wiring. But let’s take a look at your wardrobe

(Kensington pulls out a crop top that Darcy immediately reacts to)

Kensington: Not only does this thing look awful but it smells god awful, you want to have lady attached to your name try a little less cleavage.

(Kensington pulls out scissors and begins cutting up the crop top as the crowd reacts and Darcy is about to blow a gasket, Kensington drops the cut up top and pulls out a pair of leggings)

Kensington: You women and your leggings, it’s just sad. Trashy, 

(Kensington begins cutting the legs laughing as Darcy drops her title and begins sprinting up the ramp obviously heading to her locker room where Kensington is currently cutting her clothing)


Jake: What a statement she made, I support this myself, I love a woman who likes to take the trash out 


(Darcy burst through the door as she sees her cut up clothes on the floor and begins looking for Kensington)


(From behind Kensington comes out and spins Darcy around)


(Kensington stands over Darcy who is laid out before a smirk crosses her face before she leaves as the camera pans down to Darcy out on the floor)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the upcoming EAW Network special: Hot Takes with Ronan Malosi! Enrich your wrestling knowledge today!)

(The camera cuts to the ring where Stephie Love is shown holding a microphone.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

(“Friend vs. Friend” by Company Flow hits to loud boos from the crowd.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Oakland, California weighing in at 230 pounds he is LEEEETHALLLL CONNNNSEEQQUENCESS!!!!

(Lethal Consequences comes out to the ring reluctantly looking like he doesn’t want to be here.)

Flannery McCoy: This week the EAW Hall of Famer made it known that his competition was below him and he doesn’t seen particularly interested in competing.

Stew-O: Yet here he is so maybe something Ronan said this week changed his mind.

Jake Mercer: Come on guys… you know that Lethal Consequences isn’t going to run from a fight. However that doesn’t stop him from stating the truth when his opponent doesn’t deserve to face a legend like himself!

(Waterproof Blonde – Come On hits to another storm of boos.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent from Cape Town, South Africa weighing in at 280 pounds he is “The Walking Disasterpiece” ROOOOOONAN MALOOOOOOOSIIIIII!!!!

(Ronan Malosi comes out looking enraged and ready to hurt someone.)

Flannery McCoy: Here comes a pissed off Cape Town Crippler who has promised that tonight will be the End of Days for Lethal Consequences!!!

Stew-O: Could we be witnessing Lethal Consequences’ retirement match here tonight?!?!?

Jake Mercer: Lmao no. Ronan should take this match as a learning opportunity! He has a great future in this business and there is nobody better or more morally sound to take advice from than Lethal Consequences!!!


Flannery McCoy: Here we go. Lethal Consequences and Ronan Malosi eyeing each other from across the ring. Things are about to erupt here as both men slowly pace towards each other. And just like a flash of lightning both men lock up in the ring struggling for position. Gritting their teeth in rage as they are desperate to prove their dominance in this ring here tonight. Here we go! Lethal and Ronan fighting as Ronan looks to be gaining a strength advantage pushing Lethal back against the ropes. The referee ordering a break but Lethal fights his way off the ropes. Ronan smirks before easily tossing Lethal into the corner. Lethal’s back slams hard against the turnbuckle pads before Ronan moves in. Ronan taking a boxing stance here as he begins to lay into the exposed chest and gut of Lethal. Lethal tries to block the blows with his arms but wherever he blocks Ronan hits elsewhere. He’s going to need a third arm if he wants to stop Malosi!

Jake Mercer: Well I have a third leg so I could.

Stew-O: You want Ronan Malosi to punch that?

Jake Mercer: Wait nah… forget I said anything…

Flannery McCoy: We always do. Anyway it looks like Ronan Malosi has knocked Lethal Consequences down in the corner and he is absolutely hammering him now with his boot to the face! Lethal desperately trying to block using his arms but Ronan is relentless… wait! Lethal caught the boot of Ronan with one of his arms! He pushes upwards! For a split second you can see the look of shock on the face of Ronan before he is sent tumbling backwards! Ronan looses his balance here… DOWN GOES RONAN! DOWN GOES RONAN! DOWN GOES RONAN! Ronan back up as Lethal Consequences smirks off to the crowd…

Stew-O: Big time uppercut from Ronan takes Lethal Consequences off his feet! Lethal flies backwards rolling out of the ring for a quick breather. Ronan Malosi follows his opponent reaching down over the top rope looking to bring him back up and into the match. But Lethal pulls down the neck of Ronan over the top rope! Ronan flies back coughing and hacking as he just suffered from that blow. Lethal slips back into the ring and hammers Ronan hard with a club like blow over the back. Lethal turns to the corner as he begins to untie the ring pad.

Referee: Nah.

Lethal Consequences: :mjgrin:

Jake Mercer: The referee now retying up that turnbuckle padding… and wait what is Lethal Consequences doing here… WHAT IS THAT?!?

Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences has brass knuckles! He pounds them across the back of Ronan Malosi! Ronan shrieks in pain as he falls over against the ropes! The referee didn’t see it! Lethal now pounding the face of Ronan with those brass knuckles as Ronan staggers back into the corner and falls down on his ass! He might be out cold! The referee finishes retying up the turnbuckle as he turns around and Lethal Consequences quickly and stealthily slips the brass knuckles back into his tights! He charges into the corner… Running Splash to Ronan Malosi who was just getting up! Ronan falls like a massive tree face first in the ring as Lethal slides in to flip him over. The cover!


Stew-O: Ronan Malosi kicks out with authority! Damn I guess he’s not knocked out just yet! Lethal Consequences back up as Ronan pounds the mat angrily and stomps back up to his feet! He slams Lethal’s face into the turnbuckle padding which falls off.

Ronan Malosi: Come on ref. Do you not know how to do your job?

Referee: My bad. They never showed me how to tie these. I did my best.

Ronan Malosi: Your best isn’t good enough!

(The crowd boos)

Jake Mercer: Ronan Malosi drops Lethal Consequences face first over his knee. Damn! And now he grabs Lethal whipping him around like a ragdoll by the neck before slamming his arm down across the chest of Lethal. Lethal sent to the ground as Ronan runs the ropes… Guillotine Leg Drop!!! It connects! The cover!!!


Flannery McCoy: NO! Lethal Consequences gets his foot on the bottom rope just in time! The referee insists that this match is not yet over! Lethal quickly rolls out of the ring looking to escape… but Ronan Malosi in pursuit! Lethal resting up against the barricade but here comes Ronan! Oh god what is he gonna do?!?!?


Jake Mercer: Ronan is wildin’.

Flannery McCoy: Both men completely laid out here in the crowd. These fans are getting a real up close and personal look at the action.

Jake Mercer: I know it is tempting ladies but please keep your hands off Lethal Consequences. Or there will be consequences!

Stew-O: Looks like Ronan is stirring first as he slowly makes his way back to his feet and crawls back towards the ring to beat the 10 count. And he rolls back out again! Looks like Ronan Malosi doesn’t want to win the match this way! He grabs Lethal Consequences and drags him across the broken barrier towards the ring. Ronan slams Lethal’s head onto the steel ring steps before rolling him into the ring. Lethal looks dazed as Ronan climbs in after him.

Jake Mercer: Ronan Malosi is quickly becoming part of my top ten. No cap.

Flannery McCoy: Looks like Ronan Malosi intends to put things to a quick end right here right now! Lethal Consequences pulled up to his feet! Ronan is going in! THE SOUVENIR CONNECTS! IT’S ALL OVER!!!

Lethal Consequences: Nah.

