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Dynasty 2/5/21

(EAW intro plays.)

(As per, a recap of last week’s Dynasty is shown to kick off the show: The show kicks off with Impact coming out to the ring with the contract he personally tailored for The Visual Prophet. He invites Dr. Angelo D’Angelo and his client out to the ring to make it official but is only met with D’Angelo. Fortunately, D’angelo signs the contract for Viz with a stamp that officially renews his contract with EAW, but with that on the contract confirms a match with him against Impact at King of Elite. After, Jonny Airhart enters Mary S. Atlas’ locker room to give his support and once again slide in and try to get a date but is curved once again. Which then moves onto Mary S. Atlas beating The Living Highlight with the help of Jonny Airhart. After the match, she turns around his date offer and turns it into a challenge against him at King of Elite which Jonny accepts. StarrStan gives an update on the Unified Tag Team Championship match at King of Elite saying that The Realm will now face Chained Fury, IDOL-GUN, and The Maidens of Malpractice! Mike Murphy then goes on to get a big win over Maxwell and Jonny Airhart. Charlie Marr comes out to give presents to his King of Elite opponent, which just so happens to be all of The Fallen Angel’s past demons, more specifically, alcohol. After a bit The Fallen Angel snaps and attacks Charlie, laying him out and standing tall in the end. Riley McCray comes out and offers a “peace offering” to Veena Adams which leads her to come out as well and ends with Riley getting Veena to make a match between the two of them at King of Elite official. The Fallen Angel gets a dominant victory over SEBAS which ends with Insurgency once again coming out and injuring SEBAS and taking him out of action. Speaking of dominant victories Donovan Duke gets one over Riley McCray making a huge statement. Michael Belfort interviews Eris LeCava to explain her actions the week before which is abruptly interrupted by Serena Bennett, who knocks her down to the ground and accepts her challenge for the Universal Women’s Championship at King of Elite. Andre Walker and Dray Fontana fight an intense match which ends in a double count-out, which doesn’t phase Andre afterward as he immediately gets a mic to call out DEDEDE, who comes out and agrees but also wants to take his New Breed Title as well, making the match official. Insurgency explains their acts of what they did earlier to SEBAS and sends a message, saying that what they did is going to be a reminder of what they do at King of Elite. The Realm face Adam Lucas and MITSUBACHI as the four of them put on a clinic but in the end, it’s Adam Lucas and MITSUBACHI who get the win as they put out a challenge for Insurgency to get revenge for SEBAS along with a mystery tag partner as well. Xander Payne faces Charlie Marr in a match which is joined by Kassidy Heart and is later joined by TLA after Xander gets a shock win over Charlie just barely which ends with a brawl wherein the end, it’s TLA that stands tall. And in the main event, the World Heavyweight Champion Lethal Consequences gets a victory over the Universal Women’s Champion Serena Bennett with the help of outside interference by Eris LeCava to end the show and the recap)

(Dynasty goes straight from the recap to the World 1 Theatre as the usual festivities aren’t there to begin the show. Instead, the theme for the show is replaced by “Tougher Colder Killer” by El-P that plays up to a loud negative response from the crowd. Not long after, Lethal Consequences makes his way out to the stage with the World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. He raises his hands in the air along with his title as he makes his way down the ramp, practically oozing charisma with every step he takes as he then enters into the ring. He climbs up to the top rope and takes his title as he raises it into the air before throwing it back over his shoulder. ‘Tougher Colder Killer’ then faded out from there as he jumped down off the turnbuckles and took a mic from the timekeeper’s area. LC stood at the center of the ring as the crowd quieted down, and from there, he began to speak)

Lethal Consequences: Ye.

(The crowd once again boos even at the slightest word from the World Heavyweight Champion as he ignores that and continues on)

Lethal Consequences: Same old shit, different day. Waking up, looking in the mirror, all that jazz. Been that same person all my life just with a title to my name yet I still don’t feel complacent. Been through that struggle all my life yet when I get that fairytale ending? It’s that same vision just with a change of opinion from the bystanders. Who watch this shit for play, who say that LC don’t got it anymore. But why is that so? I walk out to this ring the same way I’ve done for a decade now the only thing different is that I pick up a title before I do that. Nothing’s changed, I haven’t gotten “motivated”, I haven’t gotten off my ass, I’ve done what I’ve always done and that’s put asses in seats. Nobody gives a shit what you’re doing if you don’t have proof for it, if you don’t add on an extra 12 pounds of gleaming gold to your name then your opinion doesn’t matter here. That’s what’s caused this shift, to actually put some legitimacy into the name of Lethal Consequences in the eyes of the watcher. And therefore, it’s brought me here.

Lethal Consequences: I didn’t brand this as a preemptive celebration for no reason, I just didn’t want to waste my time celebrating a result that was already predicted after it’s all said and done, fuck that extra shit, let’s get this out of the way now. Fucking Dray thinks he’s about to take the title away from me, that this is really his time, you know, all that cliche bullshit. I’m not going to try and sugarcoat all of this and give it a nice red cherry on top, but all this Dray Fontana shit is tiring. I’ve done my part, he’s done his, it’s all just that rinse and repeat that puts itself through the wringer constantly. He’s done nothing but be like the other cats around here, the other cats who said that I couldn’t do it in the first place and that I can’t keep up with these new times, nothing of interest. They say this and that but always end up on their ass at the end of it and say some bullshit like it never happened. 

Lethal Consequences: Because truth be told Dray I only just started remembering who you were a week ago, and I’ll probably forget you by next week. You’ve done nothing to pique my interest, congratulations, you cost me a few matches, nothing I haven’t seen before. There’s nothing that makes you special, where’s that pizazz. Nowhere to be seen huh? So if you can’t do anything fresh, anything picked from the orchard, then I don’t know what to say to you bud. You weren’t remembered as an Elitist, and you damn well won’t be remembered as a Champion. People like you come and go every day but for me? I stay, spitting bars like a bad motherfucker, greatness incarnate, all that-

(LC’s words are interrupted by “Pure Water” by Skepta which ignites more boos from the virtual crowd. Dray Fontana pushes through the backstage curtain as he enters out towards the center of the stage. He keeps an ice-cold look on his face as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Both of them look to each other, mirroring an expression of cold callous as “Pure Water” fades out and Dray begins to speak)

Dray Fontana: Help me Yahweh they’re speaking bullshit again. You’ve said the same things about me that quite possibly everyone else has said before and it doesn’t intimidate me, it hasn’t ever. You act like you’re a master of the craft but I think decrepit describes you more because I don’t think you have a grasp on reality, let’s pull you back in. You’ve been saying that same shit over and over again that you don’t know who I am, how generic. Is that the best you can come up with? Minimal effort whatsoever? This is Dynasty’s Champion? This is who they’ve been preaching to the masses for, this is your World Heavyweight Champion? Some out of touch Hall of Famer who can’t bother to even try. Forget about that title, forget about you, it’s about getting back that Celestial Throne that I deserved. How I’ve been tossed off of that in favor of someone who’s half of who I am and it makes me sick. 

Dray Fontana: If I’ll be honest with you despite this veteran instinct that you claim to have, you are absolutely nothing compared to me. Everything you speak out of your mouth has been nothing more than a shitstain. You could never do it like The Prince, you could never do it like me even on your best day and on my worst because you my friend are not a fucking star like I am. If you want me to sum it up, the talent just isn’t there like you say it is. It’s been that way, yet you cover it up saying some shit like you’ve been putting in that work for years now but there’s a reason that you don’t get that appreciation you desire, it’s because you’ve been dead in the water for that much longer. Only then when the competition gets thinner do you step in and decide to seize that opportunity. But unlucky for you, that’s where your luck runs dry. You’ve done your part, you’ve played the game, but now you’re going to be put to the test. And when it’s up against The Prince? You just end up fighting a battle that you’ll never seem to win.

(After Dray speaks the silence kicks in between the two of them. They stare down at each other intensely as the crowd buzzes, waiting for the next move. But something they don’t expect is when LC bumps past him and drops down as he rolls out of the ring to the boos of the crowd in response. He turns around and looks towards Dray who is completely pissed at the sign of disrespect as LC speaks)

Lethal Consequences: Saying so much but meaning so little. It would be more subsequent if you’ve actually done more around here, but here’s why I don’t care. Here’s why I don’t know your name, it’s not because I’m uninformed, it’s not because I can’t be assed. But it’s because there’s nothing in front of my face for me to know. I don’t need to dig extensively because there’s no need for that. Everything that I need, should be on a nice marquee, and there’s nothing. So Dray? I wouldn’t recommend trying some shit to make you seem like more than who you are, because maybe if that was the case you would’ve shown those stripes already. But you haven’t, you’ve stayed the same as the rest. Same old cat, different name. Disappointing, but I should’ve expected it. People may cheer or chant your name but it means nothing when put up against Lethal Consequences. It’s everything I’ve known my whole career, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2021, I still kick your favorite elitist’s ass. And that includes you. And those who make that mistake are the ones who still stand up to me. Take note. :dave:

(“Tougher Colder Killer” plays up as Lethal Consequences raises the World Heavyweight Championship in the air to boos from the crowd even more as he turns around and makes his way backstage nonchalantly. Dray is still standing in the ring, absolutely fuming from his words as he rolls out and makes his way backstage as well as from there Dynasty fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial for cologne starring Jonny Airhart is shown, gotta get the girls somehow if it isn’t with money)

(Dynasty fades back in from commercial break to show Stephie Love standing in the ring ready to announce the next match as she brings her mic up and speaks)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“The Lifestyles of the Rich & Hated” by G Eazy ft. Rick Ross plays up to a sour reaction from the crowd as The Living Highlight makes his way out to the stage. He holds up two middle fingers with a big smirk on his face as he points them around the World 1 Theatre and the crowd continues to show their negative reaction to him. He stands at the center and does a one-handed flip before he focuses on the ring and makes his way down the ramp)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from Montreal, Quebec, Canada… weighing in at 245 pounds… he is… THE LIVING HIGHLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well last week didn’t go The Living Highlight’s way as despite being so close to victory against his opponent Mary S. Atlas, none other than Jonny Airhart came in and interfered into the match for Mary. Ultimately that had its own consequences for him, but nonetheless, The Living Highlight pushes through.

Flannery McCoy: This is his chance to rebound and he could do that in a monumental way if he gets the win tonight! It’s going to be a challenge up ahead but I don’t think that’s much of a concern for him anyway because if there’s one thing he has that makes all the difference in this matchup, it’s the pure confidence that oozes out of him tonight!

Jake Mercer: You guys aren’t mentioning the elephant in the room and that’s the fact that he is a former Golden Gloves Champion! Having beaten 14 other people and a Gorilla to secure it, it’s something that Sinister Ace who’s probably rotting in jail, could only wish to compare with even on a good day! The Living Highlight is THE guy and we better get to respecting that before he knocks us out. :lupe:

(The Living Highlight rolls into the ring as he stands at the center for a long moment. Taking off and tossing away the jersey he has on as he begins to yell at the crowd. After a bit, he jumps up to the top rope, spreading his arms out for a while before hopping down and finding himself in his corner as he gets ready for his match, and “The Lifestyles of the Rich & Hated” fades out from there. “Gimme More” by Britney Spears then plays up to cheers as Riley McCray makes her way out to the stage. She has her hands behind her back with a big smile on her face before she looks around at the adoring crowd. Swaying back and forth as she looks towards the ring and skips down the ramp)

Stephie Love: And his opponent… from Trenton, New Jersey… weighing in at 126 pounds… DADDY’S LITTLE SOCIOPATH… ‘RAD’ RILEY MCCRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well as for Riley last week she suffered a defeat against Insurgency’s own Donovan Duke which I’m sure is not how she wanted to end the match especially so close to King of Elite. But not everything was bad that night as despite that earlier in the night she also managed to secure a match against none other than Veena Adams at King of Elite.

Flannery McCoy: Both she and the Dynasty General Manager’s bad blood finally tips to its boiling point as both of them are not going to hold back whatsoever in what they say or do leading up to the matchup. But now Riley has to focus on heading into King of Elite with a bang and what better to do than to get a victory on the go-home show of Dynasty and send a message? In my opinion, I think that’s pretty cool.

Jake Mercer: You see through my examinations you know how her nickname is The Sickest Chick to Ever Lace a Pair of Jordans? Well, you see I wanted to put that to the test because while she proclaims herself as that, I also believe that I am The Sickest Chick to Ever Lace a Pair of Jordans. And I am wearing them today! Unfortunately, the Jordans were one size too big, so I settled for a pair of Sketchers, I hope this helps you internet.

Stew-O & Flannery McCoy: :dahell:

(Riley circles around the ring as she jumps up onto the apron and leans against the ropes. She takes a moment there and letting the crowd cheer for a bit longer before she rolls into the ring and climbs up a pair of ropes. She looks up with a bright smile on her face full of anticipation and no good dirty deeds as she makes her way over to her corner and “Gimme More” fades out and the ref signals for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this match is underway! Both TLH and Riley are circling around the ring. BUT RILEY ISN’T WASTING ANYTIME AS SHE STEPS FORWARD AND GOES FOR A SPINNING HEEL KICK! That connects! TLH is down but he’s not down for long as he’s already back up to his feet, BUT RILEY ISN’T DONE HER ASSAULT AS SHE STEPS TOWARDS HIM AGAIN AND GOES FOR A SUPERKICK FLUSH ON HIS JAW!

Flannery McCoy: But TLH manages to grab the sole of Riley before it’s able to connect! Riley hobbling on one leg as TLH is bringing himself back up to his feet, and sweeps the leg of Riley and takes her down! TLH stepping backward and taking a breather as he circles around Riley, I don’t think he’s willing to let that adrenaline go! Riley back up as she rushes right over to him, BUT TLH LAUNCHES INTO THE AIR AND CONNECTS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH TO HER FACE SENDING HER DOWN TO THE CANVAS!

Jake Mercer: Riley rolling onto the apron as she’s slowly using the ropes to pull herself back up to her feet, BUT TLH IS ALREADY ON THE RUN AS HE ONCE AGAIN GOES FOR A SUPERMAN PUNCH TO KNOCK HER OFF OF THE APRON! BUT RILEY USES THE ROPES TO STOP HIM BEFORE HE CAN CONNECT WITH A ROPE-ASSISTED ENZUIGIRI! TLH taken by surprise as he’s stumbling back, allowing Riley to get back into the ring as she makes her way towards him!


Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!…


Jake Mercer: TLH sitting up as he gets back up to his feet and is beginning to circle around the ring again, like a hunter who has found his prey! He has Riley in his sights as he brings her up and turns her around! HE’S GOING FOR ESTABLISHING DOMINANCE! REAR NAKED CHOKE ATTEMPT BY THE LIVING HIGHLIGHT! 

Stew-O: As he manages to lock it in! Riley attempting to grab onto the ropes but TLH is stepping back as he manages to wrap his legs around her to make sure he brings her down to the ground for more effectiveness in the hold! Riley is attempting to escape but every second that TLH keeps this hold locked in, the bleaker her chances to win seem to get! He’s keeping the hold locked in as Riley looks close to tapping out to Establishing Dominance!

Flannery McCoy: Wait what?! TLH shoves her away and lets go of the hold before she can! I think it’s clear he’s out here to make a statement as Riley is gasping for air but TLH runs forward as she attempts to get back up, BUT MEETS A BUTTERFLY TWIST KICK! AND INTO A CURB STOMP! WIG SPLITTER CONNECTS! TLH DROPPING DOWN AND GOING FOR THE PIN! THIS COULD BE IT!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEEE!!


(“The Lifestyles of the Rich & Hated” plays up to a slightly mixed reaction, mostly in confusion and shock at how this match went. The Living Highlight gets up to his feet with a big smirk on his face as he does so. Completely shrugging off any sign of sweat before bragging about his victory audibly to the camera. He executes his one-handed flip once more at the center of the ring before he jumps up to the top rope to continue his celebration)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… THE LIVING HIGHLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Honestly I am shocked, but I knew The Living Highlight’s secret Super Saiyan powers would pull him through. He’s the highlight for a reason!

Stew-O: You’re not wrong Jake-

Jake Mercer: About his powers right?!

Stew-O: No… The Living Highlight getting a surprisingly quick win over Riley McCray tonight. It’s definitely not the road to go down for Riley especially heading into her King of Elite match against Veena Adams but I believe fully that she can rebound from this. 

Flannery McCoy: Of course, if she’s looking to make a statement just as she stated she would then I’m sure she’d have absolutely no problem getting back on track and heading straight towards the win that she desires. Great effort from Riley, but The Living Highlight continues his tenure of dominance in Elite Answers Wrestling! Congratulations-


(The Living Highlight jumps off the apron and makes his way to the backstage area but the focus isn’t on him as the crowd boos loudly. Riley McCray is being helped up to her feet by the Referee before…)



(Charlie and Veena completely begin to assault Riley as the both of them have chairs in their hand which they slam into her back, the only response of life out of her is the deafening screams of pain as both Charlie and Veena are merciless in their attacks. Veena looks over to Charlie and gestures up to the top rope as Charlie begins to scale up. Veena takes the chair that she has in hand and traps it around Riley’s leg as Riley tries her best to escape out of it, but with the amount of pain inflicted already, it seems to be no use trying to fight against it. Charlie stands on the top turnbuckle looking down at Veena with a stern look on his face before…)


(Riley grabs at her leg in pain as she rolls around clearly not able to do anything else but that, the cries of pain and agony is the only response that she’s able to give. The attack has clearly done its effect as Charlie and Veena have proud smirks on their faces and the crowd continues to rain boos down on them as they do)

Stew-O: What an eerie and familiar sight that we’re seeing. The alliance of Charlie Marr and Veena Adams rekindled before our very eyes. Once having a vice grip on Sunday Night Voltage now brings their raw power and smarts over to Friday Night Dynasty, and that spells absolutely no good for the rest of the roster. 

Flannery McCoy: And first starting off by initiating their attack on none other than Riley McCray, which has got to put her match against Veena at King of Elite in question. But leg injuries like that aren’t meant to be shaken off a day later and shrugged off as nothing happened. By the looks of things, no matter how long it takes to recover, Riley McCray will be unable to make it to the King of Elite Free-Per-View, and I think that’s all that matters to Veena.

(The last shot seen is both Charlie and Veena raising their arms up in seeming personal victory as Medical Staff has rolled into the ring to quickly check on the fallen Riley, holding back the duo just in case they have anything else planned for her. Both of them look to one another, satisfied of course, as they leave the ring and Dynasty from there fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial is shown for the EAW Free-Per-View King of Elite, watch Dynasty’s own Lethal Consequences defend his title against Dray Fontana in a match for the ages and many more! All for $59.99 on cable, fuck that)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

(“Pretty Boy Swag” by Soulja Boy plays over the arena speakers as Jonny Airhart makes his way down to the ring looking cocky and confident in his abilities as he does so.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from Atherton, California… weighing in at 205 pounds… RICH PRETTY BOY… JONNY AIRHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Last week Jonny Airhart was pinned by Mike Murphy in a triple threat match that included Maxwell, but can he redeem himself this time? I’m sure that’s one thing he’d want to do especially heading into King of Elite along with his newly booked match against Mary S. Atlas.

