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Dynasty 3/13/20

(EAW Logo Buzzes.)

(The show opens with a quick recap of last week’s events. Clips showcasing Diamond Cage’s antics with StarrStan, the tag team win for Lisa Wren and Kasey Kaos, Darcy May Morgan’s win over Melissa O’Malley, Kensington Calhoun-Astor soon thereafter raiding DMM’s locker-room and belittling her, DMM confronting her only to be left knocked out, a match up between Lethal Consequences and Ronan Malosi that LC managed to win as he heads towards Reckless Wiring and his battle with King The Visual Prophet. After this, Molly Waters conducts an interview with Gwyn Gilfried but they are interrupted by New Breed Champion Justin Windgate as both men are set to face off for that title at Reckless Wiring. Nathen Von Liebert and Komatsu Ogawa have a testy match that sees NvL winning. Following his win, he was ambushed and attacked by The National Elite champion Kassidy Heart who bit his face and took a chunk of his flesh with her. Both will also be facing each other at Reckless Wiring with the N.E. belt on the line. Afterwards, we see Angel De Plata Jr be confronted by an arrogant and undefeated Gwyn Gilfried backstage. Both men are met by New Breed Champ Justin Windgate who gives respect to Angel for his past performance and offers him a shot at his title under one condition; Angel smokes a blunt Justin has with him. Plata obliges.

Lastly, we witness the main event of the evening. New Breed Champion Justin Windgate, King of Elite King The Visual Prophet, and World Heavyweight Champion Drake King went at it against TLA, Osamu Arcichida, and Gwyn Gilfried in a six man tag team match. All six men went hard but ultimately the match ended in a no contest. The ending was due to the interference of Drake King and King Viz’s opponents at Under Siege getting involved and turning Dynasty’s advertised main event match into a cluster of calamity. Minerva and Constance Blevins, known affectionately as Heavenly Hell, got involved and wanted to leave their opponents with a reminder of just who they would be facing at Under Siege. Heavenly Hell and Drizzy and Vizzy would do battle in a tag team match with HH’s EAW Tag Team Championships on the line. We see images of Blevins and Minerva standing tall as the footage fades out.)

(Finally, the show begins as we get a view of the fans inside the Direct TV Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina all wearing different forms of masks covering their mouth and nose areas. Lots of latex gloves can be seen as they wave and clap for the start of the show as pyro and smoke light up the stage. As the intro begins to end, we hear Dynasty’s theme on low in the background before we pan to the desk and meet our Friday Night Dynasty commentary team.)

Jake Mercer: …I’m just saying, all these shows in these big ass arenas? In foreign soil? EAW is setting everybody in here to get the corona virus and fucking die. All these people’s parents and grandparents surely will die. I tried to warn everyone weeks ago but I-


Jake Mercer: …But no, it’s just crazy ol’ Jake Mercer with his indy references and super fandom…

Stew-O: We are here LIVE in Buenos Aires, Argentina as we are proudly putting on the best professional wrestling and sports entertainment product in the world tonight!

Jake Mercer: …Fuckin’ Lebron isn’t even performing but we gon’ make Big LC…

Flannery McCoy: Absolutely Stew! EAW is here for you fans in attendance and especially all the ones at home watching us live! Whether it be because of a quarantine or because you are a homebody, we promise to keep providing the best form of entertainment available regardless of what’s going on in the world!

Jake Mercer: …I don’t even think Gwyn Gilfried even has full insurance from this company yet and on god I saw that man coughing as soon as we got off the plane last week, man…

Stew-O: I’m Stew-O and with me as always is the lovely and vibrant Flannery McCoy!

Flannery McCoy: Yes, I am here! I’m here and prepared for everything that we have in store this evening, Stew!

Jake Mercer: …prepared for the show but ain’t prepare for the fuckin’ apocolypse…surrounded by Argentians with gloves on…this is a slave tra-

Stew-O: AND with us as always, Jake Mercer!

Jake Mercer: …

Stew-O: You alright Jake?

Jake Mercer: …

Flannery McCoy: You, you good?

(Jake Mercer gets up, grabs a white sheet, unfolds it, and puts it on. Jake is now wearing a Hazmat suit. Jake takes a deep breath, grabs a bottle of disinfectant spray and begins spraying and wiping down the table as Stew and Flannery shake their heads. Jake takes one last deep breath before suddenly being chipper and very enthusiastic.)

Jake Mercer: I think I’m good now!

Stew-O: O…ok! Anyway, we have a big show planned tonight but without further adieu, we head to the inside of the ring as we find Max A. Million inside the ring ready to finally get this World Heavyweight Championship match contract signed. Let’s send it to Max…

(We cut to inside the EAW ring as Max A. Million is seen standing behind a wooden table with the microphone in his hand. On the table is a clipboard with a contract and a pen as Max begins to speak.)

Max A. Million: Hello EAW universe! Welcome to Friday Night Dynasty! Coming up soon is an event that will give the power to you people, you EAW fans, you loyalist of the EAW product and diplomacy will be the key word for the FPV known as RECKLESS WIRING! Several matches will be set up and the stipulation for all these matches are decided by YOU all as we put the power into your hands on what barbaric, technically sound, or just all and all brutal set up all of EAW’s competitors will have to endure. In some matches, we may have a HANDCUFF match. Others, an IRON MAN match. Maybe even, if we are lucky, a BARBED WIRE BRA AND PANTIES match! But, this contract before me only has three possible stipulations attached to it. 

(Max points to the tron.)

Max A. Million: A Hell in a Cell match!

(Images of the Hell in a Cell structure are shown as fans cheer.)

Max A. Million: An Elimination Branding Iron match!

(Fans cheer again as we see a steaming hot branding iron on the screen.)

Max A. Million: And lastly, a Dome of Death match!

(EAW’s Dome of Death is on display as the fans cheer even more.)

Max A. Million: Three stipulations, three men, one title on the line. A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship and it will take place at Reckless Wiring. Now, allow me to bring out the three men who will compete in this match…First, from Osaka, Japan…THE ORCHESTRATOR…OSAMU ARCICHIDA!!!

(‘Sensei’ by Datsik plays as Osamu Arcichida walks on stage, posing in front of the fans who boo him heavily. Osamu begins to walk down the ramp and up the steel stairs.)

Stew-O: The only man in the match that has not won a World championship, Osamu is arguably the hungriest competitor between the three men!

Flannery McCoy: He may not be loved by the fans but I know a few of the audience wishes they could put some money down on Osamu winning if this match is in the Hell in a Cell!

(Osamu gets in the ring and scowls at the crowd as Max continues.)

Max A. Million: The next man to enter this match represents the Poon Palace in Miami, Florida. LA PANTERA SEXUAL…TLA!!

(‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ by Tupac blasts as out steps a shimmying and excited TLA. TLA puts up two fingers on stage before slowly sauntering to the ring. TLA rolls under the bottom rope before getting to his feet.)

Max A. Million: Last but certainly not least, the reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion…The Paragon…DRAKE KI-

(Suddenly, Queen’s “Another One Bite’s The Dust” interrupts Max as the fans in attendance get on their feet. Out walks The Visual Prophet, crown on his head, as he bites his bottom lip, does a quick spin to show off his outfit, and then reveals a microphone from behind his back.)

Jake Mercer: Wait a second…where is Drake King?!

Flannery McCoy: I am thoroughly confused right now.

Stew-O: So are the fans despite the excitement from King of Elite The Visual Prophet’s arrival.

The Visual Prophet: Hello, Argentina! 

(The Live audience goes wild as Viz gives a thumbs up to the crowd.)

The Visual Prophet: First let me start by saying…Hi TLA!

(TLA is tossed a microphone as he turns and waves at Viz.)

TLA: Sup, homes.

The Visual Prophet: And fuck you Osamu!

(Osamu is handed a microphone as he turns with anger in his eyes.) 

Osamu Arcichida: You flagrant flunky, what the hell do you want? And where is Drake?

TLA: Yea, where the long hair fairy hiding?

The Visual Prophet: Cool your jets, hold your sombreros, and for the love of god Osamu please do not cough because I have some news for you two. First, as The Vizzy half of Drake and Vizzy, I happened to have gotten a request from my tag team partner. One of dire importance. No offense to you two…but Drake said he REFUSES to come out here and sign that contract and bicker with you guys because he sees it as a useless affair and he doesn’t want to waste his time tonight. He also said he definitely wants to cut down as much time he has to spend in the ring with, and I am directly quoting Drake King when I say this, “A Corona Carrying Chink” and “A Prostitute Providing Pimp with small ankles.” 

(Osamu is offended as TLA lets out a laugh. Viz shrugs his shoulders as the fans also laugh knowing Drake likely didn’t say such a thing.)

Osamu Arichida: Fuckin’ coward sending his boyfriend out here to do his job for him?! What the hell is this crap?

TLA: Not for nothing, Viz. You cool sometimes and I get you and Drake got something special goin’ on and what not but…what gives you the authority to come on out here and speak for that man, mane?

The Visual Prophet: That’s the second part, TLA. This does!

(Viz is ring side as he reveals a sheet of paper.)

The Visual Prophet: This signed letter of consent was given to me by Drake King allowing me, King The Visual Prophet, to act sort of like his sexy, handsome, dashing attorney if you will.

(Viz rolls into the ring.)

The Visual Prophet: Not like those court appointed pieces of crap either. I’m like Johnny Cochran now, kind of. Plus, Drake gave me this!

(Viz reveals one last thing; a stamp.)

Osamu Arcichida: What in god’s name is that?

The Visual Prophet: Didn’t you see the description? A stamp.

(Viz quickly SLAMS the stamp on the contract as Drake King’s signature is left on the paper.)

The Visual Prophet: Ye. :mjgrin: 

Osamu Arcichida: This is the most bullshit thing I’ve seen in my entire EAW career. No seriously. I’ve seen some crap before, I’ve been involved in some bat shit situations, HELL I somehow remember somehow inspiring Eric Havoc to start that war against EAW and lead to the Dynasty vs The World match at Territorial Invasion last year!

TLA: Ayo, I forgot you started that! You are a terrorist!

Osamu Arcichida: No, YOU are a terrorist! Drake King is a coward! You both have had your chance at the top and that chance showed everyone you both don’t deserve to hold the most prized possession in professional wrestling. Meanwhile, I’m looked at as some kind of under dog because I haven’t won one here. I’m the one that gets treated like some kind of gate keeper because I haven’t overcome the hurdles placed before me. I get booed by these hypocritical losers in all these rinky dink arenas all over the globe because I don’t come out here gyrating my hips like King Dingus over here and I don’t embrace being a phony Mexican stereotype like TLA does. I also wasn’t handed opportunity after opportunity like Drake King was handed his entire career. Back even when he was some bearded freak who looked like he never bathed and only could say the word “YES”, the writing was on the wall for him. He was propped up repeatedly as “the guy” that EAW really wanted to be the star of the show. Then he got that chance when he beat this loser and now he’s scared to come out here and face the man that’s going to end his cheaply manufactured championship reign at Reckless Wiring?

(Osamu snatches up the pen on the table.)

Osamu Arcichida: Give me that!

(Osamu quickly leaves his signature on the contract before tossing the pen right at TLA. The pen hits TLA on the chest before hitting the ground as TLA stares down at it.)

Osamu Arcichida: I haven’t reached my peak yet but at Reckless Wiring, I am ready to come and get what I deserve. I DESERVE TO BE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Not Drake King and especially not TLA.

(TLA shakes his head, squats down, and grabs the pen.)

TLA: You are one angry hombre, Osamu. Out here ranting and raving, screaming and shouting. You finished? You done, homes? Mans got an inferiority complex but here’s the reality, mane. You have been given chances, too. Everybody that’s been here a considerable amount of time has. It’s what you do when you get them that matters. Yea, Drake is a wet behind the ears entitled punk but he’s the reigning World Heavyweight Champion and he took me out to even get to that spot. You think you the only one mad? Huh? Just because I’m tranquilo and laid back don’t mean you or King will get a relaxed or half steppin’ TLA at the FPV. Nah, vato. Como se dice…dog eat dog world, Osamu. You should know a whole lot about eating dogs, feel me? Corona spreading…

The Visual Prophet: OH! I just got a text! Hmm…Drake says, it’s funny hearing a Mexican talking about Corona on TV rather than just drinking one. Sorry to interrupt, continue!

TLA: Aye. You take that phone, spit on it, and shove it up Drake’s ass. K? Drake King and Osamu got a lot of nerve but I got a lot more and they should be very nervous about what I can and will do to them in order to retrieve that World Heavyweight Championship.

(TLA takes the pen and signs the paper as he looks at Osamu.)

The Visual Prophet: I got one more text. Damn, this one is long. Drake says…You two talk entirely too much for two fellas who don’t even deserve the chance to lace up my boots. Both of you should feel obligated to carry my bags from here on out considering the fact that at Reckless Wiring, I’ll be carrying you two in the main event and after I’m done curb stomping your faces into the mat, the EMT’s will have to carry you both to whatever poorly rated hospital awaits you in this SHITHOLE country.

TLA: Drake cursed?!

The Visual Prophet: Nah, my bad. I added that because I feel like a few swear words would do wonders for his speeches and promos. Anyway, Drake signed his part. I am out. Oh yeah, Osamu…duck!

Osamu Arcichida: Wha-




Jake Mercer: Free Melly.

Stew-O: Viz is hightailing it as the security manages to break up TLA and Osamu’s scuffle fairly quickly. 

Jake Mercer: Security actually doing a good job for once? Maybe we need these guys back in the USA?