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences counters the finishing move of Ronan Malosi! Lethal jabs his thumb hard into the eye of Ronan who lets out a distraught cry of pain! Lethal turns Ronan back around…LCR! THE LCR CONNECTS! RONAN IS DOWN!!! THE COVER!!! HE CAN’T KICK OUT OF THIS ONE!




(“Friend vs. Friend” by Company Flow hits as Lethal Consequences has his arm raised in victory.)

Flannery McCoy: :dave:

Stew-O: :dave:

Jake Mercer: :dave:

(Ronan Malosi is shown struggling back up to his feet as Lethal Consequences leaves the ring and struts backstage confidently.)

Jake Mercer: Don’t worry Ronan. I’m sure next time will be different!

Flannery McCoy: Well Lethal Consequences basically stole this W. But I guess we should be used to it by now.

Stew-O: Agreed. You have to be prepared for anything when you face Lethal Consequences but at least Ronan can rest knowing that Lethal had to bend the rules severely to defeat him here tonight!

(The scene opens up backstage where Fight Grid host, Molly Waters, is standing by. She smiles her professional smile into the camera and begins speaking.)

Molly Waters: Earlier tonight, StarrStan revealed the stipulations the EAW Universe can vote on for the Reckless Wiring match card. One of the matches taking place will be Justin Windgate defending the New Breed Championship against newcomer Gwyn Gilfried. While we won’t know what type of match that ends up being for awhile, we do know that Gwyn Gilfried has a chance to win his first championship here in EAW at Reckless Wiring. Joining me to talk about that is Gwyn Gilfried.

(The camera shot widens to show the number one contender himself standing beside Molly.)

Molly Waters: Gwyn, thank you for joining me. How does it feel knowing you have a huge match later on tonight where you’ll be standing across the ring from your Reckless Wiring opponent?

(The arrogant newcomer smirks.)

Gwyn Gilfried: I believe I made my feelings about this match perfectly clear already. Teaming with two men who hate one another, men who’ll be opponents in just a couple of weeks, is nothing more than the universe trying to knock me down a peg or two. Currently, I’m undefeated here in Elite Answers Wrestling and that’s because I’m the greatest technical wrestler in the world. However asking me to carry this team on my back and step between the egos of TLA and Osamu Archicida is more than is necessary at this stage of the game. I meant what I said. If these two somehow cost me my streak, there will be hell for them to pay later on down the line. I’m the future of this company and I have no problem continuing to make my name at their expense.

Molly Waters: You seem fairly confident that you would end up here.

Gwyn Gilfried: Of course. I’m a future champion. It’s just happening a little quicker than I anticipated. I’m not complaining, not at all, even if I am questioning the reasoning behind this match. I understand people want to see the top stars in action on a weekly basis and clearly I’m right there with those that are considered ‘elite’, but there’s a time and a place for everything. At the very least, the reigning New Breed Champion will get a taste of what’s in store for him at Reckless Wiring.

Molly Waters: There’s a possibility that Justin and yourself will face off in a match that doesn’t necessarily fit your wheelho-

(Gwyn holds up his hand.)

Gwyn Gilfried: Let me stop you, Molly. It goes without saying the EAW Universe is full of barbarians and right now I’m not willing to entertain any of the potential match types that I could end up forced into. What everyone needs to know is that I will do whatever I can to keep any match I’m in as pure as possible. I’m a real wrestler, not backyard wrestling trash, and it’s highly offensive to someone of my stature to be forced into anything other than a technical classic. That being said, I knew what I was getting into when I signed on the dotted line. I knew that I would have to be adaptable. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. Whatever the EAW Universe ends up voting for is the match I will end up winning. Come Reckless Wiring, I will walk out of Rio de Janeiro as the New Breed Champion.

(There’s a tremendous amount of arrogance that is dripping from Gwyn’s voice at the moment, but thus far he’s been able to back up everything he’s said. Molly gives him an affirmative nod and is about to ask another question, when a cloud of smoke engulfs the two of them.)

Gwyn Gilfried (Coughing): What in the world??

(Justin Windgate strolls into the picture, clearly violating the EAW Wellness Policy if such a thing existed. He’s dressed to compete, the New Breed Championship across his shoulder, and he flicks the joint he’s been smoking right at Gwyn. Gwyn takes a step to the side so it doesn’t hit him and he looks absolutely annoyed by Justin’s presence. Justin grins and extends his hand.)

Justin Windgate: I don’t think we have officially met. Justin Windgate, New Breed Champion.

(Gwyn looks at Justin’s hand like it’s diseased.)

Gwyn Gilfried: More like stoner and temporary belt holder. I hope you enjoy what’s left of your reign.

Justin Windgate: It really doesn’t surprise me to hear you boast about winning a match you haven’t even competed in yet. That’s going to make your defeat at my hands at Reckless Wiring mean that much more.

Gwyn Gilfried: Let’s get something straight. It’s a bit of a shame to have the New Breed division represented by someone like you. Not only are you past your expiration date as a new breed competitor, you’re someone who’s extracurricular activities leave a lot to be desired. The last thing we need is for the New Breed division to be represented by a smokey joe. You make me sick.

(Gwyn practically spits at Justin. The disgust in his voice towards Justin and everything he represents is pretty clear. That disgust just rolls right off the champion’s back.)

Justin Windgate: Here’s what’s great about what you just said. I don’t wake up in the morning, stressed about whether or not Gwyn Gilfried agrees with my lifestyle. Couldn’t care less. What I do care about is Reckless Wiring and retaining the New Breed Championship. I want to reign over a division that is looked at as the best of the best, and you have risen to the top as a championship contender pretty quickly. After I defeat you at Reckless Wiring, everyone is going to realize that being ‘New Breed’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best of the rookies. To me, this championship represents the rebirth of my career, a new chapter, and a chance to prove that no matter who’s put in my path, I’ve never lost a step. Winning the Extreme Enigma Memorial Battle Royal at Road to Redemption and following that up by dethroning Jenny Cien for this championship proves I have what it takes to compete in any era. You can focus on me all you want tonight, Gwyn. In fact, I welcome you to find out firsthand what’s in store for you come Reckless Wiring when it’s just the two of us competing in whatever insane scenario the fans vote on. I plan on helping my team win tonight and come Reckless Wiring, I plan on continuing my own undefeated streak… against you.

(Justin pats the New Breed Championship and heads off, leaving Gwyn left to stew. Molly holds the microphone out but Gwyn brushes her off and walks off.)

(The scene fades elsewhere.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! INTRODUCING FIRST!

(‘Redshift’ by Audiomachine begins to play as NvL walks out on stage with a look of anger and disgust. NvL takes his time strutting to the ring confidently.)

Stephie Love: Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, weighing in tonight at 215 pounds, NATHANNNN VONNN LIEEBERRRRRT! N! V! L!

Flannery McCoy: The number one contender to the National Elite Championship, NvL is surely entering this match tonight looking to send a direct message to Kassidy Hart, just as he’s done the past few weeks. Last week, we saw him crack a damn pack of light tubes over the back of her skull!

Stew-O: There’s no doubt about it, he wants to solidify he deserves that spot tonight by making quick work here and keeping himself in prime competing shape for his match at Reckless Wiring. He’s attacked Kassidy Hart ruthlessly these past few weeks. I think he wants to make it clear tonight that anyone can be a victim of his.

Jake Mercer: NvL has taken it to Kassidy Hart, quite unlike anything I’ve seen, and he isn’t fucking around. He’s a mad-man.

(‘Stabbing in the Dark’ by Ice Nine Kills plays quickly after and Komatsu Ogawa walks out on stage, sizing up NvL from the entrance ramp. Ogawa points at NvL and marches to the ring.)

Stephie Love: HIS OPPONENT! He is from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in tonight at 251 pounds, he is THE SERPENT KING! KOMMMMMMMAAATSUUUUUUUUUU OGAAAAAAWWWWWWWAAAA!