Flannery McCoy: Well this week he stated he really doesn’t care about losing and isn’t going to bitch and cry about it. More than that he has called MITSUBACHI a soft Japanese baby and he intends to tackle him. While we here at EAW do not condone child abuse you can’t help but admire that kind of attitude.

Jake Mercer: MITSUBACHI had the audacity to offer Jonny Airhart advice on getting girls which did not go so well. Jonny also insulted his capacity for comedy. Jonny is a real killer with the ladies even going out of his way to help Mary S. Atlas win her match yet again. What has MITSUBACHI done for the bitches lately?

(Jonny enters into the ring and poses at the center before making his way over to his corner as “Pretty Boy Swag” fades out. “Akatsuki” by Babymetal then plays over the arena speakers as MITSUBACHI makes his way to the ring wearing a Hunter x Hunter t-shirt as he shows off his anime-inspired gear from the same anime before posing as he makes his way down to the ring)

Stephie Love: And his opponent… from Sōka, Saitama, Japan… weighing in at 187 pounds… THE REBORN… MITSUBACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Look at this punk ass not taking this shit seriously! Jonny could be attacking him right now but he’s more worried about fangirling about some anime!

Flannery McCoy: I think you will find Jake that MITSUBACHI is likely much more aware of his surroundings than he may appear! In fact, this could be a tactic to pick up girls. While people like Jonny are busy flaunting their money and “swag” people like MITSUBACHI score them bitches by just being who they are!

Stew-O: I wish that worked for me… I mean I am sure that MITSUBACHI is hoping things continue to work out for him this week. Last week he and Adam Lucas were able to get a big tag team victory against the Unified Tag Team Champions! Very impressive but can he keep it up against the Rich Pretty Boy here tonight?

(MITSUBACHI enters into the ring as he poses at the center. The spotlight that shines down on him going back to normal before he makes his way to his corner and “Akatsuki” fades out as the ref signals for the bell)


Flannery McCoy: The match is underway as Jonny Airhart aggressively attempts to lock up with MITSUBACHI who quickly steps aside to avoid it. However, MITSUBACHI then returns to lock up with Airhart who immediately spins behind him and takes him down with an arm drag. But MITSUBACHI rolls back up and twists around grabbing the arm of Airhart with one arm and locks his head around under his armpit with the other. He reaches around using his hand to bend back the wrist of Airhart who slithers out underneath the arm only to get caught in a hammerlock from behind. Airhart eventually reverses that too catching MITSUBACHI instead in a hammerlock of his own. But MITSUBACHI with a hard back elbow strike catching Airhart right in the jaw and forcing him to relinquish the hold. MITSUBACHI then grabs the head of Airhart taking him down with a Snapmare. He goes to stomp on the head of Airhart…

Stew-O: But Jonny Airhart dodges it and rolls back to his feet. Airhart gets in a series of swift jabs right in the face of MITSUBACHI who holds his jaw and Airhart glares him down with an aggressive posture. But MITSUBACHI is not intimidated as he charges in pushing Airhart back into the corner forcing the referee to count and eventually force him back. MITSUBACHI backs off but not before shoving Airhart hard in the face in a disrespectful manner. MITSUBACHI backing up and mocking Airhart telling him he’s going to have to hit him a lot harder than that. Airhart sighs and rolls his eyes looking out to the crowd as both men charge in meeting each other in the middle of the ring. Airhart counters MITSUBACHI’s clothesline by ducking under and catching him in the chest with a series of lightning-quick Back Chops.

Jake Mercer: Jonny Airhart whips MITSUBACHI across the ring catching him with a Clothesline on the way back. MITSUBACHI sits up on the floor as Airhart comes off the ropes with a Running Baseball Slide to the downed opponent. The cover!

Referee: ONEEE!!…

Flannery McCoy: Quick kick out by MITSUBACHI as Jonny Airhart stays on him picking him back up and punching his opponent hard into the corner. And now Airhart is the one pushing MITSUBACHI in the corner as he rubs his hand in MITSUBACHI’s face out of revenge. The crowd not pleased with that treatment of MITSUBACHI as the referee forces Airhart to back up and get out of the ropes. Airhart waiting for MITSUBACHI to come for some more as he yawns bored making sure MITSUBACHI sees it for maximum effect. MITSUBACHI enraged charges in but Airhart ducks under and tosses MITSUBACHI over the top rope to the outside! Airhart then leaps over the top rope and takes down MITSUBACHI with a Flying Forearm off the apron. Airhart raises his arms to let the whole world know just how impressive what he just did is but only gets boos through the monitors from our great fans at home. Annoyed Airhart picks MITSUBACHI back up and bashes his head on the apron. The hardest part of the ring! Before tossing MITSUBACHI back into the ring and following his opponent back inside.

Stew-O: However, Airhart is getting distracted from the jeers from the crowd and before he can get in the ring he is taken off the apron with a Running Enzuigiri from MITSUBACHI! Airhart falls off the apron to the mat outside as MITSUBACHI rolls out of the ring to follow him in pursuit! MITSUBACHI grabs Jonny Airhart by the tights throwing him back into the ring but Airhart gets caught up between the ropes. MITSUBACHI with a Running Knee Strike to the head of Airhart as he rests between the middle ropes knocking him back into the ring. MITSUBACHI then with a leaping Springboard Knee Drop rolling as soon as he hits in for exaggerated flair across the face of Airhart on the mat. Airhart holds his head in pain as MITSUBACHI goes in for the pin. No! Airhart fights him back but MITSUBACHI kicks his opponent down with a quick Penalty Kick! Right to the chest of his opponent before he can even stand up! The cover!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… 

Jake Mercer: Jonny Airhart with the kick out! MITSUBACHI about to kick out too and by that I mean he is going to kick the shit out of Airhart! But Airhart with determination manages to catch the lightning-quick foot of MITSUBACHI! But MITSUBACHI twists around and catches Airhart on the jaw with a Spinning Heel Kick! Airhart manages to stay on his feet backing up into the corner. MITSUBACHI follows him in with a Running Kick to the gut but Airhart catches it! Airhart grabs the leg of MITSUBACHI and forces it sideways so he falls awkwardly down over the ropes catching his knee on the middle rope and falling back violently hitting the back of his head on the canvas. MITSUBACHI holds his leg in pain as Airhart crawls to the side recovering from the damage he has taken so far in this great match.

Flannery McCoy: Jonny Airhart back to his feet first as he smells blood waiting for MITSUBACHI to get back up and kicking him hard in his damaged leg. MITSUBACHI staggers back as Airhart unloads with a series of hard strikes to the skull knocking him back into the corner. MITSUBACHI looks like he can barely stand as Airhart begins relentlessly stomping away at him in the corner. BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY HE IS STOMPING A MUDHOLE IN HIS ASS! Airhart backs up and takes a running start at MITSUBACHI in the corner… RUNNING CLOTHESLINE WITH ADDED VELOCITY INTO THE CORNER! BUT AIRHART IS NOT DONE YET! ANOTHER RUNNING START… STINGER SPLASH CONNECTS!!! BACK AGAIN! RUNNING THIS TIME WITH EXTRA SPEED HE RUNS ACROSS THE RING TWICE… AND COLLIDES RIGHT INTO MITSUBACHI’S HEAD WITH A DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE! MITSUBACHI FALLS OVER AS AIRHART MAKES HIS WAY TO THE TOP ROPE! Airhart with his arms in the air signaling his intentions to end things right here! AIRHART TAKES TO THE AIR! MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP! IT CONNECTS!!! THE COVER BY AIRHART WHO MAY HAVE THIS THING WON!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THR-

Stew-O: The kick out! I thought that Jonny Airhart had it right there but MITSUBACHI with the will to survive! MITSUBACHI survives but still sprawled out in the ring as Airhart realizes he is going to have to find something even worse than a Moonsault to end this match tonight!

Jake Mercer: Jonny Airhart’s disappointment is immeasurable and his day is ruined as he goes in to grab the hurt leg of MITSUBACHI and begins to ram his knee into exactly where the injury is. He twists the leg as he is going for a Figure 4 Leglock but MITSUBACHI counters it as he spins around into a School Boy rollup! No Airhart gets out of it but MITSUBACHI grabs his arm and twists him around into a Cross Armbreaker! Airhart is going to have to submit right here! But Airhart flailing wildly eventually getting his leg on the ropes as the referee forces the break. But MITSUBACHI bites the fingers of Airhart before releasing the hold for an extra insult to injury. MITSUBACHI releases the hold as Airhart immediately takes him down with a Small Package!!!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEE-

Flannery McCoy: Kickout by MITSUBACHI as he breaks free and gets back to his feet only for Jonny Airhart to kick him in the weakened leg! He grabs the head of MITSUBACHI and drops him to the mat… Double Hammerlock Inverted Back-to-Belly Mat Slam!!! ANOTHER COVER!!!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEE-

Stew-O: Another close call but another kick out by MITSUBACHI! Jonny Airhart is starting to wonder what it will take to put him away! MITSUBACHI crawls back up to his knees only to get hit with a series of kicks from Airhart right to his chest. Strike after strike as Airhart is relentless and his form may not be quite up to the par of MITSUBACHI’s kicks but they are still pretty damn effective! A kick is a kick! NO! AIRHART MISSES!!! MITSUBACHI ROLLS HIM UP FROM BEHIND!!!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEE-

Jake Mercer: Jonny Airhart kicks out as he ducks a Clothesline from MITSUBACHI! He grabs him from behind! THE CASH MAKER!!! NO! MITSUBACHI BREAKS FREE AND SHOVES AIRHART AWAY FROM HIM INTO THE CORNER! BUT MITSUBACHI’S LEG GIVES OUT UNDER HIM! Airhart catches himself in the corner as MITSUBACHI gets back up and charges in! But Airhart counters with an elbow shot! No! MITSUBACHI sees it coming rolling backward to avoid it! MITSUBACHI using all the strength he has left in his bum leg to roll back up to his feet as he catches Airhart in the jaw with a Superkick! But Airhart stays on his feet although he is unsteady and may not quite know where he is! Another Superkick! Airhart falls back into the corner as now MITSUBACHI is the one stomping a mudhole in him! MITSUBACHI up to the middle rope as he stalks his prey waiting for Jonny Airhart to get back up… DIVING YAKUZA KICK!!! IT CONNECTS!!!

Flannery McCoy: But that’s not all! MITSUBACHI using that Yakuza Kick to set up an even deadlier move! TYRANT REVENGE CONNECTS!!! THE COVER!!!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEEE!!


(“Akatsuki” by Babymetal plays over the arena speakers as MITSUBACHI has his arm raised in victory.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner… MITSUBACHI!!!!!!!!!!


Flannery McCoy: Sorry Jake! Looks like MITSUBACHI will be the one winning the hearts of all the ladies here tonight!

Stew-O: Not just the ladies. He has won my heart as well. :wow:

Jake Mercer: Aye yo. Anyway, Jonny will bounce back. I just know it.

Flannery McCoy: Good effort from both men in this competitive match I’ll be looking forward to seeing where they both go from here. We will see if at King of Elite when Jonny takes on Mary S. Atlas if he can be more successful in defeating her than he has been in scoring with her! As for MITSUBACHI, he will be teaming up with Adam Lucas and James Ranger to take on Insurgency… That should be one hell of a match and I hope he can show some Dynasty pride as he takes it to those losers!

(The camera cuts to a commercial featuring hundreds of ideas for commercials submitted to the advertising company’s DMs by Eric Crane.)

(Dynasty’s broadcast cuts to the backstage of the World 1 Theatre, where Michael Belfort stands by at the ready in front of the infamous red Dynasty backdrop with a microphone in his hands.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the EAW Chairman, Mr. DEDEDE!

(The usual mixed reaction from the virtual audience erupts as Mr. DEDEDE enters the frame, not at all amused to be subjected to an interview this evening. Nonetheless, he positions himself a mere few inches away from Michael as he prepares to present the chairman with his first question, a note of hyper-enthusiasm in his voice.)

Michael Belfort: Mr. DEDEDE, the entire EAW Universe has been buzzing after your announcement last week that at King of Elite, you’ll be facing Andre Walker for the EAW New Breed Championship, a match we didn’t even consider at all possible befo–

(Mr. DEDEDE simply places a heavy hand on Michael’s shoulder and carefully ushers him out of the frame, using his other hand to pull the microphone out of Michael’s hand. DEDEDE’s eyes widen for a moment as he shakes his head in disbelief, his patience for Michael’s elementary questions running thin. He then repositions himself in front of the backdrop to address the camera in front of him, a slight smile on his face.)

Mr. DEDEDE: “Buzzing,” is it? Gee, what a shocker. As if everything I’ve done in this industry doesn’t get the world “buzzing.” My presence alone is noteworthy, it doesn’t matter at all what I’m doing. I could turn up to King of Elite and simply wipe my ass on camera and I’d have the entire world tuned in, eating right out of the palm of my hands. “Why even try?” they’ve been asking me. “What do you hope to gain?” they wonder. Admittedly, I don’t hope to “gain” much. My pursuit of this New Breed Title is based more on wanting to take than it is on receiving anything. And just as I said last week, I plan on taking everything away from Andre Walker. As he never truly deserved it in the first place. Men like Andre benefit off of being the focal point of my attention, and I hate to admit I have given him more than I ever planned to. But if I’m going to make an example out of anybody, if I’m going to send a message to the entire locker room and put the entire industry on notice, who better to use than Andre? If you’re going to take anything away from my challenge issued last week, let it be this: I had made it clear a very long time ago that I don’t fall under the same limitations and restrictions as the rest of you. Why shouldn’t I be able to compete for the New Breed Championship? I own it.  I told you all a long time ago, that you can’t use layman terms to describe what it is I’m capable of, or measure the status of my career. You don’t possess the vision to be able to look at me and see me for all that I am and if that’s a “New Breed” Champion this month, then so be it. I can do that. That’s Gawd. There is nothing that’s telling me that I’m not able to do whatever the fuck I want, and that especially includes taking drastic measures like this one to force those out of line back into their place. Also remember that there isn’t anything that’s going to stop me from draining your already meaningless lives of any sort of value you may have ever had. That’s the lesson that Andre Walker is bound to learn come King of Elite. 

Mr. DEDEDE: It’s about time somebody stepped in to let this new generation of Elitists know exactly what happens when you talk down to your superiors. When I walk away with that New Breed Championship at King of Elite, it won’t be to help elevate the title, nor to add some much-needed prestige to the list of former champions you can actually say you respect in this industry. This isn’t about a newfound passion, a rediscovered purpose. My purpose has always been the same, since the dawn of time. And it’s certainly not to do any of you any favors. It’s so that I can remind each and every one of you that I AM the ONLY constant in this business. Of all past, present, and future generations of Elitists. And there isn’t anything you can do to change or prevent that. I’m going to walk out of that arena with the New Breed Title over my shoulder and set the bar impossibly high, once again, and do exactly what it is that I do best: succeed. Excel. Transcend all that it is you thought you knew about the inner workings of this industry. I am immortal. Everlasting. Timeless. I want the entire New Breed division to know that you only have yourselves to blame or the affliction that’s about to come your way at my hands. As a matter of fact, part of me even believes that this industry would be much better without folks like you. And that’s exactly what I’m here for. To stop men like Andre Walker from waltzing into my dominion, my territory, and thinking that they can make it big while benefiting off of my likeness, my gifts to this industry. There’s nothing that’s going to prevent me from doing what I do best and allowing these people to witness a genius at work as opposed to some underdog story that has failed to pique the interest of anyone who matters, and see for themselves all that an Elitist should be–that’s everything you’ll never fucking be, Andre Walker.

(Mr. DEDEDE shares a piercing stare with the camera as he slowly lowers the microphone from his mouth. He maintains his stare while Dynasty’s broadcast fades elsewhere.)

(A commercial for atheism featuring Jake Smith, sometimes he hates Drake King just a little too much)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Where’s My Wonderland” by Blood on the Dance Floor blasts across the speakers before Mary S. Atlas makes her way to the ring carrying a rose in her mouth before setting it at ringside unable to throw it to the virtual fans due to the pandemic.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from St. Louis, Missouri… weighing in at 125 pounds… MOST WANTED… MARY S. ATLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Lately this fine and lovely lady has been being courted by the one and only “Rich Pretty Boy” Jonny Airhart. I think they would make a great couple! Love cannot be denied!

Flannery McCoy: Well she may not have denied him outright but they are instead going to be beating the hell out of each other in the ring at King of Elite. We will see how much love remains in that “relationship” after we get done with all of that!

Stew-O: Well regardless of all that Mary S. Atlas is taking on Maxwell tonight and she is sick of letting him just run his mouth. She got a win last week with Jonny Airhart’s help but this week she plans to show that she is capable of getting the job done all by herself!

(Mary enters into the ring as she climbs up to the top rope, posing at the top before she jumps down and heads to her corner as “Where’s My Wonderland” fades out from there. ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos hits to heavy boos from the virtual crowd. Maxwell makes his way to the ring wearing a red jacket as golden lights shine everywhere. 

Stephie Love: And her opponent… from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at 231 pounds… THE EPITOME OF EXCELLENCE AND ELEGANCY… MAXWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: This guy seems great! Always a fan of his work! Zero complaints!

Flannery McCoy: Well of course you would say that but most of the people around here are sick of his shit. He resorted to tactics such as making jokes about suicide and saying he’d rather see Mary dead this week. He even told her to leave wrestling and get back to giving out handjobs!

Stew-O: Well I am not sure we can say that on TV but clearly Mary S. Atlas is not taking his advice. They are in the ring and will be competing so that is the business at hand. Last week Maxwell lost his match but managed to avoid defeat directly after Mike Murphy pinned Jonny Airhart. You have to imagine that adds an element to this match considering that is Mary’s opponent for King of Elite.

Jake Mercer: Well this man is a member of Insurgency and he is taking on a team of randomly assembled losers at King of Elite so I doubt he has thought that much about the “big event” really.

(Maxwell ignores the booing crowd and wipes his feet off at ringside before entering the ring frowning condescendingly towards his opponent and the referee as ‘Slide’ fades out and the ref signals for the bell)


Flannery McCoy: The match begins as both competitors lock up ferociously in the ring with Maxwell backing up Mary S. Atlas in the corner using his superior strength. Eventually, the referee has to break things up. Mary walks it off not allowing the disadvantage to get her head as she paces around Maxwell who smirks down at her the entire time. Mary back for more as she locks up with Maxwell again which may not be the wisest strategy as he easily tosses her aside into a corner once more like a ragdoll. But Mary powers out of the corner Spearing into Maxwell taking him across the ring into the opposite corner. She grabs him by the head and wrestles him down to the mat with a Running Bulldog. She keeps the headlock applied as Maxwell powers back up only for Mary to take him down with a Snapmare. Maxwell rolls back through up catching Mary with a headlock of his own taking her down this time. But Mary counters on the ground wrapping her flexible legs around his head forcing Maxwell to release and both competitors return to their feet staring each other down.

Stew-O: Back and forth in the early going here as Maxwell’s smirk seems to almost convey a level of being impressed not that he would ever directly show it. He warily begins to walk around Mary S. Atlas feeling things out. Before Maxwell dusts off his shoe and begins to leave the ring.