Flannery McCoy: The contract is signed and the match is official! Osamu Arcichida vs TLA vs Drake King for the World Heavyweight Championship in one of the three matches fans vote for! Reckless Wiring’s main event surely will be a classic!

(The scene begins to fade as TLA and Osamu are pulled apart and separated by at least 20 men.)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for Gwyn Gilfried’s english speaking tutor. Tired of speaking with a bootleg mexican accent all your life and struggling to live in american society with broken english? This might be the solution for you)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Stephie Love: Introducing first…

(‘MAAD City’ by Kendrick Lamar hits!!!)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Coventry, England weighing in at 242 pounds he is “YORUDAN” JOOOOOORRRRRRRDAN PAYNE!!!

(Jordan Payne comes out to the ring looking hungry. Hungry for competition that is.)

Flannery McCoy: Damn he looks like he is starving. Do you think he is related to Xander Payne?

Stew-O: No.

Jake Mercer: I see. That is disappointing.

(‘Here comes the boom’ by DMX ft Sean Paul and Alexa Vegas hits as the crowd erupts. The armed forced of Argentina are immediately notified of the explosion that has just taken place and is sent in to investigate.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent weighing in at 160 pounds he is “THE BIT LUCHADOR” ELLLLLL LAAAAAAAANDEEERRRRRSONNNNNNN!!!!

(El Landerson makes his way down to the ring leaping from below the ramp as pyro erupts. Fire erupts from the stage as Landerson makes his way to the ring wearing a majestic colored robe and slides into the ring. The ring erupts into a shower of golden pyro falling from the ceiling as Landerson stands in the middle of the ring taking in the ovation of the crowd.)

Flannery McCoy: :goat:

Stew-O: :goat:

Jake Mercer: :goat:


Flannery McCoy: My god… look at that… :wow:

Stew-O: A radiant light unlike that which I have ever witnessed is emanating from the god that is El Landerson.

Jake Mercer: We are not worthy! We must not look directly into the light.

(The commentary team is shown wearing sunglasses to protect themselves from El Landerson’s glory.)

Flannery McCoy: THIS POWER! HOW CAN IT BE?!?!?

(El Landerson raises a clenched fist. Defiantly Jordan Payne removes his sunglasses and glares at the legendary luchador.)

Jordan Payne: *gasps audibly*

El Landerson: Come now my child. Gaze upon your very fate! I will show you what will befall you with my power. Prepare to turn the pages within the vast tone of my wisdom!


(Tears fall down the face of Jordan Payne as he falls to his knees unable to withstand the power that stands before him.)

El Landerson: Now you know… that you will face me for EAW Hardcore Pure Championship at Causeway to Corona FPV. And you know what will happen to you then amigo…



Jordan Payne: What? What is coming?

El Landerson: THE BOOM!!!

(El Landerson delivers his closed fist to the face of Jordan Payne with a thunderous crack as Payne immediately drops down to the mat completely unconscious with a look of amazement on his face.)




Stephie Love: Here is your winner… ELLLLLLLLLL LAAAAAAANDERRRRRRSONNNNN!!!!!

(Angelic hymns fill the arena as El Landerson rises up into the lights of the arena.)

Flannery McCoy: What the hell? Is he using wires?!?!? Where did they come from.

Jake Mercer: I guess the only thing that Xander’s brother will be eating tonight… is this L.

Stew-O: Against El Landerson there was never any doubt. Perhaps if he survives he can do better next time against a wrestler of his own caliber.

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the recent sit down interview with former EAW wrestler Nick Angel. Join Nick as he explains how since all the sports leagues are cancelling their seasons he will no longer have any material for his promos.)

(The scene returns back to the ring as we see a desk setup in the ring. A TV is lowered and is a part of the ring, as ring hands bring in a few chairs and one fancy one to sit behind the large desk. A potted plant is placed in the ring corner as the lights get low and everybody exits the ring.)

Flannery McCoy: What’s this?

Jake Mercer: Looks like someone didn’t read the dirt sheets? :goat:

(‘Come On’ by Waterproof Blonde plays as a chorus of boos rains down. Out steps a ill fitted suit wearing, beard uncombed, slick back hair rocking Ronan Malosi as he roars on top of the stage and raises his taped wrists high with his fists showing. The fans continue booing as Ronan proceeds to walk down the ramp.)


(Ronan enters the ring, adjusting his slightly too big suit, and gets to his feet. Ronan makes his way behind the desk and reveals a microphone from the top of the desk as his music fades out.)

Ronan Malosi: YES! You heard that mediocre announcer right. This is the new show in professional wrestling. This is THE premier show to find out what everyone needs to know; what RONAN MALOSI THINKS! This is the first episode of what will soon become the best talk show in EAW history as I, Ronan Malosi, give you the most respected opinion on matches, wrestlers, rivalries, title reigns, and everything I see fit to speak upon. THIS IS HOT TAKES WITH RONAN MALOSI! YEA!

(Ronan begins clapping as the fans boo even more.)

Ronan Malosi: This episode of Hot Takes with Ronan Malosi has a theme. That theme is simple; UNDERRATED ELITIST! I am here to tell you all who I truly believe are the underrated wrestlers that have or continue to wrestle in this EAW federation. No, don’t expect overhyped scrubs like Kassidy Heart or Lethal Consequences. Hell no, yeah they win matches, but they have been positioned to shine more so then so many talented guys. So many talented girls have come to EAW and have been pushed aside in favor of guys like Drake King or TLA. Not to say they all suck badly but I think those chances could have gone to others and their careers would have been vastly different. Yes, it’s going to be great. Trust me, I know what i’m talking about! Ok, first…let’s give a shout out to our sponsors! First, big shout out to Remi Skyfire’s MOUTH GUARDS! Yeah. One of the most underrated Elitist of all time and I swear by this, if she wasn’t a raging alcoholic, she would still be in EAW running shit. Matter of fact, here goes RONAN MALOSI’S FIRST…

(The TV screen in the ring flashes as the words HOT TAKE sizzle onto the screen.)

Ronan Malosi: HOT TAKE!!!!!!

(Suddenly, an image of Remi Skyfire appears photoshopped with the Universal Women’s Championship with an image of Rex McAllister and Remi Skyfire next to hear crying together.)

Ronan Malosi: Hot Take; Remi Skyfire could beat Raven Roberts for her title EASILY! Remi was one of the best technical wrestlers ever and honestly, Raven’s overrated. Yeah, she is one of the longer reigning champions in the company currently but that’s only because Remi can’t drag herself out those european bars. Anyway, off that topic and onto another important one. Let’s address another underrated elitist that I know everyone will agree with me on. Let’s give a shout out to not just one but TWO underrated talents here in EAW. First, JOSHUA NICHOLLS! The guy I expected to leave the ill fated Revolution and become a huge star here, Joshua has since fallen off the earth with no plans on returning sadly. Which is a shame because that leads me to another former elitist I believed could be great. That’s SKA! Yessir! Two great, young guys who had so much potential yet got passed up by overrated guys like Jake Smith and Lance Blackfyre. Supremely overrated in my book whereas Joshua and SKA could have been legends given the right opportunities. I have another one folks…here goes my next…

(The TV screen in the ring flashes as the words HOT TAKE sizzle onto the screen.)

Ronan Malosi: 2ND HOT TAKE!!!!!! This one is a great one! Bring back Joshua and SKA and team them together and put them in the ring with Impact and Sienna Jade and I promise you we will get a classic 5 star match. I even bet $1000 dollars that SKA and Josh could pull off the upset and leave both those old folks battered and bruised. Tell StarrStan that maybe I should be the one booking and signing talent because I see who needs to be given chances around here!

(The fans aren’t having it as they boo him even more. Ronan waves his hand as he tries to calm the rowdy audience.)

Ronan Malosi: Settle down, settle down! I got one last one for ya’! I can see a lot of people don’t agree with my takes but…this last one should certainly be a unanimous one we all can agree on! Ok! I got one more, ladies and gentlemen! The THIRD…

(The TV screen in the ring flashes as the words HOT TAKE sizzle onto the screen.)

Ronan Malosi: HOT, HOT, HOT TAKE!!!!!! YES!!!! The third name I want to bring up is probably the best of them all. Shoot, not probably, IT IS! You see, this guy isn’t a former talent that left for whatever reason and fell off the face of the earth, This third name isn’t selling used mouthpieces in order to pay their rent like Remi. This man isn’t selling his body inorder to feed themself like Joshua Nicholls. This one individual isn’t being used as a stunt double for Conor McGregor in B-level movies. No way. This guy is one that nobody can debate against in terms of his greatness as a wrestler. This fella is…

(Ronan stands up.)


(The fans are booing loudly as Ronan shakes his head.)

Ronan Malosi: Oh, you disagree? What do you people know? Anyway, those are my three hot takes and now I would like to speak on the some other elitist I think have potential to one day be possible challengers to me after I eventually become World Champion. Newcomers like Lisa Wren, Kasey Kaos, and Melissa O’Malley. Three young women looking to make names for themselves like how I am doing with this incredible talk show I host. Three women who have potential to become something worthy of screen time and high profile matches IF they are committed. There is no question about my commitment regardless of win, lose, or draw as the outcome…you people know Ronan isn’t going anywhere. But, I do have questions for them. So, allow me to introduce all three of my first guests…MELISSA O’MALLEY, KASEY KAOS, AND LISA WREN! Come on down!!!

(Dynasty’s theme music plays as on cue all three ladies appear on stage. First down is Kasey, followed by Lisa, lastly is Melissa, as all the women enter the ring and find themselves in one of the chairs placed across from Ronan’s desk.)

Ronan Malosi: Welcome to HOT TAKES, ladies. First off, how are you three doing?

Lisa Wren: I’m doing good, given what happened the last time I was in this ring. I know Kasey knows what I am talking about, right?

Kasey Kaos: Yeah, we won. Is that what you’re getting at?

Lisa Wren: Exactly right! Dorian Cade and Elgin St. Laurent were given the chance to take us on and we handled them properly. It was a grueling match up and we held it down for our gender I must say. The ending was one for the ages. I tagged in Kasey and she came through and took out Dorian Cade and just when Elgin thought he had her in his sights, she caught him with one of the nastiest spin kicks i’ve ever seen! 

Ronan Malosi: Oh yeah, that was nice. Let’s take a look at a little clip of that in action!

(All eyes turn to the screen in the ring as a replay of the match in question is shown. We see Elgin St. Laurent looking to sneak attack Kasey but Kaos catches him with a powerful spinning kick that knocks him out cold and seals his fate.)

Ronan Malosi: Not bad, I throw a better kick to be honest. You got to put more torque in your hips but solid shot either way.

Lisa Wren: Whatever! That kick was crazy! Elgin might have loosened teeth after that. What do you call that move, Kase?

Kasey Kaos: Um, first off…don’t call me Kase. Second, it’s called Ask The Angels. Third, you seem so hype off that tag match that I won for us. You were catching your breath while I took care of two men essentially by myself in the end. 

Lisa Wren: Excuse me?

Kasey Kaos: Look, we made a good team last week. I did the heavy lifting while you reaped some of the benefits. After this week, don’t think this is a permanent thing between us. Cause it’s not. Don’t go off thinking you are going to be able to get to ride my coattails to victory every week. Don’t get used to this, ok?

Lisa Wren: Woah! You are out of line, Kase.

Kasey Kaos: Didn’t I just tell you not to call me Kase?

Lisa Wren: Listen, I can call you whatever I feel like calling you and if you have a problem with that-

Ronan Malosi: Ok, ladies. Settle down, damn. Women can’t help but be catty, huh?

Melissa O’Malley: *Clears throat*

Ronan Malosi: … 

(Melissa interrupts the three as she stares at Ronan with an annoyed look in her gaze.)

Ronan Malosi: Your throat itchy or something? You want some green tea and honey? Cat got your tongue? Speak up, Melissa. What is it you want to say?

Melissa O’Malley: I feel like a fourth wheel out here watching Lisa and Kasey argue about nothing to be honest. That and I feel like you truthfully don’t want me out here, Ronan.

Ronan Malosi: What gives you that idea?

Melissa O’Malley: Considering I’ve been sitting here this whole time and you haven’t said anything to me or about me. 

Ronan Malosi: To be honest, I didn’t really want you out here. Not for nothing, you have the personality of a door knob and even though you obviously have some type of talent, I don’t think anyone cares to hear you speak. 

Melissa O’Malley: Oh really? That’s a lot of lip flapping and I think it’s all lies. I think the truth is you didn’t want me out here in this ring during your talk show because you are an insecure roid head with a dirty beard that STILL is upset about me beating you three weeks ago in this very ring.

(The crowd cheers as Kasey and Lisa stop arguing and laugh at Ronan.)

Kasey Kaos: I think she does have a point, she did beat you a few weeks ago.

Lisa Wren: Facts!

Ronan Malosi: …Wow. First off, yeah she won the match…but she had to pin some guy named Billy in order to win. Mel, you got a lot of nerve disrespecting me here on my show like that. 

Melissa O’Malley: No, you have a lot of nerve for bringing me out here and not showing me any respect as a competitor or as a person. Ignoring me to listen to these two argue about nothing and having me sit back and just essentially have a front row seat to a talk show so bad that if Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Trevor Noah watched it for five seconds, they would be racing to see who can jump off a very tall building first. You call yourself underrated, here’s my hot take: you suck, Ronan.

Lisa Wren: I agree with the Gladiatrix. You kind of suck, man.

Kasey Kaos: I’ll add my opinion on this; you suck, big time. 