Jake Mercer: Well this lunatic NvL called Ogawa a ‘tune-up’ match to his upcoming battle with Kassidy Hart. Surely Ogawa wants to prove him wrong on that front.

Stew-O: After such strong words, he’ll have to. He’s coming off of a win over Zak Simmons, but he’s entering unfamiliar territory here tonight on Dynasty, gentlemen. And a win over NvL would be huge for him.


Flannery McCoy: This match is underway. NvL immediately begins hammering away at Ogawa, taking no light shots. NvL backs Ogawa into the corner turnbuckle with a face-paced series of rights and lefts. Ogawa is doing his best to protect himself, but quite frankly, it looks like these shots are connecting right on target! NvL goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Ogawa, and Irish whips him right out of the corner. NvL follows, charging at Ogawa! BUT OGAWA DODGES OUT OF THE WAY! NvL just bashed his solar plexus right into the turbuckle. OH! LOOK OUT! A QUICK ROLLUP BY OGAWA! THIS COULD BE IT!



Stew-O: No! NvL kicks out of that pin, but you can tell he was jolted by it from the look on his face! He’s up quick and so is Ogawa. NvL charges right at Ogawa, swinging with a right hand, but Ogawa is quick enough to duck it. Ogawa hits NvL with a left hand, but he seems unaffected. Ogawa follows up with a right! But NvL just stares right back at him. Ogawa goes for another right and another left, both each connecting. BUT NVL DOESN’T MOVE! Ogawa has a shocked look on his face! NvL begins punching himself in the side of the hide, giving a crazed look to Ogawa.

Jake Mercer: This is what I’m talking about! He’s an absolutely goddamn crazed lunatic and he’s deadly serious about it.

Flannery McCoy: Ogawa goes off the ropes… NvL ducks a clothesline. Ogawa is off the ropes again and he now ducks an attempted cross chop by NvL! NvL turns around… RIGHT INTO A HUGE DISCUS ELBOW FROM OGAWA! This sends NvL wobbling. Ogawa kicks NvL in the midsection and sends him to the mat with a snap DDT! OGAWA HOOKS THE LEG FOR A COVER…



Flannery McCoy: He can dish out punishment, but it also looks like he can take it! Ogawa has a look on his face that says it all — he nows he’s going to have to inflict some serious punishment on NvL if he wants to win this match.

Stew-O: AND THAT’S WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO! OGAWA SPIKES NVL’S HEAD ON THE MAT WITH A PILEDRIVER! That was a huge move. But it looks like he’s not done. Ogawa drags NvL into the corner. Ogawa backs into the opposite turnbuckle. He charges! DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER CONNECTS. That clearly hurt NvL as he’s holding his nose, it might be bleeding here. That face breaker connected with brutal velocity. You heard a crack!


Flannery McCoy: Ogawa turns around… AND NVL CONNECTS WITH A VICIOUS HEADBUTT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYS OF OGAWA! NvL picks Ogawa up right away and punches him with several closed fists, right into the same spot he head butted him. Some vicious shots and the referee is warning NvL to knock it off. OH! NVL HOOKS THE CHEEK OF OGAWA! NVL HAS HIS FINGER IN THE MOUTH OF OGAWA AND IS PULLING AWAY AT HIS CHEEK!


Stew-O: The referee didn’t agree that was a legal maneuver here, once again making the five count to warn NvL of disqualification. But I’m not sure this man even cares about the rules!

Flannery McCoy: NvL once again grabs Ogawa by the hair, violently picking him up to his vertical base from the mat. NvL lifts Ogawa into suplex position. NvL holds him there for a few moments, but he plants him down INTO A BACKBREAKER ACROSS HIS KNEES! God, he’s just violent. Everything he does is just violent and nasty. NvL exits to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. What kind of aerial offense are we going to see her-

Jake Mercer: What the hell?! OGAWA IS UP… AND HE RUNS UP THE TURNBUKLE!

Stew-O: :lupe:

Flannery McCoy: Ogawa is on the top now hitting NvL with hard right hands. NvL trades a few shots back, connecting to the jaw of Ogawa. Both men are stumbling and dizzy. Ogawa is now attempting to suplex NvL off the top turnbuckle but he’s meeting resistance! NvL punches the ribs of Ogawa several times, weakening him. NvL is back on his feet — OH MY GOD!

Jake Mercer: NVL FLIPS OVER OGAWA AND POWERBOMBS HIM HARD! HARD! HARD! RIGHT ONTO THE MAT! I think the back of Ogawa’s head might be as mushy as a watermelon left out in July in Houston! OGAWA LOOKS LIKE HE’S OUT!

Stew-O: Yeah and you can see NvL is proud of what he’s done. He’s smiling as the crowd looks on in shock from that power-bomb. You could really hear Ogawa’s head hit. NvL should be covering Ogawa but instead he’s taking in this crowd and feeding off of their response.

Flannery McCoy: Well as mentioned earlier, I do think he’s also trying to send a message here to Kassidy Hart. NvL, nose still bleeding, sets Ogawa up in the corner. NvL washes the bottom of his boot right off the face of Ogawa! AND HE DOES IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! Jesus, Ogawa is holding his face in agony after getting face-washed about five or six times by the rough edges of that boot. NvL laughs at the pain of Ogawa and once again looks at the audience. NvL grabs the arm of Ogawa and lifts him up. NvL goes behind Ogawa…. !!!!


Stew-O: Gruesome! After that power bomb off the top turnbuckle and now this German suplex, there is no way Ogawa isn’t concussed right now. NvL still isn’t making a pin…

Flannery McCoy: NvL wags his finger at the audience. Clearly he’s on his own time and doesn’t give a hot damn with this crowd here Phoenix thinks about it. NvL exits the ring to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle once again. This time, he knows Ogawa isn’t getting up. There’s just no chance. Not sure what he’s thinking here, but he’s being awful methodical about it. NvL stands up on the top turnbuckle, taking his time to square Ogawa up!


Stew-O: But nobody’s home!! Out of desperation, Ogawa rolls out of the way and NvL goes face first right into the mat.

Jake Mercer: Did you know NvL has suffered over 900 concussions in his career?

Stew-O: :mjwtf:

Flannery McCoy: I don’t think so, but right now Ogawa is struggling to make his way back to his feet. He might have something left to fight with! NvL slowly makes his way back to his feet as well. Ogawa charges NvL and takes him down with a shoulder block. NvL gets right up and Ogawa knocks him down once again. NvL gets up, this time a little bit slower —


Stew-O: NvL went flying, but Ogawa fell as well! And the little bit of energy he exerted to connect with that has him spent. Ogawa slowly, painfully slowly, crawls over to NvL. AND HE GETS ON TOP OF HIM! HIS SHOULDERS ARE DOWN!





Flannery McCoy: The resilience is real, guys. NvL kicks out of that brutal running lariat and Ogawa is on the mat with his face in his hands because he can’t believe it. NvL rolls over to the ropes, away from Ogawa. Ogawa once again struggles to make his way back to his feet, he’s clearly used most of the tricks up his sleeve. NvL is ALREADY back to his feet as well. OGAWA CHARGES HIM ONCE AGAIN, LOOKING FOR THE MASAKARI! BUT NVL INSTEAD GRABS THE ARM OF OGAWA. HE SPINS HIM AROUND… STRAIGHT JACKET DROP! REVERSE DDT CONNECTS!

Stew-O: And NvL grabs both legs of Ogawa!





Jake Mercer: This one’s over. NvL picks up the win tonight over Ogawa and once again looks on to his National Elite Championship match at Reckless Wiring.