Maxwell: (Off-Mic) NOT WORTH IT!

Jake Mercer: But Mary S. Atlas stops him from leaving with a Rollup from behind!


Flannery McCoy: Maxwell quickly powers out of it and back up… But Mary S. Atlas takes him down with a Standing Dropkick! Mary runs across the ring but Maxwell dodges under her legs and gets back up behind her. He takes her down with an elevated arm toss as Mary rolls back to her feet. Mary takes Maxwell down with a Running Spear!!! SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! But Maxwell back up as the Spear had little effect! Mary comes running in for another Spear but Maxwell raises his fist stopping her at the last second! Mary nearly ran right into that KO punch! Mary instead slaps the shit out of Maxwell taking him down to one knee! That was one of the hardest slaps I have ever seen and Maxwell is pissed now! He has been heavily disrespected as he makes his way back to both feet with his teeth clenched and filled with rage! Maxwell begins pummeling away at Mary S. Atlas with a barrage of punches but she brings her arms up to block and counter! Mary taking some blows but she has dodged a large number of the attacks Maxwell is sending her way! Maxwell with a Charged Up Clothesline but Mary ducks it and runs the ropes! ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! But Mary with one of her own as both competitors go down taking each other with them simultaneously with tandem Clotheslines!!! Both competitors out on the mat as the referee begins the 10 count!


Stew-O: Maxwell backs up in the corner as Mary S. Atlas arrives to meet him and whip him across the ring to the opposite corner. Mary charges in with a rushing forearm to the skull of Maxwell and leaps over to the outside in the process! Mary leaps up to the top rope! Going for a Springboard Attack! But Maxwell with a Dropkick as she leaps to the top rope sending her falling down to the floor on the outside. Mary lands on her feet on the outside as Maxwell sees an advantage here! Maxwell runs the ropes and sends Mary into the barricade with a Suicide Dive!!! NO! Mary countered in midair with a Rushing Forearm as Maxwell was just diving through the middle rope! Maxwell collapses unconscious on the middle rope as Mary grabs him by the head and pulls him through… BRAINBUSTER FROM THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR BELOW! MARY LEAVING ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION AND DEVASTATION IN HER WAKE AS MAXWELL LIES MOTIONLESS ON THE FLOOR!

Jake Mercer: Mary S. Atlas helps Maxwell back up lifting him up and dropping him with a Fireman’s Carry Takeover onto the top of the steel ring steps. Maxwell screams out in pain having seemingly realizes where he is as he tries to crawl away but Mary grabs a handful of his hair yanking him up to his feet. She tosses Maxwell back into the ring before making her way to the top rope… MARY MISSOURI CHILD CONNECTS OFF THE TOP! THIS IS IT! MARY IS GOING OVER! THE COVER!


Flannery McCoy: Maxwell kicks out! Mary S. Atlas thought that was it after that impressive Mary Missouri Child move she is known to use. Mary climbs on top of Maxwell mounting him and delivering a barrage of punches. Mary trying to knock Maxwell back out to guarantee that the next pinfall keeps him down permanently. Mary climbs off Maxwell and drives her boot down hard right onto the back of his head as he tries to roll away. Mary then stalks Maxwell as he continues to roll away with a Double Foot Stomp onto the back of his knee causing him to yell out in pain. Mary stalking her prey as she drops a knee down onto the face of Maxwell leaving him writhing as he finally makes it to the ropes to assist him in returning to his feet. Mary looking at Maxwell like he is the most disgusting creature she has seen as she slowly makes her way over to him and yanks him up by his hair once more… Mary pulls him up…

Stew-O: 9 MILES CONNECTS! MARY S. ATLAS JUST TOOK OFF MAXWELL’S HEAD WITH THAT HELLUVA KICK!!! No! Maxwell ducked it and lights up Mary with a Back Chop across her chest! But Mary no-sells it and charges in with a Running Axe Handle knocking him off his feet as she goes for the cover!


Jake Mercer: The kick out by Maxwell yet again as that was clearly not enough to keep a man like him down. Mary S. Atlas had to know that but she is wearing him down by forcing him to kick out repeatedly. Mary grasps Maxwell around the cranium locking in a Sleeper Hold looking to put him down even further. Maxwell appears to be drifting out of consciousness but he is just too strong as she powers back up to his feet seemingly encouraged by the boos from the crowd to break free! They want to see him lose so badly but he just won’t allow it! Maxwell back up on both feet as he lifts Mary up… and drops her with a WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE! Maxwell dropping Mary right on her face!


Flannery McCoy: But Mary S. Atlas kicks out! Maxwell waits for her and takes her down with a Running Clothesline from Hell turning her inside out! But Mary had her thumb up and she caught Maxwell in the eye as he staggers back yelling in pain falling into the corner. Mary pulls herself up in the opposite corner as Maxwell charges in! But Mary sidesteps him! Maxwell into the corner as she leaps up with her feet on his gut and launches him out into the ring! Maxwell lands hard on his back as Mary sits up in exhaustion wiping blood from her hand where it appeared after she had been punching Maxwell not too long ago. Mary waiting for Maxwell to get back up as she takes a stance in the corner. She’s going for something big and devastating right here as she charges in… Maxwell pulls himself up on the rope. Mary runs in! But Maxwell side steps it! Maxwell grabs Mary from behind and throws her backward hitting her head hard on the bottom turnbuckle! The back of Mary’s head slams into the bottom turnbuckle bouncing off and damn that looked painful! That’s not going to go over well with her spine!

Stew-O: Mary S. Atlas is motionless as Maxwell slaps the mat in enthusiasm knowing that he just dealt possibly a match-ending blow right there. The crowd booing him all the while as he reaches over and yanks Mary’s hair in revenge for what he has done to her. Maxwell possibly weakening Mary severely before her upcoming match with Jonny Airhart. Maxwell makes his way to the top rope as he stares downwards at Mary laying in the corner beneath him. He leaps off the top… DOUBLE FOOT STOMP OFF THE TOP ROPE DRIVES MARY’S HEAD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE ONCE AGAIN! Maxwell arrogantly wipes her blood off his shoes on the ring canvas before grabbing her by the leg and dragging her into the middle of the ring.


Jake Mercer: Wait Mary S. Atlas with a Small Package! She got him as she pulls him down!


Flannery McCoy: BARELY! Mary S. Atlas almost won it! Maxwell kicks out and he is pissed once again clenching his blood-covered teeth. Maxwell slaps the mat in rage as he makes his way back up and punches Mary hard across the face sending her to the mat. He mounts her from behind and delivers a series of hard clubbing blows to the back of her head before grabbing her by the hair and yanking her back up as he screams at her yanking her around by the hair toying with her. MISSING FRAGMENT!!! FIREMAN’S CARRY CUTTER CONNECTS AS MAXWELL GOES FOR THE COVER!!!



Stephie Love: Here is your winner… MAXWELL!!!!!!!!!!

(‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos hits to heavy boos from the virtual crowd. Maxwell yanks his arm away from the referee as he tries to raise it not allowing someone of that social status to touch him.)

Flannery McCoy: Well I hate to see it but Maxwell was victorious here tonight.

Jake Mercer: You are just jealous Flannery! You are not part of the upper class. You cannot compare to a member of Insurgency! You see they are taking this company over so you had better get used to it!

Stew-O: Well Insurgency will have to get past MITSUBACHI, Adam Lucas, and James Ranger at King of Elite if they want to take over the company. But Mary S. Atlas and Jonny Airhart have both come up short in their matches tonight which levels the playing field for their own showdown. However, one of them will break their losing streak at King of Elite and I can’t wait to find out who it is!

(The camera cuts to a commercial featuring footage of EAW fans being dragged out of the arena especially during socially distanced shows by security after refusing to wear masks. One blonde woman who had been heckling SOSA Henderson at ringside was shown being ejected after the match was forced to stop when he got into an argument with her steroid-enhanced elderly husband.)

(Dynasty comes back from commercial break as ‘Demi-Gods’ by Lab Rats & Slim Jim plays up to loud cheers as The Fallen Angel makes his way out to the stage. With a straight look on his face, he looks around before making his way down the ramp. Obviously not looking like the most cheerful after what happened last week he has a stern expression as he makes his way up the steel steps. He enters into the ring before reaching out through the ropes and taking a mic as ‘Demi-Gods’ fades out and he begins to speak)

The Fallen Angel: Charlie Marr… Charlie Marr… what more do I need to say to you? You think you did something with what you did a week ago, trying to bring my past demons back and send me into relapse. What did you think you were going to accomplish out of it? Congratulations, you pissed me off even more! Is that what you should be doing? As much as you call yourself a veteran of the craft and how everything you do is right and we should be following you, you still make amateur mistakes that are bound to cost you. You’ve tried so desperately to get your way but it’s never turned out in your favor because you know why? I always end up getting back up to my feet, and I push forward. Every week making your life a living hell.

The Fallen Angel: You want to think that you ticked me off with everything that my past has been built from, you want to think that you’ve actually gotten into my head, but it only shows how much a comedy act you are. Is this what the great Charlie Marr is actually known for? To think I expected more out of you, I mean, you’re the one that started this in the first place I’d assume that you’d have bigger balls than the ones that you’re confronting me with.

The Fallen Angel: My addiction has plagued me for years, crawling out of that hole took a damn lot. But the fact that I did that, that I overcame that, just shows that you’re half the man that I am trying to insult that when you haven’t even been in my shoes before. If you think you’re doing something it’s nothing compared to what I’ve been through for a good portion of my life. And you my friend, are barely scratching the surface of my story.  Because if one thing for certain. Compared to the sorts of demons I’ve overcome in my life, conquering Charlie Marr is bound to be a cakewalk.

(The crowd cheers loudly as The Fallen Angel brings his mic down and allows them to show their support, continuing to have a serious look as he speaks. Not to the crowd, not to anyone else, but directly to the camera in front of him. He’s about to speak again but not long before, ‘Bad Guy’ by Morrisson blasts through the speakers. Deafening boos begin to rain down from the World 1 Theatre as none other than Charlie Marr makes his way out to the stage. Shaking his head, with a slight smirk on his face seemingly happy about what he did earlier in the night to put Riley McCray on the shelf along with Veena Adams. He looks towards the ring and paces around the stage for a quick moment before making his way down the ramp. ‘Bad Guy’ then faded out from there as Charlie Marr would speak as he made his way down the ramp)

Charlie Marr: I’m dying because of all of this. This little feel-good moment that pulls the crowd in and tugs at their heartstrings, you think you’re so courageous? Just because you put down the bottle and decided to get off your ass and do something with your life, you think because of that you’re a better man than me? Let’s single that out quickly, you think that you’re better than Charlie Marr? Get that shit out of here. You see, you remind me of a good friend, Terry Chambers. Someone who thinks he’s so tough and important for some reason but in reality, he’s just been given opportunities that he doesn’t really earn, and even when he does, he drops the ball. Reminds me of you.

(Charlie gets onto the apron and enters into the ring as he looks over at The Fallen Angel and sighs as he continues to speak)

Charlie Marr: The point that I’m getting at here is the sad part about people like you is that they like to seem tougher than they actually are. New elitists who haven’t even had a sniff of grass in their life want to act big league, but when they’re put up against the real competition? Not so big league now are you? It fucking irritates me because then they think because of that special privilege that they get that they can easily step up to the big dogs of this place. Does it fucking do anyone well? No, who in the world supports The Fallen Angel winning at King of Elite? Someone who hasn’t even done a fraction of what Charlie Marr has done around here. So if I were you The Fallen Angel, I’d just know my place in this business, and it’s nowhere near Big Bad Charlie Marr.

(The Fallen Angel could only chuckle in response to what Charlie Marr had to say to him as he began to respond)

The Fallen Angel: You’re proving me right. Haven’t you heard anything that I’ve been saying for the past, I don’t even know how long. You have this god complex that forces you to look down on everyone no matter how bullshit it might be. Don’t you see yourself? Take a look in the mirror for god sakes, it isn’t that pretty, but what’s new you bald bitch. You need to get into your head that nobody needs to follow you. I’ve done perfectly well on my own, minding my own business, till you decided to come around and butt your head into business that you had no affiliation with whatsoever. How stupid could you be? Hell that elaborate prank of sorts that you tried to pull, ended up with your ass on the ground as well. All of this you’ve done? Hell go back to whatever the hell you did earlier in the night, you know what it looks like to me? It looks like you went back to your old ways. So much for reforming yourself. What more do I need to say? Well, other than this. Stop while you’re ahead, you’re embarrassing yourself. 

(Charlie closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths before opening them as he looked at him once more)

Charlie Marr: Maybe you got your beer too far up your ass-


Flannery McCoy: The time for talk is over and The Fallen Angel is not here to listen to what Charlie Marr has to say as he’s mounting him and beginning to rain down strikes repeatedly down on his face! All this talk, all these mind games, it all culminates at King of Elite! But from what we’re seeing, are they even going to make it there!

Jake Mercer: And here come security splitting the two of them up! Charlie Marr being saved for the moment as both of them are being escorted out of the ring! Good! Tired of this bullshit. :noah: 


(The Fallen Angel collapses down to the ground as every Security person in that ring goes forward to hold Charlie back as The Fallen Angel is knocked out on the ground. Charlie holds his hands up as he himself leaves the ring with the biggest smirk on his face. Looking over at The Fallen Angel into the ring as he waves at him one last time as that’s the last shot seen before Dynasty fades out from there to commercial break)

(A commercial for Hayley Williams’ new album, Flowers for Vases, starring Holly Arrow who freaks out about it in a video for about 2 hours or so)

(As we transition back to World 1 Theater as the crowd stands in anticipation for the next match, after the pan shot of the audience we turn to Stephie Love standing inside of the ring)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for ONE FALL!! 

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“The Outsiders” By Eric Church begins to blast throughout the theater as Donovan Duke makes a stride through the curtain and down the ramp to jeers from the audience)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, From Stillwater, Oklahoma! Weighing in at 215 Pounds!! The “Oklahoma Gentleman” DOOONNNNOOOOVAAANNNNNNN DDDUUUUUKKKKKEEEEEE….!!!

Stew-O: And here we are with Donovan Duke! A man looking and determined to prove himself every time he steps inside of an EAW ring! Tonight will be no different with higher tensions with how close we are to our first big event of the New Year!

(“I Fought The Law” By The Clash cuts off the theme of Donovan Duke as he begins preparing himself for his opponent as Mike Murphy makes his entrance to a lukewarm reaction, some jeers, and cheers for this competitor as he intensely makes his entrance down the ramp and to the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing his opponent,  Weighing in at 247 Pounds..!! From Boston Massachusetts! “You don’t fuck with” MIIIKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE MUURRRRRPHHHHYYYYYY….!!!!


Stew-O: And here we go with the only Murphy we acknowledge in EAW taking on Donovan Duke! There’s an obvious size advantage given to Mike Murphy with a 32-pound weight advantage to Murphy! Both men feeling each other out as they circle each other! Before DONOVAN QUICKLY SHOOTS FOR THE LEG OF MIKE MURPHY!! A quick and fast shoot by Duke! He manages to snag one of the legs as he as Mike Murphy a bit off-balance here to start! Duke holding onto the leg before Murphy using that strength in his legs to just kick Duke off his leg! Duke up quickly and runs, but gets flatted with a shoulder block by Murphy! Duke hitting the canvas hard and aggressively as Murphy stands over him signaling that he is the dominant competitor in this match! Murphy even allowing Duke to rise up to his feet! Still in the feeling out the process here in this match on Dynasty though ladies and gentleman! The highest level of competition can only be found in EAW and it’s demonstrated by the Dynasty brand! Duke now challenging Murphy to a Greco Roman knuckle lock! Murphy taken back a bit but begins raising his hand taking to the challenge! AS DUKE QUICKLY FAKES THE KNUCKLE LOCK FOR A WAIST LOCK!

Jake Mercer: He switched so quickly into the waist lock! As he holds on and tries to lift Murphy! Murphy though a little too overbearing for Duke as he can’t manage to lift him! Murphy immediately throwing Duke off of him. Duke immediately popping to a vertical base before he runs at Murphy with a running forearm! Murphy still standing though! Duke runs with another forearm! Murphy getting rocked but he’s still on his feet! Duke now with a straight upright hand! Murphy dazed! Duke with a boot to the mid-section! Duke now going for a running attack as he runs to the ropes with momentum! MURPHY WITH A BACK BODY DROP THROWING DUKE HIGH IN THE AIR AS HE CRASHES DOWN TO THE MAT WITH VELOCITY!! Duke immediately popping up! Holding his lower back as you can see the grimace on his face from that back body drop! Duke turns into a waiting Murphy who GORILLA PRESSES HIM UP! Duke with a face of immediate displeasure and who wouldn’t in this predicament! MURPHY DROPS DUKE STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT AS HE CRASHES HARD UPPER BODY FIRST!!!

Flannery McCoy: The impact of that gorilla press slam by Murphy playing dividends as Duke is holding his midsection! But he’s still rising up to his feet as Murphy patiently waits! Duke up… AND MURPHY WITH A LARIAT TURNING DUKE INSIDE OUT COMPLETELY! Duke hit the canvas hard as Murphy quickly grabbing Duke up again to stay on the attack! Murphy hooks Duke in a front facelock! And he lifts Duke high in the air for the stalling vertical suplex! He’s just holding Duke high in the air letting all the blood rush down to his head! DUKE WITH A KNEE!! DUKE ABLE TO BRING HIS KNEE DOWN TO THE POINT OF THE HEAD OF MURPHY!!! MURPHY DROPS DUKE AS HE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Duke with  ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO MURPHY!!! Turning the big man around! Duke locks his waist! AS HE LOOKS TO GO GERMAN SUPLEX!!! NO!! HE INSTEAD HOOKS THE FULL NELSON!!!! AND HE CONNECTS WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!! DRAGON SUPLEX DROPPING MURPHY ON HIS HEAD!!!! AND DUKE BRIDGES WITH IT!! THE STRENGTH BEING DISPLAYED!!


Stew-O: KICKOUT BY MURPHY! Duke looking down at his fallen opponent as Murphy tries to get his wits about him in this match! Duke grabbing Murphy before connecting with a brutal European uppercut jacking the jaw of Murphy! Murphy coming back with a boot to the mid-section! Duke backing up as he felt that shot but musters up the strength to push forward with a right hand! BLOCKED BY MURPHY! MURPHY SCOOPING UP DUKE ON HIS SHOULDERS! HE COULD BE GOING FOR A power slam!!!  NO DUKE PUSHES OFF MURPHY AND DROPS OFF HIS SHOULDERS AS MURPHY HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES! DUKE RUNNING AT MURPHY! AND MURPHY BENDS AND SENDS DUKE OVER THE TOP ROPE CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!! Duke rising up to his feet, BUT AS SOON AS HE DOES HE IS MET WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!!! MURPHY CRASHING INTO DUKE FOR THE SUICIDE DIVE!! Murphy quickly grabbing Duke and sends him inside of the ring! Murphy inside of the ring looking to further give more damage! But Duke quickly rises up and RUNS WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE KNEE OF MURPHY!!! MURPHY IMMEDIATELY COLLAPSES AS HE CAME INSIDE THE RING! Duke immediately targeting the right knee as he grabs the down Murphy and connects with a KNEE DROP TO THE KNEE OF MURPHY!!!! Murphy now in dire strengths! His knee is going to be the focus of Duke! Duke now grabbing the right knee! AND HE BEGINS APPLYING A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!! CLASSIC MOVE BEING APPLIED!!! FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!! MURPHY IMMEDIATELY SHOUTS OUT IN PAIN AS ONE OF PRO WRESTLING’S MOST DEVASTATING HOLDS IS BEING APPLIED AND USE IN TOTAL!!!