Ronan Malosi: I suck? I suck?! 


(Ronan raises a fist and slams it on the desk as he stands up. All three women rise as all three look ready to fight the big man.)

Ronan Malosi: IF you three think I suck, I want to see you three prove it. I’m a wrestling machine with more moves then all three of you little skanks combined. I am the most underrated elitist alive today and I can back up everything I said against all three of you anyplace and anytime! So, how about all four of us get together at Reckless Wiring and have ourselves a FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!?

(The crowd comes alive as all three women size up Ronan and each other as they all begin to nod.)


(Ronan is interrupted as “Earned It” by Chief Keef begins to blast out the speakers. The unfamiliar theme brings confusion until out steps a re-returning SOSA Henderson to a loud pop.)

Stew-O: IT CAN’T BE!

Flannery McCoy: It must be…

Jake Mercer: He’s baaaaack!

(SOSA’s initial cheers turn into loud boos as the fans that were hype to see him return, heckle him for returning once again after leaving the previous times. SOSA has on a pair of rather expensive glasses, a pair of Amiri denim jeans, and a Fear of God hoodie as he shows off his Carolina Blue Jordan 3 sneakers. SOSA has a microphone as he points to the ring and smirks.)

SOSA Henderson: Yo, hold on one fuckin’ second!

(The fans begin a mixed reaction as SOSA is seen checking his Richard Mille watch.)

SOSA Henderson: Is it that time already? Not only is we seeing history in the making with not one, not two, not three, but four women together for the first time in EAW history in a ring…all trying to get their periods to sync up…

Ronan Malosi: Four women in the ring…HEY!

SOSA Henderson: But, we also have the momentous, highly anticipated, desperately desired, and endlessly craved return of the former NEW BREED MAJESTY! The return of the man that put so much nut inside Serena Bennett that she developed a peanut allergy. The thief, the thug, the rapper, and currently…THE ACTOR THAT HAS STOLEN ALL THE SCRIPTS AND MADE THEM HIS OWN STAR…has returned to EAW! That’s right, don’t adjust shit! Big SOSA Henderson is back home and ready to shut the fucking mouths of ungrateful lil’ crackheads like Ronan Malosi here in one swoop. Yeah, you! I’m talking about you! You big pussy! You look like you should be working security for me inside Club LIV or something. Instead, EAW got this clumsy giant in the ring with two mediocre looking cac devils and a kind of cute chick named…what’s your name, hoe?

Lisa Wren: Don’t call me a hoe. It’s Lisa Wr-

SOSA Henderson: Doesn’t even matter. You got a bubble and if you ever want a chance to make it outside EAW, maybe try your hand at acting, and possibly become half the star SOSA Henderson has become in Hollywood, you should come holler at me. You bubble booty bitch, come sit on my Casting Couch HD and see why all the bitches love SOSA!

Kasey Kaos: What’s this guys deal? 

Melissa O’Malley: And who or what the hell is a SOSA Henderson?!

SOSA Henderson: My deal is, I just renegotiated to return back and become the face of EAW. And SOSA Henderson is the guy you two sluts should be getting in line behind Lisa Wrench or whatever that hoe’s name was and trying to attach yourself to Hollywood’s greatest star. 

Ronan Malosi: Look, you loudmouth piece of crap. Nobody cares about your Hollywood rebrand or whatever motivation you think you have for coming back. You were a decent New Breed champ last year and then you fell off a cliff because a OnlyFans account having whore beat you for that title and she too quit after the going got tough. I may not like these three women in this ring, at least I know at Reckless Wiring they will show up and fight. So, stop wasting our time and these fans time and go star in some Tyler Perry Netflix flop of a movie and let me close out my show.

SOSA Henderson: Hey, Steven Adams of The OKC Thunder; wash your dirty little hands and watch your pissy mouth. I’m HOLLYWOOD SOSA HENDERSON, I am the A-List star around here whether I decide to go shoot a movie for 6-12 months or whether I decide to work a semi full schedule and proceed to tap dance all over all of you bum ass bitches. As a matter of fact, let me show you four how much of a star I am. Since I only came out here to do was promote my next film and convince Lisa Wrenagade over there to come back to my hotel so she can let me put this Holly WOOD in her mouth…how about I jump on into this match you fools made up and make Reckless Wiring my official return to EAW! Fuck a fatal fourway, we gon’ have ourselves a FATAL FIVE WAY! Feel me?

Ronan Malosi: Who gives a damn what you want? Huh? This is HOT TAKES WITH RONAN and…screw it, you got yourself a match! I’ll kick all of your faces in and prove I am the most underrated elitist going today. This has been an episode of Hot Takes and I’ll see all of you at Reckless Wir-

SOSA Henderson: Fuck you and fuck this cheap as show! I’ll see all of you at Reckless Wiring! 

(“Earned It” by Chief Keef plays as SOSA steals the spotlight from the four in the ring. Ronan is pissed off as SOSA ends his show and takes the moment for himself. Lisa, Kasey, and Melissa all give each other side eyes as the tension between all five individuals is evident for all to see.)

Stew-O: I must say, a lot of his actual Hot Takes weren’t without controversy, but

Flannery McCor: Don’t sugar coat it, Stew. His Hot Takes sucked!

Jake Mercer: I disagree, guys! I loved every single one and I agree that Ronan Malosi is the most underrated elitist alive today.

Stew-O: I was going to say, his Hot Takes were controversial, but this talk show has now given us an explosive match. Lisa Wren, Melissa O’Malley, Kasey Kaos, Ronan Malosi, and the now RETURNING SOSA Henderson will face off in a fatal five way match at Reckless Wiring!

Jake Mercer: I love Hollywood SOSA but could ring rust play a factor in this match?

Flannery McCoy: The guy was one of the best alive at his peak, but maybe being away could be hard for him to return and win a match with four of the hungriest elitists on Dynasty. Lisa Wren is fantastic, Kasey Kaos is incredible, Melissa O’Malley is truly special, and Ronan Malosi is…


Flannery McCoy: *sighs*

Jake Mercer: IN ALL OF EAW!!! Here goes a Jake Mercer Hot Take! I STAN RO-NAN!

Stew-O: I stan great matches and this fatal five way has the potential to be a great one!

(The scene ends as a disappointed Ronan shakes his head as SOSA stunts all over the audience and mocks the crowd on stage and Lisa, Kasey, and Melissa keep staring intensely at one another.)

(The camera cuts to Drake King’s racist tweet deleter. Ever had some racist tweets on your feed that you just want to rid of the world? Drake King’s got it! With his patented system tested specifically on the racist comments he’s made previously, your digital footprint will stay as cleansed as ever)

(“Battle with Magus” (from Chrono Trigger) – Yasunori Mituda as Melissa O’Malley makes her way out to the stage and towards the ring holding her modified kendo stick in hand. )

Stephie Love: Introducing first… From the Las Vegas Strip! Weighing in at 122 pounds she is The Gladiatrix… MELISSAAAA OOOOOOO’MALLEYYY!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Melissa came close to winning last week but The Leading Lady emerged victoriously.

Flannery McCoy: She is looking to bounce back this week! Will her speed and agility lead her to victory?

(‘Demons’ by Fight the Fury hits, as Elgin St. Laurent steps out onto the stage. The crowd cheers as he makes his way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And her opponent!! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 220lbs!!! ELGIN ST. LAURENT!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: This is Engin’s second match in EAW and he is looking for his first career win!

Flannery McCoy: He suffered a pinfall loss in tag team competition for his first match against Lisa Wren and Kasey Chaos. Will his luck change against The Gladiatrix? Stay tuned because…


Stew-O: HERE WE GO!!
Both opponents meet up at the center of the ring and actually shake hands wishing each other good luck before they engage in a clinch through which Elgin gets the upper hand! He holds a good hold on Mel’s head before throwing her into an Irish whip into a corner and he then motions her to come at him! She gladly obliges! Locking horns again and using his force alone the Calgary native flips Melissa into an overhead slam But She Lands On Her Feet! She then beckons Elgin to come at her which he also obliges but she quickly trips with a drop toe hold and moves away from him as he quickly gets to his feet. He rushes towards her and she uses the momentum to perform a fireman’s carry on St-Laurent!! He gets up quickly again looking surprised as The Gladiatrix looks beaming with a large smile on her face! She at 5 feet 5 just fireman’s carried a 6 feet 3 opponent! 

Jake Mercer: You don’t see that every day that’s for sure!

Flannery McCoy: Melissa loves to fight bigger opponents than her though! Look at her smiling!

Stew-O: Her arrogance looks to be angering her opponent who goes onto to chase her around the ring! Melissa looks to want and jump through the ropes to make it out of the ring but she uses the ropes to manoeuver herself spinning back into the ring while Elgin jumped also and ends up landing down outside the ring!!! What agility from O’Malley who calls for Elgin to come back into the ring which he does! He rushes towards her and she towards him. He goes for a clothesline standing in the center of the ring but she ducks it before bouncing off the ropes and go at him with a hurricanrana!!! Down goes Elgin and the crowd loves it! Melissa goes on the offensive as St-Laurent was in a corner and strikes him with a few elbow shots to the face before Irish Whipping him to the opposite corner! Elgin reverses sending Melissa in the corner instead! She is followed by her opponent who tries to tackle her into the corner but she flips upside down causing Elgin to ram his shoulder into the ring post!! He crumbles to the floor and Melissa is taking it to the sky!! MOONSAULT! Perfectly executed!! She hooks Elgin’s legs up!

Jake Mercer: COVER!!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Flannery McCoy: St-LAURENT KICKS OUT!!!

Stew-O: He shoves Melissa off of him as both get up to a vertical base and as O’Malley gets close she gets a knee to the midsection by Elgin! He picks her up on his shoulders for a torture rack but she slips off and has him thrown into a corner with an arm drag!! He gets up and she rushes to him jumping moving for yet another hurricanrana but he counters by powering her off of him! She lands on her feet like a cat and gets rushed on by Elgin but she uses his momentum to drill his face into the corner’s turnbuckle! Elgin is staggering!

Jake Mercer: SHE ROLLS HIM UP!!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!!


Stew-O: What ring presence from Melissa through this to get her second pin attempt of the night! She goes into the ropes as Elgin gets up running towards him she attempts a crossbody BUT HE CATCHES HER IN MIDAIR!! He quickly repositions her then goes for an overhead suplex sending her crashing down hard!! Melissa retreats to a corner and Elgin goes to meet her throwing in some punches a rush of punches at her body and face his mixed martial arts experience going into high gear at this point of the bout and he then goes for a few elbows for good measures to Melissa’s face! He backs off from her after he moved from her a second and then charged back in BUT O’Malley catches him with a boot to the face! St-Laurent staggers and turns his back to Melissa who runs and baseball slides between Elgin’s legs and KICKS HIM INTO THE CORNER WITH BOTH FEET!! She goes to the other corner and runs to her opponent jumping! Elgin lifts her over his head AND SHE LANDS WITH BOTH FEET ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE BEHIND ELGIN!! MISSILE DROPKICK AS ELGIN TURNS AROUND!!! 

Jake Mercer: COVER!!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!!


Stew-O: Melissa wants to end this match quickly as she goes to a corner she calls for her patented Gladius Kick! She waits for the right moment to STRIKE AND IT CONNECTS!! This is her chance to put this match into the books! She picks up St-Laurent who seems to be in another timezone and she DRILLS HIM DOWN WITH THE GLORY AND DEATH FLOATING DDT!!! HIS HEAD LOOKS AS IF IT WENT INTO THE MAT WITH THE POWER SHE GOT INTO IT! SHE GOES FOR THE COVER!! 

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!


Stephie Love: Here is your winner: Melisaaa OOOOO’MALLEYYYYY!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Convincing win for The Gladiatrix!

Flannery McCoy: What a display by the Vegas native who can now get past her loss of last week and enjoy her weekend! 

(The camera cuts to a commercial for Justin Windgate’s and Bronson Daniels’ official EAW licenced weed shop. You want weed, they’ve probably got a ton)

(‘Pure Water’ by Skepta hits, as the crowd erupts into boos. Dray Fontana steps out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen!! The following contest is a tag team bout that is scheduled for!!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

Stephie Love: Introducing first, from England, United Kingdom!!! Weighing in at 200lbs!!! UNRULY X UNRIVALED!!! DRAY FONTANA!!!!

Stew-O: One of the two Showdown Elitists being featured in tonights tag team bout. Dray Fontana is one of the rising stars here in this company, and picking up the win here would be huge!

Jake Mercer: Dray is definitely a go getter, I’ll tell you that. This man will do whatever he needs to in order to achieve success.

(‘Costa Rica’ by Dreamville,, Bas, and JID ft Mez, Buddy, Jace, Reese, LAFLARE, Ski Mask the Slump God, SmokePurpp & Guapdad 4000 hits, as Bronson Daniels steps out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his partner, from Cocoa, Florida.. Weighing in at 216lbs!! THE EUPHORIC MACHINE!!!! BRONSON DANIELSSSSS!!!!!

Jake Mercer: When did smoking and doing drugs end up being the “In” thing here in EAW? Anyone?

Flannery McCoy: Not this again.

Stew-O: Bronson is also another Elitist from Showdown. He’s a young star that loves to have fun.

Jake Mercer: Maybe a bit too much fun..

(‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’ by Eric B and Rakim hits, as Lisa Wren steps out onto the stage. The crowd cheers her on, as she makes way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And their opponent, from British Columbia, Canada!!! Weighing in at 150lbs!!!! LISAAAAA WRENNNNNNN!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Lisa has seen quite the success these past few weeks since debuting. Her most recent one being in a tag team match with Kasey Kaos against St. Laurent and Dorian Cade last week. Lisa hopes to pick up another victory in tag team action here tonight with the same partner!