Flannery McCoy: A solid win for NvL who looks on at Ogawa with rage. NvL certainly sent another message in this match. But he showed some weaknesses as well that could be exploited in a match with Kassidy Hart.

Stew-O: I think NvL looked dangerous here, he looked like he was on a mission, and there is no doubt he completed it. It seems to me like NvL is on a war path to Reck- what the hell?!


Stew-O: MY GOD! Kassidy Hart is biting the face of NVL, latched onto him like a snake, and he’s in panic mode… he’s trying his best to get her off.

(The camera zooms in, showing Kassidy Hart ripping into the cheek of NVL with her teeth. She rips off a chunk of his cheek.)



(Security runs down to the ring, pulling Kassidy Hart off of NvL as she refuses to let go. NvL’s face is bleeding from the bite of Hart. She finally gets up.)

Kassidy Hart: (off mic) GET OFF OF ME! DON’T TOUCH ME! You want HIM to hear about this, huh?! Where were you last week when he was bashing my head in?! Get the hell out of here!

Flannery Hart: Kassidy yelling at security! She picks up the National Elite Championship and raises it high in the air. Kassidy puts her boot right in the neck of NvL and raises her championship over him.

Jake Mercer: Well… you know…. I may have been forgetting just how crazy Kassidy Hart really is. Of course, you know she is NEVER fucking around. Whatever these two do to each other in their match for that National Elite Championship is going to be an absolutely incredible display of violence and brutality.

Stew-O: With her opponents blood covering her mouth, Kassidy Hart proudly raises that title and finally sends a message of her own — she is the QUEEN of the Ultraviolent, and intends to keep her crown!

(The scene opens up backstage where we see Michael Belfort and Angel De Plata Jr.)

Michael Belfort: Hey everyone, I’m here with one of EAW’s most entertaining rising stars, Angel De Plata Jr! How are you doing Angel? What’s on your mind after losing the number one contenders match for the New Breed Championship last week?

Angel De Plata Jr: I’m alright Michael. But I’m still kind of bummed about the outcome of my match last week. Not because I’m not the number one contender, but because of the way I went out. I wear this mask. It’s a mask that resembles the one that my father wore when he competed. He built a legacy behind his mask. He made a name for himself, and just like him, I want to make a name for myself. Behind my own mask. I’ve grown up around the sport and have trained all of my life to succeed in matches like the one I had last week against Gwyn Gilfried. I know that I could have won that match and that I’m better than what I presented last week. I know in my heart that I can be the New Breed Champion. I know it..

???- Just like your daddy knows his son will never escape from his shadow?

(Gwyn Gilfried steps into the scene, as you can feel the tension rising between the two)

Gwyn Gilfried: I don’t understand why they got Mike over here interviewing YOU. If I can recall, interviews are supposed to be given to people that actually matter.

Angel De Plata Jr.: What’s that supposed to mean!?!

(Angel steps up to Gwyn Gilfried)

Gwyn Gilfried: I’m just saying, why not interview me? I mean, I do have a future title shot at Reckless Wiring after all. Something that you don’t have. I mean you could have had the title shot, but instead you were sleeping like a baby in my Triangle Lancer.

Angel De Plata Jr.: You caught me slipping with one move and knocked me out. Good job. I won’t ever let that happen again…

Gwyn Gilfried: Of course not! You won’t ever let that happen because you won’t ever have the opportunity to. Look at tonight’s card. I’m competing in the main event with champions and former champions. I’m already establishing myself as one of the best on Dynasty, while you’re nowhere to be seen on the card. It’s kind of like management just forgot about you. So while you’re sitting on the shelf, collecting dust, I’ll be winning the New Breed Championship and competing in Main Events. I’ll be competing in matches that cast a shadow over anything your daddy ever did.

(Angel clenches his fists as the tension continues to build)

Gwyn Gilfried: Angel, I just want you to sit back and enjoy MY main event match tonight..

(Gwyn Gilfried bumps shoulders with Angel De Plata Jr. and walks off. Angel looks back with a pissed off face that you can see through his mask. A few seconds pass before a voice is heard)

???: Angel!

(Justin Windgate steps up to Angel De Plata Jr. and Michael Belfort with his New Breed Championship resting on his shoulder)

Justin Windgate: Hey how are you doing Mike!?!

Michael Belfort: Hey Champ! I’m doing good thanks!

(Windgate slaps Michael Belfort a handshake, then turns his attention towards Angel)

Justin Windgate: Angel, I saw what just happened between you and Gwyn. Don’t take anything that he said to heart. You know, when I first won this championship, I was interviewed by Stew-O. He asked me who I wanted to defend this title against, and you were one of the names that I had brought up.

Angel De Plata Jr.: I remember that.. Why?

Justin Windgate: Because you’re one of the toughest competitors in that ring. I’ve never competed against you, but I’ve seen your work against other Dynasty Elitists. You live and breathe this sport. It’s in your blood, and you show it each and every time you wrestle. As the New Breed Champion, I want to compete against guys with your drive. I want to compete against guys that I know will give it their all. Throughout your time here, you’ve proven that you can do just that.

Angel De Plata Jr: But I lost to Gwyn Gilfried.. I guess your little vision of facing me isn’t coming true..

Justin Windgate: Not necessarily. You see, I’m willing to wager something for you. Last week, you fought your ass off and pushed your body beyond it’s limits. You didn’t win, but on any other given night, you could have walked out with the win.. I’ll let you in on this title match at Reckless Wiring..

Angel De Plata Jr: Yeah!?

Justin Windgate: Under one condition..

Angel De Plata Jr: What is it? I’ll do anything!

Justin Windgate: Spark this..

(Justin Windgate tosses a lighter to Angel De Plata Jr. and pulls out a prerolled blunt from his pocket. Windgate clasps the blunt with his lips, as Angel De Plata flicks the lighter and lights the blunt for Windgate. Windgate starts inhaling smoke. Angel De Plata hands the lighter back to Windgate, as he sets the lighter back into his pocket.)

Angel De Plata Jr.: So is that it? I’m in??

Justin Windgate: Oh that? That wasn’t the favor.. It’s just hard grabbing the blunt, the lighter, holding this championship belt, and whatnot. I only have 2 hands, so I figured with you there-

Angel De Plata Jr: What do I have to do Windgate!?

Justin Windgate: Oh yeah, my bad. All you have to do is face me, one on one, next week on Dynasty. You down?

(Windgate extends his fist out)

Angel De Plata Jr: I’m down.

(Windgate and Angel fist bump. Windgate then grabs his blunt and takes a big hit before exhaling out. The scene eventually clouds up with smoke before fading to black where the last thing we see is a silhouette through the smoke of Angel De Plata Jr. and Justin Windgate standing face to face on the screen.)


Crowd: ONE FALL!!!


(‘Go Off’ by Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott hits, and Justin Windgate is standing at the top of the stage. Justin has his New Breed Championship strapped around his waist. He begins slapping hands with his adoring fanbase as he quickly makes his way out to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first…He is YOUR EAW New Breed Champion… The New Breed Classic… JUSTIN WINDGATE!!!!!!!

Stew-O: This man has been busy as the current New Breed Champion. He’s got a future date against Jalyn Garcia for that very title, but lately he’s been all arms in. He’s embraced each challenge put in front of him, and here’s another as a firm reminder! Tonight may be one of his biggest since his return!

Flannery McCoy: Well, he’s got a good chance to keep his momentum going tonight teaming up with the current King of Elite, The Visual Prophet, and the current World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King! But Justin Windgate is someone that always shows you something that sets him apart from the rest! I’m really looking forward to this bout!

(‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen blasts out the speakers. Out walks The Visual Prophet dazzling and striking a pose with his King of Elite crown on his head, fully donning his ring gear. Viz begins strutting to the ring as the fans go nuts.)