Jake Mercer: Brilliant strategy by Duke getting Murphy down! Murphy now with signs of pain all in his face! This could be the conclusion of this match but nobody wants to be a quitter especially on this stage around this time of the year in EAW! Murphy begins trying to inch his way to the ropes! The referee in his face asking him if he wants to quit and Donovan Duke is shouting at him to quit as well!! The fans more in favor of Murphy urging him to keep going! Duke leaning back over and over to further the pressure! Murphy inching his way to the ropes! Closer, Closer!! Refusing to quit until he finally manages to grasp the ropes as the referee telling Duke to release the hold! Duke refusing as the referee is being forced to utilize the five-count release!

Referee: ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! FOUR!!

Jake Mercer: And Duke with a smart tactic holding onto the hold before the break! Furthering the damage of the figure four leg lock! Duke up to his feet as the referee giving him a stern warning and Duke just shrugs him off! Duke waiting as Murphy tries to pull himself up with the ropes! AND DUKE WITH A CHOP BLOCK KNOCKING MURPHY RIGHT BACK DOWN!! 

Flannery: Donovan Duke was getting overpowered but has quickly gotten himself back into this match with strategy! Duke pulling at the right leg of Murphy before dropping an elbow on the knee! And then stomping on the knee! A VICIOUS ASSAULT BY DUKE TO THE KNEE OF MURPHY!!! Duke stopping the assault before daring Murphy who is in agonizing pain to rise up to his feet. The irony! After that assault, he’s challenging him to get up to his feet! He begins slapping Murphy over his head who is on all floors adding further insult to what could be a serious injury to Murphy! Duke pulling Murphy up! AND HOOKS HIM BY THE WAIST!!! And DUKE SENDS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX AS MURPHY LANDS IN A HEAP IN THE CORNER!! Duke quickly making his way over to Murphy, denying the pin but further applying pain to his opponent and that might come back to haunt him! Duke grabs Murphy up and Irish whips him back to the corner! Duke making his way over to Murphy and begins lifting him to the top! DUKE CLIMBING! AS BOTH MEN RISE AND HE’S GOING FOR A FRANKENSTEINER!!! MURPHY MANAGES TO HOLD ONTO DUKE!!! HE HOLDS ONTO HIM AND HE LIFTS HIM AND CRASHES FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH A AVALANCHE POWERBOMB!!!!! MURPHY CRAWLING TO THE COVER!!!! AND HE MANAGES TO HOOK THE LEG OF DUKE!! 


Jake Mercer: KICKOUT!! DUKE KICKS OUT!!! AFTER THAT COUNTER BY MURPHY PLANTING HIM RIGHT INTO THE MAT WITH A POWERBOMB!! It was one of those sudden impact things! You don’t know when you were going to land and Duke landed in a heap! You would have to think those moments crawling to the cover is what kept Duke alive in this match due to the previous damage he put on Murphy’s knee! Murphy, gingerly rising up to his feet as Duke is still prone on the mat! And Murphy signaling that the end is near! As he waits for Duke to get up to his feet! He has him in his sights!! Intensity written on this man’s face as he looks to score a victory tonight! Murphy slapping feeling in his knee!! AS DUKE RISES UP!! AND TURNS!! MURPHY FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!! HE RUNS INTO A SUPERKICK!!!!! SUPERKICK BY DONOVAN DUKE AS MURPHY CRASHES DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!! Duke staggered a bit himself but connected with a point-blank superkick to the face of Murphy and he has to be knocked out cold! Duke now making his way over to Murphy who is flat on the mat! AND DUKE WITH A SHORT LEG DROP!! Before making his way outside of the ring and he begins to climb the top turnbuckle!! MURPHY DOWN!! DUKE PERCHED HIGH!!! AERIAL OFFENSE!! CRASH AND BURN!! HIGHER RISK FOR A GREAT REWARD!!!! DUKE BACKFLIPS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! MOONSAULT!!! MURPHY MOVES!!



(“The Outsiders picks up once again as Donovan Duke has his hand raised in victory as the crowd begins to jeer at Donovan who doesn’t care and begins to celebrate his victory climbing onto the top turnbuckle and basking in the crowd’s reaction to his win)

Stephie Love: Herrreee is your winner… By Technical Submission! DOOONNOOOOVANNNNNNN DUUUKKKEEEEEEE…!!!

Stew-O: And there’s the victory! Highly competitive action by both of these athletes and in the end Donovan Duke manages to get the W!

Flannery McCoy: Nothing to take away from Murphy though. He fought hard and I’m sure this is just a minor bump in the road!

Jake Mercer: Look at this message Insurgency is sending before King of Elite!

(A commercial promoting the EAW Network telling you to watch an obscure moment or two that nobody cared about, like when Eric Havoc tried to make a fake title on Showdown, coincidentally Lucas Johnson tried the same thing. :mjpls:)

(Dynasty comes back from commercial break to show the backstage area and more specifically, the office of StarrStan as he sits peacefully at his desk. He pushes his paperwork to the side casually as he types on his computer, you know, regular business stuff. He’s minding his business before suddenly)


(The door is kicked open as the Dynasty Commissioner can only respond with a groan as he sees the people enter through. None other than Insurgency is seen as the virtual crowd in the World 1 Theatre responds with loud boos as Jake Smith, the PURE Champion Limmy Monaghan, Maxwell, and Donovan Duke enter into the scene. They all stand side by side in front of the desk of StarrStan as he sighs. He takes a moment to rub his temple as the silence creeps through, after a moment he finally begins to speak)

StarrStan: What.

Jake Smith: I think you owe us an explanation.

StarrStan: :dahell: What are you on about???

Donovan Duke: What do you mean what are we on about? I don’t think we need to repeat ourselves honestly. We’ve worked our damn asses off for you StarrStan, and I think this gentleman and his brother’s in arms deserve ourselves a little bit of compensation for that.

StarrStan: And why would you believe that? We’ve given you optimal positions of the King of Elite card, better than not being on there at all. What more would you want out of it?

Maxwell: Since you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed let me simplify things for you. We have a problem with how you handled that Unified Tag Team Championship match at King of Elite because most importantly, you didn’t add us to the match. The only group capable enough of holding those damn titles to begin with in this company and it shows, yet you want to shrug that off? Do you not see the problem with that? The injustice that you’ve put forth which by the way, proves our point.

StarrStan: The hell you mean? You were already scheduled for a match, I don’t see a point in trying to argue this.

Jake Smith: Guess what Starr? We don’t care.

Limmy Monaghan: I’m going to put this bluntly for you, after everything we’ve done out there? One thing you can say for certain is that we more than deserve a few title shots of our own because of it. And the fact that you’re holding that above our heads, you were the one that made it official and gave it to people who were already booked in matches by the way for the event, and yet glossed over us. I think I see a problem with that. Giving a shot to everyone but us, where does that sound familiar? Right, the whole basis of this team. You’re making a big mistake Starr, fueling our agenda to put your brand in a bigger hole than it already is because of us. 

StarrStan: Alright look I’m tired of all of this. I’m already pissed as hell that you messed up my card TWICE just for the sake of doing it for attention. You injured two of my elitists and are expected to get compensated for that when I could’ve already fired you for doing so. So it’s either you respect your place on the card that I’ve graciously given you despite your actions, or you leave.

Jake Smith: Let’s not get out of hand here, why so stressed? Reminds me of another incompetent General Manager two years back who was also an EAW Hall of Famer, good times. Look, we’re fine with all of that, but any given we could’ve done this. We did that with SEBAS, we did that with Chris Elite, what makes you think that we can’t do the same to the three people that Insurgency is facing at King of Elite. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Donovan Duke: Exactly, what point are you trying to make holding us back? Me and Maxwell are more than deserving of these Tag Title shots that you have been so kind enough not to give us. I don’t know about you guys but I’m giving you a proper chance to fix this, if you don’t, then it ain’t going to end so pleasant for you is it?

StarrStan: How many times do I have to say it? You are booked on the card, and that’s all that should matter at this moment. I am two seconds away from removing you from the event in its entirety if you four don’t shut up.

Limmy Monaghan: You know what, I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter to me, if anything I’m fine with what we’re being given right now. Because throw whoever in our way if it is SEBAS’ rotting corpse or hell who we’re facing at King of Elite who doesn’t even deserve what we’ve given them in the form of a proper spotlight for their dying careers, we’ll make short work of them. 

StarrStan: Then why are you out here complaining. :wtf:

Maxwell: It’s fine. You know what, it doesn’t matter anymore. We can get Unified Tag Team Championship shots whenever the hell we want. Starr you can continue to be idiotic and braindead and keep exposing your wrongdoings every chance that you get, and you know what? You keep doing that because I have no problem disposing of trash in the ring. MITSUBACHI and Adam Lucas have been nuisances for the longest time and it’s time we put an end to it. 2-on-2 or 3-on-2 it doesn’t matter, we’ll send another statement soon enough.

StarrStan: Do you guys not know their partner? They confirmed it on Showdown, James Ranger.

Limmy Monaghan, Maxwell & Donovan Duke: :comeagain: Who?!

Jake Smith: Ah no I know him, I beat him a few months ago on Showdown or something. 

StarrStan: Alright so are we good or are we going to continue to bicker? You’re not getting that Tag Title match, but you are on the card, have I summed that up well? Good, get out.

Limmy Monaghan: :wtf: Not such a warm welcome is it. You know what, alright, I see you. Reckless Wiring is coming up, right? Might fuck around and mess up a few more of your matches, who knows. Better tread carefully Starr.

(Limmy turns around and walks out of the office as the other members of Insurgency follow him as well. StarrStan is seen completely tired as he leans back in his chair and shakes his head as from there Dynasty fades back to the World 1 Theatre)

(The camera fades into Stephie Love standing at the center of the ring as she’s ready to announce the next match)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Pure Water” by Skepta plays up to loud boos as Dray Fontana makes his way out to the stage. Looking around the ring with a stern look on his face he looks unhappy as he makes his way down the ramp and headed towards the ring)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… from Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom… weighing in at 200 pounds… THE PRINCE… DRAY FONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well we saw this earlier in the night but the confrontation between Dray Fontana right here and his opponent at King of Elite, the World Heavyweight Champion Lethal Consequences got heated having engaged in a back and forth of words which is sure to have pissed The Prince off. 

Flannery McCoy: Well indeed but he uses that motivation and anger heading into this match as he knows that he has to make a statement tonight, considering that it’s his last chance to do so as it’s the go-home show. He has to make a proper impact and I think this is the only way that he sees fit. 

Jake Mercer: I have my doubts of course but I guess Dray can use his powers of porridge and the Queen to help him get his victory or whatever. I mean c’mon do you know who he’s facing?! The best wrestler of our time period, LETHAL CONSEQUENCES! He ain’t playing around man.

(Dray stops at the bottom of the ramp and takes a minute to look around before he makes his way up the steel steps, onto the apron, and into the ring. He poses at the center of the ring before pointing his finger guns at the camera, keeping that straight look on his face as he makes his way over to his corner, getting ready for his match as “Pure Water” fades out. “Demi-Gods” by Lab Rats & Slim Jim then plays up to loud cheers as The Fallen Angel makes his way out to the stage. Looking around as he slowly takes off his hood he has a straight look on his face as he looks towards the ring. Standing at the center for a little bit longer he then begins to make his way down the ramp)

Stephie Love: And his opponent… from Detroit, Michigan… weighing in at 240 pounds… THE FALLEN ONE… THE FALLEN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well as for The Fallen Angel earlier in the night Charlie Marr came out to interrupt a very heartfelt promo which ended with Charlie standing on top over him. And we know that has had to make The Fallen Angel a very unhappy person heading into this match.

Flannery McCoy: A similar situation to his opponent it seems that anger is going to be used as a motivator heading into this as any Dynasty competitor would want to make a statement especially a week before the Free-Per-View. And this is The Fallen Angel’s chance to do so.

Jake Mercer: If you ask me? Charlie Marr just really likes drugs. The fact that The Fallen Angel declined and insulted him has made him furious, so he takes out his anger for insulting his addiction on him. Who’s the real villain now Charles? HUH?!

(The Fallen Angel makes his way up the steel steps and enters into the ring as he stands at the center of the ring. Letting his lone spotlight at the center focus on him as the lights go back to normal. He makes his way over to his corner and leans back against it as from there “Demi-Gods” fades out and the Ref from there goes to signal for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this match is underway! Both Dray and The Fallen Angel are beginning to circle around the ring not wasting a second to begin this matchup! They both begin to lockup as they attempt to push one another to the ropes with the collar-and-elbow! But it’s Dray that strikes The Fallen Angel in the gut with a sharp knee that takes him off guard! Dray stumbles backward but he keeps his ground as The Fallen Angel runs towards him, AS HE LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A STANDING CROSSBODY!

Flannery McCoy: Dray taken down to the ground but he’s shoving The Fallen Angel off of him as he’s right back up to his feet, BUT THE FALLEN ANGEL IS QUICKER AS HE LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND GOES FOR A DROPKICK! But Dray grabs the leg and trips him! The Fallen Angel taken down to the ground, AS LOCKS IN AN SHARPSHOOTER!! Dray turning the tides into his favor in mere seconds as The Fallen Angel is screaming in pure agony trying his best to escape out of this hold!

Jake Mercer: Such an abrupt attack can take anyone off guard as it’s clear that it’s no different for The Fallen One either! But The Fallen Angel unwinding himself in the hold slowly with pure strength as he’s rolling onto his back and using his opposite leg to quickly kick at the face of Dray to escape out of the hold! BUT DRAY WITH A DRAGON SCREW OUT OF NOWHERE TO CAUSE MORE PAIN TO THE LEG OF THE FALLEN ANGEL!

Stew-O: The Fallen Angel grabbing at his leg but he’s dragging himself backward to give himself more room to get up to his feet as just look at Dray waiting for him at the center of the ring! The Fallen Angel takes the time to lean against the corner to keep himself propped up as Dray is running quickly towards him, AND GOES FOR A CORNER CLOTHESLINE AIMED FOR HIS HEAD! But The Fallen Angel manages to duck under and escape out of the corner as he slides to the center of the ring! Dray grabbing onto the ropes to turn himself around quickly and run towards him, BUT THE FALLEN ANGEL CATCHES HIM WITH A HEADBUTT TO HIS SKULL TAKING HIM DOWN!

Flannery McCoy: Dray grabbing onto his head as The Fallen Angel grabs him and brings him up to his feet, and locks in a Headlock right after! This is the only chance that he might be able to get in this matchup and it’s clear he’s threatening that as such! The Fallen Angel attempting to drop himself down onto a knee but Dray is persistent as he pulls himself back towards the ropes! The Fallen Angel turns around as he sends him into an Irish whip and back towards him, AS HE GOES FOR A HIGH KNEE STRIKE TO HIS HEAD! BUT DRAY SLIPS UNDER IT AND ENDS UP BEHIND THE FALLEN ANGEL AS HE PLANTS HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND WITH A QUICK BACKSTABBER! DRAY WITH THE PIN!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO-


Stew-O: Dray is back up to his feet as he brings The Fallen Angel up with him not stopping the assault for a second! And now he’s going after him with rapid-fire forearm strikes! The Fallen Angel beginning to feel overwhelmed as I know he’s trying to block the shots but such a simplistic attack combined with raw power by Dray Fontana can call for bad news in an instant! The Fallen Angel shoving Dray away as he runs past him and to the ropes and back as Dray turns around, AND THE FALLEN ANGEL TAKES HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND WITH A QUICK SHOULDER TACKLE!

Flannery McCoy: Both of these competitors are laying it all on the line for us tonight as The Fallen Angel is back up to his feet and waiting for Dray to get up as well and I don’t think he has to wait long! AS HE TAKES HIM BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND WITH A QUICK SIDE SLAM! The Fallen Angel taking as much time as he can knowing the energy he needs to preserve if he wants to push through this match because Dray is giving him an obvious run for his money! Dray sitting up as The Fallen Angel grabs him by the head and brings him up to his feet, AS THE FALLEN ANGEL PULLS HIM IN AND LIFTS HIM INTO THE AIR AND DROPS HIM DOWN INTO A SUPLEX!

Jake Mercer: But Dray with a knee to the head of The Fallen Angel that forces him to drop him down to the ground before he can fully execute it! The Fallen Angel stumbling back and grabbing his head as Dray rushes towards him, AND CONNECTS WITH A BIG FOREARM SHOT ACROSS HIS FACE WHICH SENDS HIM DOWN TO A KNEE! Dray grabbing him and pulling him back up to his feet as he turns him right around, AND GRABS HIM AS HE LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE AIR WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!

Stew-O: The Fallen Angel dropping down to the ground nearly landing on his neck and if he did do so then he might as well just call his chances in this match done for as Dray brings him back up to his feet! But The Fallen Angel is taking his chances as he sends punches aimed towards his gut to force Dray to let go of his grip on him but I don’t think Dray is willing to do that so easily! As he drops down a quick Axe Handle to the back of his head to stop his assault! Dray grabbing The Fallen Angel by the head as he tosses him towards the ropes and back, AS DRAY GOES FOR A SUPERKICK!


 Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THR-


Stew-O: Obviously The Fallen Angel not happy and it shows but he’s pushing through as he’s back up to his feet and bringing Dray back up as well as it’s clear that the both of them are tired as hell as this match pushes on! The Fallen Angel grabbing him by the arm and sending him towards the corner with an Irish whip as he makes his way towards him looking to capitalize on the position that he has him in! But Dray manages to grab onto the ropes and use them to kick him dead in his face which forces him backward! The Fallen Angel is obviously taken by surprise as he stumbles back towards the center of the ring, BUT NOW DRAY OBVIOUSLY FINDS HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE LOOKING TO FLY!

Flannery McCoy: But it’s The Fallen Angel that runs forward and sends a punch towards his face to stun him on the top! And this is not a good situation to be in for the both of them as it looks like The Fallen Angel is taking the risk and looking to join him on the top turnbuckles as in an instant they are already beginning to trade punches! Back and forth now one after the other as I think they both realize the precarious position they’re both in! Dray! Fallen Angel! Dray! Fallen Angel! Dray! Fallen Angel! 

Jake Mercer: But Dray beginning to have the offense as he begins to overwhelm him with strikes! The Fallen Angel trying to block as many as he can as you can tell that obviously he’s not pleased especially being the one who could quite possibly plummet if he’s not careful! And I think Dray is willing to take the risk as well but not just yet as he goes under The Fallen Angel and traps him on the top before stepping back on the canvas! AND CONNECTING WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE FALLEN ANGEL ON THE TURNBUCKLE SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN TO THE GROUND! WHAT A MANEUVER TO TURN THIS MATCH AROUND!