Stew-O: I’ve heard backstage that Lisa and Kasey were going back and forth quite abit on who actually contributed towards their victory last week. We’ll see if that has any affect on their partnership tonight!

(‘Cry Little Sister’ by Marilyn Manson hits, as Kasey Kaos steps out onto the stage with a dark stare at her opponents standing in the ring. Some fans cheer her on due to her recent success, as she makes her way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And Lastly, from London, England.. Weighing 130lbs.. MISSSSSS MAYHEMMM!!!! KASEY KAOS!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Kasey Kaos feels like she got the victory last all by herself, but is teaming with the same partner as last week. These are two new opponents, so this is the perfect time for Kasey to back up her words by picking up another victory here on Dynasty!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew-O: Lisa Wren and Dray Fontana start this one off as their partners get back to their corners.

Flannery McCoy: And there’s Dray Fontana with the first strike as he goes for a kick to the side of Lisa Wren’s leg! It misses as Lisa steps back! Lisa now goes for a right hand jab onto Dray’s chin, but Dray backs his head up in the nick of time and dodges it!

Jake Mercer: Dray Fontanta charges at Lisa Wren with a clothesline! No! Lisa Ducks it and gets behind him! Dray turns around..

Stew-O: And Lisa connects with a quick jab that snaps against Dray Fontana’s face! Dray stumbles over off to the side, but stays on his feet, bent over. That was a shot!!

Flannery McCoy: And now Lisa Wren walks over to the bent over Dray Fontana, and quickly drops down to her knee and lands a powerful underhook to Drays abdomen! Dray drops to one knee, as Lisa pops right back up to her feet! She runs to the ropes and bounces back!!

Stew-O: Dray Fontana gets back up to his feet, and Lisa Wren connects with the running facebuster!!

Jake Mercer: Lisa is coming out strong in this match as she gives her team control. She stands up and walks over to her corner.


Stew-O: And here’s Kasey Kaos! Kasey runs over to Dray Fontana, and lands a quick snap elbow drop onto his upper body! Kasey quickly pops up and connects with another!! Kasey with a third!

Flannery McCoy: No! Dray Fontana rolls out of the way, as Kasey’s arm smacks against the ring! Dray uses the ropes to help him up to his feet! Kasey now up to hers! Dray with a running clothesline!

Stew-O: Kasey ducks it!!! PELE KICK!!! DRAY FONTANA WITH THE PELE KICK ONTO KASEY KAOS OUT OF NOWHERE! Kasey falls down, as Dray Fontana scrambles on top for the cover!



Stew-O: Quick kickout by Kasey Kaos!! Dray Fontana gets up to his feet, and stomps down onto Kasey’s abdomen!! Kasey clutches at her stomach in pain! Dray Fontana going back to his corner.


Flannery McCoy: It’s Bronson Daniels!!

Stew-O: Kasey Kaos is still on the ground, as Bronson Daniels makes his way over to her. Bronson grabs Kasey by the head and brings her up to her feet. It looks like he’s setting up for a snap suplex!!! Wait No!! Kasey Kaos with a small package!!

Referee: ONEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!



Jake Mercer: Kickout by Bronson Daniels! Bronson quickly gets back up to his feet! Kasey follows right after, but is nailed by a strong kick to the side of her leg by Bronson Daniels!! Bronson with another kick! Kasey drops down to her right knee!

Stew-O: And now Bronson gets closer in and hooks Kasey Kaos’ head!! SNAP SUPLEX! It connects!! Bronson back up to his feet, as Kasey Kaos follows right after him. ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY BRONSON DANIELS!! IT CONNECTS!! Kasey is stunned, as she falls back up against a neutral corner turnbuckle!! Bronson charges at Kasey!!! RUNNING JUMPING KNEE TO THE FACE OF KASEY KAOS!!!

Flannery McCoy: IT CONNECTS!! Kasey Kaos is out of it!! Bronson backs out of the corner, as Kasey stumbles out!! Bronson kicks Kasey in the stomach and pulls her in!! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER!!

Stew-O: NO!! Kasey Kaos breaks herself free before Bronson could lift her up!! Sling blade!! It connects! Bronson Daniels is down on the mat!!

Jake Mercer: Kasey Kaos getting back up to her feet slowly now, as Bronson Daniels follows right after and charges at Kasey with a running forearm! No! Kasey Kaos reverses it with a scoop powerslam!!

Stew-O: Kasey just used all of Bronson Daniel’s momentum against him right there!

Flannery McCoy: Bronson Daniels clutches at his back. Kasey Kaos is quick to get back up to her feet, as she looks down at her opponent with a cold stare! Bronson slowly up to his knees! Kasey Kaos is now pacing back and forth as she continues to watch Bronson!

Stew-O: Bronson Daniels is up to his feet! Kasey Kaos kicks him in the stomach!! SNAP DDT BY KASEY CONNECTS!!! Kasey has put her team in full control right here!

Flannery McCoy: And now we see Kasey Kaos getting back up to her feet. Bronson Daniels is still down, trying to get back up. Kasey makes her way over to the corner turnbuckles, as she begins to climb up!

Jake Mercer: Kasey Kaos on the top rope! Bronson Daniels is now up to his feet! Kasey Kaos leaps into the air! DIVING CROSSBODY ONTO BRONSON DANIELS!!!!! Kasey Kaos keeps the leg hooked!!!




Stew-O: And there’s the kickout by Bronson Daniels!

Flannery McCoy: Kasey Kaos slowly gets back up to her feet, as she grabs Bronson Daniels by the hair, as she pulls him up to his feet! Bronson is clutching at his abdomen! Kasey with a forearm to the face! Another one by Kasey Kaos!!

Stew-O: And now Kasey Kaos whips Bronson Daniels over to the corner! Daniels crashes against the turnbuckles!

Jake Mercer: Kasey charges at Bronson Daniels in corner! BUT BRONSON LIFTS HIS BOOT, AND CATCHES KASEY KAOS IN THE FACE!!! Kasey is stunned, as she takes a few steps back! Bronson hops up onto the top rope, as Kasey is just now getting her balance! Bronson Daniels leaps into the air!!! MISSILE DROPKICK!!!! IT CONNECTS!!! BOTH COMPETITORS DOWN!!!

Flannery McCoy: Both Bronson Daniels and Kasey Kaos are down in the center of the ring! Bronson is the first to turn to his stomach and begin crawling over to his corner!! Bronson is reaching for his partner, as Kasey is still down!!!


Stew-O: And Dray Fontana is back in this one, as he charges across the ring and connects with a forearm that knocks Lisa Wren off of the ring apron!! Dray Fontana now turns his attention towards Kasey Kaos. Kaos is back to her feet!

Flannery McCoy: SUPERKICK BY FONTANA!!! NO!! Kasey Kaos ducks underneath it and gets behind Fontana! Dray turns around!! SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY KASEY KAOS!!!! Kasey for the pin!!




Jake Mercer: And Dray Fontana kicks out!!! That was a close one!!

Stew-O: Kasey Kaos rolls off of Dray Fontana and begins to crawl her way over to Lisa Wren in the corner! She has to be exhausted out there!

Flannery McCoy: Dray Fontana is also trying to reach out and get a tag, as he’s reaching out for Bronson Daniels! Who’s going to make the tag first!!!




Flannery McCoy: AND LISA WREN!!

Stew-O: Bronson and Lisa charge at one another, as it’s Lisa who comes out on top with the Lou Thesz Press!!! Lisa is now on top of Bronson and connects with hard lefts and rights to his face!! Lisa Wren now stands right up and stomps down onto Bronson’s abdomen as he pops up into a seated position. Lisa gets from behind Bronson and kicks him right in the back!! Bronson Daniels screams in pain!

Jake Mercer: Lisa Wren grabs Bronson Daniels now, and brings him up to his feet! Lisa hooks Bronson’s arm behind his head! Lisa raises her right hand as she has it in a fist!!! HEART PUNCH!!! THAT’LL KNOCK THE SMOKE OUT OF HIS LUNGS!!!

Flannery McCoy: Bronson Daniels drops to his knees as he clutches at his heart! Meanwhile, Lisa Wren drops an elbow shot right onto the top of his head! Lisa now grabs a hold of Bronson Daniels! She hooks his head as he rises to his feet!!!! DDT BY LISA WREN!!!

Stew-O: NO! Bronson Daniels spins out of it and connects with a drop toe hold!!! Bronson goes to the ankle.. AND HE LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!!

Jake Mercer: Lisa Wren is screaming in pain, as she gets her ankle twisted by Bronson Daniels! Bronson is putting as much pressure as he can, and making sure Lisa is feeling it every single second!!

Flannery McCoy: And now Lisa Wren uses her flexibility to get up onto her free leg!! Bronson still has hold of her right ankle!! Enzuigiri Kick by Lisa Wren! It connects!! Bronson is groggy!! Lisa now goes over to Bronson Daniels and grabs his head. She’s looking for it again!!! DDT!!!!

Stew-O: And Bronson Daniels breaks free by shoving Lisa Wren off as she falls back into Kasey Kaos!!


Jake Mercer: And that’s a tag!! Bronson grabs Lisa Wren who’s still in the ring and lifts her up!!! CRADLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! HE HAS HER LEGS HOOKED, BUT SHE ISN’T THE LEGAL PERSON FOR HER TEAM!!!

Flannery McCoy: Bronson is confused as to why the referee hasn’t started counting! Bronson is up to his feet! BUT LOOK! It’s Kasey Kaos on the top rope!!! DIVING HURRICANRANA!!!! IT CONNECTS!!!

Stew-O: Bronson Daniels lands flat on his back, as he quickly leaps up to make a tag to Dray Fontana!!! Bronson rolls out of the ring!!


Jake Mercer: And here’s Fontana! Kasey Kaos charges at him with a clothesline! Fontana ducks it!! SUPERKICK BY DRAY FONTANA!!!!




(‘Cry Little Sister’ by Marilyn Manson hits, as the crowd begins to cheer on Kasey and Lisa for an incredible victory here on Dynasty. Both Kasey and Lisa make it to their feet, as they get their hands raised by the referee.)


Stew-O: So the Dynasty gals were able to get the victory here tonight!

Flannery McCoy: Against two tough competitors on Showdown too!

Stew-O: This is the 2nd time that Lisa and Kasey have teamed together and also the second time that they have come out on top. The two might not have much nice words to say to one another backstage, but in the ring, it seems to be working out.

Jake Mercer: You got that right Stew.

Stew-O: Both women have done incredible these past few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what the future could potentially hold for these two together and individually!

(The camera cuts to a brief commercial for Osamu Arcichida’s coronavirus patented vaccine, only $99.99)

(Dynasty returns from break and cuts to the backstage area. A makeshift courtroom has been set up and several wrestlers have been invited to attend and are sitting in chairs. Two podiums have been set up, one for the defendants and one for Starr Stan and Cage, to question them. Clearly, both seem determined to get to the bottom of what’s been going on with Cage and the mysterious attacks. There is tension in the room and all the wrestlers that have been gathered are talking quietly amongst themselves. StarrStan is looking nervously at Cage, who is just glowering at everyone in the room. Pure rage radiates from Cage and with a sigh, StarrStan clears his throat.)

StarrStan: Thank you for all joini-

Cage: Like you had a fucking choice, because some asshole in this room either attacked me and cut the lights off during my King of Elite match, or they know something about who fucking did it. Now I’m not going to skirt around things and be a pussy like StarrStan. Whoever the fuck cost me a win against Impact and laid me out two weeks ago is going to get the full Cage experience. I want your damn head.

(StarrStan gives Cage a rather annoyed look.)

StarrStan: That’s a great way to gain everyone’s trust and get them to open up. Great job, Cage. That hot head type of attitude is what got you in this position in the first place, I’m sure.

Cage: So you got a problem with how I act now? A real problem that would cause you to do something stupid like get involved in my business?

StarrStan: :whoa: Hold on now. I’m the one who continues to try and help you, despite the fact you just popped awf last week and laid me out. I didn’t have to call for Wrestler’s Court, you know. I could have just turned a blind eye to this whole situation. Now why don’t you actually keep your mouth shut for once and let me handle things. I said I would figure out what happened and that’s what I’m trying to do.

(Cage starts to reply, but StarrStan narrows his eyes. In order for them to both find out what really happened during King of Elite, they both need to cooperate with one another. Cage finally sighs and folds his arms across his chest.)

Cage: Fine. Proceed.

StarrStan: … thanks. So one by one, I’m going to ask each of you to come up to the podium and tell us what you were doing during King of Elite and where you were when Cage was attacked in my office a couple of weeks ago. Landerson, please approach the podium.

(Landerson approaches the podium and clears his throat.)

Landerson: If I may, I need to know if I can fight Kassidy Heart for the National Elite Championship during the Grand Rampage?

StarrStan: Excuse me?

Landerson: I want to fight Kassidy Heart for the National Elite Championship during the Grand Rampage match.

(StarrStan and Cage look at one, and raise their eyebrows.)

Cage: What the fuck does that have to do with what happened during King of Elite? You always tryna to find a way to con your way into matches and situations that you don’t belong in. Did you help Impact beat me? Did you cut the lights out for him?

Landerson: Cage, if I want a match with you, I would just make it myself. I’m El Landerson and I make everyone feel the boom! But if you want to fight me, Diamond Cage, then we can fight on Dynasty next week to see who faces Kassidy Heart for the National Elite Championship during the Grand Rampage match.