Bella Braxton: And his partner Residing in Engadine, Michigan… Weighing in at 240 pounds… THE VISUAL PROPHET!!!!!

Jake Mercer: The King has arrived! And he’s already getting right into his normal gyrations that these fans love! He’s got a date with destiny it seems when it comes to Reckless Wiring. Beyond next week, where he and Drake King have a golden opportunity to become the next Unified Tag Team Champions, he seems to be on a collision course with two time EAW Hall of Famer, Lethal Consequences!

Stew-O: Indeed, he seems to be! LC came out last week stating what his true intentions were, but obviously Viz was none too amused by it all, which led to the in ring confrontation they had that saw Viz almost take LC down! We’ll just have to see where that interaction goes from here! 

(‘Zero’ by Crown the Empire as the crowd continues to boo as Drake King comes out to the ramp holding his World Heavyweight Championship. He gives his title a nice love smack a few times, enjoying the spotlight being solely on him as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. But overall everyone knows who he is so that in itself creates a buzz unlike any other in this match.)

Stephie Love: And his partner from Charlotte, North Carolina… weighing in at 220 pounds… HE IS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… THE PARAGON… DRAKE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Last week, with an assist from his partner in crime, Viz, Drake was able to sneak out a victory over that aforementioned two time Hall of Famer, Lethal Consequences! And now he’s here tonight in the main event, looking as confident as ever. The title may have slightly inflated his ego since winning it back at King of Elite off TLA, but he’ll be the first to tell you that it’s that confidence, that arrogance that makes him who he is and that it’s earned!

Stew-O: Let’s not forget how he interjected himself into last week’s main event match between Osamu Arcichida and TLA, looking to make a statement just before he and Viz face off against the Unified Tag Team Champions, Heavenly Hell at Under Siege, but for Reckless Wiring! 

Jake Mercer: Don’t leave out the best part, Stew! Drake obviously is noted most for making statements through the use of his specialty of choice, a branding iron, and last week he branded one of our officials, which is why this man will go far! He literally doesn’t have a care in the world for anyone who stands in his way inside a wrestling ring regardless of what the circumstances are. That branding iron has given him the reputation of being the definition of dangerous, and I love it!

(‘Hysteria’ by Muse hits, as the fans boo loudly. Gwyn Gilfried steps out onto the stage, as he ignores all of the jeers being directed at him, he wastes no time stepping up to the ring apron. He decides to wait outside the ropes on the apron however as the team of the World Heavyweight Champion Drake King, the current King of Elite, Viz, and current New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate are occupying their own spaces in the ring. Viz begins approaching Drake King who still has his own concerns about his partner’s true intentions, but listens in as Viz looks to talk strategy.)

Stephie Love: And their Opponent! From Bethnal Green, London, England!! Weighing in at 187lbs!!!! GWYN GILFRIED!!!!!!!

Stew-O: This guy has been on quite a roll since signing with the company! He’s beaten everyone they have put in front of him in any match type. And now he’s next in line to challenge for the New Breed Championship! He’s put himself in a good situation, he’s really opened everyone’s eyes to what he will surely have to offer down the line with greater opportunities to shine still to come. 

Flannery McCoy: He considers himself the last real professional wrestler, and this will be his first opportunity in the main event here on Dynasty to prove it!

(“Sensei” by Datsik begins to blast across the sound system and the fans immediately erupt in a chorus of jeers. Osamu makes his way on to the stage, he marches toward the ring and finally stops at ringside. He stares a whole into the ring at his opponents.)


Jake Mercer: Osamu is Osaka’s finest. He invented a move called the eighth deadliest sin, but because he actually killed a man in ten seconds flat with said move they had to ban it from ever being used again. It’s in his contract!

Stew-O: I’m certain I have that nowhere in my notes, but at any rate. Osamu does continue to find himself in the mix when it comes to competing for world championships. His latest coming up in just over two weeks time at Reckless Wiring on March 21st. He’s got a golden opportunity to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and reshape his career that was once as promising as it was certain. Time will tell. 

(‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ by Tupac. The crowd erupts as TLA drives out in his traditional lowrider much to the fans delight. Steroid Dawg is barking from the passenger seat. TLA hops out from his lowrider and Steroid Dawg with a chain on his collar and begins his trek toward the ring.)


Jake Mercer: ‘La Pantera Sexual’! The former World Heavyweight Champion, TLA, is here! 

Flannery McCoy: TLA has been riding high for a long time, Jake! Just because he’s lost the World Heavyweight title to Drake King at KOE doesn’t mean he can’t win it back at Reckless Wiring, and a win here would go a long way toward giving him all the momentum he needs to win the title back!

(The side of TLA, Osamu Arcichida, and Gwyn Gilfried make eye contact with each other but it’s clear they’re not exactly on the same wavelength, but they’re going to have to be if they hope to put themselves in the driver’s seat toward achieving victory. Suddenly “No More” by Disturbed blasts through the speakers replacing ‘Ambitionz’ as the crowd gives a mixed ovation for the Unified Tag Team Champions. Constance Blevins and Minerva come out in matching street clothes with the Unified Tag Team Championships over their shoulders. Heavenly Hell eye their Under Siege opponents in the ring, not really paying attention to anything else, but them, as they make their way over to the right at ringside. TLA and Co. are already in the ring by now. )

Stew-O: Well, this is certainly unexpected to say the least. The Unified Tag Team Champions, Constance Blevins and Minerva from Showdown are here on Dynasty tonight, what more could happen?

Flannery McCoy: Drake King and Visual Prophet in particular seem to have their eyes on Constance and Minerva. Of course, one would be somewhat confused if they hadn’t been following Dynasty and Showdown judging by the different moods the current King of Elite and World Heavyweight Champion were projecting at the moment. Drake seems to be somewhat irritated to see both members of Heavenly Hell making this unexpected appearance, while Visual Prophet seems to be imagining them all together, but surely not exactly telling stories sitting in a circle around a fire given that smirk he’s wearing on his face! We’ll just have to wait to see how this affects the match! 

Jake Mercer: Yes! They’re on their way over here! Come have a seat ladies, Jake Mercer has the best seat in the house! They were both a hit during the Iconic Cup tournament, and now they’re back here on Dynasty! Enchanting never looked so beautiful!

(Both members of Heavenly Hell take a seat side by side to the left of the Dynasty commentators closest to Jake Mercer as ‘No More’ finally dies, putting their Unified Tag Team Championship belts on the announce table and donning their headsets.)


Flannery McCoy: We have the Unified Tag Team Champions, Heavenly Hell. Welcome ladies!

Constance Blevins: Wow! Thank you! Oh my, It’s been a while since we sat behind a desk with all your voices blaring through our ears. Can you hear me, Minnie? Minnie?

(Minerva tries to speak through her headset but she’s not able to be heard. Minerva, clearly unimpressed, looks over to the Dynasty commentators for a moment to let them know how unhappy she is by this. Minerva sits up a moment, then makes her way over to the equipment unit. A smirk grows on her face as she sniggers to herself.)

Constance Blevins: Hey, Minnie, where are you goi-Uh oh. 

Flannery McCoy: Well, Minerva seems to be preoccupied with something at the moment over to our left.

Stew-O: Perhaps someone forgot to plug her audio-jack in.

Jake Mercer: I told you to check on that during commercial, didn’t I? It’s just a good thing our resident Salem witch that somehow escaped the 17th century also has a degree in electrical engineering. Her services come highly recommended during times like this. 