Stew-O: And I think Dray is taking advantage of this as The Fallen Angel is stumbling up to his feet and I don’t think that’s the best idea either! Dray seeing the opportunity as he’s grabbing onto the ropes, BEFORE RUNNING FORWARD AND CONNECTING WITH THE PARAMOUNT! BICYCLE KNEE TO THE HEAD OF THE FALLEN ANGEL TAKES HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND AS NOW IT’S DRAY GOING FOR THE PIN ATTEMPT ON THE FALLEN ANGEL! FOR THE WIN!

Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREE-


Jake Mercer: Dray is not the happiest person in the world because if you ask me, I think he wanted the match to end right there. But clearly, with The Fallen Angel it’s going to take a lot more as he’s right back up to his feet just waiting for The Fallen Angel to follow him as well! And do that he will as The Fallen Angel is slowly beginning to get up to his feet, stumbling as he does so as he’s trying his best to stay in this match but for the both of them that gets harder and harder in the process!

Stew-O: And the both of them know that, and that’s why they’re making it known that this match has to end sooner or later and come out with a victor! AS I THINK WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND OUT IF IT’S THE CASE OR NOT AS DRAY SETS HIM UP FOR FONTANA 97! SOMERSAULT REVERSE DDT INCOMING!

Flannery McCoy: BUT THE FALLEN ANGEL BARELY REVERSES IT AS HE PLANTS DRAY DOWN TO THE GROUND BEFORE HE CAN CONNECT! The Fallen Angel fighting for all his life knowing a win would do him well heading into King of Elite as he’s beginning to drag himself up to his feet! Both him and Dray though are beginning to recover as Dray follows behind him as they begin to get back up and push through this matchup! The Fallen Angel stumbles backward as Dray finds him falling right towards him, AS HE RUNS FORWARD AND GOES FOR ANOTHER PARAMOUNT! BICYCLE KNEE TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY!


Stew-O: But the effects of this match just continue to pile on as look how far the both of them have separated from one another! Dray is down and out and The Fallen Angel sees that as he’s doing his best to crawl towards him, but every second wasted is going to cost him this pristine opportunity! HE PUTS AN ARM OVER DRAY! PIN ATTEMPT!



Jake Mercer: The Fallen Angel is frustrated as clearly if he was any quicker than he would’ve come out of this match with a victory! But that’s further put into question as Dray fights on and furthermore, The Fallen Angel fights on as well!

Stew-O: The Fallen Angel up to his feet as Dray clearly doesn’t know where he’s at at the moment! The Fallen Angel waiting for him to get up as if there was one chance to finish this match it would be right now while he has the chance! Dray slowly crawling towards the ropes and pulling himself up with all his might as he stumbles backward, and falls right into The Fallen Angel! AS HE LEAPS INTO THE AIR AND GOES FOR ANOTHER COLLAPSING STAR! JUMPING CUTTER TO END THIS MATCH!

Flannery McCoy: But Dray manages to push away just in time! The Fallen Angel manages to keep himself up but he’s caught off guard as he turns around, AS DRAY LEAPS OFF OF THE ROPES AND CONNECTS WITH A UXU! DISASTER KICK CONNECTS ACROSS THE SIDE OF THE FALLEN ANGEL’S FACE WHICH TAKES HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND AS HE SCALES UP ONTO THE TOP ROPE!


Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEEE!!


(“Pure Water” plays up as Dray Fontana slowly pushes himself off of The Fallen Angel. Exasperated and out of breath he gestures over to the Ref to help him up to his feet before tapping his wrist as he raises his hand in victory high in the air. Dray falls back against the ropes for a quick moment trying to stabilize himself before he climbs up to the top rope. Using his hands as finger guns and pointing to the camera, making it clear who he’s gesturing to before he jumps off and continues his celebration in the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… DRAY FONTANA!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: It’s an understatement to say that this was a great match. Both of them laid it on the line tonight for the win because if there’s one thing they know, it’s the fact that this match matters more than anything else at the moment, giving it their all was what they had to do in order to get on track on the go-home show to King of Elite tonight!

Flannery McCoy: Indeed and while The Fallen Angel gave it his all it was ultimately Dray Fontana who had the persistence to push on. Managing to power out of the Collapsing Star, Dray turned it around in his favor, punching himself a ticket for victory tonight. So congratulations to Dray and good luck as he heads into King of Elite!

(Dray rolls out of the ring as he spreads his arms out one last time before making his way up the ramp and heads towards the backstage area. Meanwhile, The Fallen Angel is seen sitting on the barricade in pure silence as he contemplates what just happened, with a blank and emotionless expression on his face he stands up and leaves the area as that’s the last shot seen before Dynasty fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial for Zoom is shown, where Xander Payne has to suffer catering for his children while they’re virtual learning and also being forced to listen to “these stupid decrepit teachers” in the process)

(The show breaks as we see an interruption on the screen. A view of the ever-expanding estate of the former World Heavyweight Champion is shown as snow befalls the Engadine, Michigan fortress. We see a shrine for Kimmy the Tiger as a pop from the fans can be heard faintly. The screen shows a fading transition to the inside of the home of The Visual Prophet as we are shown an extravagant living room. A couch longer than Xander Payne’s waistline is seen as it faces the flaming fireplace as the lights are dimmed but the embers give mood lighting to the entire scene. The broad shoulders and arms are seen as a familiar body has his back to the camera. We hear a piano begin to play as the camera pans to show artist JMSN tapping away at the all-white grand piano adjacent to the couch and fireplace. JMSN’s seen wearing an all-black fur coat, a pair of black jeans, and cross earrings in both ears as he taps away at the keys.)

JMSN: It’s not that I don’t want you here…It’s something about the way you stare into my eyes…I know that I don’t make things clear…nah…I fall for you every time I try to resist you…

(Snoh Aalagrah’s “I want you around” is the medley JMSN plays as we see another person lean onto the piano.)

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo: They…they wanna know what happened.

(The man behind the couch chuckles as he lights a Cohiba and JMSN keeps playing on the piano.)

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo: Why did he leave us? Why’d he turned diva? Contractual treason and all these nefarious reasons…they wanna know what happened. How the man who gave y’all 2020 Vision could vanish before y’all eyes even for a month. The marathon man vanished but of course, that very same marathon man reappears to continue his everlasting sprint. The original man. The one who wavered the storm, pandemic riddle scheduled chaos, buoying the brand that resented him until all parties realized his priceless participation and invaluable skill set was the sole reason why the entire fabric of this business you all coveted and covered didn’t crumble. They wanna…they wanna know what happened, huh? What was the astronomical number placed to paper that EAW felt finally comfortable parting with in order to procure a Prophet’s services again? Back again from an exile? Vacation post-RTR for some much deserved R&R? What if I told you there was no vacation. Just patiently waiting. Until, deals are done and the first deposit is deposited. What they gonna say? The Notorious V.I.Z is money hungry? Wrong again. Dead wrong. More money, more problems. Besides, the man makes more money from outside of wrestling than he ever could inside of it. The Lakers pay Lebron but he doesn’t work for them. No, Lebron James plays for the Lakers but he works for Nike. Viz more or less wrestles once again as apart of the Elite Answers Wrestling brand but he more or less works for Netflix than he does for EAW. Freedom of expression and freedom overall is all the black man ever needed from this bloody soiled land and Prophet has that. Also, an ungodly amount of funds as well. But, it was never about the money…it was about the respect. It was about making a statement. And, given how that Seattle CAC jumped out in front of this freight train…that statement was heard loud and clear.

(A puff of smoke billows in the air as the man on the couch laughs louder. JMSN continues playing the piano before he interjects with his heavenly voice.)

JMSN: We can get away, Palm trees, beach views…Ordinary day…All I wanna hear is inner visions on replay, And sit right next to you, youuuu…

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo: Oh, we living up to the negative stereotypes. We trappin, aren’t we my brother? We trapping but just like the almighty powerful word NIGGA…we have reclaimed a negative and made it a positive. That white boy jumped stupidly into a trap he knows not awaited for him. Not even I knew! Though I was unaware of the deliberately hidden content of this lucrative contract, rest assured in knowing The Visual Prophet knew of this hidden, hideous, horrendous clause that Impact and EAW tried to sneak past us. Viz eyes never shook and he didn’t bat an eye upon learning that this new extraordinary and extravagant deal would include facing Impact at King of Elite. Viz accepted this meek challenge in exchange for the mills he would obtain upon agreeing to the new deal. It was no thang for the Viz. Some may say and believe he and I were foolish but we do not live in the prison of other people’s opinions. We are FREE AS OUR ANCESTORS ALWAYS HOPED TO BE!!!

(JMSN begins to transition from Snoh to D’Angelo as he mimics the infamous guitar riff from his song “How Does It Feel?” As Angelo rambles on.)

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo: Soon as RTR was over he was out of his deal. In his house playing D’Angelo’s “How does it feel?” In this house, Dr. Angelo D’Angelo asked him “HOW DOES IT FEEL?!”…and The Best Ever at this sport replied with a shoulder shrug. “It is what it is” he replied before we began plotting our future endeavors. EAW kept calling. All the empty gestures they began offering. Trophies and awards. Viz had no interest in any Christmas caroling card compliance. No free labor from Visual. You gotta pay for this duck, baby! NO MORE FREE RANDY! No more free Prophet. But now that he is back? Now that the GREATEST KING OF ELITE OF ALL TIME IS BYKE!!! We get back to working you devils and teaching you CACS valuable lessons. Making your mademoiselle moist as well. You dare challenge a BIG BLACK CRUSADER in FEBRUARY?! BLACK HISTORY MON-MOTHERFUCKERAREYOUSTUPID?! I-I-

???: Spit it out, beloved.

Dr. Angelo D’Angelo: I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?! That same man ain’t want NO parts of Prophet when he held the World Heavyweight Championship but now? Now you step into a matter in which in all honesty you never mattered. Viz’s dispute with EAW didn’t warrant your query but cool. You are here now and we here now. We will be at the same place and time as you Impact as King of Elite returns for its annual ceremony. The new king shall be ushered in via a bloody trios match but the one true king returning will overshadow all surrounding these festivities. Bare witness to the grizzly bear viciousness that The Visual Prophet delivers to you, Karl. You can justify your status from here to Timbuktu but to us you just… you. Pompous Anglo Saxon setting himself to be sacked by the best to ever do this. You coming out the woodwork just to get worked over is hilarious to me and a side-splitting comedy to The Visual Prophet. You just make sure that bloated gut, those cataract covered eyes, and those fantasy dreams of returning to prominence that you have are as prepared as humanly possible because at King of Elite Viz gives you what you think you want. The Wizard grants your wish but understand that every wish comes with a price you will eventually have to pay. You gone pay your penance, you BLUE-EYED DEVIL! You gone reap what you sow you colonizing HOE! But, until that day comes…Be loved, beloved!

(D’Angelo smirks as he rubs his hands like Birdman.)

???: Sincerely yours… 💋 

(The man on the couch turns his head, cigar hanging from his lips as a sinister smirk emerges on his face as The Visual Prophet finally reappears in EAW television.)

Stew-O: Well, the former World Heavyweight Champion is back after a brief leave of absence and he is in no way disturbed or afraid of the challenge laid upon him. 

Flannery McCoy: Impact took it upon himself to get EAW and Visual Prophet back together but tried to pull a fast one by including a match between himself and Viz at King of Elite. Thing is, it almost seems like Viz is more than prepared and ready for this fight and I don’t know how well that will favor Impact.

Jake Mercer: Yeah but c’mon man. This man has every arena we perform in named after him. Impact is gonna drag The Visual Prophet right into the heart of the IMPACT ZONE! Viz better be careful and tread lightly. Impact has something up his sleeve for him I reckon!

(Dynasty returns and Stephie Love is seen inside the ring)


(Chris Cornell’s ‘You Know My Name’ begins to play Adam Lucas onto the stage.)


(Adam Lucas wastes no time, eagerly walking to the ring, throwing his jacket to the outside, and sliding into the ring.)

Stew-O: This man was already on a streak in Elite Answers Wrestling, but last week’s victory was just a stamp on the fact that he was back, and better than ever. Adam Lucas has gained victories over the who’s who of Dynasty’s best singles and tag team competitors, and adding Charlie Marr to that list would surely garner the attention Adam Lucas deserves! The attention he’s been calling for since his debut in this company!

(‘Bad Guy’ by Morrison replaces the sound as Charlie Marr coldly walks onto the stage.)


Jake Mercer: Charlie Marr looks as good as ever right now, despite a tough loss to King of Elite finalist, Xander Payne, last week on Dynasty. Charlie’s got a sour taste in his mouth after how that match ended, and surely has redemption on his mind! Tonight’s a big opportunity for Charlie to get back on track and regain the foothold he once had in EAW! Though he’s got a game challenge in front of him tonight! Adam Lucas has made it apparent he won’t go out quietly, but I think Charlie was expecting, even hoping for that!!!

(Charlie rolls into the ring and gets into the face of Adam Lucas, ready to go is Marr.)


Flannery McCoy: And here we go! This bout is underway as Charlie Marr aggressively charges to the center of the ring, meeting Adam Lucas with a collar and elbow tie-up. Charlie Marr goes down low with a boot to the stomach! Now using his shoulder to push Adam back into the turnbuckles, Charlie now with a forearm pressed against the throat of Adam Lucas, he’s wasting no time tonight! The referee gives Marr a five-count, which he uses absolutely all of, then gives a clean break- Marr fakes a slap, and then shoves away the face of Lucas! Marr disrespecting Lucas from the get-go! 

Stew-O: Lucas frustrated, he swings a wild punch at Charlie, which Marr foreseeably avoided, and comes back with a nasty kick to the leg of Lucas! Charlie Marr with an unforgiving kick to the inside of Adam’s thigh, and again! Charlie Marr appears to have found a target, and if there’s one man you don’t want smelling blood in the water, it’s Charlie Marr! Charlie’s trying to make Adam mad, and lure him into his realm, his area of expertise! Charlie grabs the arm of Lucas, Irish whips him across the ring- Adam Lucas reverses and swings Charlie Marr into the ropes, NOW DROPPING MARR TO THE CANVAS WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK!

Jake Mercer: Turnabout is fair play from Adam Lucas! Taking out the leg of Marr, giving him a taste of his own medicine! Adam now takes Charlie’s back, looking for a german suplex! Charlie’s fighting him off with elbows to the skull of Adam Lucas, who now stumbles backward, stunned by the force of Marr’s thrashing elbows. Marr now with a stiff forearm to the face, now shoots a kick one more! Adam Lucas saw that one coming, he catches the kick, and attempts to turn it into a spinebuster! NO! Charlie with a knee lift to the jaw of Adam Lucas, forcing him to drop Marr back to the canvas!

Stew-O: Marr now stomps out the side of Lucas’ knee, putting him onto one knee! Marr flies off the ropes, here goes Charlie! A RUNNING ARM DRAG SENDS ADAM LUCAS TUMBLING THROUGH THE ROPES! Tumbling out to the floor! Charlie Marr smiles big, and starts jawing off to the hurt Lucas! Basking in his glory is Charlie Marr! ‘The Conscience of EAW’ now follows Lucas to the outside, delivering two punches to the skull of Adam Lucas. Pushing Lucas against the apron, laughing at him. Charlie Marr’s feeling himself tonight! A back elbow to Charlie from Adam! A nice counter from Adam Lucas, who’s apparently trying to remove the front teeth of Charlie! Adam Lucas now WITH A DISCUS PUNCH! THAT SPINNING PUNCH LOOKS LIKE IT SENT CHARLIE BACK TO THE DAYS WHEN HE HAD HAIR! WOW!

Flannery McCoy: Look at Adam Lucas, he’s on the apron now, sizing Charlie Marr up for something nasty! ADAM LUCAS, HERE HE GOES! HE LAUNCHES HIMSELF WITH A FLYING FOREARM OFF THE APRON- NO! CHARLIE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, AND FLIES BACK TOWARDS ADAM LUCAS WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! REALIGNING THE JAW OF ADAM LUCAS! CHARLIE MARR HAD THAT ONE SCOUTED, AND HE TOOK ADVANTAGE WITH HIS OWN ATTACK! Adam Lucas is facedown on the floor, and Charlie Marr is looking at him how a lion looks at a gazelle! Marr grabbing Lucas by his hair, dragging his body back to the apron, rolling him into the ring. Charlie now on the apron himself, wait, he’s looking for that signature slingshot elbow! CHARLIE SPRINGBOARDS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE, AND NAILS AN EL-NO! NO WATER IN THE POOL! Adam Lucas potentially playing possum, and letting Charlie Marr east the canvas! Marr clenching his arm after that rough crash down to the mat, ADAM LUCAS IS LOOKING FOR A SUBMISSION! A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! HE’S TRYING TO LOCK IN THE DEADLY SUBMISSION! Charlie Marr desperately lunges for the bottom rope, and gets there! Adam Lucas grabs the legs of Marr, and throws him into the air- Charlie was able to land on his feet with the help of the middle rope! 


Jake Mercer: Charlie’s gasping for air, but he doesn’t know what to do! OUCH! A HUGE ELBOW FROM CHARLIE TO THE MIDSECTION OF ADAM LUCAS, THAT FORCES HIM TO RELEASE THE SLEEPER HOLD! Adam Lucas looks for a kick to the midsection of Charlie now, but Marr catches his kick this time! ADAM LUCAS TURNS IT INTO A STEP UP ENZEGUIRI! WHICH MARR DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY OF, MARR TELEGRAPHED IT THIS TIME! Picking Adam Lucas up, MARR DRIVES HIM DOWN WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! WOW! What force from Charlie! Who wastes absolutely no time, shoving Lucas into the turnbuckles, where he falls to the canvas. 


Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO-

Stew-O: KICKOUT! Kickout from Adam Lucas, surviving that undeniably filthy knee from Charlie! He may have powered out of that one, but Charlie’s still got more in the tank, Adam Lucas is in deep trouble right now! Charlie now heads to the apron again, he’s gonna go for the elbow drop one more time! CHARLIE OVER THE TOP ROPE, HE HITS IT THIS TIME! AN ELBOW DROPPED ONTO THE CHEST OF ADAM LUCAS! What athleticism from Marr! Who now picks Adam Lucas up again, he’s not giving Lucas any room to rest! Charlie now dragging Adam to the corner, and getting to the second turnbuckle, what the hell does he have in mind now?!? Dragging Lucas to the first turnbuckle, AND CHARLIE CLIMBS UP TO THE THIRD, THE TOP ROPE! WHAT THE HELL, WAIT, HE’S GOT ADAM LUCAS IN POSITION FOR A POWERBOMB! A POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP ROPE, THIS WILL SURELY BE ALL SHE WROTE IF CHARLIE CAN EXECUTE IT! HERE HE GOES, HE GETS HIM UP! NO! ADAM LUCAS WITH PUNCHES TO THE HEAD, AND HE USES THE TOP ROPE TO GET OVER ONTO THE APRON! 