(Cage studies Landerson for a moment and then turns to StarrStan.)

Cage: Innocent. Landerson ain’t no coward. He goes after what he wants, and I know it wasn’t him who screwed me over.

(StarrStan nods, agreeing with Cage.)

StarrStan: You’re free to go, Landerson.

(Landerson takes his leave and the next wrestler to step up the podium is Billy.)



StarrStan: :whoa: Hang on, Cage. The man has Tourette’s Syndrome.

Cage :usure:

Billy: FUCK

StarrStan: Billy wasn’t even a member of the roster during King of Elite.

Cage: But he was signed afterwards. How do I know that he didn’t get his contract because of what he did?!

Billy: SHIT!


(Cage starts to make a beeline for Billy who lets out a scream. StarrStan quickly grabs Cage and drags him back behind the podium.)

StarrStan: Bruh, Billy didn’t do it.

(Cage is about to argue, when Dynasty newcomer and loser earlier in the evening, Elgin St. Laurent approaches the podium.)

Elgin St. Laurent: Why am I even here? I also wasn’t signed during King of Elite.

Cage: Does that fucking matter? You coulda got your job because you had the balls to actually pull the lights during a Cage match.

Elgin St. Laurent: Why would I even care enough to do that?

Cage: Do you know even know who the fuck I am?

Elgin St. Laurent: Clearly someone with a major chip on their shoulder.

(Another Elitist, Niklas Arnold, shoves St. Laurent out of the way and takes the podium.)

Niklas Arnold: Why the fuck would anyone in this room care enough to fuck around with your match?

(Cage blinks.)

Cage: Who the fuck are you again?

Niklas Arnold: I’m Nik-

(Cage doesn’t give the man a chance to reply. He shoves past StarrStan and tackles the podium and Niklas Arnold! Cage kicks the podium out of the way as he beats the shit out of Arnold, leaving his face a bloody mess.)


(All the wrestlers that were in the room such as Arrow Thunderman, Tommy Cash, Mr. TV Know, Shaun Gascoigne, and Scoob Henry all jump Cage and haul him off poor Niklas Arnold! They toss Cage into the opposite podium, knocking StarrStan down in the process and jump Cage, kicking him and trying to beat him down.)

Billy: FUCK!

(Cage being Cage fights his way back up and grabs a hold of Thunderman and Cash! He cracks their skulls together and throws them both into the sea of folding chairs. He kicks Mr. TV Know in the stomach, slams his fist into TV Know’s face, and knocks every single tooth out of TV Know’s mouth! Niklas Arnold is back to his feet, but Cage whips TV Know into Arnold, and that takes Arnold down! He catches Shaun Gascoigne with a back elbow and whirls around, seizing him by the throat!)

Cage: WAS IT YOU?!

(Gascoigne’s eyes nearly pop out of his skull because Cage is squeezing his neck so hard. Scoob Henry connects with a forearm to the back of Cage’s skull and that forces Cage to let go of Gascoigne and turn his attention towards Scoob! Scoob takes a step back and shakes his head. Cage grabs Scoob by the wrist and brings him down with a short arm lariat! Elgin St. Laurent is one of two Elitists left standing and he quickly exits the room to escape the wrath of Cage.)


Billy: FUCK!

(Cage whirls around and sets his sights on Billy, who screams bloody murder and takes off running. Cage starts after him but StarrStan is finally able to grab onto Cage.)

StarrStan: This is not how wrestler’s court was supposed to go!

(Cage shoves Starr off of him, grabs him by the shirt, and slams him back into the wall.)

Cage: My patience is wearing thin, Starr. Real thin. This shit was a waste of fucking time. Come up with a better idea and figure out who did it before I set my sights on you.

(Cage lets go of the Dynasty General Manager and storms out of the room. StarrStan is left in complete disbelief as he looks around at the broken bodies Cage has left in his path.)

(Dynasty fades elsewhere.)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for Ring Master’s presidential campaign! Up against the likes of El Landerson and Woogieman, Ring Master is a underdog but logical choice! Vote for Ring Master 2020)

(“Me Muero” by La 5a Estación begins to play and Angel de Plata Jr comes out to an ovation. Angel looks serious and determined.)

Stephie Love: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, weighing in at 205 pounds, from Mexico City, Mexico… ANGELLLLLL DE PLATA JUNIORRRRRR!

Flannery McCoy: This is Angel’s last chance to get into the New Breed Championship match at Reckless Wiring. He will need to defeat the champion to do it.

Stew-O: A huge opportunity for Angel. But as you can see, we have Gwyn Gilfried out here at ringside — another added obstacle for the luchador.

(The camera zooms in on Gwyn sitting by the commentators at ringside.)

Jake Mercer: It seems to me like we can count on this being a one on one, gentleman.

(‘Go Off by Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott’ begins to play and Justin Windgate storms out to the entrance ramp as the audience cheers. Windgate has a joint in his mouth and takes a few puffs.)

Stephie Love: His opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan — THE NEW BREED CHAMPION! — JUSTINNNNN WINDDDDGATTTTEEEEE!!

Flannery McCoy: Justin Windgate looks to make sure he has a better chance of retaining that New Breed Championship at Reckless Wiring by keeping Angel out of that match.

Stew-O: The Champion is in a peculiar position tonight, that’s for sure.


Flannery McCoy: And we’re off! The champion starts out running circles around Angel. It looks like Angel is apprehensive tonight, he knows how much this will mean if he wins. Windgate charges Angel and takes control of his left arm. Windgate wrenches the left arm and flips over, securing an arm lock. Angel flips over himself and takes down Angel with the left knee. Angel transitions and puts Windgate in a quick side headlock.

Jake Mercer: Did you know one time Angel preformed 600 consecutive arm drags?

Stew-O: I’m not so sure, Jake, but Justin Windgate is back on his feet. Windgate bounces up to his feet and whips Angel toward the ropes. Angel comes charging back… AND WINDGATE DROPS ANGEL WITH A BIG DROP KICK!! Angel pops back up to his feet —

Flannery McCoy: BUT WINDGATE POPS HIM IN THE CHIN WITH A SUPER KICK! That kick was nasty. Oh! Justin hooks the leg for a cover!


Jake Mercer: A quick kick out! That stoner always tries to end matches quick. That’s a testament to the side effects of the devils lettuce.

Stew-O: Justin exits to the apron and climbs atop the turnbuckle. OH! Angel is up! He runs up the turnbuckle. AND THEY BOTH COME DOWN!

Jake Mercer: Angel connects with a huge Spanish Fly right off the top rope! Both men are down and the referee is just shocked at what he saw. That was an amazing move by Angel. He’s putting it all on the line right now.

Flannery McCoy: Angel shakes off the cobwebs and gets back to his feet. He charges toward the downed Windgate —

Stew-O: No! Gwyn Gilfried is now by the ring and he grabbed the foot of Angel. It looks like Angel wants to confront Gilfried but the referee is preventing him from doing so. Angel is livid that his potential opponent at Reckless Wiring is interfering in this match.

Jake Mercer: Gwen smartly wants to keep this match between Justin and him.

Flannery McCoy: Speaking of Justin, he’s back to his feet! Justin turns Angel around and PLANTS him with a big DDT. Windgate follows it up with a standing moonsault! Justin jumps back to his feet… AND CONNECTS WITH A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The agility and athleticism of Justin Windgate truly knows no bounds! Windgate stays on top of Angel for the cover!



Stew-O: Angel with a kick out! I thought that might be it. He stays in it. Windgate realizes that he needs to do more. Windgate grabs Angel by the mask and picks him up to his feet. Windgate connects with a NASTY chop to the chest and follows up with another one. Angel is in the corner now. Windgate sets himself up in the opposite corner. WINDGATE CHARGES ANGEL! BUT HE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!

Jake Mercer: Good ring awareness from Angel, Justin was looking to kick his head off of his shoulders there.

Flannery McCoy: Angel realizes he has the advantage now. Windgate ran crotch first into that turnbuckle trying to get a kick off. Now Angel sizes up Windgate and CONNECTS WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK. Windgate is stumbling backwards… AND ANGEL WITH A LARIAT SENDS WINDGATE TO THE OUTSIDE RIGHT ON TOP OF GWYN GILFRIED!

Stew-O: And the crowd here in Buenos Aries is on their feet! This capacity crowd doesn’t give a damn about the caronavirus, they care about what Angel de Plata Jr. is going to do next! Angel waits, he’s looking for…


Stew-O: WOW! Angel is really going all out, that move was designed to take out the two threats prevalent in this match. Angel knew Gilfried is looking to intervene in this match, ironically, on Windgate’s behalf.

Flannery McCoy: The referee is counting now!

Referee: One!




Jake Mercer: Angel is back on his feet and he picks Windgate up and violently rolls him back into the ring. It looks like he’s staying out on the apron, though.

Flannery McCoy: Justin Windgate is struggling back to his feet. Angel signals for a big move here. Angel springboards off the top rope!!!!

Stew-O: AND HE RUNS RIGHT INTO THE FOOT OF JUSTIN WINDGATE! Windgate just superkicked the front teeth right out of Angel de Plata Jr. And he’s crawling over… once again with a pin attempt!




Flannery McCoy: NO! ANGEL GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! This match is STILL not over as Angel de Plata Jr keeps himself alive. Justin Windgate has a look that says it all, he’s pissed off and wants to end this thing.

Stew-O: Both men are stirring but Windgate reaches his feet first. Justin Windgate charged AND CONNECTS WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE OF ANGEL! He’s not done! Windgate drags Angel to the middle of the ring. Windgate once again climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. X FACTOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Flannery McCoy: NO! NO! Angel rolls out of the way of the shooting star press! Justin Windgate is clenching his chest, that very clearly knocked the wind out of him. He’s grasping for air. This match is just about over, I think! If Angel can capitalize here!!

Jake Mercer: Angel is crawling back to his feet. But what the hell is Gwyn Gilfried doing over here?

Stew-O: I dunno but back in the ring, Angel is picking up Windgate who still seems lifeless from landing right on his sternum after that shooting star press. ANGEL LIFTS WINDGATE, LOOKING FOR THE CRANIOTOMY!






Stew-O: And Angel just superkicked the chair right into Gwyn’s face, sending him over the top rope!!! Angel lifts Windgate up… CRANIOTOMY!!!! IT CONNECTS!! It’s over!!!! ANGEL COVERS WINDGATE!!!!





Flannery McCoy: Angel does it! He will be in the match at Reckless Wiring after beating Justin Windgate! What an awesome comeback for the challenger.

Jake Mercer: Justin Windgate was foiled by Gwyn Gilfried interfering in this match… if it wasn’t for him, I’m not so sure Angel could’ve finished this!

(The camera zooms in on Gilfried who is outside of the ring looking at Angel with disgust)

Flannery McCoy: This match was Angel’s last chance to get into the match at Reckless Wiring and he did it. Now he must prove it was worth it next week!!

Stew-O: Stay with us, we’ll be right back!

(The camera cuts to a commercial for Mr. DEDEDE’s fan club! A fine establishment headed by the most eligible bachelor in the U.S., Mr. PEPEPE. Rare Mr. DEDEDE party cups will be sold at the door per entry)

(Dynasty returns from break and cuts to the ring area where Stephie is standing by. “Monster” by Kanye West begins to blast across the PA system, and the sold-out crowd in the Directv Arena rise to their feet.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome the National Elite Champion… KASSIDY HEART!

(Kassidy steps on stage and as usual, she has an arrogant smile across her face. The Mauler pauses, removes the National Elite Championship from her shoulder, and raises it in the air with one hand. The crowd greets her with a rather mixed reaction, which is nothing unusual, but there seems to be a lot of buzz around the blonde tonight.)

Stew-O: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from break and as you can see, we have the National Elite Champion making her way to the ring.

Flannery McCoy: It was made official last week that at Reckless Wiring, Kassidy will defend the National Elite Championship against Nathan Von Liebert. A few weeks ago, NvL made his intentions perfectly clear that he wanted Kassidy’s championship when he attacked her over it, and things have continuously escalated between the two ever since. 

Jake Mercer: And last week, The Mauler literally bit a chunk of flesh and ripped it from NvL’s cheek. I really found myself unsure of what to say after that but there’s no doubt that Kassidy’s got a screw loose somewhere.

Stew-O: It was quite the scene last week, that’s for sure. I don’t think I’ll forget the image of Kassidy Heart with blood and flesh dripping from her mouth any time soon.

(Kassidy gets into the ring and poses with the belt before taking the microphone from Stephie. She licks her ruby red lips and looks around the arena, pausing to take in the crowd reaction to her. Kassidy lets out a low laugh and shakes her head.)

Kassidy Heart: I tried to warn NvL that I’m not the one, but he persisted. I tried to tell him that I’m not the type to shy away from a fight. That dumb motherfucker really thought I would actually fear him and get my Daddygawd involved in this. Like I would actually tell Ryan to ban another Elitist from competing for a championship. I’m not sure what gets lost in translation around here or what my stupid fucking so-called ‘peers’ think I’m saying when I literally say ‘fight me’ and that I want to be the best. But honestly this crap is getting redundant. Clearly this noob, NvL, doesn’t know me or what I’m capable of, and he damn sure doesn’t know how dark I can get, especially when ‘The Mauler’ is provoked. Last week needs to serve as a reminder to this roster, and especially to NvL, that I’m not here to play nice. I’m not going to stand around and let inferior fucking people think they can push me around and expect to get away with it. I’m certainly not going to listen a fucking nobody talk down to me like he is on a higher level than me.