(As Jake continues to speak we can only see his mouth moving but can’t quite make out what he’s saying over the crowd noise. He simply shrugs his arms with confusion as the current New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate, begins the match by locking up with the rising rookie, Gwyn Gilfried with Gilfried finding the early advantage with a basic headlock on Justin.)

Constance Blevins (shrugging): That’s a little better. Too many people talking at once can really ruin the discord of a conversation. 

Flannery McCoy: She may have just unplugged the wrong wire. A simple mistake that-…

(Suddenly Flannery McCoy is talking into the air, the crowd commotion and intensity has already picked up drowning out Flannery whose headset seems to have been unplugged now. Windgate after a second successful arm drag to the promising rookie Gwyn Gilfried, goes for a shoot kick but Gilfried recovers quickly and delivers a beautiful flapjack to take Justin Windgate down. Windgate is grabbed up by Gilfried who delivers back to back forearm uppercuts to stagger the New Breed Champion back a few steps. Gilfried goes to work in the corner on Justin a couple more forearm uppercuts.)

Stew-O: Don’t worry, folks at home, we’re obviously just experiencing a few minor technical difficulties. We’re getting it all fixed up and we’ll have everyone back online in a moment. This match has started off quick with rookie Gwyn Gilfried, who’s been nothing short of spectacular since debuting here in EAW a little over a month ago, taking it right at the current New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate. The action is intense so far! Minerva’s making her way back to us now. Thank goodness.

(Minerva stands up straight, throws her headset down and strolls on over to the commentary desk passing behind her Heavenly Hell tag team partner. The gorgeous Gypsy Moth wears a sinister expression as she runs her hands through her shortened red strands as she gives Stew-O a look.)

Minerva (off mic): I’m sure you will be so kind as to lend me your headset. Mines doesn’t seem to be working.

Stew-O: Well, I-

Minerva (off mic): I wasn’t asking.

(Minerva rolls her eyes, then without warning she snatches Stew-O’s headset from his head in mid sentence and then places it on her head and over her ears. Stew-O scoots over a bit, annoyed as he throws his arms out a bit flustered by the actions of Heavenly Hell as are Flannery and Jake. Minerva and Constance decide to make their way out front at ringside and plop themselves onto the commentary desk sitting side by side.)

Constance Blevins: Oh, Minnie, I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never called a WHOLE match before. Shall we? 

Minerva: I think we shall.

Constance Blevins: We interrupt your normal broadcast for this special Dynasty main event edition. We’re Heavenly Hell. Your Unified Tag Team Champions. I’m Constance Blevins.

Minerva: And I’m this year’s Iconic Cup winner, the one and only ‘Princess Killer’, Minerva…And we’re taking over.

Constance Blevins: Oh, look, it’s England’s version of Tom Cruise…and tagging in is…???

Minerva: Bruce Lee’s long lost brother? 

Constance Blevins: Well, that wasn’t very nice! His own partner just slapped him on his back, and the referee considers that a tag!!?? British Tom Cruise looks as though he wants to retaliate, this could get ugly real fast.

Minerva: Oh, boo-hoo. Leave it to the cunt wearing the zebra’s shirt to break it up. Can’t we just..not talk about the match, and just sort of..stare at them? (She says as she eyes Visual Prophet in a seductive manner with the tip of her index finger on her lips. He eyes the ravishing Minerva, lending a wink.)

Constance Blevins: Now, Minnie, you promised you would be on your best behavior. We have our loyal listeners from all across the country in over 207 continents. We can’t disappoint them.

Minerva: I don’t always keep my promises. (Constance Blevins :skip)

Constance Blevins: Osamu with a standing drop kick that misses its mark! Justin Windgate manages to roll out of harm’s way, and he’s quickly back to his feet! Both men charging at each other, and a CROSSBODY ATTACK BY WINDGATE TAKING OSAMU DOWN! 

Ref: ONE! TW-

Minerva: Snoozefest. Bruce Lee’s clone with the terrible haircut keeps it going unfortunately. But hopefully the stoner can tag in my Viz-heh, our next opponent for Under Siege, then things will really become more… suspenseful. (She says still eyeing the current King of Elite with hungry eyes.)

Constance Blevins: Well, our other opponent for Under Siege, the current World Heavyweight Champion Drake King is demanding to be tagged into this match. Gotta admire a vulture who likes to pick from the scraps, eh Minnie? And there’s the tag.

Minerva: Yes indeed, Connie. He’s no Calibos. I wouldn’t even consider him a bird of prey of any type either, and he’s certainly no paragon. 

(Drake King lays repeated stiff boots to the skull of Osamu Arcichida who’s still grounded. Drake drops a knee now to the skull of Osamu, then with no waste in motion grabs Osamu by his hair and drags him over to the set of ropes facing the commentary desk and then chokes Osamu by his throat over the second rope as the referee starts his count. This still gives Drake time to taunt Heavenly Hell.)

Drake King: Both of you ladies are on nothing but borrowed time! Soak in the limelight while you still can, because it will be over before you know!


Constance Blevins (smiles, and then blows a kiss to Drake): Keep dreaming you greasy haired diva! 

Minerva: I dare him to come out here to us and talk tough. He can talk down to Bruce Lee’s clone, bend a rule or two like he is with this blatant choke. But against us, Connie, he’ll be the one having his limbs bent and his bones broken if he chooses to step into our world.

Constance Blevins: This referee’s being awfully lenient, if you asked me. Drake now intentionally bumps heads with the referee trying to intimidate him after the referee had to restrain Drake from further choking Osamu, but the referee is having none of it as he shoves Drake King back!

Minerva: So feisty, that one is. Just look at all the testosterone seeping off him. And Bruce Lee’s clone found the opening he needed with that side kick to the gut of that whining little cunt! He follows it up with a half decent basement dropkick to that cunt’s knee. Good.

Constance: Somersault roll by ‘The Orchestrator’ which leads to the tag of ‘La Pantera Sexual’! Gee, I wonder why they call him that! Anyway, Drake tags in his Under Siege tag team partner, the-

Minerva (Minerva’s eyes light up): The sexiest piece of meat in this whole company. Vizzy. Allow me a moment to find the necessary control I need not to jump his bones right now, that would be bad.

Constance Blevins: Minnie, are you okay? 

Minerva: Oh yeah, I am just thinking of him in hot wax… and chains…. And oh…. I mean, YES… YES! Never better, partner. This man is a lot of things. Picturing him naked has to be the most productive thing I’ve done all day. 

Constance Blevins (shrugs): We have Visual Prophet, another one of our opponents at Under Siege entering into the matchup! Him and TLA circle the ring a couple of times after having entered this match fresh. Both men seem cautious, not wanting to make a fatal error to tilt the match in the other’s favor! TLA throws a quick strike at Viz, but Viz side steps that maneuver.

Minerva: Because clearly Vizzy is way too smart for such a predictable attack! Vizzy with a backhanded slap to the chest of TLA, and another! He grabs TLA and whips him to the ropes, but TLA holds on! Viz with a dropkick but TLA holds onto the ropes to stop his momentum which leaves nobody home for Vizzy this time.  

Constance Blevins: Visual Prophet quickly back to his feet, but TLA already taking the initiative not wanting Viz to capitalize with what little time he has to recover. TLA with the hurricanrana to Viz! NO!

Minerva: A counter! Vizzy was smooth with that sitout powerbomb! I wonder what else he can counter…in bed, did you see him girate, oooh, that man is smooth.

Ref: ONE! TWO!

Constance Blevins: And a kickout! TLA breaks out of the predicament he found himself in! Visual Prophet now dropping an elbow over the back of TLA grounding him once again! Now a basement dropkick to the face! Viz jumps into a pin attempt!

Ref: ONE! TWO!

Minerva: I wish he’d jump me like that. Mmmm. 