Flannery McCoy: Adam Lucas can barely move, but he’s the first to his feet, dragging Charlie by his arm, trying to do anything he can to get him into the ring. Charlie Marr looks as if someone’s brought him to the brink of death, and kept him alive by the skin of his teeth. He’s lying lifelessly on the canvas, as Adam Lucas is calling for him to get back up, he wants to finish this one right here, right now! Adam Lucas becoming frustrated, now picking Charlie up by the wrist, LOOKING FOR A VARIATION OF THE POP-UP POWERBOMB! HE PULLS CHARLIE IN- BUT CHARLIE PUSHES HIMSELF OFF, HE’S ALIVE! HE’S ALIVE AND STILL IN THIS MATCH! CHARLIE WITH A BOOT TO THE CHEST OF ADAM LUCAS AND FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A HEADBUTT TO THE NOSE OF ADAM! CHARLIE WITH A LETHAL HEADBUTT AS HE TRIES TO FIGHT BACK INTO THIS BOUT!



Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEEE!!





Referee: ONEEE!!… TWOOO!!… THREEEE!!







Stew-O: An unbelievable win for Adam Lucas here tonight! He fought through so much punishment from an overly-tough Charlie Marr, and came out on top. What a run he’s been on in his short time in this company, Andre Walker, Chris Elite, Charlie Marr, there’s nothing Adam Lucas can’t do!

Flannery McCoy: He’s more than lived up to the nickname thus far! What a match between these two warriors, no foul play from Marr, he gave it his all and put up one of the best fights of the night, if not the best. What a performance from both guys. 

Jake Mercer: One man is taking home the win though, Adam Lucas will leave Dynasty with a huge win on his belt! The opportunities are going to be rolling his way very soon! 

Flannery Mccoy: No doubt about it. He is everything he says he is, and more. Pulling out an impossible win at the very last second. Adam Lucas is one to watch, ladies and gentlemen. 

(Adam Lucas has his hand raised by the referee, shouting in joy. Charlie Marr sits against the barricade, hands on his head, a blank expression on his face.)

Stew-O: After this result, you have to wonder, what’s next for both Charlie Marr, and Adam Lucas??!?!? 

Flannery McCoy: A question that will surely be answered on our next episode of Friday night Dynasty! Thank you all for sticking with us, we’ll return with more action shortly!

(Dynasty fades to commercial break as Adam Lucas standing on the ropes celebrating is shown, then fades to black.)

(A commercial for Urban Dictionary is shown featuring Xander Payne, gotta get that knowledge in about saying big words to make you seem smarter)

(Dynasty’s broadcast opens to ringside where “Surfin’ [ft. Pharell Williams]” by Kid Cudi has begun to play, the virtual audience in the arena responding positively to welcome the Universal Women’s Champion to the World 1 Theatre. She steps out onto the stage with the UWC belt positioned on her shoulder, lowering her sunglasses so she may look around at the virtual audience in attendance before beginning her descent down the ramp and to the ring.)

Flannery McCoy: And here she is! The Universal Women’s Champion, Serena Bennett, is on her way to ringside here tonight where she has a couple of things she has to address after accepting Eris LeCava’s challenge for the title at King of Elite next week!

Stew-O: Yes, she accepted the challenge–but not without getting some payback on Eris for the assault SHE initiated here in front of our virtual audience a couple of weeks ago. While we suspected things between Eris and Serena wouldn’t go so smoothly, the situation between the two has certainly taken a very broad turn since Road to Redemption.

Jake Mercer: That’s putting it lightly, Stew. Like, REAL lightly. Eris LeCava has proven herself to be a threat to Serena’s title reign as well as her livelihood, in more ways than one!

Stew-O: And since that is the case, you’d think if you were Serena, you’d want to be a little more cautious about accepting a challenge like this one on such short notice.

Flannery McCoy: I disagree, Stew. Serena is never one to back away from a fight, that much is true. And based on what we know about her interactions thus far with Eris, Serena is itching for a chance to attempt to correct Eris’ actions and validate herself as the undisputed Universal Women’s Champion, once and for all. And hopefully, make it clear exactly how she feels about Eris!

(Serena stands at the center of the ring, the Universal Women’s Championship glistening under the lights surrounding the arena as “Surfin’” slowly fades out. She focuses her attention on the hard camera that gives us a medium shot of Serena as she lifts her microphone up to her lips, pushing her sunglasses above her head in the same motion.)

Serena Bennett: Y’know sumn? It’s been a REAL long time since I came out here to address this audience on my own. Without no interruptions, without no bullshit, without no psychotic fangirl on my ass and to be totally honest with you, I’m surprised that bitch ain’t out here right now to start some shit ‘cause she think she big and bad all of a sudden. Wanna challenge me for this title, has the audacity to insist that she has any chance in hell at dethroning lil’ ol’ me. Goofy ass bitch. But I gotta say, despite everything going on and my sour ass mood, it feels great to stand out here in front of y’all so I can get a lil’ candid for a min, give you some much-needed insight on what the fuck has been goin’ on inside this World Championship brain for a couple of minutes. But I also wanna make this quick, cut right to the chase, and prepare to focus all my energy onto making sure I’m ready to beat the everliving fuck out of Eris LeCava, ‘cause that bitch make me sick to my stomach and I wanna make sure she feels every bit of my frustration once I put it all out there for her to see in that ring. If I’m being one-hundred-and-ten percent honest with y’all, I been thinking a lot about Eris’ interview last week. Nevermind the obsessiveness of this weird-ass bitch, nevermind her bullshit claims regarding toppling me to regain the position at the top of this women’s division as if she knows the first fucking thing about the level of competition I been dealing with since my arrival on the scene. That alone should be enough to tell washed up bitches like Eris that I’m the real deal, that I belong right here and I have no plans of giving my spot up that easily, fam. 

(The virtual audience gives Serena a small encouraging pop.)

Serena Bennett: What bothers me the most about her entire bullshit perspective is her adaptation of the very same dumbass argument I been hearing from every hating ass motherfucker in this business: that I don’t belong here. That I’m not doing any good for the business. That for some reason, she thinks she’s better suited to be the face of EAW’s women’s division, like, hello, bitch, you been missing for like, five years. Fuck outta here. You don’t know the FIRST thing about maintaining the standard I set impossibly high for this division so I’m amazed you wanna try at all. Regardless of whatever the fuck psych babble that’s comin’ out of your mouth, regardless of your hot and cold opinion on what I do for this industry, I’m damn proud of my Universal Women’s Title reign and shit, you should be, too. Thought you was at first? Now all of a sudden, you think it’s your dique destiny to dethrone ME. For some off-centered, mediocre bitch with a worthless Vixen’s title reign from last decade wants to step to me and claim that I’m ANYTHING like bums like Claudia Michaels? That I don’t deserve to hold this spot? That somehow, I’m doing something wrong to this division as if I haven’t legitimately rebuilt this whole shit from the ground up, pulled it right out the depths of hell and kept it in a chokehold for the longest, mostly out of selfishness, but also to nourish this entire division and make it something worthwhile. Like, c’mon, that’s what drew you straight to me, Eris, is it not? Don’t act brand new, now’s not the time to switch it up. You know damn well the kind of woman I am, Eris, you know exactly how fucking untouchable I am in this goddamn business. You know what I represent, what I stand for. You said it your damn self countless times before. I could go on forever about what this championship means to me. To my family. To Black culture. To professional wrestling. But this is shit I know you know, Eris, you know what it took for me to get to this point. You know my story almost as good as I do. You know who I’ve had to go through. What I’ve had to endure. You know damn well I’m going to keep this title right where it belongs by any means necessary, so what the fuck makes you think YOU gon’ be the one to stop me? Out of all people? You don’t stand a goddamn chance of ever tearing this title out my hands ‘cause I worked FAR too hard to let some part-time, useless bitch like you take it away from me, that’s on everything.

(Serena begins to pace back and forth in the ring, still focusing her attention directly on the hard camera.)

Serena Bennett: Nah, sis, you hardly phase me at all. This shit about to be a walk in the park. But you been a thorn in my side for WAY too fuckin’ long and it’s about time I get your reckless ass under control. You unhinged, in more ways than one, enough to cost me two back-to-back matches already. Guess you can say you finally made up for helping me keep this title after Road to Redemption, but this ain’t even stevens and I’m still lookin’ for payback, sis. And because this shit been going on for way too long, and because I would like to have a fair bit of fun at this next Free-Per-View, I’m gonna make it my fucking business to make sure I can keep your ass under control by the end of King of Elite, and I got the perfect thing to do it. It’d be way too easy otherwise. I’m not tryna leave no loose ends after this match, Eris. I’m doing what I have to do to keep you contained, eliminate the threat you pose to my sanity ‘cause god only knows how much you negatively affected your own, and to keep your ass in a position where you’ll remain entirely under my control. At King of Elite, my next successful title defense is going to take shape in the form of a straight-jacket match. Tell me, puddin’, how’s that sound to you?

(The virtual audience in attendance responds positively to the stipulation announced by Serena.)

Serena Bennett: Familiar, I bet. You should feel right at home with this one. It won’t be enough to just beat the hell out of you, Eris. You wanna act like some motherfuckin’ crazed lunatic all day long, then fine. We can do that for you, ain’t no problem. I’ma make sure that this entire world sees YOU for who YOU are. All while continuing to assert my dominance in this division. 

(“Surfin’” picks back up as Serena drops her microphone with a loud pop and turns to swiftly exit the ring. As she walks up the ramp, she hoists her Universal Women’s Championship up in the air and holds her head high, a determined expression reading plainly on her face. As she walks, the commentary team provides their closing statements.)

Jake Mercer: A very…interesting proposition from the UWC tonight. Eris LeCava versus Serena Bennett for the Universal Women’s Championship in a straight-jacket match! A first in EAW history, I believe!

Stew-O: As bizarre of a stipulation as it may be, I think it sends a very clear message from Serena regarding how she views Eris: no more than a deranged, uncontrollable, and harmful mental health case that needs to be reigned in sooner rather than later. I can only imagine what a match like this would do to the psyche of Eris heading into King of Elite.

Flannery McCoy: Not to rustle any feathers, but Serena has every right to feel that way about Eris after the past few weeks! I, personally, am looking forward to what is sure to be a unique matchup that will test the limitations of both contenders in a way we haven’t seen in an EAW ring before! :wow:

(The last shot before cutting to commercial is of Serena Bennett standing tall at the top of the ramp, the Universal Women’s Title still held high above her head as a sight smile grows across her face.)

(A commercial advising people of COVID-19 regulations starring Ronan Malosi barely saving his job after showing up at a New Years Eve party last month and nearly contracting the virus)

(Camera pans back to the World 1 Theater with Stephie Love standing in the ring as she prepares to announce the next match)

Stephie Love: The Following Non-Title Contest Is Set FOR ONE FALL!!!! 

(“M3tamorphosis” By Playboi Carti Featuring Kid Cudi begins to blast through the speakers as the lighting in the theater turns to a bright light that blinds everyone at ringside and the audience as Impact steps out with his eyes closed and walks down the ramp ignoring the audience)


(Impact continues to casually stroll with his eyes closed to the ring)

Another Audience Member: MY EYES!!!

(Impact continues to casually make his walk to the steps and makes his way to the ring as “M3tamorphosis” fades out as the bright lights slowly die down as Imp just stands in the ring and soaks in the chorus of boos from the audience)

(Stephie Love stands there as she now tries to announce)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, From Seattle, Washington! Weighing in at 221 Pounds!! “The Most Watched Champion in History” IMPAAAACCCCCCTTTTTTTTTTTT….!!!

Stew-O: That entrance has to be illegal somewhere…

(Camera pans to Jake Mercer with shades on his face and a million-dollar smile)

Jake Mercer: Gotta be more prepared pleighboi.

Flannery McCoy: No matter how many times Impact comes out here, despite if these people want to spit on him or lynch him.

Jake Mercer: What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get us off the air? It’s Black History Month don’t be speaking that shit.

(Flannery looks at Jake with such malice that Jake turns his head back to the ring)

(“Apple Seed” By Hiroyuki Sawano begins to blast throughout the speakers as the Pure King, Limmy Monaghan begins to come out donning an all-black attire with red rips in the jacket and tights and knee pad design, and of course the Pure Championship proudly strapped around his waist)

Stephie Love: Introducing the opponent, Currently Residing in Beverly Hills, California! Representing Insurgency  He is the Current E! A! W! PUUURRRREEEEEEEEEEE WRESTLING CHAMPION…!!!! The “PURE KING” LIMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MONAAAAGHANNNNNNNN…!!!!

Stew-O: The Pure King who will be busy at King of Elite! SIX Man Tag Team action but tonight he’s going to look to prove why he’s just as good solo.

Jake Mercer: Well Duh, That’s why he has that shiny gold title. That’s all the proof he needs, he doesn’t need to prove a single damn thing. Right Flanny?

Flannery McCoy: I’m not above punching you in the face, Jake.

Jake Mercer: Glad we are in agreeance.


Stew-O: There’s the signal for the match as the two competitors sizing each other up before they collide for the collar and elbow tie-up! Strong lock up between these two competitors who will both have their hands full at King of Elite! Limmy taking control with a side headlock on the dominant side as he squeezes and Impact drops to a knee! Limmy quickly working over Impact! Impact though manages to spin out of the side control headlock! He grabs the arm as an aid to spin out of it! Impact twisting the army of Limmy! Before Impact can complete the spin, Limmy using his free arm to push Impact away! Impact turns quickly as Limmy runs at him for a clothesline! Impact quickly ducking the incoming clothesline! As Limmy now turns and is met with a LOUD OPEN HANDED CHOP TO THE CHEST BY IMPACT! Impact hooking Limmy by his head before popping his jaw up with an aggressive European uppercut! Limmy shook up a bit! As Impact follows up with a forearm smash to the face of Limmy! Limmy quickly responds burying his knee into the mid-section of Impact! Impact backing up after the shot to the solar plexus! Backing up close to the ropes as Limmy walks over to him! Limmy trying for the Irish-whip. Impact hooking his arm on the ropes to stop the whip into the ropes! Limmy still pulling! Limmy pulling Imp BUT IMP RUNS INTO LIMMY WITH A FOREARM SMASH TO HIS FACE! 

Jake Mercer: Limmy immediately drops to the canvas after the forearm! He’s holding his jaw before Impact drops down and applies a rear chin lock with his knee into the spine of Limmy! Limmy being tortured right here by the former World’s Champion! Impact constantly rearing back to keep the pressure going. Letting Limmy get a bit of breathing room and then quickly reapplies the pressure and is what leads to most men passing out due to these submission holds! Impact, being technically sound as he knows that and has it down to a science as he continues torturing Limmy! Limmy though trying to pray the hands of Impact from his chin! The spine has been compressed with the knee into the spine! Impact quickly grabbing both arms of Limmy as Limmy was trying to get out of this predicament! Impact pulling both the arms of Limmy backward with his knee still in the back! Torturing the Pure Champion! Impact isn’t one to deny showcasing how technically sound he is and he’s showcasing it against the Pure King! Impact’s facial expression begins to change though as Limmy begins to twist! And manages to twist to his side just enough to get up to a vertical base! Impact trying to turn him back over but Limmy rising up! Impact still has both arms behind Limmy but he lost the advantage of the knee! LIMMY FREE’S ONE OF HIS ARMS! AND SENDS A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND TO THE FACE OF IMPACT!! THE REFEREE QUICKLY WARNING LIMMY ABOUT THE STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND! 

Flannery McCoy: Impact makes his way to Limmy who was smirking at him! Impact with a boot to the mid-section of Limmy! And clubbing blows to the spine of the Pure Champion as this match is quickly turning physical! Impact dragging Limmy to the center of the ring! Front facelock applied! Impact begins to lift Limmy for a snap suplex! Limmy using his inside leg to block! And he pushes Impact off! BEFORE QUICKLY PLANTING HIM WITH A SLING BLADE! Impact up quickly again! AS LIMMY RUNS AND CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER SLINGBLADE DROPPING IMPACT DOWN TO THE CANVAS! Impact stirring up to his feet as Limmy runs at him! IMPACT SIDE STEPS LIMMY AND SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Limmy catches himself on the ring apron! IMPACT RUNS!!! SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES!!! FOR THE DROPKICK INTO LIMMY KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON AND CRASHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!! Limmy landing hard on the outside! The audience clearly hates both of these men so they want both of them to destroy each other! 

Jake Mercer: These bloodthirsty idiots in New Jersey are mad because they are witnessing two champions battle and the last time this city had a champion that mattered his name was Kawajai. Impact quickly making his way outside of the ring as he grabs Limmy up! Front facelock applied on the outside! AND IMPACT DELIVERS A SNAP SUPLEX PLANTING THE PURE CHAMPION ONTO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Impact smirking with the smeared blood of his own on his face! He’s on top here in this match! Impact pulling the hurt Limmy up! BEFORE DELIVERING AN OPEN HANDED CHOP! And then sends Limmy into the ring! Impact rolling in the ring as they break the referee’s count! Impact walks over to Limmy, smirking but ignoring this audience that is loudly jeering at him! Impact grabbing Limmy by the hair! Placing him between his legs as he looks to go for a Powerbomb. RAISES LIMMY UP!  LIMMY WITH STRIKES TO THE TOP OF IMPACT’S HEAD AND A SHOT TO THE NOSE AS IMPACT DROPS HIM! Limmy. HOOKS IMPACT QUICKLY! DECODE!!! 

Stew-O: But not today as Impact manages to slip out and retreat out of the ring once more! Impact holding his hands up as he circles around the ring, leaving the PURE Champion absolutely frustrated in response. But I don’t think Impact is going to stall for long as he slides into the ring, Limmy going for a kick right to his head in an attempt to get back into the game! But Impact rolls forward and ends up behind Limmy as he turns him around, AS IMPACT POPS HIM UP AND DROPS HIM DOWN INTO A POWERBOMB! I don’t think Impact is down though as he lifts him up, AND DROPS HIM DOWN INTO ANOTHER POWERBOMB! Limmy is down on the mat as Impact transitions into a pin attempt!


Flannery McCoy: But it’s Limmy that gets the shoulder up! Impact shoves Limmy away as he’s back up to his feet, waiting for Limmy to do the same as he runs to the ropes and back and goes for a Clothesline! But Limmy ducking under as he waits for Impact to turn, AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A NECKBREAKER! Impact grabbing the back of his head as he runs towards the ropes and back, LIMMY GOING FOR A PENALTY KICK! But it’s Impact that grabs the leg and manages to pull himself up, as he drops the leg quickly and slams a knee into the head of Limmy! Limmy stumbling backwards as he grabs onto the ropes but quickly rebounds and goes for a Clothesline! BUT IMPACT CATCHES HIM WITH MILLENNIAL INCARCERATION!

Jake Mercer: Cobra Clutch is locked in as Limmy is attempting to grab onto the ropes but Impact is slowly moving himself back to the center of the ring! Impact has him right where he wants him as if he can keep this hold locked in long enough he might just be able to get the victory over the PURE Champion! Limmy is trying his best to escape out but his movement is beginning to slow, I think we might be seeing the end of this match here! WAIT! Limmy managing to stumble backwards as Impact is forced back! Limmy manages to fall down and bring Impact with him with all his might as he grabs the ropes! Rope break forced!