(Kassidy makes a disgusted face.)

Kassidy Heart: NvL got what he deserved, and there’s a whole lot more waiting for him come Reckless Wiring. Whether the EAW Universe decides we’re fighting each other in a ladder match, Taipei Deathmatch, or Ironman match, it really doesn’t matter because I’m game for anything and can unleash a lot of fucking hell in whatever situation we find ourselves in. I’m the last person people need to cross around here and me fucking the brains out of the Chairman multiple times a day has nothing to do with that fact. Even though I could massage Cockzilla with my mouth for hours and bat my eyes, and have someone like NvL fired if I wanted, that’s just not my style. I handle my business myself and after Reckless Wiring, NvL is going to know that MY championship is the last one he should have ever set his eyes on.

(“Redshift” by Audiomachine begins to play and the crowd seems torn about this as well. NvL is greeted with a mixed reaction but it doesn’t really seem to bother him. He walks out to the stage, gripping a microphone, and heads to the ring. As his face comes into view, it’s plain to see that there’s a large bandage covering his cheek.)

Kassidy Heart: Awwwww look who decided to join us.

(NvL ignores her as he gets into the ring. He steps in front of Kassidy and unable to help herself, The Mauler reaches her hand out to touch the bandage. NvL slaps it away and instinctively seizes her by the throat backing her all the way up into the corner.)

NvL: You really must think you’re clever, ‘Mauler.’

(Despite having NvL’s hand around her throat, Kassidy shoots him a wicked smile. NvL squeezes her neck until she gasps and then he lets go, rearing back and slapping her right across the cheek.)

Flannery McCoy: Oh boy.

Jake Mercer: So, who wants to make a bet that these two are about to have a polite conversation over what happened last week?

Stew-O & Flannery: :mjlol:

NvL: It’s cute how you portray yourself to be this bloodthirsty monster when your reality is nothing more than you serving as a fuck doll for the man who drugged you and married you against your will. Different strokes for different folks and if basically being raped is your thing then who am I to judge, but the one thing you’ll never be is someone who people take seriously. I find it hard to believe that someone who once called themselves ‘Professional Wrestling’s Sweetheart’ is this ultraviolent queen who thrives in deathmatch situations and please spare me the story of your time in that piece of shit promotion that only three people have ever heard of. If you really think you got the better of me last week then you are sadly mistaken. I fully anticipated you striking when you could, because what choice did I leave you?

NvL: You’re the so-called queen of this place, and I declared war on you, but there’s a glaring difference between the two of us. I’m a master at this game and I see you as nothing more than a delightful little plaything. You may have the uncanny ability to rise and continue to fight, but your bark is a hell of a lot stronger than your bite. You are supposed to be a mauler; a murderess who takes no prisoners, but you bite like a girl and left me no doubt that come Reckless Wiring I’m going to take that championship from you. What a massive blow to your overly inflated ego when you fail to defend that championship and fall to the very bottom of the Dynasty pecking order. You’ll have to work your way back up, while I’ll finally have the spotlight I deserve. No one will be able to deny what I’m capable of once we euthanize The Mauler.

(Kassidy rolls her green eyes.)

Kassidy Heart: We?

(A wicked smile crosses NvL’s face.)

NvL: That’s right. Since I’ve gotten the opportunity to get cozy with The Mauler, let me introduce you to Vlad.

Kassidy Heart: Who the fuck is V-


Jake Mercer: Vlad is NvL’s alter ego! NvL was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder sometime ago and Vlad is part of that!

Stew-O: How do you know his medical history??

Jake Mercer: :mjgrin: I know this good doctor who’s also a wrestler…


(The camera catches a close up of Vlad’s face and the fans can’t help but cringe. The wound is gruesome; scabbed over and discolored, with puss and dried blood around it. Clearly no medical treatment was done after last week, and that vicious attack by The Mauler is no doubt what triggered Vlad.)

Flannery McCoy: I think I’m going to be sick…




Jake Mercer: Jesus Christ what a scene. Vlad is being dragged away from the ringside area while the National Elite Champion is throwing up glass and blood right now.

(Kassidy is indeed bleeding from the mouth again but this time it’s thanks to NvL’s alter ego, Vlad. She is covered in blood and vomit, with blood pouring from that wound on her forehead as well. Vlad is laughing as he’s being pulled away, his eyes bulging which is kind of disturbing.)

(The National Elite Champion spits a wad of broken glass on the ground and wipes the blood away that dripped into her eyes. She can’t stand at the moment but her face is full of fury.)

(All three Dynasty commentators are left speechless over what just transpired and as Kassidy is helped to her feet and a rag is placed on her forehead to try and stop the bleeding, Dynasty fades to commercial break.)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the EAW Performance Center where, let’s admit by next week all the shows are going to be taped there under a empty crowd)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(‘Hysteria’ by Muse plays to boos as Gwyn GIlfried casually makes his way out to the ring. He has his hands behind his back as he looks around for a moment popping the collar of his jacket with a smirk before making his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from Bethnal Green, London, England… 187 pounds… THE LAST REAL PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER… GWYN GILFRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Gwyn has been on an absolute tear on Dynasty, he hasn’t had a single loss in his whole time here and has just been mauling through the competition living up to his nickname. It shows a lot about him and it shows that he’s not just a pretty face who considerably in his terms “wrestles” here.

Flannery McCoy: But with that, he has a lot to handle in this match, sure last week was a bit of stretching the limbs more than anything he now walks onto the battlefield alone as he faces a former World Champion tonight. But Gwyn has a lot to fight for and practically everything to lose if you look at it from his angle. He has a set goal in mind and that’s the New Breed Championship and he wants to come into that match guns blazing, and what better way to do it then beat his opponent tonight, especially at the caliber both of them could go at.

Jake Mercer: Yo… isn’t he one of the guys who threw the tea over the cruise ship? No? I guess I’m the only educated person here.

(Gwyn enters the ring and goes to the top rope before jumping down and pulling out his collar once more after he zips his jacket out. He looks around with a slight nod as he makes his way to the ring beginning to warm up once more as ‘Hysteria’ fades out. ‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ by Tupac then plays up to cheers as TLA comes out in his lowrider. He holds a protester style sign in the air that states “DEATH TO ALL EUROPEANS” as on his lowrider there’s a union jack logo spraypainted on that’s been crossed out in red. Gwyn looks livid in the ring as TLA stands on the hood of the lowrider and raises his hands in the air as poons surround him before he makes his way to the ring with them)

Stephie Love: And his opponent… residing in The Poon Palace in Miami, Florida… weighing in at 210 pounds… LA PANTERA SEXUAL… TLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: As for TLA he’s been through a whirlwind so far when it comes to the arising problems of Drake King at the end of the day. It’s safe to say he isn’t the happiest camper when it comes to his opponent either. After the mess that happened last week and mingled with the shots that Gwyn took to TLA, he doesn’t have that classic poon charm that he always comes in with, rather a sought motivation more than anything else.

Flannery McCoy: This isn’t a new side of TLA as we’ve seen this before definitely, but it isn’t one to sleep on, frankly TLA shouldn’t be slept on in general. He’s willing to show Gilfried why he’s not the muchacho to be messed with. But also with the impending doom of Drake King who could come out and strike at any moment, it’s safe to ask what are the cautions he’s going to take in this match? But if anything, just like House of Glass when he faced Impact combusted with the powers of his lost gawd contract now, he could take on the world handicapped and still win, that’s just how TLA goes.

(TLA enters the ring slowly taking his time as he goes to the top rope. He pumps himself up for a moment before jumping off and circling around purposely eyeing Gwyn as he does so before heading to his corner to prepare as ‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’ fades out and the Ref signals for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this obviously technical match is going to be underway! Both competitors are quickly circling around like sharks as they seem to be slowly closing in on eachother. Gwyn calling for a lockup now as TLA looks hesitant upon doing so. TLA WITH A KICK RIGHT TO THE GUT OF GWYN! TLA sticking with his gut and what he’s best at rather than be outclassed by Gwyn as Gwyn stumbles back grabbing his gut in pain. Gwyn accepting that as he begins to circle around once more while TLA follows his lead. Gwyn and TLA looking at eachother as they stare off before what seems to be a tragedy happens.

TLA (Off-Mic): You mess with the wrong veterano señor. Unless you want to pop this culo, best you back off before you face the mexican wrath you EUROPEAN! 


Flannery McCoy: Gwyn swinging a punch at TLA! It connects as TLA throws one back at him! Gwyn stumbling back as TLA runs towards him! BUT GWYN FALLING RIGHT INTO TLA AND CONNECTING WITH A VICIOUS BACK ELBOW SENDING TLA BACK AND DOWN TO A KNEE! Gwyn running to the ropes as TLA proceeds to fall down to a seated position! PENALTY KICK TO THE FACE OF TLA! NO! TLA rolls up and out of the way before any immediate danger can happen as Gwyn runs to him before anything! TLA WITH A DROPKICK! Gwyn sent back as he falls into the corner and TLA runs towards him! CORNER CLOTHESLINE! GWYN! GWYN GRABBING TLA’S ARM AND ROLLING HIM OUT OF THE CORNER LOCKING IN A FUJIWARA ARMBAR! ITS PERFECTLY EXECUTED AS GWYN LOCKS IT IN OUT OF NOWHERE! BUT TLA SO CLOSE TO THE ROPES MANAGES TO GRAB IT AS GWYN MANIPULATES THE LIMBS OF THE ARM ONCE MORE!

Jake Mercer: Gwyn taking his time letting go of the submission hold as TLA rolls around in pain as Gwyn runs to the ropes as TLA is still down on the ground. GWYN WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE AS TLA IS LAUNCHED OUT OF THE RING! Gwyn quickly jumps out onto the apron as TLA grabs the edge of the apron and pulls himself up to his feet. Gwyn is lurking as he runs on the apron over to TLA! GWYN WITH A PENALTY KICK TO THE HEAD OF TLA! NO! TLA GRABS THE LEG! TLA SWEEPS GWYN DOWN AS HE LANDS ON THE EDGE OF THE APRON FACE FIRST! 

Stew-O: Gwyn tumbling down to the ground as TLA grabs him by the head and picks him up! TLA THROWING HIM SPINEFIRST INTO THE BARRICADE AS GWYN CRUMBLES DOWN TO THE GROUND! TLA grabs Gwyn as he rolls him into the ring as TLA jumps onto the apron and onto the top rope as he readies himself with his back turned to Gwyn as Gwyn is slowly beginning to pull himself up to his feet not noticing the danger that TLA possesses at this moment at a incline! MOONSAULT! NO! Gwyn walks out of the way? 

Flannery McCoy: Yeah! Gwyn isn’t here for the flippy stuff some people do in the ring and he’s making that clear tonight for sure. TLA curls up in pain as Gwyn wastes no time quickly bringing him up to his feet and lifting him off the ground and off his feet! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! Gwyn keeping a good hold on TLA as he looks to lock in another patented submission! GUILLOTINE CHOKE! GUILLOTINE CHOKE IS LOCKED IN AS TLA IS CAUGHT IN A STICKY SITUATION MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS MATCHUP! TLA IS STRUGGLING TO ESCAPE AS GWYN IS JUST VICIOUSLY TWISTING AT THE NECK OF LA PANTERA SEXUAL! 

Jake Mercer: TLA ATTEMPTING TO REACH FOR THE ROPES ONCE MORE AS HE CLOSES HIS FIST! TLA SLAMMING FIST RIGHT INTO THE GUT OF GWYN! GWYN KEEPING THE HOLD IN AS HE REFUSES TO LET GO BUT AT SOME POINT HE’LL HAVE TO DO SO! GWYN FORCED TO LET GO AS THE SUBMISSION HOLD IS BROKEN! TLA rolling to his back in exhaustion as that guillotine choke took a lot out of him as Gwyn is grabbing the ropes trying to gain some sort of leverage as he begins to pull himself onto his feet to get the advantage over the much more weakened TLA.

Stew-O: Gwyn approaches TLA as TLA slowly starts to gain bearings in this match and pull himself up to his feet. But Gwyn isn’t waiting for that to happen as he swings punches right for his back as TLA struggles to boost off the knee! TLA TACKLING GWYN DOWN TO THE GROUND! TLA SLAMMING FIST RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF GWYN BEFORE HE SHOVES AWAY! TLA is up on his feet as Gwyn runs over to him in a hurry! TLA DUCKS UNDER GWYN’S ATTEMPT AT A PUNCH! CARTEL KICK! PELE KICK CONNECTS AS GWYN COLLAPSES ONTO THE GROUND AND TLA LEAPS FORWARD FOR THE PIN!




Flannery McCoy: GWYN BARELY KICKS OUT! TLA is in frustration as he slowly brings himself up onto his feet. TLA beginning a climb up onto the top rope as he manages to balance himself I think I know what he’s going to do and it’s not going to be a nice awakening for Gwyn! BURNOUT! NO! GWYN PUTS HIS KNEES UP AVOIDING THE CORKSCREW 360 SENTON! TLA ROLLING AROUND IN PAIN AS GWYN PULLS HIM UP TO HIS FEET AND LIFTS HIM INTO THE AIR! HALF NELSON SUPLEX OUT OF NOWHERE! TLA IS DOWN AS GWYN GOES FOR THE PIN AS WELL!