Constance Blevins: So, Minnie, what do we think of our Under Siege opponents? I mean, they’ve obviously declared already that they’re the successors to everything we’ve worked for, our Unified Tag Team Championship belts. We issued the challenge, testing their manhood. What do you think, sister? 

(The action continues with these two fan favorites going at it with Visual Prophet whipping TLA to the corner where he quickly reacts, hopping up just barely avoiding the incoming Visual Prophet who unexpectedly makes friends smacking right into the corner turnbuckle. Then he’s met with a vicious elbow to the chin of Visual Prophet staggering him back.)

Minerva: Considering I might rip one’s tongue out and the other’s head clean off, their best case scenario WOULD be taking these titles. But after what we did at Showdown last week, we proved that we’re stronger than ever. Vizzy can charm all he wishes, and Drake can speak out of his ass until his ego blows up in his face, but their time of mining for our gold dies at Under Siege.

(TLA tags in Gwyn Gilfried now both whip Visual Prophet to the ropes. Viz’s momentum sends him back toward TLA and Gwyn and both rookie and vet team up for a double hip toss, but it’s blocked by Visual Prophet. Gwyn goes for the clothesline attempt on Viz. TLA wraps up Viz from behind. Viz is caught off guard momentarily. Headbutt by Viz to Gwyn which staggers the young man. Viz sends his own momentum back with TLA draped all over him. Viz crushes TLA into the corner turnbuckle and TLA goes down, rolling from the ring.)

Constance Blevins: Well put, sister. Drake’s oversized ego hardly makes him any different from someone like a Mr. DEDEDE or a Jamie O’hara, two individuals that needed all the luck in the world to escape our crosshairs in the past. After putting down team after team after team, anything they bring there’s no doubt that we can bring Drake and Viz the hell they’re longing for. It’s clear all that success has gone to their heads, and that will be the beginning of the end of their fun.

Minerva: Ah, you’re going to have to have more stamina than that to keep up with Minerva, Vizzy! (The gorgeous gypsy says as she watches as Visual Prophet tags out of the match, making pouty lips. Constance rubs her partner’s shoulder.)

Constance Blevins: There, there. It’s okay. He’s tired. He’s tired! Perfectly fine. Let the stoner have a turn, he was just tagged in. Alright, let’s really focus on this match, Minnie. We still have to scout these two when it comes down to it, right?

Minerva (shrugging): What I’m wondering, Connie, is what our closest members of the audience think? 

(Both members of Heavenly Hell turn around with their headsets on to see Jake Mercer, Stew-O, and Flannery McCoy standing by, still quite unsure of what to make of this all. In the ring Justin Windgate throws a kick that’s promptly caught by Gwyn Gilfried, but Justin counters with a pin point accurate enzigiri that sends Gilfried into the ropes. Gilfried’s momentum sends him back toward ‘The Xtreme Classic’ that had a superkick with Gilfried’s name written all over it. Standing moonsault by Windgate, but Gilfried gets his knees up to block the attempt by Windgate. Both men are slowly trying to recover now. Meanwhile Constance is seen ringside by the equipment unit just as Minerva was earlier, she seems to be making some minor adjustments. Drake King and Visual Prophet seem to be looking on with curious interest for a split moment before focusing back on their match. Minerva eyes Viz once more with excitement coursing through her. Constance has returned to the scene now with a pair of headsets in her hands. She hands them off to each member of the Dynasty commentators.)

Stew-O: Are we back on? 

Flannery: I believe we are, Stew. It seems we’ve been hooked back in.

Jake Mercer: I must’ve gotten my notes mixed up. Constance is the one with the electrical engineering degree, an honest mistake. It could happen to anyone.

Stew-O: Well, we still have Heavenly Hell out here seated to our right as of now. And it seems with whatever equipment malfunctioning there was earlier it’s not been patched up by…well, Constance Blevins one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions.

Flannery McCoy: We still have live action going on in the ring, Gwyn Gilfried with the advantage on the current New Breed Champion, Justin Windgate, with a knee to the back while stretching his arms back. Justin yells out in pain to this submission maneuver! It could be only a matter of time for Justin if the pain becomes too much to overcome! The fans are coming alive for Justin Windgate as he tries to fight out of this submission by Gwyn Gilfried!

Jake Mercer: Gilfried is not ‘The Last Real Wrestler’ for no reason, and he’s showing us exactly why. 

Stew-O: Gilfried is now applying more pressure as he torques back, transitioning into a modified surfboard submission as Windgate continues to be grounded! We all know Windgate likes to quicken the pace, but being grounded makes that task impossible to pull off!

Minerva: This match needs a dose of Heaven and a mouthful of Hell.

Constance Blevins: Indeed. They should have put us in this match, since once again Showdown completely let us down by putting a couple of discombobulated knuckleheads who did nothing but speak out of turn with no rhyme or reason in front of us, the same run-of-the-mill crap that we had to deal with for months before Minerva and I put on the show that we did at Clash of Kingdoms.

Minerva: But Jenny Punk continuously insults our abilities as the best tag team going in EAW, making us seem like placeholders. So why not come and have a little fun here on Dynasty? 

Flannery McCoy: You two are obviously a fantastic team and have more than made an impact in the tag ranks. But you have never gone up against two individuals quite like the the current King of Elite the Visual Prophet and the current World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King. If you two win, what would it mean for you given how highly successful these two have been for a long time as individuals? Now Gilfried releases the hold and now begins slapping the downed Justin Windgate in the head, I don’t know how smart that is!

Constance Blevins: Look, it’s no secret. We don’t expect that our competition is just going to set the plate at the table and just allow us to feast on the good eatable dishes, they want to make sure we’re left nothing but nibbles and scraps. We started at the bottom, we didn’t come with life preservers. We had to come together and fend for ourselves and for each other. Drake King and Visual Prophet could have all the accomplishments and all the confidence in the world that they can take these Unified Tag Team Championship belts, but it won’t stop us from doing just as we have been, what has brought us success.

Minerva: The fact they questioned us on every turn? It doesn;t matter, when this is all over at Under Siege, it will be a little Leather and Lace, I’m going to have to like and bite a lot more, I look forward to that.

Stew-O: Windgate whipped off the ropes! Pele kick by Gilfried is ducked by the ‘Xtreme Classic’! And there’s a tag as Windgate’s momentum sends him back to Gilfried! Superkick by Windgate! Pele kick by Windgate sends Gwyn Gilfried to the canvas! Moonsault (Asai/Diving) by the current World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King! Drake hooks the leg!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Jake Mercer: And TLA with a dropkick to the head of Drake King! The referee is there to restrain TLA! Justin Windgate rolls out of harm’s way! But here comes Drake leaping through and past the restraints of the referee going right after TLA! Both men slugging it out! Both men throwing hard shots at one another! This is getting out of hand, the referee is trying to restore order! Visual Prophet re-enters the ring to all the chaos! Gwyn Gilfried going at the Visual Prophet! Gilfried whips the Vizzy, but it’s quickly reversed by Viz! PROPHET DRIVER! Gilfried has been put down by the Visual Prophet! But Viz is not legal!

Constance Blevins: There’s absolutely no cohesiveness, something that won’t be an issue for Heavenly Hell at Under Siege. 

Minerva: They’re going to rue the day they decided to try and take something from a vindictive bitch like Minerva. Team cohesiveness be damned. They’ll have to rip my beating heart out first!

Flannery McCoy: Now Osamu Arcichida and TLA teaming up to go at their Under Siege opponent, the World Heavyweight Champion Drake King! Fitting considering it could very well go like this in over two weeks from now at Reckless Wiring when the World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs! 