Stew-O: Impact shoving Limmy down to the ground as he does not look like the happiest person because of it but he’s right back up! Impact running to the ropes as he looks to follow up, AS HE LEAPS UP OFF OF THE ROPES AND GOES FOR FLIGHT SIGHTS! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT INCOMING! But Limmy gets the knees up! Impact shoots up and grabs his gut in pain as Limmy stumbles up to his feet and turns towards Impact, AS LIMMY RUNS BEHIND HIM AND GOES FOR PUBLIC BEHEADING! BICYCLE KICK TO THE BACK OF IMPACT’S HEAD!

Flannery McCoy: But Impact manages to drop down as he sees it coming and grabs the leg of Limmy as he takes him down to the ground! Impact running to the ropes and back now as Limmy stumbles up, AS IMPACT CONNECTS WITH A SHARP ELBOW TO HIS FACE TO SEND HIM DOWN TO A KNEE! Limmy is stunned as Impact grabs ahold of him and sets him up, GOING FOR THE ABSOLUTION! MICHINOKU DRIVER! But Limmy manages to slip out! Impact not willing to give up as he turns around and runs forward, HE’S GOING FOR EVISCERATION! DOUBLE KNEE FACEBUSTER! But Limmy with abnormal strength manages to keep Impact up as he drops him back down to the ground! Impact is in complete shock as Limmy turns his attention back to him!




(“Apple Seed” picks up once again as Limmy Monaghan has a devilish grin on his face as he snatches his championship from the referee and demands his hand is raised)


Stew-O: And just like that! Limmy Monaghan puts this match completely to bed! My lord! Decode was the end of this match just like that and Impact had majority control!

Jake Mercer: Limmy accomplishing another one of those personal goals beating a Hall of Famer! You know that’s not in the back of the mind of the Pure King!

Flannery: Great match and now Impact turns to King of Elite where he will meet the Visual Prophet

(Limmy walks up the ramp with his championship talking trash to the camera before pushing it out of his face and leaving the arena as “Apple Seed” fades out)

(Impact is seen picking himself up off the canvas as this audience continues to jeer at Impact. Impact though… shows no emotion to the audience, completely closing his eyes)

(Before the excitement level begins to rise, causing Impact to quickly open his eyes with a look of confusion as this crowd begins to cheer and scream at the top of their lungs in the excitement that sounds like we were in a stadium)


Flannery McCoy: IT’S VIZZYYYY!!!


(Visual Prophet stands taunting over Impact as he lays completely unconscious on the mat as “Don Life” by Big Sean picks up and Visual Prophet just looks down at Impact and continues to talk before exiting the ring before the camera pans elsewhere)

(A commercial for couples’ therapy is shown featuring Myles and Terry Chambers where they talk about being bullied every show on commercials with one another)

(The camera fades into Stephie Love standing in the middle of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Value” by A$AP Ferg plays to a mixed reaction as none other than the Chairman himself, Mr. DEDEDE makes his way out to the stage through billowing smoke. He looks around at the crowd, scanning it with a ominous glare before focusing on the ring as he makes his way down the ramp)

Stephie Love: Introducing first… residing in The Ryan Adams estate of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic… weighing in at 218 pounds… THE GAWD… MR. DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well last week was a very interesting time as it led to Mr. DEDEDE challenging for the New Breed Title, a sentence I’d never thought I’d hear in my lifetime, but he is Gawd what do you expect. Nonetheless Andre Walker issued the challenge, he came out, and from there he accepted it, but contingent on putting the title on the line to make sure that he takes everything away from him in the process.

Flannery McCoy: He said it earlier in the night and I quote “It’s about time somebody stepped in to let this new generation of Elitists know exactly what happens when you talk down to your superiors.” and I think he has a point there. He’s looking to make a statement and what better to do so then to win a title that presumably was out of his league. We’ll see for sure.

Jake Mercer: But he’s gotta focus on this match and I’ll be honest, this match is hard to tell. Do you see Mr. DEDEDE’s long luscious hair?!?! That in itself gives him a boost that makes this hard to compare. Jesus, the Mercer Ratings are going to be off the charts after this one.

(DEDEDE slides into the ring as he stays there for a moment scanning the crowd again before getting up to his feet, turning himself around and climbing up to the top rope. Having a serious expression on his face he jumped off and made his way over to his corner to get ready for his match as from there “Value” faded out. “Stop Breathing” by Playboi Carti then played up to very loud boos as Jake Smith made his way out to the stage. Confident as always he had a smirk on his face as he looked around and stopped at the center of the stage. Raising his arms up in the air he pointed towards the ring as he made his way towards it)

Stephie Love: And his opponent… residing in Atlantic City, New Jersey… weighing in at 210 pounds… THE GODSEND… JAKE SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Well as for Jake the last time we saw him was on Sunday Night Voltage where he and Consuela Rose Ava managed to beat the team of Drake King and TLA after Drake left TLA high and dry and left Jake and Consuela to pick up the pieces. But after the match a brawl ensued between the triple threat members in the King of Elite match, which in the end, led to Jake coming out on top. 

Flannery McCoy: Jake is riding a wave of momentum heading into King of Elite and we all know damn well that he wants to keep that going, and winning this match will do so in a thunderous way. Of course, it’s not going to be as easy as he anticipated, but I don’t think he really cares. Will that cost him? Who knows.

Jake Mercer: My name twin :blessed:. He has arrived with his luscious hair sponsored by L’Oreal and his drip is real! He bout to represent Dynasty for real and get that win at King of Elite, even if he isn’t in the finals he’s going to make his impact known. He’s beat people with long hair and looks like girls before, especially in the national beauty pageant where he completely cleaned house! That’s what I’m talking about.

(Jake jumps up onto the apron as he raises a finger in the air before entering into the ring. He stands at the center as he poses, spreading his arms out as he circles around the ring before meeting his corner. Leaning against it and getting ready as ‘Stop Breathing’ faded out and the ref went to signal for the bell)


Stew-O: Here we go as this highly anticipated match is underway! Both Jake and DEDEDE are circling around the ring as both of them are taking the necessary precautions to begin this match! Both of them engaging in a collar-and-elbow as DEDEDE manages to push Jake up against the ropes! Jake holding up his hands as the Ref is coming in to split the two of them up, but Jake slapping DEDEDE across the side of his face as he moves back! What a sign of disrespect by the Insurgency leader! 

Flannery McCoy: :damn: And I don’t think the Chairman is happy as he grabs him by the arms and sends him towards the ropes, AND CONNECTS WITH A SPINNING BACK FIST TO THE HEAD OF JAKE WHICH SENDS HIM DOWN TO ALL FOURS! DEDEDE isn’t done as he focuses back in on Jake, and sends a kick to his gut to force him flat onto the canvas! 

Jake Mercer: Jake having a hard time keeping up as he’s crawling over and grabbing onto the bottom turnbuckle, using it for stability as he sits in a corner! BUT DEDEDE ISN’T WAITING AS HE RUNS TOWARDS HIM AND SENDS A KNEE DRIVING TOWARDS HIS SKULL! But it’s Jake that uses the ropes to pull away and retreat just barely as he’s right out of the ring! I can’t blame him, being in the ring with a EAW Hall of Famer and hell the Chairman for god sake has got to take its toll on a person during a match. 

Stew-O: The pressure is on but if I was Jake I’d be looking for any sort of way to take advantage of this as he rolls back into the ring through the opposite side and is back up as he makes his way towards DEDEDE! BUT DEDEDE ALREADY RUNNING FORWARD AS HE GOES FOR A BIG BOOT! But Jake ducks under it! DEDEDE turning around as nobody’s home for the boot to connect, AS JAKE CATCHES HIM ON HIS JAW WITH A SUPERKICK WHICH SENDS HIM DOWN TO A KNEE! But Jake isn’t done as he steps back, AND CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK TO MAKE SURE HE FALLS DOWN TO THE GROUND!

Flannery McCoy: DEDEDE is sprawled out but not for long as Jake grabs him by the arm and brings him up to his feet, AS HE PULLS HIM IN AND DROPS HIM BACK DOWN WITH A NECKBREAKER! Jake is taking a much more calculated approach into this match as it’s clear he has to step up his game and not be so abrupt with everything he does! DEDEDE beginning to sit up as Jake makes his way towards him, AND LEAPS UP INTO THE AIR LOOKING TO DROP HIS KNEE DOWN ONTO HIS HEAD!

Jake Mercer: But DEDEDE rolls out of the way and that has to hurt as Jake’s knee slams against the canvas! Jake grabbing his leg for a moment but pulls himself up as he focuses back in on DEDEDE, BUT DEDEDE LEAPS UP INTO THE AIR AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A JUMPING SHOULDER BLOCK! Jake sits up but has enough adrenaline to get back up to his feet again, AS HE’S MET WITH ANOTHER JUMPING SHOULDER BLOCK TO TAKE HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND! 

Stew-O: Jake clearly did not expect this as he grabs onto the ropes to help himself up, but DEDEDE is already waiting for him! AS HE GOES FOR THE IMPALER! LIFTING IMPALER DDT IN THE WORKS!




Stew-O: It takes one to know one. Jake slamming the mat as he thought that smart evasion would be it as he’s right back up, but it’s not long after that DEDEDE follows him as well! The durability of Gawd will continue to be an amazing aspect of Mr. DEDEDE as he brings himself up to a knee, Jake can’t believe his eyes but he’s grabbing DEDEDE by the hair and dragging him to a corner! As he begins to unload multiple punches towards the gut of DEDEDE to weaken him even more to possibly follow up with something, but DEDEDE manages to shove away! Jake stumbling backwards but he focuses his attention back on him as he runs forward!




Stew-O: DEDEDE caring less than Jake did when he kicked out as he’s grabbing Jake and bringing him up along with him, DEDEDE sees this as an opportunity to make sure that Jake stays down for good as he throws him into an Irish whip towards the ropes! DEDEDE IS GOING FOR A SPEAR! IF HE CONNECTS WITH THIS JAKE IS DONE!

Flannery McCoy: WAIT! JAKE CATCHES HIM WITH A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER AND DROPS HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND! Jake just barely avoiding the finishing move with all the might left in his body as both of them collapse down to the ground! Jake slowly beginning to crawl but DEDEDE is doing the same as despite all of that he’s still managing to keep it going as even Jake is in shock! Jake is back up to his feet as DEDEDE is back up as well, DEDEDE GIVING IT ANOTHER TRY AS HE RUNS TOWARDS HIM AND ONCE AGAIN GOES FOR THE SPEAR! 




(‘Stop Breathing’ plays up to shock but even then the boos still are heard throughout the arena as Jake Smith gets up onto a knee. If words could describe his emotions right now, he’d be the happiest man alive as he gets back up to his feet. With a confident look on his face he struts around the ring with a smirk on his face before dropping down to a knee. DEDEDE still trying to recover is completely confused on what just happened as Jake blows a kiss before dropping down and rolling out of the ring)

Stephie Love: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner… JAKE SMITH!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Oh my god, Jake has just gotten the biggest win of his career! Both of these competitors delivered just as we said they would both not giving in for a moment all to stake a claim, but in the end Jake managed to turn it around in his favor, not letting DEDEDE connect with his signature Spear and in turn taking him down with Broken Wings to secure the victory!

Flannery McCoy: You gotta wonder what that did to his ego, absolutely inflate it even more than it already is. But one things for sure it gives him a big momentum boost heading into King of Elite and hell might even lead him to a victory for the Dynasty brand. And while I do not like this man whatsoever, I am all in for brand supremacy. :salute:

Jake Mercer: I told you he would do it. It’s the power of the Jake’s, the name just gives even more power to the holder and that’s why he beat Gawd, again, I told you.

(Jake leaves the ring and takes a big bow before turning around and making his way to the backstage area as DEDEDE sits up, frustrated as he rubs his temple before leaving the ring as well as from there Dynasty fades out to commercial break)

(A commercial for Blockbuster including hits like “The Revengers” starring The Realm, in case you didn’t know, it does not rip off The Avengers)

(“It Follows” by Cane Hill hits, as Xander Payne steps out onto the stage to a huge reaction from the virtual crowd. Xander looks determined tonight as he walks down the ramp and towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is your main event match of the evening.. And it is set for one fall!! Making his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!! Weighing in at 263lbs.. PAYNEKILLER!!! XANDER PAYNE!!!!

Stew-O: Just one week away from the biggest match of his career. Xander Payne’s record in 2021 hasn’t seen a single blemish as he has remained undefeated up to this point.

Flannery McCoy: His opponent for tonight is definitely a threat to that streak, but we all know that Xander Payne wants to continue this run and build even more momentum heading into his King of Elite finals match.

(“GATTI” by JACKBOYS and Pop Smoke hits, as Andre Walker steps out onto the stage with the EAW New Breed Championship wrapped around his waist. The fans cheer loudly for Andre Walker as he makes his way down to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And his opponent!! From Brooklyn, New York.. Weighing in at 185lbs.. He is your EAW NEW BREED CHAMPION!!! THE NOTORIOUS!!! ANDRE WALKER!!

Stew-O: The New Breed Champion also has one of the biggest matches of his career as he defends the New Breed Championship against one of the most decorated and accomplished Hall of Famer and former multi-time world champion, Mr. DEDEDE. You heard that right. Andre Walker is defending his title in what could be the most difficult title defense that any New breed Champion has ever had to go through. This match with Payne, someone who’s been on quite the hot streak should be a great test for Andre tonight.


Stew-O: There’s the bell and this match between the reigning New Breed Champion and one of the 2021 King of Elite Finalists is underway! Xander Payne and Andre Walker are both circling around in the center of the ring. Both of these men have so much on the line next week at King of Elite and they are definitely dialed in. Payne hasn’t lost a single match so far in the year 2021, and he’s the first to strike in this match with a kick to the thigh of Andre Walker!! Andre gabs at his thigh in pain, and immediately gets taken down to the canvas of the ring by a brutal headbutt by Xander Payne!! Xander Payne now reaches down and grabs Andre Walker as he brings the New Breed Champion up to his feet. Xander Payne now grabs Andre by the arm and whips him over to the ropes! Walker bounces back, but slides in between and underneath the legs of Xander Payne who was just setting up for a back body drop!! Payne stands straight up with Andre Walker behind him… AND WALKER WITH A SNAP KICK TO THE SPINE OF PAYNE! Xander Payne screams in pain after that shot by Andre Walker, and now it’s the New Breed Champion that follows up with two kicks to the calves that drop Xander Payne down to his knees!! Walker drop steps… THEN CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE FACE OF XANDER PAYNE WHO WAS JUST DOWN ON HIS KNEES!

Flannery McCoy: Wait a second Stew! It looks like Xander Payne blocked the kick to the face with his arms, and he’s got a hold of Andre’s leg!! Xander stands up to his feet with Andre’s right leg! He then elevates the leg, as Walker begins hopping back on his left foot! ANDRE WALKER WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!! NO! Xander Payne ducks his head underneath the leg as Andre falls flat on his stomach. Walker pops back up to his feet though and turns towards Xander.. DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN BY XANDER PAYNE!! The Paynekiller now grabs the wrist of Andre Walker then transitions himself behind the New Breed Champion! What’s this.. He’s got it locked in! THE GROUNDED TOP WRIST LOCK!! Andre Walker is in tremendous pain as his eyes light up! The New Breed Champion understands that he needs to get out of this submission hold soon and so he’s reaching his free arm out towards the ropes!! He’s desperately trying to get this rope break, but Xander Payne isn’t letting Walker get his hands anywhere near the ropes, as he begins taking steps back to pull Andre Walker further away from them.

Stew-O: ANDRE WALKER WITH A KNEE SLIDE!! Xander Payne left enough room for Andre to tuck his knee in and slide it through while Payne was taking steps back! Andre now rises to his feet ass Xander Payne still has a hold of his wrists from behind him.. PELE KICK!!! ANDRE WALKER JUST BROKE FREE WITH A PELE KICK TO THE HEAD OF XANDER PAYNE!! Xander stays standing on his feet, but he’s groggy and definitely seeing stars right now!! Walker with a spin kick to the abdomen that bends Payne over… Walker reaches his arms around the body of Xander Payne.. GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB BY THE NEW BREED CHAMPION!! Xander Payne was just slammed into the canvas with tremendous force!!

Jake Mercer: This match has so much action going on that it tops Andre Walker’s match against Spiderman inside the Tokyo Dome.

Stew-O: Wait what? When did he wrestle Spiderman?

Jake Mercer: It was a while back. You can’t find clips of the match or find any record of the event whatsoever because you need to have connections with Marvel like yours truly.

Flannery McCoy: Okay sure…

Stew-O: Anyways, back in the ring. It looks like Andre Walker has decided to take flight in this match, as he’s made his way over to the corner turnbuckles! He’s climbing his way up to the top rope, as Xander Payne is slowly getting up to his hands and knees! Walker is watching Payne closely, as Payne finally rises up and stands… ALL OF THE LIGHTS!! DIVING METEORA!!! NO!!! XANDER PAYNE TURNS TO HIS SIDE AND CATCHES ANDRE ON HIS SHOULDERS IN MID-AIR!! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BY XANDER PAYNE!! Xander Payne has once again taken control of this match after that move right there! He drops down to his knees, as Andre Walker rolls off to the side ropes. Walker now pulls and sets himself up in a seated position in the corner as we can see Xander Payne getting back up to his feet while clutching at his lower back. That gutwrench powerbomb from earlier is definitely affecting Payne right now, but somehow he is managing to shake it off just enough, as he charges in at Andre Walker!! HEAT SEAKER!! RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE BY XANDER PAYNE CONNECTS!! Walker instantly falls off to his side, as Payne works his way out of the corner.

Flannery McCoy: That knee to the face took a lot out of Andre Walker as he looks completely out of it. This has opened up the perfect opportunity for Xander Payne as Payne grabs Andre by the head… RIPTIDE!!! DEADLIFTING TWISTING BRAINBUSTER!! IT CONNECTS AND ANDRE WALKER IS DOWN OFF TO THE SIDE OF THE RING!! Payne remains on top of him as the referee starts the count!!


Stew-O: Kickout by Andre Walker!! Xander Payne thought he had it there, but Andre Walker wasn’t letting this match finish like that. Walker still looks pretty groggy, as Xander Payne stands up and grabs the New Breed Champion, bringing him up to his feet. Headbutt to the chest by Xander Payne forces Andre to stagger back! RUNNING BACK ELBOW BY XANDER PAYNE!!! NO!! Andre Walker ducks underneath the arm as Payne does a complete 360 degree spin! FOREARM TO THE FACE BY WALKER!! ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER!!! Payne takes a few steps back after those forearm shots, but soon after it’s Andre Walker who grabs him by the wrist and irish whips Xander!! Wait!! Xander Counter with a whip of his own as he plants his foot then sends Walker over to the ropes! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT BY ANDRE WALKER ONTO XANDER PAYNE!! Xander Payne is down on the ground as Andre gets back up to his feet. Walker is stalking his opponent as he waits for Xander to rise up. Payne is getting there as he’s up to his hands and knees, then up to his feet!! DARK FANTASY!!! STUNNER BY ANDR- NO!!! Xander Payne shoves Andre Walker from behind!! Andre runs right to the ropes.. AND XANDER PAYNE IS RIGHT THERE TO CLOTHESLINE ANDRE WALKER’S BODY OVER THE TOP ROPE!! He doesn’t fall to ringside though, as the New Breed Champion hangs onto the ropes and manages to land on the ring apron!! Andre is leaned up against the ropes.. Meanwhile, Xander Payne is in the ring! He runs to the far ropes, bounces back.. AND XANDER PAYNE WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK THROUGH THE ROPES ONTO ANDRE STANDING ON THE RING APRON!!