(‘Go Off’ by Lil Uzi Vert plays to loud cheers which bursts the ceiling off the arena. Gwyn stops in his tracks as he’s frozen in shock. Justin Windgate slowly comes out holding his New Breed Championship shaking his head looking at Gwyn. He isn’t so happy about what happened in his match earlier in the show and it seems he’s come out to give him a taste of his own medicine. Gwyn bounces off the ropes as he begins to yell wild profanities at Justin as he slowly makes his way down the ramp and very close to the ring. Whilst all that is happening TLA is slowly beginning to pull himself up to his feet as he falls into the ropes trying to take a breath before waiting for Gwyn to turn around) 






(‘Ambitionz az a Ridah plays up as TLA begins to make his way up to his feet. He circles around the ring with his hands in the air celebrating his victory as Justin Windgate watches on from the outside, primarily focusing his attention on Gwyn Gilfried. Gwyn is beginning to sit up in shock as he looks around in complete confusion as to what the hell just happened in this matchup)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… TLA!!!!!!!!!!

Flannery McCoy: Wow what a win for TLA tonight as he just handed Gwyn Gilfried’s first loss of his career tonight! Gwyn put on a clinic tonight but at the end of the day with the sudden interference of Justin Windgate after what happened with his match against Angel De Plata Jr. it’s safe to say TLA has gained that win tonight!

Jake Mercer: Imagine how Gwyn is going to feel about the outcome of this match. For sure more hatred for Justin building up as it’s clear this rivalry has reached a all time high. But for sure TLA now has a bounce heading into Reckless Wiring, the question is can he carry on with it and gain himself a win at Reckless Wiring and regain his World Heavyweight Championship? That we can only find out next week.

(TLA raises his hand in victory once more as he rolls out of the ring heading to his lowrider with a smile on his face passing Justin Windgate. Justin pays no attention to him as he keeps a straight face as Gwyn has gotten up to his feet and stares a hole into Justin which is the last shot as the camera fades away to elsewhere)

(The camera cuts to a commercial for the Eric Havoc documentary airing after Dynasty on the EAW Network. Go in on the insight of Eric and how he made the general manager’s office his home going there every day to speak his mind on the great ideas he had but then at the end of the day, never got to use. Then proceed to when he made his preposterous return begging for forgiveness like a child before getting exiled)

(Dynasty returns from break and cuts to the stage. A production crew member comes out to the entrance ramp with signs in his hand. He holds up the first sign which says “STAND UP”, as he shows it to the crowd from left to right. He drops the first card which shows another card saying “APPLAUSE”, and moves to the side to make way for the leading lady. “Spotlight Savior” by Iggy Azalea begins to blast throughout the arena.)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome the Specialists Champion… DARCY MAY MORGAN!

(Before Darcy May comes out, two tall bodyguards come and stand to the left and the right, both wearing blacked out sunglasses. Once they’re in position, Darcy comes out to the ramp as she walks in between the two bodyguards, with suglasses on, turns around with her back to the crowd and puts her hands on her hips. She shakes her hips from side to side, then turns her head over her shoulder, takes off her sunglasses and then throws them to the side. She has the Specialists Championship on her shoulder and begins to make her way to the ring.)

Jake Mercer: :blessed: My favorite part of Friday nights!!! Here comes the Dropkick Darling!!!

Flannery McCoy: Last week, Kensingten Calhoun-Astor appeared on the videotron after Darcy completely dominated and defeated Melissa O’Malley. 

Stew-O: Unfortunately, the newcomer O’Malley just wasn’t ready for everything the Specialists Champion brings to the table, and Darcy was left wanting more. Unfortunately for her, Kensingten would verbally run her down, and cut up some of Darcy’s clothing, and that lured the champ backstage. Darcy would once again find herself on the receiving end of a ‘Southern Swag Shot’, and you guys know that’s got to really frustrate Darcy. There are very few Elitists who have been able to get the better of her, and Kensingten has placed herself in great position to capture that Specialists Championship.

Jake Mercer: #TeamDarcy! Right now, ‘Last Woman Standing’ is currently leading the Reckless Wiring polls, and I would LOVE to see Darcy and Kensingten battle it out in a match of that caliber. The Specialists Championship represents being versatile and having the ability to compete in any type of match, and Darcy May Morgan has done an incredible job of continuing the high standard Andrea Valentine set with that belt.

(Darcy is in the ring now and her music has faded out. She’s been given the microphone and the fans inside the Directv Arena are eagerly waiting to hear what she has to say. Darcy doesn’t make them wait long, though. She’s got a lot on her mind at the moment.)

Darcy May Morgan: Twice, I’ve been on the receiving end of Kensingten Calhoun-Astor’s left hook and left flat on my back. The element of surprise is a dangerous weapon, but when Reckless Wiring rolls around next weekend, there won’t be any room for surprises. It doesn’t sit well with me that I’ve allowed Kensingten to walk around the Dynasty lockerroom with her head held high, full of confidence because she’s been able to get the better of me. I know that bitch is really going to think she’s walking out of Reckless Wiring as the new Specialists Champion, but that could not be further from the truth. I’m going to destroy Kensingten’s championship hopes and dreams come Reckless Wiring and I’m going to let that serve as a reminder to any woman who comes for my belt that the last thing you want to become is a thorn in my side.

(Darcy sighs.)

Darcy May Morgan: I did let Kensingten become just that and as much as I hate admitting that, it’s happened. I supposed I underestimated her just a tiny bit based off her shoddy performance during the Specialists Chamber back at Road to Redemption. She managed to regroup, get some momentum, and find new life here on Dynasty. She knocked me off my game a bit. Last week was a much needed wake-up call for me. After I picked myself up off that lockerroom floor and looked around at my destroyed clothes it dawned on me that I am in fact Darcy May Morgan. I’m the Specialists Champion. I’m The Leading Lady. There are only a select few in this company who can brag about getting the better of me when it actually counts, and that’s in a match where everything is on the line. The back and forth games mean very little if you can’t come out on top in the match, and I know that at Reckless Wiring I’m going to be the woman who gets the last laugh. There’s only room for one snobby bitch on Dynasty, and that’s me. It’s certainly not an outdated version of a wannabe Stepford housewife who wears cheap clothing she buys online at and Pinup Girl clothing. Yikes.

(The smile on Darcy’s face quickly fades as the videotron comes on. Kensingten Calhoun-Astor appears in all glory, wearing another vintage outfit, beautiful hat, and little lace gloves on her hands. She taps her finger on her chin and shakes her head.)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: Tsk, tsk Miss Morgan. You are being very outspoken and bold right now. A wannabe lady such as yourself should really learn that sometimes it’s better to be seen and not heard. You have done nothing but drag that beautiful little championship down to your dirty little level and I will not stand for it any longer. Thank heavens your reign of terror comes to a screeching halt next weekend when I walked out of Reckless Wiring as the NEW Specialists Champion! I have your number, little missy, and have been two steps ahead of you this entire time. Whether we find ourselves in a Last Woman Standing Match, a Submissions Match, or God forbid the absolute disgusting match that would be a Barbed Wire Bra and Panties match, you will find yourself taken to task and embarrassed once again by yours truly!

(Kensingten lets out a little chuckle.)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: You know something, sweetheart? As terrible of a human being as Barack Obama was, he managed to say at least one thing during the time we were forced to endure him as a public figure. During his campaign against John McCain, Mr. Obama directed a nasty little comment towards Mr. McCain’s running mate, the incomparable and absolutely incredible Sarah Palin. Mrs. Palin is a personal hero of mine, but that is neither here nor there. He said, and I quote, ‘you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.’ While that most certainly was a misuse of words on Mr. Obama’s part towards Mrs. Palin, that old expression most certainly rings true when it comes to you, Miss Morgan. You can give a silly little girl a championship, but at the end of the day, she is still a silly little girl, playing dress up with an accessory that doesn’t truly belong to her. You are a pig, Miss Morgan, and I can’t wait to take that championship from you.

(Darcy smiles sweetly and holds up the Specialists Championship.)

Darcy May Morgan: We don’t have to wait until Reckless Wiring, MISS Calhoun-Astor. I’m right here and I’ll be more than happy to defend this championship right here TONIGHT!

(The fans pop for this, because they would love to see Darcy and Kensingten face off tonight! However, Kensingten is quick to shake her head.)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: Of course you would love to defend the championship tonight, Mss Morgan! You see that I’m clearly not dressed for competition tonight. I most certainly will not be coming down there to wrestle you tonight. I did not come to Dynasty tonight prepared to compete.

Darcy May Morgan: I had a feeling you would feel that way because being a real woman and squaring off against me when my back isn’t turned really isn’t your cup of tea. But I’m getting my fight against you tonight one way or another.

(Kensingten’s bright blue eyes narrow.)

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: And just what does that mean, Miss Morgan?

Darcy May Morgan: You know those security guards who escorted you into the building earlier this evening?

Kensingten Calhoun-Astor: You mean the two colored gentlemen who leered at me and tried to place their hands in places they did not belong?! I remember and I will be filing a complaint with whomever hired these buffoons!

Darcy May Morgan: Well, they’re actually part of my entourage and your complaint is duly noted and promptly dismissed.

(Kensingten’s pretty mouth drops open and all of a sudden she is seized by two of Darcy’s bodyguards! Kensingten lets out a blood curdling scream as the two men grab her by the arms and start hauling her out of the safety of her own lockerroom.)


(The cameras follow Darcy’s bodyguards as they drag a kicking and screaming Kensingten down the hallway and through the curtains.)

(The crowd pops awf as Kensingten is manhandled onto the stage.)



Stew-O: :ohlawd: Darcy’s bodyguards are dragging Kensingten Calhoun-Astor to the ring and Darcy’s dropped the microphone! They’ve got Kensingten at the ring now and they throw her over the top the rope! Kensingten lands right at Darcy’s feet and Darcy takes the Specialists Champion and slams it across Kensingten’s face! Kensingten is laid out and Darcy mounts her and starts hammering away on her!


(Darcy slowly stands up and looks down at her opponent for Reckless Wiring. An evil smile crosses Darcy’s face and she bends down, quickly stripping Kensingten down to her underwear!)


(Kensingten is left in the middle of the ring in nothing more than a pair of white cotton panties and a basic white bra.)

Darcy May Morgan: :mjlol:

Flannery McCoy: The champion makes a huge statement here tonight as she heads to Rio de Janeiro to defend her championship against Kensingten! I can’t wait to see which of these two women leaves Reckless Wiring as the champion.

(Darcy grabs her championship and begins to make her way up the ramp as Dynasty fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for lotion featuring Gavin Kirkland, who is really just salivating over the possibility of seeing two blondes face off against one another in a Barbed Wire Bra and Panties match.)

(Dynasty comes back on air and the camera cuts to Stephie Love in the middle of the ring. ‘Crown The Empire’ by Zero is playing as Drake King is at ringside making his way over to the timekeeper’s post, smirking away as the jeers rain down on him. He slowly dusts off his seat before making himself at home with the World Heavyweight Championship belt draped on his shoulder. This is then followed by ‘Another one bites the Dust’ by Queen hits as the Visual Prophet as glamorous as ever, makes his way out with his referee shirt on over his regular ring gear. He plays coy to all the reaction he’s getting from these fans of Friday night Dynasty. )

Flannery McCoy: I’m Flannery McCoy alongside Jake Mercer and Stew-O, ready for this what looks to be a great main event match once again this week! We’ve got Lethal Consequences up against one of the number one contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship in Osamu Arcichida! The Visual Prophet making his way into the ring, as tonight’s Special Guest Referee! To make things even more interesting, the World Heavyweight Champion Drake King is serving as the special guest timekeeper! What else are we going to see here tonight!

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your MAIN EVENT MATCH OF THE EVENING!…and it’s scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(‘Sensei’ by Datsik plays up as Osamu Arcichida makes his way out. He has a face of determination on as he spreads his arms out before making his way to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, he’s from Osaka, Japan… weighing in at 235 pounds… THE ORCHESTRATOR… OSAMU ARCICHIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Osamu Arcichida is heading into another big bout this week ahead of his triple threat match coming up at Reckless Wiring, one that will be hotly contested for the World Heavyweight Championship! Getting a win over a two time Hall of Famer like Lethal Consequences would be huge momentum for him!

Flannery McCoy: He’s been held back for most of the season it would seem. At one point he seemed to be a forgotten man, but this is a man who has been a champion in the past. He knows how to take advantage of situations, and in a triple threat match where we ALL know anything can happen he could very well walk away as the next World Heavyweight Champion! Things are fixing to get real interesting, Stew!

(Osamu enters the ring and goes to the top rope looking around before giving a smirk as he looks toward Drake King, who sits at the timekeeper’s seat mouthing “you ain’t special”, before he jumps off and begins to get ready as ‘Sensei’ fades out. ‘Friend vs Friend’ by Company Flow begins to play. The lights get low as out walks Lethal Consequences out to the familiar boo birds, but he does nothing but embrace the atmosphere before nonchalantly dismissing everyone on his way to the ring while uttering words that are inaudible, though it’s quite clear he’s taunting per usual for him.)

Stephie Love: Making his way to the ring, he comes from Oakland, California…weighing in tonight at 230 pounds…THE INEVITABLE…LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!!

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences has had some pretty sour grapes since losing the National Elite Championship back at King of Elite against Kassidy Heart, allowing her to become just the second woman in EAW history to become a triple crown winner right behind Cameron Ella Ava! In his bitterness toward that result, he tried to get Kassidy back but in the process made an enemy out of that man in the ring, the current King of Elite, The Visual Prophet!