Stew-O: Visual Prophet now attacking Osamu Arcichida from behind now! Drake King escapes the small scuffle in the corner as Gwyn Gilfried is slowly recovering on all fours now, trying to shake the cobwebs! But Drake sees an opening, the one he needs! He’s practically salivating as he slowly circles around like a predator stalking just out of sight of his prey! Gwyn Gilfried begins to rise! FALLEN KINGDOM! MEXICAN DESTROYER!! TLA out of nowhere! Wow! Gwyn Gilfried falls on Drake King for the pin, this could be a huge upset!

Constance Blevins: That actually wasn’t so bad, to be honest! If that kind of opportunity is there for one of Minerva or myself it will be a definite Heavenly Hell victory!


Jake Mercer: Speaking of victories, that was so close! Drake King somehow managed to get a shoulder up! Now the new breed number contender, Gilfried, turns to his partner for the night in TLA and doesn’t look too impressed that TLA intervened at this time. But it’s clear TLA put Gwyn in a great position to steal the match and continue his illustrious streak! Now Gilfried and TLA jawing at each other, which could get bad pretty fast depending on how you look at it! Gilfried wants to keep his momentum and TLA is a man of great pride who won’t allow himself to be shown up by anybody! 

Flannery McCoy: Osamau Arcichida with a leg sweep attempt to trip up the Visual Prophet, but Viz tries to counter with a kick to the midsection of Osamu and then follows it up with an underhook suplex! But it’s blocked by Osamu! Osamu escapes! Now Osamu with a kick to the midsection of Viz! Fisherman suplex into a pin!

Ref (shrugs):…

Stew-O: The referee can’t count down either man, and now he’s starting to set order back to this match as he gets each side back to their respective corners! We have the Unified Tag Team Champions with us here, looking on at this matchup perhaps for scouting purposes, and perhaps more importantly to get the jump on them before Under Siege!

Minerva: There’s a fine line between speaking things into existence and allowing certain actions to cultivate one’s favors. We’re here to take over. If anyone wants to make themselves known after Drake and Vizzy are put through the ringer and exposed as another couple of egomaniacal getting fed all the royalties of this place, then so be it. Constance and I, we won’t discriminate, we’ll deal out punishment to them all the same in the end.

Jake Mercer: Gilfried tags out as does Drake King! Gwyn Gilfried tags in TLA, Drake tags in Visual Prophet! Drake seems a bit distracted on the outside as he sees both Minerva and Constance glaring at him.

Drake King (off mic): You two shouldn’t even BE out here! 

(Constance and Minerva both wear devious smirks on their faces watching Drake fume over their very presence.)

Stew-O: TLA whips Viz to the ropes but it’s reversed! Short arm clothesline by Viz! It’s dodged by TLA! Swag shot by TLA! No! Viz turns TLA around, belly to belly by Viz! TLA escapes, however, and now a mandible claw! Viz is blocking it the best that he can! Neither man wanting to give in to the other here! IKE TURNER SPECIAL CONNECTS by Viz! VTD! The reverse STO into a twisting DDT! A great counter combo after coming close to going down to the mandible claw! Viz with the cover! 

Ref: ONE!!!! TWO!!!! THRE-

Flannery McCoy: It’s broken up by Gwyn Gilfried at the last possible moment, that was another close call in this match up! Now Gilfried laying boots to the Visual Prophet! The referee trying to restore order, but here comes Justin Windgate going after Gilfried! Clothesline by the New Breed Champion to Gwyn Gilfried sending them both over the top rope! Drake hops off the apron, still unnerved by the presence of Constance Blevins and Minerva! 

Jake Mercer: The goth chics just threw off their headsets as King approaches them still shouting at them, and they seem ready for a fight! Oh my! 



Flannery McCoy: On the outside Osamu Arcichida is now approaching Drake King on the outside! Drake turns his attention away from Heavenly Hell and locks eyes with Osamu! TLA BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES! SUICIDE DIVE BY TLA! TLA TAKES OUT BOTH OSAMU ARCICHIDA AND THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ON THE OUTSIDE! ALL THREE MEN ARE DOWN ON THE OUTSIDE! IT’S COMPLETE BEDLAM RIGHT NOW!

Jake Mercer: The World Heavyweight Champion is the first one crawling away from the scene! He’s pulling himself up from the apron, he may be trying to escape as he crawls into the ring! TLA and Osamu follow suit and appear to both want a piece of Drake King! Drake seems to realize this as he begins slowly rising to vertical position! TLA and Osamu are up to one knee slowly rising up as well! They both charge at the champ! Drake is throwing closed fist punches at them both, but this has turned into an all out brawl in the ring! Both TLA and Osamu with a brief alliance here as they get a handle on Drake finally, and they team up to whip Drake to ropes! Double back drop to Drake! Drake felt that one as he yells out letting us all know! 

Stew-O: TLA and Osamu look to grab up Drake again! But this time neither one can decide who wants a piece of the champ more! Osamu shoves TLA! TLA shoves Osamu right back! DRAKE KING OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE JUMPING CUTTER TO TLA! OSAMU LOOKS FOR THE CLASSIVE AGGRESSIVE! IT’S COUNTERED! THE MILLER LITE!!! PEDIGREE ON OSAMU ARCICHIDA!!! Drake King is trying to recover as quickly as he can! Both of his opponents for Reckless Wiring are down, but still breathing, still moving! Drake is back up though, and he’s salivating at the moment! He sees his moment to strike! Both TLA and Osamu are on all fours trying to shake off the effects of the separate devastating attack maneuvers of Drake King! 


Flannery McCoy: This is a big statement being sent here by Drake King just two weeks out of Reckless Wiring, where that man will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against those two men, Osamu and TLA! He’s already being dubbed everything under the sun from privileged, to protected, undeserving, to champ! All the above, but one thing that can’t be denied at this time despite all the boos he’s receiving at this time, and that’s that he’s standing tall over his fallen enemies!

(‘Crown The Empire’ by Zero starts up again as Drake King stands in the center of the ring looking out at the crowd taunting them, and then talking smack to his fallen opponents. A huge shit eating smile grows on Drake’s face as his arrogance shines through in this moment. He raises his arms up triumphant, but at the very moment that he does a commotion from the audience is heard as the camera pans out to show Heavenly Hell, Constance Blevins and Minerva standing in the ring. Drake doesn’t see them yet. The crowd appears to be cheering in anticipation of what’s about to happen, even if for the simple fact that they unmercifully hate Drake King that much. ‘Crown The Empire’ fades suddenly.)


Stew-O: Look at Minerva! She’s slowly circling behind Drake! Drake finally turns to his left to see Constance Blevins! Now he turns to his right to see Minerva! This can’t be good for the champ, who next week along with the Visual Prophet will be challenging Heavenly Hell for the Unified Tag Team Championship at Under Siege! 


(Constance Blevins had quickly left the ring following her and Minerva’s attack on Drake King to retrieve her and Minerva’s Unified Tag Team Championship belts. She returns and hands Minerva her title belt. Both look down at the fallen Drake King as ‘No More’ by Disturbed blares throughout the arena as Heavenly Hell raises their Unified Tag Team Championship belts up high.)

Jake Mercer: A wild main event that proved to hold far too many egos to truly determine a winner here tonight! There wasn’t a whole lot of cohesion from either side no matter which you may have chosen! We had a little of everything, including the ladies in the ring taking over and making themselves known here from all ends! 

Stew-O: Indeed, Jake! Heavenly Hell, it’s clear they were here to make some sort of statement, and it would seem they have succeeded a week out of Under Siege where they defend their titles against Drake and Visual Prophet! These next couple of weeks should be exciting, and we can’t wait to see it all unfold!

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Written by John Helms

Elitist of the Month: February Edition!

Shock Value 2020