Jake Mercer: Not quite Stew!! Xander Payne missed that dropkick like the referee at Warzone Wrestling missed the tap out in Spiderman’s match against Jordan Michael in the 1980s. He went straight through those ropes and landed hard at ringside after a side step from Andre Walker!

Flannery McCoy: Spiderman again? Jordan Michael? Yeah, okay…

Jake Mercer: Don’t be mad you don’t have connections with Marvel the way that I do. The best and most informed commentators get these types of perks.

Stew-O: If that’s the case, then I’m looking forward to watching some spiderman matches myself, but right now, we have quite the fight between Andre Walker and Xander Payne. Andre drops down from the ring apron and makes his way over to Xander who is down on his hands and knees, clutching at his abdomen in pain. He landed belly first after that missed dropkick through the ropes, so it’s safe to assume that’s why he’s hurting right now. Xander slowly gets up to his knees, as Walker walks towards him.. Punch to the abdomen by Xander Payne who is down on one knee!! Andre Walker responds with a forearm shot to the top of the head! Xander Payne is hurt, but he manages to fight up to his feet. PAYNE WITH A HEADBUTT!! This time it connects onto the head of Andre Walker!! Walker staggers back, but then immediately responds with a kick to the liver!! That kick drops Xander Payne as Payne falls down onto his knees once again!!

Referee: One.. Two… Three.. Four… Five… Six… Seven…

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker slides back into the ring!!

Referee: Eight… Nine…

Jake Mercer: Xander Payne is just now getting back up to his feet! He’s not going to beat the count!!

Referee: TEN!!

Stew-O: NO!! ANDRE WALKER WITH A TOP CON HILO OVER THE REFEREE AND THE ROPES AND DOWN ONTO XANDER PAYNE AT RINGSIDE!!! Both of their bodies are down, and the referee is informing us that Walker reset the count before the ten count!

Flannery McCoy: What amazes me is the athleticism that was put on display by the New Breed Champion, Andre Walker. For him to not only jump over the ropes but the referee as well? That’s insane!! But why would he do such a thing when he knew he could have won the match right then and there!!

Stew-O: Andre Walker isn’t the type of guy who would be okay winning like that. He’s a champion that takes on any challenge, and the challenge set for him today was to defeat Xander Payne in the ring.

Referee: One.. Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…

Stew-O: Xander Payne and Andre Walker have managed to make it back up to their feet. Andre is leaned up against the steel steps as Xander Payne is right in front of us and leaned up against our announce table. Both of these men have been going at it since the second the bell rang, and now we can see the effects as both Andre and Xander are breathing heavily. Walker raises his fists up and calls for Xander to fight, as they charge towards one another!! DISCUSS PALM STRIKE BY XANDER PAYNE!!! SUPERKICK BY ANDRE WALKER!!!! THEY CONNECT AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AND NOW BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!

Referee: Seven… Eight…

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker and Xander Payne are crawling their way up to the ring!! They have their arms on the ring apron!!

Referee: Nine…

Jake Mercer: Xander Payne slides in!!!


Referee: TEN!!!!


(‘It Follows’ by Cane Hill hits, as the crowd boos due to how this match concluded. Xander Payne rises to his feet as the referee raises his hand in the air.)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner.. XANDER PAYNE!!

(The camera shows Xander Payne exiting the ring and headed backstage. It then cuts to Andre Walker frustrated on the outside as he kicks his leg free from this mystery intruder.)

Stew-O: Who is that!?! He just cost Andre this match!!!

(Andre Walker gets down on his knees and lifts up the ring skirt so that he can see who’s under the ring.)

Jake Mercer: It’s DEDEDE!!!

Stew-O: Just as Andre Walker went to look under the ring, Mr. DEDEDE popped out from the other side!! Andre is still down on his knees searching, but now Mr. DEDEDE has walked around the corner and behind Andre who is still searching!! Andre doesn’t have a clue!!

(Andre Walker finally pops his head out from under the ring, as he stands up at ringside looking extremely confused. He then turns around, as his eyes widen the second he sees Mr. DEDEDE.)

Stew-O: SPEAR!!! RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! Andre Walker may have just been broken in half!! Mr. DEDEDE, the number one contender for the New Breed Championship has just broken the New Breed Champion!! These two will square off next week for the title, but has the damage already been done!?!

(The screen shows Andre Walker unconscious, as Mr. DEDEDE stands over him. The screen then fades to elsewhere.)

(A commercial for 5 Hour Energy starring Mr. DEDEDE even as you grow into your 60s you gotta keep that energy up to kick out at 2 :wow:)

(The camera fades backstage onto a podium in front of an EAW banner. It stays unoccupied for a few moments before Dynasty backstage interviewer Michael Belfort, steps behind it.)

Michael Belfort: Ladies and Gentleman with King of Elite only a mere week away we have come down to the final 3 competitors for the crown of King of Elite. All three competitors have made their impact on this company, all three of these competitors have every right to that crown as the other. But now we would like to invite them here to field some questions from some esteemed members of the media who have gathered here today.. Socially distanced of course. And of course for these three competitors to say their peace to one another. So without further adieu, may I welcome first, representing the Showdown brand, “The Mauler” Kassidy Heart !

(Kassidy walks into frame rolling her eyes at the group that stands before her, before making her way to her podium) 

Michael Belfort: Next, please welcome, representing the Voltage brand, “La Pantera Sexual” TLA!

(TLA is next to walk into the room, and makes a point to wink, and blow kisses to every female reporter in the room. He makes his way over to his podium ignoring Kassidy Heart, as she stares daggers at him) 

Michael Belfort: And lastly, representing the Dynasty brand, “The Paynekiller” Xander Payne!

(Xander makes his way casually over to his podium, exhausted from his match as he came straight from there he didn’t even get a chance to take a break. Once he gets there he leans over, and just puts up a middle finger to the other two) 

Kassidy Heart: Look at this embarrassment. 

TLA: Ay amigo if you need help with your cardio, you know I got the hottest hunnies that can help you out with that. 

Xander Payne: You know I’m married shut the fuck up. Neither one of you two don’t know shit about hard work. I put my body on the line tonight, and still come here out of the goodness of my heart. I am an inspiration. 

Kassidy Heart: :mjlol:

(Michael Belfort now with a microphone off to the side starts talking about the process of how the interviews will go down)

Michael Belfort: Quiet please. Alright, to make sure this interview runs smoothly, please just raise your hand if you have a question, and I will point you out. Once called please stand up, state your name, and employment before asking your question. There will be no follow-up questions, just so we can make this smoother; so if you have another question please sit down, and wait to get your name called. We’ll start with you. 

Monica O’Day: Monica O’Day Sports Illustrated, my question is for Kassidy Heart. Kassidy with you on the cusp of making history of being the first female to ever win King of Elite, is that thought running through your head? Is that a big deal to you? 

Kassidy Heart: It’s a big deal in some regards but it’s not the main thing running through my head. I just want to win it, to win it, and take another step towards cementing my status as the greatest Elitist of all time. I’m well on my way to Daddy’s level of GAWDness. He’s the GAWD, and I’m the GAWDess and who can debate that once I’m done with these wastes of roster space. But what will make it especially glorious is all the salty tears that will be coming from all the women that wish they were me, and wish they could do what I do. But is anyone surprised that I’m the first female that will be putting the crown on my head? They shouldn’t be. Camille was out to become King Camille, but she couldn’t. Minerva wanted to be the first but couldn’t do it either, because she is fucking worthless. 

I am going to love seeing all the sad faces in the audience, wishing it wasn’t so when  I’m crowned King of Elite 2021; because the person that has everything, just got a little bit more. And at this point EAW’s only shot of stopping me comes down to two people that are known for blowing opportunities. I’m used to the spotlight, I’m used to coming up clutch, but can the others say the same? All they’re running on is broken dreams and hope of a different life. TLA can mask his pain with his shitty humor that literally no one even laughs at anymore. Xander can state how he’s out for revenge because he let down his gross family that would probably be better off dead than having this shithead passing his genetics to them. EAW needs Kassidy Heart to win. It’s the better story, I’m the most deserving, and I don’t think they should be rewarded just because of time.. I don’t know call me a hardass but I don’t give a fuck about sob stories. But I will say, when it comes to Empress of Elite all those years back, winning this shit, will prove it was nothing but a fluke. I can finally put that to bed, and move on with my life. 

Xander Payne: Blah blah blah 

Michael Belfort: Xander please do not interrupt; you’ll get your turn 

(Xander lets out a sigh) 

Monica O’Day: Thank you Kassidy

(Michael scans the room and points to another person) 

Travis Miller: Travis Miller ESPN, Xander, you just had a hard-fought win against Andre Walker; do you think you’ll be able to carry this momentum to actually winning King of Elite? 

(Xander rises from his slouched position from behind his podium) 

Xander Payne: I don’t need any more momentum. I don’t need to prove myself against Andre Walker, though extremely talented, I am not worried about the public perception of me. I’m well aware of what people think of me, and honestly, it pisses me off. Though self-inflicted, or contributed by the help of others such as that fucking slut over there Kassidy Heart, I’m aware of what people think. No matter the momentum, no matter how well I do, nobody thinks that when the actual big match comes, I’m not able to follow through with my claims. And by the way, it wasn’t just tonight numbnuts I’ve been on a tear all season, and if you people still think that I’m just the same old Xander Payne, then clearly you haven’t been paying attention. This is the rise of Xander Payne that has been coming for a long time. You thought that when I beat DDD, and won the PURE Championship was the best I can do? You thought that was my big moment? Fuck no, that was only the begining. But of course dumb fucks think that it was because they want to continue on this narrative that I’m a failure and can’t live up to the hype. I am embarrassed, I have shame for that fact, and at this point I’m doing everything in my power to change the narrative. See the only thing that is holding me back from being World Champion right now is actually getting that World Championship shot. I have already beaten LC, and now, I find myself with one more golden opportunity to make that leap that I know I deserve to be at. And if all it takes is beating street whore barbie, and the joke of EAW so be it. Kassidy Heart still dwells on something that happened 2 or 3 years ago, and that was one heartbreak in how long? She’s a whiny entitled bitch, and she doesn’t even know what true struggle is. At least TLA understands what true struggle is, but the problem with him is that his struggles are because he absolutely sucks. And honestly TLA, I find your whole personality to be fake as fuck. You always try to bring “respect” and giving advice and shit, but it’s so fucking condesending. Like you’re the last person that should be giving advice about anything. You’ve been here longer than pretty much anyone, and you’ve been doing the same tired shit your entire career. And what do you have to show? 1 World Championship? When people grow up, no one wants to be known as TLA; they’d much rather be Xander Payne.

(The camera panda out to see TLA glaring at Xander Payne) 

TLA: Ese I’m the genuine article; I don’t have to be an angry emo fuck like you. Not everyone has a coño such as yourself. 

(Michael Belfort interrupts before it escalates) 

Michael Belfort: Alright alright, moving on, next question. 

Chris Hudson: Chris Hudson New York Times. TLA as an EAW Hall of Famer, and a multi-time champion in EAW, but still people doubt you as a legitimate threat. What would winning King of Elite mean for your career? 

TLA: Yo it’s ya boi TLA in the cut spreading all that love and positivity ya heard? And yeah, King of Elite is a big night for ya boy, coming hanging and banging all the way to the top. This shit right here could prove a lot for my career; and even though I have done that for all of my career we got some bitch ass haters like these two gringos up here. Xander stay on that hating shit, but its ight because it’s all love on this end. They want to throw that shade at me for not changing? I’m not no fake, I don’t understand why people want me to be some different motherfucker you know? At the end of the day I’m just keepin it 100. I don’t need to be some angry fuck boy like Xander I don’t need to be DDD’s sex doll. People always be coming into EAW trying to be the toughest, coolest, or some shit but I’m just being myself. Who knew that me being myself would trigger so many people. You got Kass saying she gonna win, you got Xander saying he gonna win, but who’s the one that’s actually been bout that life? Who’s the one that’s held that World Championship before? I know this that King of Elite shit, making us royal as fuck; but I been at the top of EAW and I will do it again. I’m not trying to avenge my family or some sad shit like that. And I’m not trying to avenge a loss that happened 3 years ago or some shit. And you gringos can say whatever you want but the truth is I been stayed relevant my whole career, so you can keep your hating asses over there, because you on that bullshit. But I must save my breath because it would appear all of the air in the room has been sucked up by Xander, so I’m getting a little light-headed at the moment. 

(Xander steps away from his podium and starts walking up to TLA) 

Xander Payne: You don’t want to start shit with me. 

TLA: Who’s starting shit ese? I’m just spitting straight facts right now.

Kassidy Heart: Imagine thinking TLA would be scared of you :mjlol:

Xander Payne: Oh would he be more intimidated from a real life doll who’s more concerned about getting DDD to come and the newest makeup than actually wrestling? You fucking headcase. You’re lucky you got a nice ass, because past that you really don’t have much going on. 

TLA: Hey by the way, if wrestling doesn’t work out Kassidy, you know the Poon Palace is always hiring. 

Kassidy Heart: 🙄

Xander Payne: :nah: Them tits aren’t looking like they used to either. I don’t think Kassidy could make it as a poon.

(Kassidy reels back and slaps the shit out of Xander. Xander comes back rushes Kass and pushes her back into her podium. The podium gets knocked over with Kass, and Xander tumbling over.) 

Stew-O: Oh well we knew this was going to happen, it looks like emotions have finally boiled over as this interview has broken down into a fight. TLA has Kassidy Heart by the hair, and starts punching her! But Kassidy is fighting back, they are trading blows back and forth! As TLA kicks Kass in the midsection, but Kass doesn’t let TLA do anything as she kicks him in the gut and throws him into the monitors! Xander Payne is back now, as he jumps on TLA and takes advantage of him being taken down, and starts punching him over and over in the face! But with a swift thumb to the eye, TLA manages to wiggle free. No! Kick to the midsection, Xander has TLA in position.. PAYNEKILLER!! No! TLA again wiggles free, as he scurries over to the table where refreshments for the reporters. TLA grabs a bottle of Coca-Cola! He’s shaking it up! Here comes Xander! And there goes the Coke! TLA spraying coke right into the eyes of Xander. 

Jake Mercer: That’s not the type of coke TLA is used to being useful to him, but he’ll take it! Xander seems to be blinded by the soda! Oh man he’s gonna be so sticky! Usually Kassidy is the one used to being sticky! Haha I’m on fire right now. Oh shit, Kass is back in the action, and she’s got TLA by the hair. She sets him up, suplex onto the table! But the table does not break, because they’re feeble lower class talent that doesn’t represent Dynasty. If they were from Dynasty that would’ve been a lot more impressive. TLA rolls off the table, but Kassidy isn’t done as she lifts him up once more! And goes for another Suplex which this time plants TLA straight through the table! And Kassidy picks up right where she left off just beating TLA in the back.. THE LOUIS VUITTON OF WRESTLING MOVES! TLA is in quite the pickle here, and obviously seeing as though this is a backstage brawl of sorts, he can’t really get out of it by tapping out. So I guess he’ll just die! Splendid! OH SHIT PIGS CAN FLY! ITS XANDER PAYNE FALLING FROM THE STAGE WHERE THE PODIUMS ARE! AND HE LANDS ON BOTH TLA AND KASS! They’re done for, nobody could survive the weight of such a sloppy glutinous food slut. Kass is grabbing for her back, as Xander Payne picks her back up, and brings her over to some trash cans! Oh man what’s he thinking here? 

Flannery McCoy: Xander Payne just flipped the lid open and attempted to throw Kassidy in the trash can but Kassidy with an elbow! Xander moving back as Kassidy tackles him down to the ground and begins to unload on him with rapid punches towards his face to take him aback! Xander shoving away as he pushes Kassidy away just for the moment to allow himself to get a breather. Now Xander turns his attention to TLA, and TLA slams some sort of blunt object right into Xanders family jewels! I didn’t see what it was though, but Xander is down, and he’s in pain.. Or should I say he’s in payne. Oh it looks like TLA is going for.. MEXICAN DESTROYER! No, Xander Payne was able to weasel himself out of that one, but TLA isn’t stopping the onslaught. TLA throws Xander right into all the chairs that were set up for the conference, and it’s as if we’re seeing the parting of the Red Sea live and in living color. The chairs go flying everywhere, and it looks like Xander Payne is in some trouble here! TLA has gone back on the attack.. But Xander actually pretty nimbly has gotten back to his feet! They’re going head on right now! 


Stew-O: WHY DIDN’T WE HAVE SECURITY ON HAND FOR THIS?! KASSIDY HEART HAS JUST LAID OUT BOTH XANDER AND TLA WITH TWO LETHAL CHAIR SHOTS TO THE HEAD, THEY ARE DOWN AND OUT! AND SHE’S NOT GOING TO STOP THERE IF SHE HAS ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. KASSIDY IS ABSOLUTELY RELENTLESS IN HER ATTACK AS SHE GRABS THE BOTH OF THEM AND BRINGS THEM UP! OH! DOUBLE SPEAR TAKES THE BOTH OF THEM BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND! Kassidy isn’t looking to survive, she’s looking to inflict as much damage as possible to make sure that they don’t even arrive at King of Elite! She is laying them both on top of one another, with one chair underneath TLA’s head, and another chair on top of Xanders head as some sort of sandwich of chairs! Kassidy has a maniacal grin on, as she picks the chair over her head! NO DON’T DO THIS!! 


Stew-O: Both Xander and TLA have gotten two chair shots to the head now, after that viscous conchairto! And she’s looking to do it again! SHE’S RAISING THE CHAIR UP! OH! THANKFULLY SECURITY HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO JOIN US! They have stopped Kassidy and are now holding her back; as paramedics rush to the aid of Xander, and TLA. 

Jake Mercer: Kinda looked like TLA and Xander were making some sex there.. GAY! But yeah, they seem to be not doing well after that heinous attack by Kassidy Heart. But rest easy boys, the big bad Woman has been taken away by security. Kassidy Heart is standing tall, and I may have to take back what I said about Dynasty being better, because Kassidy is looking mighty fine right now.. And isn’t DDD Dynasty property? By proxy, it’s ok if she wins, because we get secondary win vibes our way right?! Yeah that makes sense! 

Flannery McCoy: Either way tonight Kassidy Heart is standing tall, and seems to be ready for King of Elite. We’ll see if this is a preview of what’s to come this coming weekend!

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Matthew Graham

Elitist of The Month – January Edition!

Showdown 2/6/21