Flannery McCoy: Let’s not forget how big an opportunity this is for the Viz. This is another chance to add yet another feather to his cap. The sky is the limit for this man, and he’s not afraid to get a little dirty despite his zest for wowing the crowd! Don’t judge a book by its cover, guys, the Visual Prophet is someone not to be taken lightly in the least!

Jake Mercer: LC is about to turn back the clock at Reckless Wiring and show us the LC from circa 1999 when he took out the entire roster in the only gauntlet match to take place in the history of the FFF!!!

Stew-O: :wtf: The FFF???

Jake Mercer: Yes, that’s right, the Freedom Fighters Federation where he co-starred right along side Davey Boy Reinhardt to form the Colossal Connection!

(Stew-O and Flannery simply look at each other and shrug with confusion written all over their faces. LC enters the ring and goes to the top rope and does a pose that the fans don’t really take to. They hate everything this man represents. ‘Friend vs Friend’ fades out. LC is already leary of the Visual Prophet’s presence in this match as he begins pointing in Viz’s direction seemingly demanding that he call this match fairly. And with that Drake King uses the hammer on the ring bell to signal the start of the match.)


Stew-O: Things should be very interesting here, folks. The idea of Visual Prophet lurking this close by serving as the special guest referee and tag team partner the World Heavyweight Champion, Drake on the outside serving as the special guest timekeeper. This can’t be what Lethal Consequences had on the agenda when he decided to play his form of mind games with the Visual Prophet!

Flannery McCoy: But nonetheless it’s LC and Osamu circling the ring as the Visual Prophet moves about looking on, and then just as LC and Osamu were about to lock up the fans nearest to the front at the barricades and more scattered cheers throughout the arena can now be heard, the Viz is proving to be a distraction once again to LC because now he’s gyrating which throws even Osamu Arcichida off a bit! The Viz is having a good old time with this as LC looks on, obviously none to pleased by any of this!

Jake Mercer: And finally, here we go as this match gets going! LC and Osamu quickly locking up as both of them begin to slowly jockey for position with intensity boiling through both of them, albeit for different reasons. LC manages to push Osamu to the ropes as Viz runs over calling for a rope break. LC throws an elbow to the face of Osamu, but Osamu ducks the attempt! LC turns around, and now Osamu sees his opening as he strikes with stiff forearms to the back of LC who stumbles down to a knee as Osamu goes to work taking LC to the ropes and now the Irish whip that was meant to send LC to the ropes is reversed which sends Osamu to the ropes instead! Osamu comes back with a huge dropkick that sends LC into the corner! Osamu lunges at LC with a running attack trying to keep the advantage he has but LC with european uppercut! And this barely fazed the Orchestrator of Violence! Another attempt this time by LC is blocked! Now Osamu with a couple of hard European uppercuts back to back that stagger the two time Hall of famer LC back into the corner! He follows this series of offense with a couple hard connecting knife edged chops to the chest of LC!

Stew-O: The Visual Prophet has a cringed expression on his face as he watches his opponent at Reckless Wiring take the brunt of this attacking offense by Osamu Arcichida!

(The camera pans in on Drake King who’s sitting in the time keeper’s chair with the World Heavyweight Championship sitting comfortably on his shoulder as he looks on. He’s enjoying the best seat in the house. He spots the camera and wastes no time with showing that smug expression on a face you wish you could punch.)

Flannery McCoy: You gotta wonder what the World Heavyweight Champion and the King of Elite the Visual Prophet have in store for these two. With both LC and Osamu both having upcoming matches ahead at Reckless Wiring against these men serving in special guest roles tonight you have to suspect something is going to go down at some point.

Jake Mercer: And a gouge to the eyes by LC to Osamu! Visual Prophet wanted to admonish LC for that move, but instead shrugs off the thought before nodding his head with a smirk on his face as he looks on! Osamu holding his face as he takes steps back! But LC is now on the attack! Step-up enzuigiri by LC that takes Osamu down to a knee! Osamu slowly rises back up and he walks right into a lariat by LC! This sends Osamu down finally! Drake King looks like he’s enjoying the beating Osamu is taking right now.

Lethal Consequences: That’s why I’M LETHAL CONSEQUENCES AND YOU’RE NOT! (He says to Osamu. Now looking to Visual Prophet.) YOU’RE TIME IS COMING TOO SWEETHEART!

Ref Viz: Oooh, feisty! I like it!

Stew-O: LC now grabs up the in thigh of Osamu, looking to focus on another part of the body of the downed Osamu Arcichida but Osamu connects with a leg sweep from a grounded position that takes LC off his feet! LC lands on his back on the canvas! Standing double foot stomp by Osamu is avoided by LC who rolls to the left and out of the ring!

Flannery McCoy: LC now on the outside by the commentary desk near us! LC seems to have some words now for Drake King that can’t quite be made out. Drake holding his arms up as the Visual Prophet issues a ring out count!

Jake Mercer: Osamu standing in the ring with his hands on his hips, looking somewhat annoyed at the actions of LC as Viz reaches the count of five! LC waving off Viz, not really acknowledging his existence at the moment! Viz stops his count, not seeming very amused himself with LC’s self entitlement flag being raised here! Viz looks out at the crowd, which seems to be buzzing per usual on Friday nights! Viz thinking about it as LC taunts the crowd!

Lethal Consequences: Bitch! You count my ass out! I’m in control of this bitch! You ain’t shit!

(Drake King looks on from the timekeeper’s seat shaking his head, he looks to Viz. Drake is tempted to use the hammer to call the match but Viz raises his hands for King not to.)

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences ordering the match to end, but Viz is just hanging out, leaning on the ropes smirking and bobbing his head from side to side! Now Osamu, who’s seen enough of these shenanigans as he begins to confront the Visual Prophet now, even going so far as to shove the shoulder of the Viz. I don’t think that was the smartest idea by Osamu as Viz is now confronting Osamu, both now face to face!

Flannery McCoy: They could go to blows any second now, and these fans are buzzing! What’s gonna happen from here? LC FROM BEHIND! LC taking down Osamu with a vicious forearm to the back of Osamu Arcichida! Now LC rains down a few elbow drops to the back of the head, LC saw an opening and he took it! Can’t get mad at him for that! Visual Prophet clapping with approval as LC directs his attention at Viz who just smirks back, clearly enjoying the fact that he’s making LC more and more uncomfortable with each second that goes by.

Jake Mercer: Osamu had the advantage in the early going but LC has quickly turned it around before Osamu could meet succession. LC trying to stomp down on Osamu but Osamu quickly rolling away and pulling himself up using the ropes. LC running towards Osamu but Osamu pulling the ropes down as LC goes onto the apron! Osamu walking over to LC grabbing him. BUT LC WITH A ROPE ASSISTED ENZIGURI! Osamu stumbles back as LC climbs up to the top rope he’s looking to fly! CROSSBODY! NO! Osamu catches him again! Osamu transitions LC right into a German suplex! Osamu connects with a devastating German suplex!

Stew-O: LC rolling around in pain but Osamu isn’t waiting as he brings him up. BODYSLAM TO LC! LC sure felt that one as Osamu brings him up looking for another. But LC reversing it as he lifts Osamu up! LC SLAMMING OSAMU DOWN TO THE GROUND WITH A POWERSLAM! Osamu sits up in, and it’s obvious that the pain is felt from the impact on the back area as LC grabs him in a headlock position and brings him up to his feet. Viz looking on half-heartedly as he leans into the nearest corner turnbuckle seeming more amused than anything. LC attempting a suplex but Osamu drops his weight as LC struggles to keep him up and brings him down! Osamu LIFTING LC UP BY HIS HEAD AND DOWN TO THE GROUND HE GOES! LC sitting up as he tries to react quickly! OSAMU WITH A DROPKICK RIGHT TO LC’S FACE TAKING HIM BACK DOWN!

Flannery McCoy: But LC is still able to rise back up to his feet as he swings at Osamu but Osamu manages to duck! OSAMU TACKLES LC TO THE GROUND! Osamu quickly locks the leg of LC and turns him over into a single leg crab, and this submission maneuver is felt by LC as he yells out in pain! The Visual Prophet, however, seems to be enjoying this as he gets down on all fours as he looks at LC who’s trying to swat at Viz! LC yells out again, and Viz continues to tease him instead of seeing if he wants to submit! Viz now leaning on his side resting his head in his hand continuing to talk to LC!

Jake Mercer: Osamu once again trying to figure out the antics of the Visual Prophet himself as he finally lets go of LC and shows a look of exasperation with a hint of anger! Osamu looks down at Viz who just stares up at him waving teasingly, enjoying the attention knowing all eyes are on him! I think the Viz is the BEST special guest referee EVER!

Stew-O: Well, one might suspect that these antics have some logic in it, because with someone like this there is always a method to the madness! The strategy in my eyes seems quite clear here! He’s letting these two men go at it in hopes that they beat the stuffing out of each other! Osamu now confronting Viz again who just got back to his feet, and Viz tries to tell him to keep his eyes on his opponent! Osamu is quite annoyed, but he turns right into a NO CAL! THAT’S AN ILLEGAL LOW BLOW BY LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!

Jake Mercer: Not by the rules as laid down by the Visual Prophet it’s not! LC is clearly testing the waters here with Viz, trying to see what he can get away with but he’s not quite figured it out yet! On the outside Drake King is having a good laugh about the situation as he sees his opponent for Reckless Wiring down holding his manly parts down there! Osamu crawling to the corner as LC is demanding that he be disqualified, but Viz plays coy waving a finger back and forth in the face of LC who again tries to swat at Viz who dodges! Meantime, Osamu is now recovered enough that he’s taken the moment of LC having his back turned to remove the turnbuckle padding from the top!

Flannery McCoy: Osamu looks up to no good as well, he turns back to LC who lands a kick to the midsection of Osamu, but Osamu begins throwing punches! LC is now throwing wild punches right back to Osamu! It’s certainly not been the type of scientific match you’d normally see, but given the circumstances surrounding the competitors in the ring it’s hard to focus per usual without growing eyes in the back of your head! LC attempts a short arm clothesline, but it’s ducked by Osamu! Osamu now whips LC into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle! LC’s back just got the brunt of that! LC holding his back as he staggers out of the corner! CLASSIVE AGGRESSIVE!!! COUNTER! LCR by LC! NO!!! IT’S DODGED BY OSAMU! Stiff uppercuts followed by knife edged chops to LC, over and over we go with it! RAKE TO THE EYES BY LC which stops the momentum Osamu was gaining! LC then throws Osamu to the floor where he lands hard, even on the padding it’s felt!

Stew-O: LC looks at Viz now, and now LC and Viz are now just mere inches from each other as LC once again is demanding this match to be thrown out! LC is livid as Viz is just daring LC to strike him!

Jake Mercer: On the other side of the ring where Osamu is, it looks like the World Heavyweight Champion is bored to the point that he rises from the ringside seat he had at the timekeeper’s desk, but he doesn’t seem to have good intentions with that serious look on his face! That face of malice! Drake looking down at the chair he was just sitting in, and he grabs it up and folds it! Osamu is slowly pulling himself up on the apron!



Flannery McCoy: CAN WE EVEN CALL IT THAT!!??? The Visual Prophet basically has allowed just about anything under the sun go without stepping in even once! Now we got Viz and LC, with Viz being whipped into the steel steps! LC not giving him much room to recover as he stalks away, but LC is not done! LCR! NO! VIZ MANAGES TO AVOID THE CONTACT! On the other side opposite we’ve got Drake now on his feet! He escapes the crosshairs of Osamu Arcichida by sliding under the bottom rope into the ring! Osamu though is not far behind, and Drake realizes it! Drake is up and he runs to the ropes, Osamu meets him though with a rolling elbow but Drake ducks it and runs to the otherside! Drake slides under the bottom rope now, showing how clever he can be! Osamu slides out now to meet him! Drake trying to get out of dodge so he can live to fight another day! Drake grabs his title belt, but Osamu right there to meet him! Stiff uppercuts by Osamu, Drake drops his title belt now! Drake falling right back toward the timekeeper’s area to a knee! Osamu on the other hand looks down at Drake’s World Heavyweight Championship belt, then grabs it up and readies himself to attack! Osamu yelling for Drake to turn around!

Jake Mercer: LC and Viz brawling into the crowd now, this one is completely thrown out! This was obviously a match that was never meant to go as planned with these four huge egos under one roof! They all have a point and statement to make and they’re looking to get the upper hand before Reckless Wiring!

Stew-O: Drake King turns and brings with him the heaviest bell shot to the head of Osamu Arcichida that I’ve ever seen! Osamu is out cold, he’s down! Blood gushing out from the side of his head staining his bleached blonde hair! Drake grabbing his belt now, and then kneels down by Osamu who is completely lights out!

Drake King: You will not EVER HAVE ONE OF THESE! AND I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! (pressing the plate of the belt into the face of the unconscious Osamu) THIS IS AS CLOSE AS YOU’RE EVER GONNA GET!

Flannery McCoy: The World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King making the biggest statement in this moment! Showing that he will do anything, ANYTHING, to keep his World Heavyweight Championship! Viz and LC are no longer in the arena perhaps as they fought through the crowd and are no longer in sight! This has been one wild night, but there will still be more to come at Reckless Wiring! For Jake Mercer, and Stew-O, I’m Flannery McCoy and we will see you all next week at Reckless Wiring!

(‘Crown The Empire’ by Zero blasts through the speakers as Drake King holds up the World Heavyweight Championship for all to see as he glares down at his fallen foe, and then up into the audience who shower him with jeers, ones that he embraces.)

(EAW logo buzzes)

Written by John Helms

Most Valuable Elitist #215

Under Siege 2020